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drzoltron_morning, is there an zexp/zimp functionality in Z3 ?11:17
bob2what did they do?11:18
drzoltron_export/ import objects to zexp files11:19
bob2what's a zexp file?11:22
drzoltron_a zope export file11:25
gintassrichter, are you there?11:34
bob2wow, whack11:34
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* andrew_m has to dig possible licenses for our zope based product.. :/13:18
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andrew_mwell.. gotta make my employer (company, needs money) and me (oss developer) happy13:39
andrew_mis the ZPL 2.1 common among other zope projects?13:40
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projekt01andrew_m, Yes, we use it too13:56
andrew_mprojekt01: ok.. other ppl in our company would prefer GPL over ZPL mainly because it's better known13:57
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drzoltron_is there any zexp for z3 ?15:23
projekt01andrew_m, Ok, butthey have also to use ZPL for running the z3 server, I think it's better to use the same license for the server and the product.15:24
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mgedmin<benji_york> I've fantasized lately about a dev-mode switch that would reload modules when the source file changed, but haven't had time to look into it16:38
benji_yorkmgedmin, I share in your fantasies :)16:47
mgedminthat was your quote! :)16:48
drzoltron_is it possible in Z3 to export/import objects as zexp files ?16:48
benji_yorkmgedmin, I'm reading your post, very cool!16:50
mgedminthat wasn't my post either :)16:51
mgedmingintas is my coworker16:51
mgedminI didn't even know he was hacking on this z3reload until I saw his blog post16:51
benji_yorkah, I hadn't noticed that16:51
benji_yorkI guess it was just an idea who's time had come16:52
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srichterJim is back! :-)17:43
J1mtrying to catch up17:44
drzoltron_ is there any possibility in Z3 to do a zexp / zimp =17:45
srichterdrzoltron_: no, not as far as I know17:45
drzoltron_srichter: thx, pity17:45
J1mYes, it would be nice to have that.17:47
J1mWe are probably 70% there with something much better.17:47
J1mPerhaps this would make a good sprint project.17:47
drzoltron_J1m .. which is called .. ?17:47
srichterJ1m: you mean zsync?17:47
J1mor a good project for someone who is interested.17:47
J1mThere should be a number of different modes for using zsync.17:48
srichterright, though it has rotted over the years a bit17:48
drzoltron_zsync is ok17:48
J1mIt is not really dependnt on much else.17:48
srichterI love the idea of zsync too17:48
J1mIt needs a security model to get finished.17:49
J1mThis would not be too hard, I think.17:49
srichtermmh, I have never looked at it that much in detail17:49
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