IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-09-14

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roymIn z3, I find that I can set a value on an object property (described00:46
roymby a schema) as follows:00:46
roym  obj.field = ['xx']00:46
roymHowever, when I do setattr(obj, 'field', ['xx'])00:46
roym  I get zope.schema._bootstrapinterfaces.WrongType: ([u'xx'], <type 'list'>)00:46
roymThis is confusing... any ideas why (it only happens when I try to00:46
roymassign values that are lists.00:46
srichterwhat are objects? what are fields?00:51
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projekt01roym, use [u'xx',] instead of [u'xx']01:14
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roymprojekt01: why would I need a ','? In an interpreter, if I type:01:28
roym>>> type([2])01:28
roym<type 'list'>01:28
roym>>> type([2,])01:28
roym<type 'list'>01:28
roymI don't see any difference.01:28
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projekt01roym, sorry I'm wrong, I was thinking about a tuple where it makes a difference.01:51
projekt01roym, can you post the interface?01:53
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ksmithwhere do fixes for the zope3 wiki get reported?02:35
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projekt01ksmith, write a mail to srichter03:11
projekt01srichter, ayt?03:11
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mnemochi, i'll write a distributed accounting application on zope3. what do you recommend zeo or postgresql?03:18
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ksmithprojekt01, ty03:33
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bob2zodb Just Works03:48
bob2do you really need the scalability or interoperability of postgres?03:48
mnemocbob2: it's like a banking server.... with lots of per-account records03:49
mnemocbob2: if zodb scales and gives the necesary consistency i would prefer it over postgres because as you said, it just works :)03:52
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srichtermnemoc: I would go with ZODB06:10
srichterI would only use RDBs if you have a requirement to use existing data or similar06:10
srichterZODB has proven on many very large sites06:11
mnemocthat's what i wanted to ear06:12
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bob2is there a way to repack zodb live?06:33
srichterwell, you need to use the DemoStorage06:34
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philiKONd2m, you're taking care of, right?13:50
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d2mphiliKON: i'm trying14:08
philiKONd2m, ever since another small change recently, the zope 3 homepage is even deeper in hierarchy than before14:09 is just way too long14:09
philiKONi wonder how much trouble it would be to:14:09
philiKON- move the wiki to
philiKON- redirect /DevHome/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ComponentArchitecture/* to /Zope3/*14:09
philiKON(so, basically, reverse the current situation by 180 degrees)14:10
philiKONgoal: zope 3 should really have more exposure on zope.org14:10
d2mit's easy to do it the other way round: redirecting to
philiKONyes, but that sucks14:10
d2mthere is a RedirectorProduct available14:10
philiKONurls are too long to be pasted in emails quickly etc.14:11
philiKONwhy can't the wiki be moved?14:11
wiggyhaving zope3 in development home also seems silly14:11
d2mok, i'll need to contact Sawdog (Andrew Sawyers) for that14:11
philiKONd2m, ok14:11
philiKONwiggy, indeed14:11
d2mphiliKON: i'll do that today and let you know14:11
philiKONwiggy, reason is that it started out as a development wiki14:12
philiKONthe ComponentArchitecture wiki14:12
philiKONit never got renamed nor moved14:12
philiKONfor promoting zope 3, this is unbearable14:12
efgephiliKON: you can link to, it redirects14:15
philiKONefge, i know14:15
philiKONefge, but manging every url manually sucks14:15
philiKONefge, i want it to be there physically14:15
srichterI think we will develop a collaboration portal at the NeckarSprint14:18
srichterJim and I have already agreed on a plan of attack14:18
philiKONnot sure if it's such a good idea to move away from zope.org14:19
philiKONfor, we already have maintainers14:19
philiKONtook us a long time to find them14:19
philiKONi wouldnt' wanna go thru that process again14:19
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philiKONalso, it would be nice if stuff like this could be discussed openly... "we already agreed on a plan" sounds like everyone else is left outside14:20
srichterbecause if you do something like this openly you get a million feature requests and long energy-draining discussions14:22
srichterand there has really been no interest in the subject lately anyways14:22
srichterthe first goal is to move wikis nothing more14:22
philiKONwhy not stay inside and move the wiki to a saner place14:23
philiKONi know martijn has been suggesting for loooong14:23
srichterbecause sucks at this point14:23
philiKONbut now that we have volunteers that take care of, i feel like we can finally do this14:23
srichterI even had up and running at some point14:23
philiKONi know14:23
srichterthe caching at is insane14:24
srichterit's just too much pain at this stage14:24
srichterJim has some really cool ideas on how wikis should work, so I am hoping that someone at the NeckarSprint will implement them; it will be a surprise but it will be cool I think :-)14:25
philiKONi don't share your idea of bileratlism on this point14:26
philiKONi'm excited that there'll finally be a better page for zope 314:26
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philiKONbut i'm a bit disappointed that others can't participate in that discussion14:27
philiKONi, for one, fear that noone will find the time to administer zope3.org14:27
philiKONand it'll be in worse pain than zope.org14:27
srichterI doubt it14:27
philiKONwe'll eventually need caching on as well14:28
philiKONso, let's not be naive there14:28
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andrew_mgot a weird problem with resource directory mappings:15:07
andrew_m<browser:resourceDirectory name="blah2" directory="blah" />   works fine15:08
andrew_m<browser:resourceDirectory name="blah2/blah" directory="blah" />   doesn't seem to work15:08
andrew_mis that intended?15:08
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srichterwell, you specified a two path elements15:15
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srichterI am pretty sure it is simply not a feature15:15
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srichterthe attribute is called "name" not "path" or "relativePath"15:16
andrew_msrichter: ic.. too bad.. thanks15:19
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fcorreaHi do I populate a vocabulary of a Choice widget, with a list of values of specific type??Are there such approach?21:36
philiKONfcorrea, can you be a bit more concrete?21:38
fcorreaphiliKON , for example, supose that I want to register a bunch of thing in a content type and want it to populate a Choice widget on another content type21:41
fcorreagot the ideia?21:41
philiKONnot entirely21:41
philiKONthe choice widgets is populated with values from a vocab21:41
philiKONthe vocab is a dynamically generated set of objects21:42
SteveAis it possible to have a TALES expression that starts with namespace:name ?21:42
* SteveA has a need for such a thing...21:42
* SteveA writes a unit test21:42
philiKONSteveA, namespace: would then be treated as the name of a new expression type... as in python: or not:21:42
philiKONfcorrea, what kind of objects do you want in the vocab?21:43
SteveA    CompilerError: Unrecognized expression type "count".21:43
fcorreatools that I registered on list field of a content type for example21:44
philiKONfcorrea, sure, that's possible21:44
fcorreaphiliKON, It should be kinda of a reference to another object...21:46
fcorreaphiliKON, how do I get objects of a specif type in z3?21:48
philiKONany objects?21:48
philiKONor objects within a container?21:48
efgeSteveA: there's a TALES prefix to say you want a path expression... Not sure which21:56
efgeit's path: actually :)21:59
philiKONanyone here with some distutils fu?22:00
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projekt01SteveA, perhaps you can take a look at the package where I implemented a TALES expression22:12
benji_yorkSteveA, also see (and the description there-of in srichter's book)22:16
fcorreaphiliKON, sorry...I've to run out for a bit, so...any object22:27
philiKONfcorrea, hmm, looks like you want a catalog query22:27
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fcorreaphiliKON, I didn't use catalog in zope3 yet :-/22:31
philiKONneither have I :)22:31
fcorreaI think the best solution, should be any singleton where I can get data from....utility I think22:34
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srichterprojekt01: I wonder whether menus could be implemented using pagelets22:52
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srichterprojekt01: are you there?23:33
srichterprojekt01: python: 'ping'*1000 # :-)23:35
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