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projekt01srichter, I'm here00:21
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srichterprojekt01: do you have specific use cases for the "pagelet" (singular) use case?01:07
srichterprojekt01: do you have specific use cases for the "pagelet" (singular) TALES namespace?01:07
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projekt01srichter, do you mean code or conceptual use cases?01:22
srichterconceptual use cases01:22
srichterI cannot think of one01:23
projekt01I take a look01:23
projekt01Yes, I found one01:24
projekt01If you have a pagelet and you like to render them with a specific layout01:25
projekt01then you can register named layout pagelets and call them named01:25
srichterthat reminds me of something else01:26
srichterpagelets really need to be subscribers01:26
srichterunless you name them of course01:26
srichter(which you did)01:26
projekt01I think pagelets should be registrable on context, view, slots and this named and support a layer (request type), must also provide permisssions and should have a order01:27
projekt01I think if you re-implement them and you support all the parts where is used in the pagelets directive it would be Ok01:28
projekt01btw, did you take a look at the pageletchooser already?01:29
projekt01I implemented a different pageletchooser in tiks. This pageletchooser reads the name where will be used from information in the object(context) annotation01:30
projekt01this makes it possible to set pagelet names into the annotation and render only this names.01:31
projekt01See: svn://
projekt01btw, the tiks implementation of the pageletchooser is i18n aware and gets the right pagelet back for the used language!01:37
projekt01See: where the top right and left part(pagelet) with the javascript image map is used in french and german01:38
projekt01This i18n image maps where the main reason we implemented the pagelet concept.01:40
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projekt01srichter, how do you write to the log for a CookieError? With the normal logger? Or is there another concept for log warnings in the HTTPRequest class in zope.publisher.http.py02:00
projekt01srichter, I like to bugfix but I don't know the log concept at this level, can you give me a hint?02:01
srichterI think you can just use the python logging module02:06
srichterthe log you want to use is called "eventlog"02:06
projekt01Ok, is there something similar implemented?02:06
srichterwhat do you mean with similar?02:06
srichterthe event log will put it in the right places02:07
srichterokay, I am on and off, since I have to clean the apt02:07
projekt01I guess a CookieError would generate a warn message in the access.log02:07
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srichterprojekt01: no the access log only logs the HTTP server level accesses03:31
projekt01srichter, can you check my commit revision 38476.03:34
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roym`Would someone be kind enough to validate my assumptions:14:56
roym` - since a widget is a view, a (sub)<widget> declaration can be14:56
roym`   replaced by an equivalent <view> declaration.14:56
roym` - a <page> declaration can also be replaced by a <view> declaration14:56
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philiKONroym`, a) wrong15:02
philiKONroym`, b) sort of15:02
philiKONa) the <widget> declaration in a editform or addform directive manipulates that particular form view15:02
philiKON<view /> registers a component, it doesn't manipulate particular views15:03
philiKONb) the page directive does a bit more than the view directive15:03
philiKONthat is, browser:page does more than zope:view15:03
philiKONfor example, it allows you to specify just a template15:03
philiKONit creates the a view class around that automagically15:04
roym`thanks; what do you mean by "manipulate particular views"?15:04
philiKONwell, when you declare a <browser:editform ... />15:04
philiKONthat's a vie15:04
philiKONthat's a view15:04
philiKONan edit view15:04
philiKONthe <widget> subdirective maniuplates that particular edit view15:05
roym`aha, so it inserts overriding declarations (to subvert the default choice)?15:05
philiKONlook at the code to see what it does15:06
philiKONit basically manually sets fieldname_widget on the view15:06
philiKONthe view will see if fieldname_widget already exists for each fieldname and if not, it'll look it up15:06
philiKONthat way, fieldname_widget always takes precedence15:06
roym`ok - can I expect that the <widget> sub-decl will work for the <form> tag as well? My reading of the zcml makes me think so, however in practice it doesn't seem to.15:07
philiKONnot sure. check
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* Jigsaw sobs.15:58
benji_yorkthere, there, Jigsaw, it can't be that bad16:00
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clueckHi there,19:51
clueckI have a problem with formlib19:51
clueckhave form.Fields running :) but got stuck with Actions19:52
clueckWould someone please help me?19:53
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* clueck is back20:43
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