IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-07-24

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fabiorizzo|homei see in installation, that the python 2.3.4 is the optimun version to use in Z3 .01:09
fabiorizzo|homeusing pyhont 2.4.1 has some problems?01:09
philiKONno, no problems01:09
philiKONpython 2.3.5 is probably optimum01:09
philiKONif you can, use 3.1b01:10
fabiorizzo|homephiliKON: is better?01:10
philiKON3.1 final will be out soon hopefully01:10
philiKONfabiorizzo|home, yes, in many ways01:10
fabiorizzo|homephiliKON: i'm new in Z3, so , you can tell me when is better?01:10
philiKONwell, use 3.1beta now for development and use the 3.1 final for deployment01:11
fabiorizzo|homephiliKON: i'm go use the 3.1Beta :-)01:12
fabiorizzo|homephiliKON: Thanks for helping01:12
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projekt01srichter, ayt?03:15
projekt01Cool, do you know, is it possible to run a JSON server on the same port like to normal http server?03:20
srichterI think that's how Jim did it, no?03:20
srichterif it has a unique way of identifying, it should be possible03:21
projekt01It is not explicit written, but I guess so, the server is sliten to a content type text/x-json03:21
projekt01And what's happen if we switch to Twisted?03:22
srichterthis will have no effect on the switch03:23
srichterof course Jim has to write a Twisted-compatible version03:23
srichter'but we are switching to an adapter model for HTTP-type protocols, so all this stuff Jim had to do will not be necessary anymore03:23
projekt01Sounds easier03:24
srichteryes, it will be much simpler03:25
projekt01Cool, thanks that helps.03:27
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bob2oh, neat03:57
* bob2 is highly impressed with zope3 development04:00
bob2even with the whole 3.1 thing ;p04:00
srichterwe will have a bug day next friday to get the release out of the door04:01
bob2ah, cool04:01
bob2I did try looking through the remaining ones, but all but one were beyond my abilities, unfortunately04:02
projekt01Yeah, did you propose it on the mailinglist?04:02
projekt01srichter, I mean did you announce this already?04:03
srichterno, I have not04:07
srichterI still have to do it04:07
projekt01Better do it before friday ;-)04:08
projekt01You can count me in for bugfixing on friday.04:09
projekt01Hope we can make the release after that.04:09
srichterI hope so too04:10
projekt01And then I can commit my really old changes in my workspace, like the nested menu for the Boston skin ;-)04:10
srichteryou can checkin features to the boston skin, since it is not packaged04:12
projekt01It doesn't hurry, I have to find a way to register the nested menu first.04:14
projekt01Or let's say, I have to grab all already registered menus and register them in a nested structure04:15
srichterI see04:16
projekt01Perhaps the best way for doing this is to register some base menus and register submenus in different packages for this bases04:17
projekt01But we can take a look a this after Release 3.104:17
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bob2does anyone have suggestions for a python/easily-wrapped-in-python html 4.0 validotr?16:43
bob2er, "validator"16:43
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Theuniyou want to validate or correct html?16:54
bob2just validate it16:56
bob2so I can flag it for the user16:56
srichterI think the Python HTML parser will only parse valid HTML, so if an error occurs, there is an inconsistency17:16
bob2yeah, but htmllib only supports 2.017:17
bob2which is a little too ancient ;)17:17
C8Nhtml 2.0, you mean? *_*17:18
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roymFolks - a question on the use of adapters -18:32
roymI have a content object that I wish to support ftp updates/retrieves18:32
roymon.  And I would like to have 2 different views for the ftp data (ie:18:32
roymplain text and xml)18:32
roymWould I use adapters to adapt the content object to the xml18:32
roymview/plain view? How would I specify something like this in ZCML?18:32
roymOr am I better off simply coding toXML/fromXML and toText/fromText in the18:33
roymcontent object itself?18:34
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mpI've subclassed Folder and added views, but I'd like to have "Contents" to be first (in menu) and default view19:52
mphow do I do that/19:52
mpwhat's __radd__?20:27
mpright add?20:27
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philiKONmp, yup20:40
philiKONmp, see the python docs20:40
philiKONmp, as for default view, see <browser:defaultView /> directive20:40
philiKONmp, as for menu item ordering, see the 'order' parameter of the <browser:menuItem /> directive (you'll have to do an overrides most likely)20:41
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roymFolks, I have a an adapter that adapts a content object to its xml22:40
roymview.  How would I declare the ZCML for this?22:41
roymHere is my adapter declaration:22:41
roym  <adapter22:41
roym    for=".interfaces.IQDatum"22:41
roym    provides=".interfaces.IQDatumXMLRepr"22:41
roym    factory=".qtmodule.QDatumXMLRepr"/>22:41
roymHowever, I am lost as to how I would declare a view for this...22:41
roymIf I declare as follows, the item doesn't show up in the menu22:41
roym  <page22:41
roym    for="anoobe.quiztaker.interfaces.IQDatumXMLRepr"22:41
roym    name="xmlView.html"22:41
roym    template=""22:41
roym    menu="zmi_views" title="xmlView"22:41
roym    />22:41
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JZhi, do anyone try to use mysqldbda? I can connect to my mysql 4.1 database but I cannot send queries. I always get the error: "An Error occurred unknown encoding: latin1_swedish_ci". It is strange because all my tables use utf8 encoding....22:52
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philiKONroym, the way you declared it, the menu item would appear for IQDatumXMLRepr objects, not for IQDatum objects23:11
philiKONroym, write a view for IQDatum that adapts the IQDatum object to IQDatumXMLRepr23:11
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roymphiliKON, do you mean use the <view> tag?23:31
roymok - so I would write the <page> decl differently?23:32
philiKONchange the for to "IQDatum", and change the way you write the view so that it uses the IQDatumXMLRepr adapter manually23:33
roymmanually, as in with zapi.getAdapter()?23:34
philiKONno, as in IQDatumXMLRepr(obj)23:35
philiKONmaybe you should read some of the docs... there are guides to this kinda stuff23:36
roymok - will go thru them more carefully.... thanks.23:36

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