IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-08-21

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welsondoes zope release 3 have good boilerplates for web publishing?07:48
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mphow do I get site absolute url? is there a method to get current site?12:46
projekt01mp, search for absoluteURL, there is a API method or look for @@absolute_url (ZPT)13:38
projekt01mp, there is also a method getSite() or getApplication, but make sure you also support virtual hosts (apache)13:39
projekt01serach for getVirtual...??? for more info13:39
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drzoltron_hi, could someone pls restart ;)15:34
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* Theuni restarts the internet15:53
drzoltron_thanx Theuni15:53
* Theuni hates it when he has to introduce arbitrary exceptions from rules15:57
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drzoltron_Theuni: btw: I ceased working with mdb files, exporting now everything to mysql /pgsql16:49
Theunigood for you :)16:54
drzoltron_Theuni hehe: found out that there are serious problems / bugs in mgbtools16:56
drzoltron_mdbtools that is16:56
Theunithey are made for msaccess. that's a serious problem on it's own :)16:57
drzoltron_check this for example:
drzoltron_wanted to write an unixODBC DA with mxODBC which should connect to an mdb17:00
drzoltron_SQLDescribeCol()  returned blank strings for field names ...17:01
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