IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-08-23

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hwo4Is accessing stored relations in the zodb, such as how schoolbell does, signifigantly slower than using a relational database?05:50
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srichterbenji_york: testbrowser has currently no facilities to replace or remove headers :-)16:58
srichterbenji_york: I wonder whether we should also expose addheaders in some ways as a list16:59
srichterbenji_york: my use case: the user changes during a session16:59
benji_yorksrichter, for that use case we generally create two instances and name them after the users16:59
benji_yorkfor example, benji.getControl(...)   gary.getForm(...)17:00
mgedminthat makes sense if you simulate two parallel user sessions17:00
benji_yorkI don17:00
srichterbut we don't17:00
srichterwe setup a manger to do some setup17:00
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srichterthen we switch to the user17:00
benji_yorkI don't object to removing headers, just expounding on our technique17:00
mgedmin"user changes during a session" can also be achieved by doing a logout followed by login17:00
srichterbut I guess it is a simple enough solution to my problem17:01
mgedminI do not see where headers come into it -- unless you use HTTP auth17:01
benji_yorkalso, in that case I'd want to make sure there was no state left over in the instance, so I would create a new one anyway17:01
benji_york(the manager and user don't use the same browser on the same computer)17:01
srichteryep, I agree17:03
srichterI'll use this pattern17:03
srichterI so want a testbrowser recorder :-)17:05
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benji_yorksrichter, it's on its way  :)17:07
benji_york(to being usable that is)17:07
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srichterbenji_york: is getLink() looking for a substring?17:39
benji_yorkyep, why17:39
srichterit does not normalize white space, right?17:40
benji_yorkit does17:40
srichtermmh, did not seem to work17:40
srichteralso newlines?17:40
srichterI have17:41
srichter                <a href="http://localhost:7080/sections/his1">17:41
srichter                   -- History17:41
srichter                  (HIS1)17:41
srichter                </a>17:41
srichterand do: manager.getLink('History (HIS1)').click()17:41
srichterbenji_york: it tells me it cannot find the link17:42
benji_yorkhmm, that should work17:42
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benji_yorkI'll work on it right now17:43
srichterok, cool17:44
srichteryeah, this works:17:45
srichterand do: manager.getLink('(HIS1)').click()17:45
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srichterbenji_york: maybe it would be a good idea to declare slots for the controls18:16
benji_yorkwhy's that?18:16
srichterbenji_york: I just accidently got a ListControl and did .selected = True18:16
srichternot really realizing that I did not get a sub control18:17
benji_yorkhmm, perhaps it would be a good idea, or just a __setattr__ that complains at you18:17
srichterand it was hard to figure out what went wrong18:17
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benji_yorksrichter, I just added a test for normalized whitespace in getLink, and it worked without changing the code, I'm looking into it further18:21
srichtermmh, strange18:21
srichterprobably has something to do with the  ( )18:21
srichterbecause they have to be escaped18:21
srichtermmh, maybe that18:25
srichterI escaped the () and it did not work18:25
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benji_yorksrichter, I can't reproduce your problem (with or without the parens)18:33
srichtermmh, darn18:33
srichterthat's strange18:33
benji_yorkdo you have a recent update18:33
srichteryeah, I just got it this morning18:34
benji_yorkhmm, confused18:34
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srichteroh well, I can live with it18:35
benji_yorkI'd really like to figure it out18:35
benji_yorkcan you send me a snippet from the acual file?18:36
srichterthe test file?18:36
srichteror the HTML?18:36
benji_yorkthe HTML18:36
benji_yorkI suppose the .getLink code you quoted above was copy/pasted from the test case18:37
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srichterbenji_york: what do I do, if I have one form with two identical submit buttons?18:43
benji_yorkuse the index argument to getControl or use getForm (which I just submitted and replaces the forms mapping)18:43
srichterI need to press it, but I get an AmbiguityError18:43
benji_yorkuse index=0 or index=118:44
srichtergetForm will not work, since it is the same form18:44
benji_yorkyep, I didn't read closely enough :)18:44
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benji_yorksrichter, I'm even more confused, I just put the offending link in the testbrowser doctest and it worked, here's the code...18:56
benji_york    >>> browser.contents18:56
benji_york    '...>\n                  SchoolTool Manager -- History\n                  (HIS1)\n                </a>...'18:56
benji_york    >>> link = browser.getLink('History (HIS1)')18:56
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srichterbenji_york: mmh, oh well19:01
srichterbenji_york: no need to waste time on it now19:01
srichterI'll try to repoduce it later again19:01
benji_yorkhmm, ok; if it is a real bug I'd like to fix it; thanks19:02
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srichterbenji_york: have you noticed that testbrowser is slow?23:16
srichterI am converting tests right now and they take about twice as long23:16
benji_yorkhmm, I haven't noticed23:17
srichterthis is not-scientific of course23:17
benji_yorkif I get bored I'll profile it  :)23:18
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srichterbenji_york: btw, I noticed that testbrowser does a much better job in ftesting23:27
srichterI have discovered several bugs in the code and tests while converting23:27
benji_yorkI'm really happy with the way it's worked out, Gary gets a lot of the credit for doing some hard work with mechanize/ClientForm23:28
srichteryeah, you and gary get a beer from me next week for lunch23:30
srichter(or is that not allowed in the US?)23:30
benji_yorkGary might partake, but I'd prefer a soda  :)23:30
andrew_mis the README.txt in zope/app/locking up to date? i cannot get that to work if I try it23:48
srichterno clue23:48
srichterI think not many people use it23:48
srichterwell, the README.txt is a doctest, so some of this must work23:49
J1mI believe it is a doc test, so at least the examples should work,23:49
andrew_mhmm.. no luck here with the example23:49
andrew_msrichter: is there another standard way of implementing locking?23:50
J1mYou may want to look at it's setup code.23:50
J1mFor example, objects that want to play should provide ILockable.23:51
J1m(or, I guess be adaptable to)23:52
benji_yorksrichter, Gary will take a soda too  :)   LOL23:52
andrew_mJ1m: from the README it sounds like deriving from Persistent should be all I have to do23:52
J1mHey, I drink bear23:52
andrew_mbut the adaptation fails even with that simple example23:52
J1mHey, I drink beer23:52
benji_yorkurine,  or whole (puree)23:52
J1mCan't you spell23:53
benji_yorkcan't spell, but at least I can type23:54
J1mbeer can fix that.23:54
srichterJ1m gets beer23:54
benji_yorkthat's why I don't want any :)23:55
srichterdo you guys know a place in F12g where we can eat and have a *good* beer for Jim?23:55
benji_yorkdoes the t2i p3e?23:56
srichtert2s i0s f1n :1)23:58
andrew_mmy french ends here..23:59
* J1m stops23:59

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