IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-07-20

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d2mif anyone of you has contact to ''-admins: is failing since yesterday, the domain is not available atm...10:17
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wiggyns2 works so the domain should resolve fine for you11:12
Theuni... routing problem ...11:19
wiggyleft the /query open from yesterday]11:19
wiggyah, right, it resolves using ns211:21
wiggybut the routing within that network is broken11:21
d2mwiggy: my browser never makes it to (ping just reports a TTL exceeded too)12:04
wiggyns2 is a nameserver, not a webserver12:05
d2mwiggy: sure, i know12:06
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__odieHow goes the 3.1 effort gentlemen? :)20:25
srichterno one is fixing the last outstanding bugs20:26
__odie"Suck" comes to mind :)20:26
srichterI agree20:26
srichterbut I have personally zero interest in a release, so I let others decide on when they want it20:27
srichter(note that I will be more than happy to create the release and announce it, once outstanding bugs have been fixed)20:27
__odieim really sorry to hear that :)20:27
__odieIf I didnt work 75 hours a week Id like to get involved in development20:30
__odiebut yea :)20:31
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srichterJ1m: I start to dig zope.wfmc :-)23:40
srichterI am starting to think that we might never need persistent process definitions23:41
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srichterbecause if something is persistent, it tends to be application stuff23:41
J1mI'm glad you like it. :)23:42
J1mI can understand why someone might want to define processes TTW.23:44
J1mOTOH, I find it hard to believe that someone who would prefer such a mode would actually understand wfmc.23:44
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J1mBut I haven't given it much thought.23:45
srichteryou only really need it, if you want your customer to be able to modify the workflow23:45
srichterI sovled the school level promotion without TTW PDs now23:45
srichterbecause only the activity of completing one level is a workflow23:46
srichterthe application is then responsible to move you from one level workflow to the next23:46
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