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tiredbonesNext question. When I type make for zope I'm informed that it can't find python's Makefile. Prior to doing the make for Zope 3 I removed all references to python 2.3, including the config file for 2.3. I did not think it would remove 2.4 config. I'm using synaptic for package mgmt.Do I have to reinstall python 2.4?00:15
shaprIs python2.4 already installed?00:17
tiredbonesshapr, It has no Makefile though.00:18
shaprYou can use ./configure --with-python=/usr/bin/python2.4 (I'm assuming you're using Debian?)00:18
tiredbonesshapr, I'll try that. Thanks00:18
fdrakeif you're using a "system" Python installation, you may need to install a separate package to get distutils and all the support files it uses00:19
dman13tiredbones: it is typical for software using autoconf/automake to have no makefile when you download it, but the configure script creates it tailored for your system00:19
fdrakeit's usually called something like python-dev or python-devel00:19
shaprAh right, you may need to install python2.4-setuptools00:20
fdrakesetuptools is something else, and is not needed for Zope00:20
fdrake(though it is pretty cool if you're a Python developer)00:20
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tiredbonesshapr, I tried ./configure --with-python /usr/bin/python2.4, but still getting that I have a make problem. here's the error invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.4/config/Makefile (No such file or directory00:29
fdraketiredbones, are you building your own Python, or just your own Zope?00:29
th1aDo you have python-dev?00:30
tiredbonesfdrake, just zope,00:30
J1msrichter, ayt?00:30
shaprDid you put the equals sign there on the command line? ./configure --with-python=/usr/bin/python2.400:30
fdraketiredbones, then you need to install python-dev, python-devel, or whatever your distro calls the developer package for Python.00:31
fdrakeyou have an incomplete Python installation, since some silly distributors put it together that way00:31
tiredbonesI just notice that it tell me that it's looking for the Makefile in lib00:31
tiredbonesnot bin00:31
fdrakethat gets installed as part of a normal Python installation00:31
fdrakeyour distributor broke things by splitting into a separate package00:32
th1atiredbones:  You need python-dev.00:32
fdrakeyou need to install python-dev or some such package00:32
tiredbonesok, I'll look to see what synatic tells me.00:32
fdrake(for Debian-alikes)00:33
tiredbonesOk, It looks like that done it. Thank yoooou all.00:36
* shapr cheers00:37
tiredbonesJust want you all to that all those dot a very artistic!00:39
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tiredbonesDo you folks expect some test to fail/00:44
tiredbonesI had 2 test fail when running the check.00:44
fdrakedid you run the tests as root?00:45
tiredbonesfdrake, yes00:45
fdrakedon't  :-)00:45
tiredbonesWas that a no no .00:45
fdrakeright; build and test can be run as a "normal" users00:46
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tiredbonesfdrake, should I do it over as a "normal" user?00:47
fdrakejust the tests00:47
dman13tiredbones: in general don't do stuff as root00:47
dman13tiredbones: root can do anything, including destroy your system or send your personal information to everyone on the internet00:48
tiredbonesdman13, I know, but sometimes I get lazy.00:49
tiredbonesShould I have did any clean-up before running the check test? I'm getting alot of lock permission errors.00:51
tiredbonesError type is 13.00:52
th1aYou should probably start over not as root.00:52
tiredbonesOkay, I'll do that.00:52
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dman13tiredbones: starting over will definitely resolve all your permission issues00:56
dman13tiredbones: otherwise use 'chmod' and/or 'chown' to make things accessible to your normal account00:56
tiredbonesdman13, Like I said, I'm lazy, so I'll start over the other way is to mych typing.00:58
th1aI give lazy, brute force advice.00:58
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tiredbonesI received one error on the check, It refers to a process wasn't spawn in one menute. It this ok?01:10
dman13tiredbones: are you using an older/slower/overloaded machine?01:10
dman13if so, then yeah that's more-or-less expected01:10
dman13tiredbones: regarding changing the permissions - yeah it is a bit of typing to do that01:12
tiredbonesdman13, yes - it is an older machine. At least five years old and getting older.01:12
dman13tiredbones: I do it when I install because i don't want to run the installation as root :-)01:12
dman13that test doesn't have any good way to know when the process has started in order to know if the test failed or if it should wait longer, so it just waits a while and then hopes the subprocess had enough time01:13
dman13on slower machines it doesn't always work, and just increasing the timeout long enough should make it work on your system01:13
dman13I forget what the test is about, but the zope-coders archive has a discussion about it (IIRC it was a few months ago)01:13
tiredbonesdman13, thanks for your time. I'll look when I get some time.Right now I have to get Zope3 installed, followed by Flex3 and then Schoolbell.01:16
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dman13tiredbones: aptitude install schoolbell01:27
dman13tiredbones: schoolbell is very nice, btw01:27
* tvon pokes zope.org01:31
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shaprhi Aiste13:34
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Aisteshapr: hi13:36
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bmcis there anyone who did compile zope3 on FreeBSD (5.4)?17:44
srichterdo you have problems?17:45
srichterI don't think we had problems regarding compiling yet17:45
srichterGCC version?17:45
bmcthere is an error during "make check"17:45
srichtererror message?17:45
srichterare you running make check as root?17:46
srichterif so, don't17:46
bmcheh, thansk17:47
benji_yorksrichter, I see that failure mode alot, perhaps we should put a check in make check to fail early when run as root with an informative error message17:47
srichterwe have a message17:48
srichterStuart added one saying: You run as root, don't do that.17:48
bmcwell - error comes again even if i`m not root17:49
benji_yorkhmm, perhaps it should be LOUDER, as people don't seem to notice it17:49
bmcerror: (49, "Can't assign requested address")17:49
bmcin zeoserver.py17:49
srichterthat seems like you cannot bind to a port17:50
bmcwhen it "self.socket.bind(addr)"17:50
bmci know ;)17:50
srichteryou can ignore this failure, if you are not using ZEO17:50
srichterfdrake: I have a functional release setup for SchoolTool using zpkgtools now :-)17:50
bmcit gives A LOT of errors, so I can`t see other important one17:51
srichteroh, I see17:51
srichtersend a message to zope3-dev, the chance that a BSD user is reading it is higher17:51
bmcanyway it seems like error in config/make file/... - there is no option been sent to it expect to find17:52
bmc    # We don't do much sanity checking of the arguments, since if we get it17:52
bmc    # wrong, it's a bug in the test suite.17:52
bmc(it was text from
bmcok, thanks anyway17:53
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fdrakesrichter, just remember I had this window  :-)19:17
fdrakesrichter, cool about the ST package19:17
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MJA string-based exception in Zope3??21:39
* MJ takes out a firearm and shoots it21:39
* SteveA hands MJ a gun with a hole in it21:41
SteveAwell, MJ just shot a firearm21:43
* SteveA realizes that Jim's "where" was aimed at the exception... (long day)21:43
MJSteveA: Best thing you can do with em ;)21:43
J1mI'd be happy to see that workflow package go away.21:44
MJBut, in the meantime I'll tak any such string-based exceptions out to the back for the kind treatment.21:45
J1mSounds good to me. :)21:46
MJI'll just convert them to local exception class definitions; provided there's noone catching them.21:47
MJIf they are meant to be part of an interface I'll declare them there.21:48
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drzoltron_I try to create objects (zapi.createObject) but get a ComponentLookupError: ('Could not adapt', ...)  .. any idea ?22:14
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MJFound another in the documenttemplate package22:19 InError, used twice.22:19
J1mYeah, that's ported Zope 2 code. :)22:20
*** benji_york has joined #zope3-dev22:20
MJFigures :)22:23
drzoltron_do I have to declare a special factory when I want to add objects using zapi.createObject() ?22:23
MJBoth have Stephan's fingerprints on them :)22:23
J1mThat's just because he did the port.22:24
J1mHe gets blamed for all sort of things.22:24
J1mSome of them aren't even his fault. ;)22:24
MJCorrection, the dt_in is your fault ;)22:25
MJAt least, according to blame22:25
J1mI'm innocent! I've been framed!22:26
benji_yorkAnother J1m typo, that should have been "I've been blamed!"22:27
MJ8532, renaming22:27
MJrevision that still ties the file to Jim22:27
MJBut my silly svn client doesn't tell me from where...22:28
*** vlado has joined #zope3-dev22:28
MJAh, that's a pre-svn rename22:31
MJHence the loss of the connection22:31
MJJim, you'll get the benefit of the doubt22:32
drzoltron_WTF are srichter-blow-services ??22:32
MJSuch a name..22:32
MJboggles the mind.22:33
benji_yorkthe branch in which srichter removed services (while armed with a revolver, apparently)22:33
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