IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-08-17

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projekt01Is there a way to define a "complexe" subdirective of a ComplexDirective?12:52
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srichterprojekt01: yeah, I think Gary did this, but I have never tried myself13:33
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roymHow do I work w/the session object in z3; z2 let you do17:02
roymrequest/session... so far the only way I can see how in z3 is:17:02
roym<div tal:define="s nocall: modules/zope/app/session/interfaces/ISession;17:02
roym                 session python:s(request)"17:02
roym  tal:content="session/client_id"/>17:02
mgedmindo it in view code17:04
mgedminsession_data = ISession(self.request)['your-application-name']17:05
mgedminsession_data['foo'] = 'bar'17:05
roymok, thanks...17:05
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roymhelp me understand something here - does this mean that this gives me17:09
roymaccess to all sessions?17:09
roymie: if I want to a maintain per-browser session data, sounds like I shouldn't be using application-name as the key17:10
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regebroroym: Reasonably, you would only want to access the data that you have set.17:11
regebroHence, the application-name.17:11
regebroIf you for some reason want to access data some other application has set, you have to use it's key. But if you wnat to do that, chances are you'll get in trouble, when the other application changes it's data format.17:12
roymyes, but isn't session data granular down to the user level, not just application level?17:13
regebroYes, of course.17:13
roymhow do I avoid clobbering data across different user sessions?17:13
roymshould I use client_id as key?17:14
regebrothat's already taken care of17:14
regebroYou only need to avoid clobbering data with otehr applications.17:14
roymah. i see. thanks.17:14
roymI would like to know your opinions here:17:21
roym  Ugly as it might be to write expressions like17:21
roym    <div tal:define="s nocall:17:21
roym      modules/zope/app/session/interfaces/ISession;...17:21
roym  in ZPT, the fact that file bases zpts have no security17:21
roym  restrictions and are reevaluated upon reload,17:21
roym  makes them *real handy* for quick prototyping. Is there17:21
roym  a better way that I simply don't know of?17:21
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mgedminroym, I feel your pain17:24
mgedminhaving to restart z3 when you change a single view a tiny little bit is annoying17:24
mgedminfast computers + removing most of package include files (to reduce startup time) help somewhat17:24
roymwill we ever see a Z2 style "product refresh" in z3, or are there technical17:25
roymreasons why it won't be done?17:25
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regebroroym: ONe of the technical reasons may be that the Z2-style refresh tends not to work.18:00
benji_yorkI've fantasized lately about a dev-mode switch that would reload modules when the source file changed, but haven't had time to look into it18:01
srichterbenji_york: there are several issues with that, as we have seen in Z218:02
srichterwe have decided not to support the refresh feature in Zope 318:02
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benji_yorksrichter, I don't intend on something that is bullet-proof, just something that'll save me some server restarts during development18:08
srichteryeah, but *if* you distribute it, it will be a support mess18:10
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benji_yorksrichter, the first rule of reload-club:  There is no reload club.18:13
srichtersounds like the PSU18:15
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benji_yorksrichter, what's the current 3.1 release schedule?18:37
srichterbenji_york: I am so deep into some ST stuff that I totally forgot :-)18:38
srichterpeople keep fixing stuff, but I guess we should just make a cutoff18:38
srichterI think I will not make a big deal about the second release candidate18:38
benji_yorkthere will always be bugs, as long as there aren't any big ones18:38
srichterright, I think it is pretty stable at this point18:39
benji_york"not make a big deal" means release it quietly?18:39
srichteryeah, just a few announcements18:40
benji_yorksounds good18:40
srichterdoing the announcements always takes the most time18:40
mgedminwas the fix for 377 (aka 410) merged to Zope-3.1 branch?18:41
philiKONsrichter, any idea yet on when you're going to do rc2?18:43
srichterprobably not18:43
srichtermgedmin: please do it on the branch, if it is not done18:43
philiKONok. i've got a few bugs to report (+ patches though)18:43
srichterphiliKON: I guess I start today and hopefully get it out too18:43
srichterif works18:43
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faassenI'm having trouble getting virtual hosts to work in zope 3.20:08
faassenstuff like http://localhost:8080/++vh++ gives me a not found.20:08
mgedminfaassen, the syntax is /
mgedminno // between ++vh++http and the hostname20:09
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faassenI'm so used to typing that I didn't even see it.20:09
faassenof course I still get forbidden but that must be some apache problem.20:11
faasseneven though I used Philipp's recipe. :)20:11
philiKONfaassen, it's indeed an apache problem20:12
philiKONi remember something about allowing foward proxying or so20:12
faassenclient denied by server configuration.20:13
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philiKONyeah, you need to allow localhost for mod_proxy20:14
philiKONi'm trying to find how i did that20:14
faassenjust hit that logfile. :)20:14
faassenI mean, config file.20:14
philiKON<ProxyMatch http://localhost:[0-9]{2,}?[8|9]0/.*>20:14
philiKON              Order deny,allow20:14
philiKON              Allow from all20:14
philiKON      </ProxyMatch>20:14
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faassenyou could also do allow from localhost, I think?20:14
mgedminwow, I never had to do that20:14
philiKONfaassen, think so20:15
philiKONmgedmin, this is apache220:15
mgedminI use apache220:15
philiKONand maybe some default configs already have that setting20:15
faassenallow from localhost did the trick.20:15
mgedminrecursive grep for 'ProxyMatch' in my /etc/apache2 finds nothing20:15
faassennow to find why the css isn't loaded.20:15
philiKONmgedmin, doesn't have to be in a ProxyMatch clause20:16
philiKON      #<Proxy *>20:16
philiKON      #       Order deny,allow20:16
philiKON      #       Deny from all20:16
philiKON      #       #Allow from .your_domain.com20:16
philiKON      #</Proxy>20:16
philiKONthis does the trick also20:16
faassen        <Proxy *>20:16
faassen                Order deny,allow20:16
faassen                Deny from all20:16
faassen                #Allow from .your_domain.com20:16
faassen                Allow from localhost20:16
faassen        </Proxy>20:16
faassenalso works.20:16
mgedminI have proxy.conf in mods-available (but not mods-enabled) ...20:17
mgedmindoes this mean I have a security hole in my apache2?20:17
mgedmincool :)20:17
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mgedminhmm, ProxyRequests is off in my apache, so I should be safe20:21
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dman13mgedmin: mods-available just contains default/sample module load and config files provided by the software vendor(s)20:26
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dman13mgedmin: the apache configuration should only load the files in mods-enabled, thus allowing you (the admin) to easily symlink in the default configs you want actually enabled20:26
dman13at least, this is how it works in debian20:26
mgedmindman13, I use debian, and IIRC I used a2enable to enable mod_proxy and mod_rewrite -- and I did not have to add any explicit configuration directives to enable proxying to Zopes running on localhost20:28
dman13I'm not familiar with a2enable.  I've used 'ln -s', though, to enable various installed modules.20:29
mgedminI mean a2enmod20:30
mgedminI thought that was The True Debian Way20:31
dman13that either.20:31
dman13I don't know, but I edit the config with $EDITOR and ln, rm, and cp20:32
philiKONa2enmod is just a simple helper script that does the ln stuff for you20:39
philiKONit's nice20:39
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projekt01srichter, ayt?23:45
projekt01I have a question about the zope.wfmc package23:46
projekt01The Process class uses a definition property which calls a IProcessDefinition utility23:46
srichterfile, line?23:47 line 19423:47
projekt01In the ecm.workflow implementation ProcessDefinition are not utilities!23:48
srichterwell, this is a API requirement23:48
srichterthe README.txt always registers the definition as a utility before using it23:48
projekt01Yes, that's OK, but we use another implementation and I think the generic wfmc implementation23:49
srichteryou break the expectations of the code when not registering as a utility23:50
projekt01should use adapters not utilities23:50
srichteradapters to what?23:50
projekt01I mean use adapters for lookup the utility23:50
srichtercan you give me pseudo code?23:50
projekt01In our usecase we replace the adapter and lookup whatever we need23:50
srichteryou mean an adaoter from IProcess to IProcessDefinition?23:51
projekt01definition = IProcessDefinitions(context)[id]23:51
srichterand in the default case it looks up a utility?23:51
projekt01Yes, but not in our usecase23:52
srichterok, I think you can make a case on the mailing list23:52
projekt01I like to discuss this with Jim too later, was just wondering if you also use utilities23:53
projekt01Right now I think I use a own Process class, because of less time.23:53
srichterI use utilties23:54
srichterand I have no problem with them being utilities23:54
srichterI don't understand why ECM workflow wants to do it differently23:54
projekt01we use a workflow utility where the process definition are stored23:55
projekt01And a process instance repository utility23:55
projekt01How do you store the process instances?23:55
srichtersimply on one of the objects23:57
srichterfor example, I have an academic standing workflow23:57
srichterI simply store this on the student for which it is23:57
projekt01Ecm offers right now a ZCML registration and stores all relevant non persitent workflow stuff in a global utility23:58
srichterI don't understand why23:58
srichterseems complicated23:58
projekt01Uh, I try to follow the wfmc interface 2 and use one of the four recommended WorkList implementations23:58

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