IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-08-07

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tvonis ZC in the process of developing a somewhat secret ECM?01:57
* tvon is trying to figure out the politics of the z3lab discussions01:58
philiKONif it's secret, then how should we know? plus, do you think anyone would well YOU? ;))02:00
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tvonI thought maybe I'd catch someone of guard :)02:01
tvonor 'off guard'02:01
philiKONno ZC guys here :)02:02
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roymTried asking this earlier - thought I might try and catch someone who03:03
roymmight be in a good enough mood to answer this...03:03
roymWhat incantation should I use to specify a single valued03:03
roymchoice, so that preferably a radio button is shown in the edit view,03:03
roymsomewhat like the following spec for a multi-valued field:03:03
roym  | specialties = List(03:03
roym  |   title=u"Specialties",03:03
roym  |   unique=True,03:03
roym  |   value_type=Choice(vocabulary="specialties"),)03:03
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yotaphiliKON: mail send15:44
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roymSorry to be a pest about this, but can someone tell me if15:50
roymit is possible to configure an interface element so that it15:50
roymdisplays (in the edit view) as a set of radio buttons. I want15:50
roymto be able to pick exactly one value from a list.15:50
roym(ie: is this available out of the box, w/o writing my own widget).15:51
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philiKONroym, schemas say nothing about the widget that is used in forms16:12
philiKONroym, you need to specify this explicitly when configuring the form16:12
philiKONthere are docs about this16:12
jhauserbut isn't this driven by the field definition16:14
jhausersay a value from a list?16:14
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yotaanguenot: ping16:26
roymphiliKON: the following declaration produces a multi-select choice.16:50
roymWould there be an analogous way of producing a set of RADIO fields.16:50
roym  | answer = List(16:50
roym  |   title=u"Correct Answers",16:50
roym  |   value_type=Choice(title=u"correct answer", values='Ca Cb Cc Cd Ce'.split()),16:50
roym  |   )16:50
philiKONroym, the way it is displayed has little to do with your schema definition17:05
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philiKONroym, you will have to set the widget manually17:05
philiKONthere are default widgets, yes17:05
philiKONto override them, you need to configure your form17:06
philiKONthis is described in my book and srichter's book17:06
roymphiliKON: thanks - thats what I was asking; just didn't17:20
roymwant to reinvent the wheel. By the way, if I am17:21
roymcomposing a custom edit form and want the default rendering17:22
roymfor a particular field (eg: List), how do I specify the ZPT17:22
roymsyntax for that?17:22
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roymphiliKON: On pg 229 of your book, you have (in the setUp() method):19:03
roym    ztapi.provideAdapter(IAttributeAnnotatable, IAnnotations,19:03
roym                         AttributeAnnotations)19:03
roym    ztapi.provideAdapter(IRatable, IRating, Rating)19:03
roymIn the corresponding configure.zcml however, I only see19:03
royman <adapter> directive for IRating -> IRatable. Would19:03
roymyou not need another one for IAttributeAnnotatable -> IAnnotations?19:03
projekt01romy, this adapter is registered somewhere else as a general adapter in z319:04
projekt01romy, you need to do "implements IAttributeAnnotatable" in you content directive19:05
roymok - thanks.19:08
mexiKONroym, like projekt01 says, the first addapter is set up in the package already19:13
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