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bob2is anyone successfully using the ftp server on the trunk?09:21
bob2I get:09:21
bob2lftp> ls09:22
bob2ls: Fatal error: 500 Internal error: AttributeError: 'FTPRequest' object attribute '__provides__' is read-only09:22
bob2for basically any operation09:22
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_drzoltronstupid question: how do I refresh products / modules in Z3 ?10:24
jhauser_afaik, there is no refresh possible10:25
jhauser_you need to restart10:25
_drzoltronjhauser_:every time ?10:25
_drzoltronthx, takes time10:25
_drzoltronat least you are forced to take some breaks ;)10:25
jhauser_better do it with tests, this is a shorter cycle10:25
_drzoltronjhauser_: yeah10:26
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andrew_mis there a standard module available to switch zope to cookie-based auth. or should i just follow the example in philipp's zope book?13:09
srichterandrew_m: I am pretty sure the new package comes with a cookie auth plugin13:11
andrew_msrichter: tnx. i'll look a bit closer then. couldn't see anything in its readme about cookies13:13
srichterlook at all the TXT file13:14
srichterlook at all the TXT files13:14
andrew_mcookies are only mentioned in but that doesn't get me far13:15
srichterthe cookie version is implemented in session.py13:17
andrew_mhmm, ok.. i thought it might be as simple as changing some setting in zope.conf or so..13:21
andrew_mthe http auth is curently the main complaint our test users have13:21
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srichterandrew_m: you can look at SchoolTool for a production application that exclusively uses cookie authentication13:33
andrew_msrichter: tnx.. a real life example might help13:36
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VladDracmogge faassen14:04
_drzoltronI'ver got a template which calls a method of the class, the method is defined in the interface and the class, why do I get a TransversalError ?14:05
VladDrachow do you call it?14:14
VladDracyou mean the view-class?14:14
srichter_drzoltron: can you provide code snippets?14:26
_drzoltroni call it from my template14:27
srichterI cannot tell off hand why it does not work for you14:28
_drzoltronsrichter: sure, looks as if I forgot something14:28
srichterare you sure the error is happening at this place?14:28
projekt01_drzoltron, use view/myMethod if you like to call it from your view class14:29
_drzoltronthe view class is the one defined in <pages class=""> right ?14:30
_drzoltronah, that was much better14:30
_drzoltronthanx projekt0114:30
projekt01Ok, then you have to call view/myMethod, context/myMethod would point to the object where the view adapts14:30
_drzoltronwhat do you mean by adapts ?14:31
_drzoltronhow do I get the class' methods ?14:32
projekt01the view adapts the object (usualy a content type in your case)...14:32
projekt01This means the view class has a constructor like __init__(context, request) where the context is the adapted object..14:33
projekt01..your content object instance14:33
projekt01A view is a simply adapter, adapting context and request14:34
_drzoltronah i see14:35
projekt01btw, sorry the term "simply adapter" isn't right here, it's a multi adapter.14:38
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uaktihello all! I think my zope3.1c1 in windows may have a problem20:28
uaktiwhen using <dtml-var somepage> I always get keyerror20:30
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srichterprobably not20:34
srichterwe really do not support TTW development in Zope 3 yet20:34
uaktiah ok, then it must be that20:35
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