IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-09-10

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benji_yorkhi GaryPoster00:44
GaryPosterhi benji_york.  i miss my mac. :-)00:45
benji_yorkI'm sure you do00:45
benji_yorkwhat color am I now?00:46
benji_yorkwhat color am I when I say GaryPoster ?00:46
GaryPosterYou are brown, benji_york.00:47
GaryPosterSomething else (is this a fascinating zope3-dev conversation?)00:47
GaryPosterTry saying my name now, benji_york00:49
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benji_yorkbye all01:15
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projekt01srichter, ayt?02:54
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projekt01Which event is the right one for adding a subscriber where will change the permission for a object.12:15
projekt01In my usecase the user will click on a view and this should change the permission on the object so that this view isn't allowed again.12:17
projekt01I guess I have to use a event for this because otherwise I will lock myself out.12:18
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projekt01srichter, ayt?12:37
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projekt01Is the EndRequestEvent the right event for changing the permision on a object?12:42
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VolpeHi is there any equivelant of the Zope 2 Virtual Host monster for Zope 3?13:08
projekt01Volpe, look for the getVirtualHostRoot method. It's implemented in the request itself now and there is a namespace for set the virtual host root13:10
VolpeOh okay13:11
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Volpeheh - where can I find the documentation on the request object? :\13:24
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projekt01Volpe, see src\zope\publisher\ or src\zope\publisher\ where the publication process starts14:22
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wiggycan anyone give me a hint as to what this means:16:05
wiggy    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module mrissue has no global interfaces')16:05
projekt01wiggy, can you post a little bit more of the exception?16:40
projekt01Ok try this,16:44
projekt01I think package16:44
projekt01 is a attribute of a interface? right?16:44
wiggyer, no16:44
projekt01and the module where this interface is defined imports something like .xy.interfaces? right16:45
wiggy has the source16:46
wiggy(yes, it's crap)16:46
projekt01can you search for all lines where the word "interfaces" is used and post them? I'm pretty sure there is a missing import which will give you really bad errors like this one.16:49
wiggy./interfaces/configure.zcml:      interface=".interfaces.issue.IIssue"16:50
wiggythat .interfaces, should that be there?16:50
projekt01you are already there16:51
wiggyok, so it's always relative to the package, not to the current dir?16:51
projekt01yes, and you can also use <configure package="your.package"> here comes other configure relative to your package </configure> and use relative reference to the package between this configure tags16:53
wiggybut I still don't see where it goes wrong here :)16:54
projekt01it's relative to the location of the configure.zcml or to the <configure package=""> directive used in a configure.zcml16:54
projekt01It's not running?16:54
wiggyno, I got that error I pasted16:54
projekt01what's mrissue?16:58
wiggythe name of this package16:58
projekt01ouch, there is no in the module mrissue.types ;-)16:58
wiggyadding that doesn't help though :)16:59
wiggyI'm not so sure really matters much16:59
wiggyhaving it empty or not present seems to do the same thing16:59
projekt01each package needs it's file, empty is Ok.17:00
wiggythat's the theory, in practice I've never seen that matter17:00
wiggybut I've added empty's17:00
projekt01can you add a to the package interfaces and post the traceback again17:03
projekt01from mrissue.interfaces.issue import IIssue17:03
projekt01this import fails in the package because you reference mrissue.interfaces where doesn't contains a __init__.py17:03
wiggyinterfaces.interfaces, hmm17:05
projekt01import mrissue.interfaces.interfaces.branch17:05
wiggybut 'interfaces.inter' isn't anywhere in there17:06
projekt01yes, check your relative imports carfully, tha bad thing about relative imports is, you can search for them ;-)17:07
projekt01Use absolute imports if there are such errors, you can later rewrite them for nice readable code if needed.17:08
* wiggy runs into Yet Another error 17:10
wiggy    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'interface', "('name', <type 'unicode'>)")17:10
projekt01can you post more tracback?17:11
projekt01what's that value_type=Release()17:16
wiggythat's commented out, isn't it?17:16
projekt01ah, ok17:16
wiggythat's more a mental note to figure out at some point how to do that17:17
projekt01With what editor an OS do you work?17:17
wiggyvim, linux17:18
projekt01hm, can you try to comment out all fields in the interface IBranch17:20
projekt01Also remove the docstring17:20
projekt01just use two lines like17:20
projekt01class IBranch(Interface):17:20
projekt01    pass17:20
wiggyexact same error17:20
wiggyhm, but it breaks on another type17:21
wiggydocstring is fine, as soon as I uncomment an attribute in the interface it breaks17:22
wiggyargh, "" should be u""17:23
projekt01yup, the attribute name is not unicode in the interface IBranch17:25
wiggyhm, I can't import DateTime from zope.schema17:27
projekt01wrong "T" use from zope.schema import Datetime17:29
wiggyah, Datetime17:30
wiggythe final error!
projekt01did you change the server config?17:36
projekt01are you using a fresh checkout from today?17:36
wiggyhm, this seems to be 3.1.0c117:37
projekt01are you using a custom zope.conf in the z3 root?17:38
projekt01Did you checkout the source today?17:39
wiggythis is from some debian package I think17:40
projekt01there where some changes related to the server startup, but I'm not really sure since I use windows ;-)17:40
wiggyhm, has 3.1 branched or is it still in trunk?17:40
projekt01I'm working with the trunk, I'm not sure what are the states of branches right now.17:41
projekt01but yesterday there where some changes around the startup scripts, I think17:42
projekt01Please post this error to the mailinglist zope3-dev, this could be something related to changes from yesterday.17:42
wiggyI'll have to try with a fresh svn first17:43
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wiggyhm, still a failing unittest for zdaemon though17:56
wiggythe old known one17:56
projekt01Please post this error to the mailinglist zope3-dev, this could be something related to changes from yesterday.17:57
wiggyI posted that unittest a month ago already17:59
wiggyand people decided it wasn't a problem17:59
projekt01can you post the content of zope.conf located in the root of your zope instance18:01
projekt01btw, they, should decide for you18:01
wiggyah, it starts fine with the current svn18:11
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wiggycan't you have two browser:addMenuItem statements with the same title?20:39
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wiggyhm, and you can't have two things use the same view name20:50
wiggyand the standard wiki already stole AddComment.html20:50
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