IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-09-09

srichterok, got it. It's the extends attribute00:00
mpok, I've printed all guidelines, agreements and faqs.. expect me asking for write access soon ;)00:02
srichterfdrake: it is really evil that derives from zdeamon.zdoptions.ZDOptions ;-\00:03
srichtermp: send a signed copy (scan) of the contributor agreement to Jim via E-mail00:03
projekt01is there a lock concept where can lock a object for copy/paste and delete?00:07
projekt01Or can I catch copy paste events and deny the transaction in some way to make sure that some object get copied?00:09
projekt01get copied/get not copied00:10
philiKONbut i don't think copypastemove takes notice of it yet00:11
philiKON(would be possible to subclass the views and add the notion of locks, though)00:12
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projekt01Ok, that's to much work for now ;-(00:14
fdrakesrichter: what's the problem with the using ZDOptions there?00:21
fdrakesrichter: do you want to import a schema or extend a schema?00:22
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srichterfdrake: ZDOptions creates a dependency on zdeamon00:45
srichterfdrake: I figured out the extends stuff00:45
srichterfdrake: the ZDOptions thing is another issue00:45
fdrakesrichter: feel free to do something different; I've no love for zdaemon00:46
srichterwell, right now I am just trying to do it without that class using ZConfig directly00:48
srichterI hope this will not add a lot of boilerplate00:48
fdrakethe nice thing about boilerplate is that it can be refactored00:52
fdrakewe just end up with lots of small dependencies00:52
fdrakeit might be worth replacing the mis-placed zdoptions with something based on optparse00:53
andrew_mi have a handler for an IObjectModifiedEvent in which i need to find out which user has triggered the event. how can i do that without a request object?00:58
srichterandrew_m: you can get the participation which knows about the principal01:00
srichtercheck out and zope.security01:00
andrew_mok, thanks.. so the source for that info is the proxied object, not the event?01:01
srichterit is a thread global01:02
andrew_mah, ok.. was digging in the wrong direction then.. thanks01:02
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andrew_mis that a good idea: getInteraction().participations[0].principal?01:26
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drzoltron_any castlesprint folks here ?20:03
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mgedminhmm, if foo is a broken persistent object, and I do foo._p_activate(), will I get an exception?21:15
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