IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-08-02

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wiggyI'll finish that installer text tomorrow, too sleepy now00:22
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srichterhey, how can I undo a revision in SVN?00:33
wiggysvn diff -r current_revision:last_revision | patch00:34
srichterI just want to do it remotely...00:34
srichtercan I not use merge or so?00:35
wiggyI never used merge actually00:36
wiggyit might do the trick00:36
benji_yorkumm, do you want to undo it in a working copy, or in the repo00:38
srichterin the repo00:38
srichteractually overwrite the beta 1 tag by accident00:39
benji_yorkoh, in that case I'd copy from the previous revision do you know the syntax for referring to a particular revision in a url?00:39
srichter@REV at the end, the help tells me00:40
benji_yorkyep, so you can svn copy sdlkfjslkdfj@123 sldkfjsdflk and get back exactly what was in that revision00:40
srichternope, must be different folders00:41
benji_yorkmust be different, or the target must not exist?00:42
benji_yorkif the latter, then you can delete the bad tag, and the copy it from the older revision00:42
srichteryeah, let's hope this works :-)00:44
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srichterit tells me that the directory did not exist in the previous revision, but I know it does00:47
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srichterthis seems to work:00:53
srichtersvn merge -r HEAD:37642 svn+ssh:// .00:53
srichterah, never mind; my checkin was bad00:54
SteveAsrichter: where's the canonical way to read about internationalizing zope3 apps ?01:25
srichtermmh, the chapter in my book is pretty comprehensive01:26
srichterthe online version is a bit outdate, but01:27
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srichterJ1m: did you see my mail about the zopetest script?14:28
srichterThe problem is that it does not behave like the other scripts in bin, because it is in releases/Zope14:28
srichterso the #! entry does not get written correctly and the Python Path setup is incorrect (the latter I can fix myself, but not the first one)14:29
J1mNo, I didn't see your email.14:29
J1mI'm on vacation (actually moving :( ) so not online much.14:30
J1mRight, because it doesn't get installed into the instance, it isn't a template.14:31
J1mThe #! should be adjusted by distutils.14:32
J1mWhat's wrong with the path?14:33
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srichterJ1m: the Zope/lib/python path is *appended* to sys.path not inserted at the beginning15:54
J1mah, ok15:54
srichterJ1m: while docutils does insert *some other entry*, it is certainly not the right onw with respect to the Python version I wanted15:54
J1mdistutils should be inserting the Python used to install Zope.15:55
srichterit does not do this; I specify /usr/bin/Python and it inserts /usr/bin/python (note the case difference)15:55
srichterok, I'll try to hook up with Fred on this one15:56
J1mThen this is either a bug in distutils or in our install scripts.15:56
J1mYes, please.15:56
srichterJ1m: I don't want to burden you15:56
J1m(I don't have much time today and will be offline for 2.5 weeks.)15:57
SteveAwe had this same bug in our launchpad start-up scripts16:00
SteveAbecause these are derived from zope, but much different, i didn't think to check in zope3.  sorry.16:00
srichterany help now would be appreciated too :-)16:01
SteveAsrichter: it was just a matter of changing where the new paths were inserted into sys.path16:10
srichteroh, I see16:10
srichterI can fix that part16:10
srichterI am still worried about the wrong python version being selected16:11
J1mThat needs to be fixed.16:11
J1mI expect that fred will be able to fix that.16:11
srichterme too :-)16:13
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gintasthe Zope 3 repository appears to be wedged, at least temporarily:16:30
gintas'Berkeley DB error while getting youngest revision (finding last entry) for filesystem /svn/repos/main/db:\nCannot allocate memory', 160029)16:30
gintascan anything be done about this?16:30
gintashmm, seems to be back up again16:30
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* genconc is back16:42
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gintassomebody please unwedge somehow... ;(17:20
gintasnice timing for a crash ;)17:21
gintasJ1m, thanks17:23
J1mI also left instructions with the dudes at ZC on how to unwedge svn. :)17:27
efgestill not using fsfs ?17:33
efgewe're quite happy with it17:33
benji_yorkefge, we would like to, but haven't taken the plunge yet17:35
efgeI understand, migrations are always a bit risky17:36
wiggyit's a pretty simple switch, but it'll give you some downtime17:36
wiggydumping & loading a repo can take quite a long time17:36
efgeyou don't need downtime, just a phase where the repo is read-only, while you create the new one in another place17:36
wiggyI'ld call that downtime :)17:37
benji_yorkit's not down time, or up time, it's middle time17:38
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srichterbenji_york: hey, are you guys working with pagelets'portlets?18:08
srichterbenji_york: hey, are you guys working with pagelets/portlets?18:08
benji_yorksrichter, kinda :)18:12
srichterbenji_york: did you brew your own or did you use something existing?18:13
benji_yorkwe have a portlet system we've developed, but lots of people seem to define portlets to mean something different than what it means to us18:13
srichterI see18:13
benji_yorkwe were influenced by the Java portlet JSR18:13
benji_yorkit's not in the vein of CPSSkins portlets18:13
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srichterI see18:14
benji_york(although we are thinking about ways to integrate the two)18:14
srichterhave you looked at the stuff in the trunk18:14
benji_yorknot me personally, but others have and decided it didn't fit our use case (and presumably couldn't be made to fit)18:14
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philiKONsrichter, are you putting together 3.1rc already?21:12
srichterdoing it right now21:13
philiKONa heads-up would've been nice21:13
philiKONi didn't know it was going to happen tonight21:13
srichterI announced it on Friday21:13
srichterI said I get it done as soon as I can21:13
srichterI was working on it since sunday21:13
philiKONah, never mind21:14
philiKONi need to read emails better21:14
philiKONsrichter, i only looked at the RoadMap wiki page21:15
philiKONit didn't say a specific date there21:15
srichteryeah, because I did not know when I would get done yesterday21:16
srichterafter hitting a couple of problems21:16
philiKONmaybe you could update it when you know the date of the final releas21:16
srichterit will be today21:17
philiKONall my studying has unfortunately kept me from checking in a very minor thing: have 3.1 installations have a mkzeoinstance script21:17
srichterhold on21:17
srichterno, it does not21:18
philiKONright, it doesn't21:18
srichteraehm, it does21:18
philiKONyeah, in src/ZEO/21:19
philiKONi want it to be where zope 2 has it as well: next to mkzopeinstance21:20
srichterit is in zinst/bin/mkzeoinst.py21:21
srichterright besides mkzopeinstance.py21:22
philiKONhow come?21:22
srichterphiliKON: btw, now would be a good time to querry J1m about the translation stuff21:22
srichterit is there21:22
srichtermore I don't know21:22
philiKONsrichter, am i misreading Zope/PACKAGE.cfg?21:22
philiKONhow does it get in there?21:23
philiKONJ1m, i'm about to leave for dinner. will you hang around for another 30-45 mins?21:24
srichterhe is moving, so I dunno how responsive he is immediately21:26
philiKONsrichter, i find it suspicious that ZEO/SETUP.cfg lists runzeo, zeoctl and zeopasswd as scripts to be installed in zinst/bin. those should be scripts installed in a zeo *instance*, not the zope installation21:27
philiKONanyway, i'm off to dinner21:27
philiKONi'll test zeo with 3.1c1 when i'm back21:28
SteveAsrichter: hello21:28
SteveAsrichter: there's a fix stub want to make to zope3 permission declarations, and ideally get it into zope 3.1.021:28
SteveAit is trivial, about making the python 2.4 set and frozen set builtin types work properly21:29
SteveAwith security21:29
SteveAso, declaring checkers for them21:29
SteveAbut also allowing python 2.3 to still work21:29
SteveAjim +1-ed the concept21:29
srichter*shrug* ok, we will make a quiete RC 2 at the end of the week21:29
srichterhe can check it into the branch21:29
SteveAis it okay to make the change for the release?21:29
SteveAokay, cool21:29
srichterif itis a bug fix sure21:30
srichtertav: it is that time again21:47
srichtertav: I created the Zope 3 release and published everything with an effective date, but it will not display it or give sufficient priveleges21:48
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* tav wonders why srichter directed the previous comments to him22:48
tav(hi though =)22:48
srichtertav: I picked the wrong nick22:49
srichterI meant to ping d2m22:49
srichterhe helped me :-)22:49
* tav walks away feeling rejected22:49
philiKONsrichter, i get insufficient privileges when accessing
tavbtw, what's the status of webdav within z3 atm?22:50
philiKONsrichter, you need to publish the stuff, i presume22:50
philiKONtav, eww, could be better :)22:50
philiKONi think 3.1 has PROPPATCH now (it might not, don't remember), but LOCK is still missing (though we finally have a locking API)22:51
srichterphiliKON: mmh, Zope3/ with the slash works for me22:52
srichterit is all published22:52
philiKONit works for me now as well22:52
srichterd2m: philiKON seems to be unable to get to the files. ;-(22:53
srichterphiliKON: I get there without troubles22:54
philiKONsrichter, d2m, i can now access them as well22:54
philiKONdunno what happened before22:54 definitely has problems (esp. cachine probs)22:54
tavthanks for the info philiKON22:55
srichterphiliKON: how do I merge a branch to the trunk?22:55
philiKONsvn merge -r rev_that_the_branch_was_started:HEAD svn+ssh:/..../branches/... .22:55
philiKON(while being in a trunk checkout)22:55
srichtermmh, why oh why do I need to know this initial revision!!!22:56
philiKONyeah, it sucks sometimes22:56
philiKONbut you can easily find out22:56
srichterI can find out, just not easily ;-)22:56
philiKONsvn log --stop-on-copy i think22:57
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