IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-07-30

anguenotsrichter:giving up the tests00:02
anguenotdunno exctly what it does and have to finish the #30700:02
anguenotlaunching the tests and commiting the deprecation00:02
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anguenotfor the #32700:04
anguenotI fixed it a while ago00:04
anguenotIt can be closed00:04
anguenotI think00:04
srichteryeah, it is fixed and was noted in CHANGES.txt00:04
anguenotsrichter: just checked in the deprecation within optionstorage00:05
anguenotyou can move it in a sandbox00:05
srichteryeah, we might leave it there and I'll write tests for it00:06
srichterits not being distributed anyways00:06
garrett-smithhmmm...disturbing -- a checkin to my sandbox, which claims to be in a branch, just went to the trunk00:07
J1mso your entries file gives the irl of the branch?00:09
garrett-smithsort of -- part of my sandbox is on the branch, the other the trunk00:10
garrett-smithi got no errors when i 'switched' though00:10
J1mwhat about the entry or the thing you checked in?00:10
J1mwhat about the entry for the thing you checked in?00:11
garrett-smiththat was in the trunk, which explains the checkin :-)00:11
J1mso the switch missfired?00:11
garrett-smithlooks like it00:11
garrett-smithi'll get a fresh trunk and make sure tests are at least passing00:12
garrett-smithbtw, principal searching appears to work now -- the fix wasn't that invasive00:14
garrett-smithi'm running through various use cases; and i need to deal with the XXX in the group folder ftests00:14
GaryPostersrichter: btw, my XXX stuff is in.00:17
srichterso how many more XXX do we have left?00:18
benji_yorktwo I think00:19
benji_yorklet me check00:19
srichteryeah, sounds great00:21
benji_york...the one garrett is working on00:21
benji_york...the one marking bug 30700:22 Gary is going to fix momentarily00:22
srichterso we are all set with those as well00:22
benji_yorkthose are from the zope package only (which is what I presume we're worried about)00:23
srichterthere are many in ZODB and other packages we have no control over00:23
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GaryPosterthe last XXX in is in.  Bye y'all.00:30
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srichtergarrett-smith: what bug number are you working on right now?00:40
garrett-smithi'm working on an xxx00:40
garrett-smiththe recent checkin was for 41400:40
srichtergarrett-smith: did you close it in the collector?00:41
garrett-smithbut 414's not officially resolved00:41
srichterI see00:41
garrett-smiththat was the checkin that was meant for the branch00:41
garrett-smithi'm 80% sure it's done, but i want to spend some more time00:41
srichterJ1m: are you working on 384?00:42
garrett-smithi'm getting an assertion error when running dochttp on some tcpwatch files01:00
garrett-smithwhat options are commonly used w/dochttp?01:00
garrett-smithhere's the complain:01:01
garrett-smithTraceback (most recent call last):01:01
garrett-smith  File "C:\SCM\zope\Zope3\src\zope\app\testing\", line 224, in ?01:01
garrett-smith    main()01:01
garrett-smith  File "C:\SCM\zope\Zope3\src\zope\app\testing\", line 101, in dochttp01:01
garrett-smith    assert (request and response) or not (request or response)01:01
J1mI assume tiy used a versionof tcpwatch from cvs.01:03
J1mI assume you used a versionof tcpwatch from cvs.01:03
J1mIt's really sad that you have to write the test this way. :(01:04
garrett-smithi'll get the latest01:04
J1mIt's a damn shame you can't use testbrowser.01:04
garrett-smithand 'sad' is one way of putting it ;)01:04
garrett-smithwhat's 'sadder' is debugging someone elses tests01:05
J1mI hope I never have to write a tcpwatch/dochttp test again.01:05
garrett-smithis tcpwatch in cvs, or Zope svn?01:06
J1min cvs01:07
J1mJust a sec01:07
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garrett-smithJ1m, I added a test to show searching works with PAUs and prefixes -- do you want to take a look at the solution I currently have in place?01:56
garrett-smithTake a look at z/a/authentication/authentication.py01:57
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garrett-smithline 97 is the interesting part01:58
J1mIs this checked into the trunk?01:58
J1mLine 93 is too long. :)02:00
garrett-smith:-) i had my margin set at 8002:01
J1mwhat is interesting about line 97?02:01
garrett-smithboth the authplugin and the PAU are getting adapted02:02
garrett-smithnow look at the bottom of the file02:02
garrett-smiththis guy prepends the pau prefix to any principal IDs returned by plugins02:02
garrett-smithi figured whatever i did better include some adaptation02:03
J1mbut but...02:03
J1mI don't like adapting to IQuerySchemaSearch02:06
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garrett-smithyou want the otherwise not-so-useful marker interface back, eh?02:07
garrett-smithor I can rename the interrface to something that ends with 'Queriable'02:08
J1mBecause not all plugins will use schema-based queries.02:08're right02:08
garrett-smithwell, easy enough -- i'll even throw in the line-wrap fix along with it02:08
J1mYou should probably send a heads-up the the list, in the unlikely event that there are custom query implementations out there.02:10
garrett-smithI dont think this mod effects them02:10
garrett-smithso, the rule is, they need to provide an adapter for the auth and the pau that incorporates the principal ID prefix02:12
garrett-smithor they could just subclass the existing adapter02:13
garrett-smithscratch that (too much thinking out loud)02:14
anguenot#307 fixed :)02:15
J1mgarrett-smith, you picked a hard one to work on.02:30
garrett-smithsounds like there's more to that statement :-\02:31
garrett-smithSo, IQueriableAuthenticator is back and checked in -- but there's more you'd like point out, isn't there02:32
garrett-smithah :-) excellent02:32
J1mI just don't envy you your project.02:33
J1mI'm heading out.02:33
garrett-smithwell, I think i'm done02:33
garrett-smithi'll post a heads up to the list02:33
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roymFolks, how would I present two different views of the same object,21:25
roymbased on the role of the viewer? Should I use skins?21:25
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mpIt would be nice if it was possible to "download" apidocs22:51
mpand save them on disk for future static access22:51
mpHow do I define (introduce) property in interface? I should be read-only field, but when I add Field with readonly=True it still shows up in add form... :/23:20
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mpAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'publish_parts'23:47
mphow can it be? it's called from view, but it's in python code (component object method)... is this king of python code restricted?23:47

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