IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-09-13

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yotaphiliKON: are you interested by all buggy strings ?00:39
philiKONyota, very much00:39
yotaok, I will try to set a list00:39
philiKONyota, is my address00:40
yotamsgid 417 'The component the registration is for.'00:40
philiKONthanks, i'm going to bed00:40
yotagood night00:40
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srichteryota: what is buggy about this string?00:43
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yotasorry, buggy is not the good term00:48
* yota read an dictionnary to find a better word :)00:49
srichterit is not ideal, but it ois hard to come up with better ones00:49
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yotathat's why we want helping you to find ;)00:58
yotahi projekt0100:58
srichterprojekt01: good answer to the principal thread00:59
srichteryota: I am again the one who came up with the above term :-) I understand it perfectly :-)01:00
jenner"The components to be registered"?01:01
projekt01srichter, shame on me, it's copied from the microsoft world ;-)01:01
projekt01yota, hi01:01
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srichterno problem :-)01:01
yotasrichter: you are not alone ! ;)01:05
yotait is necessary to also say that I have a completely poor English expression01:05
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projekt01srichter, when can we use the twisted's task scheduler from the trunk?01:54
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ksmithSteveA: ping02:50
srichterprojekt01: when twisted gets merged to the trunk ;-)03:15
srichterprojekt01: did you get Claudia's answers concerning the localization workflows?03:15
projekt01srichter, yes, say many thanks to her, I will answer it at the end of this week. Because we have our z3 sprint at the ETH Z├╝rich tomorrow.03:20
srichterok, cool03:21
projekt01btw, did you take a look at the ECM workflow implementation?03:22
projekt01I implemented the participant to principal or role mapping really decoupled. You can add principals or roles as a administration task.03:24
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projekt01There is no need that a application (workitem) must know about groups or principals at the implementation level03:24
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roymI am using the <browser:form> directive with some success.. I can see that my custom getData() method is called... however I don't see the corresponding setData() being called? My setData is of the form "def setData(self, data):". Is this correct?18:21
roymI am not overriding the update() method.18:21
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srichterroym: check out the tests; they explain how to do things18:30
__gotchasrichter: hi18:32
roymIn my view, I use a custom template, in which I have "<div tal:content="view/update"/>"18:33
__gotchacould you advice me someone wom I could ask where to check in Z2 Products in svn ?18:33
__gotchaa product that was previously on cvs.zope;org18:33
srichteryou can just do it18:33
__gotchaiow I can add amodule18:34
__gotchano special permission needed18:34
srichterno, I don't think so18:34
srichterjust make sure you have the same dir structure that we use elsewhere18:34
__gotchabranch and so on18:35
__gotchayes obviously18:35
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roymShouldn't this be triggering the call to setData()?18:37
srichterjust look at the code, because that's what I will have to do too18:38
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srichtersp of the data changed, setData should be called18:40
srichterso of the data changed, setData should be called18:40
srichtersee formview.FormView18:40
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srichterand in form.txt is the demo18:40
roymok - thanks.18:43
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roymI see now what was happening - I was error-ing out and hence my setData wasn't getting called.18:45
srichteryou see, the debugger and looking at the code are your friends ;-)18:46
roymAgreed - I don'18:46
roymt stare in total bewilderment anymore.18:46
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FrankBergerhello everyone19:21
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FrankBergeri am somewhat new to zope3 and I have a question on how to program the filerepresentation for my container class19:22
FrankBergeris it possible to represent an container as a single file instead of an directory?19:23
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__gotchaFrankBerger: me not very good at Z319:40
__gotchabut I see no reason why it could not be a file19:40
__gotchamaybe you need to accept the contents wont be represented separately then19:40
srichterFrankBerger: absolutely19:41
__gotchaiow your repr might need to take care fo the work for ypur contents19:41
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srichterFrankBerger: Just implement the file representations for this container19:41
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FrankBergersrichter: i tried to do that, but in ftp i still see the container as an directory, when i try to access it with "get" I get the error " Is not a file"19:56
__gotchasrichter: I suppose you need to override the zcml registration in a way or another19:57
__gotchasrichter: meant FrankBerger19:57
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FrankBergerwell I think the problem is, how should the publisher know, when to treat my container as a file and when as a container19:59
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SteveAJ1m: is it designed so that request.getURL() gives you the URL as traversed to that point, and not the entire URL as requested?21:36
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J1mSteveA, not sure21:44
SteveAi have a view on Unauthorized that redirects to the current url with /+login on the end to present a session-based login form21:46
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SteveAthe Unauthorized view uses getURL() rather than request['PATH_INFO'] to get the url21:46
SteveAthis works provided traversal completes without error, and the error occurs in rendering the view21:46
SteveAbut, this goes to a shorter URL than intended if one of the traversal components gets an Unauthorized exception.21:47
J1mI don't have good access to source right now as I'm trying to transition to ubuntu21:47
SteveAi can certainly change my unauthorized redirector view, and i kind of expected it to happen, in retrospect, knowing the request code.  but it was still unexpected.21:48
J1mgetURL returns the logical URL and this is determined during traversal.21:48
SteveA    def getURL(level=0, path_only=False):21:49
SteveA        """Return the published URL with level names removed from the end.21:49
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SteveAthe published url21:49
SteveAso, i suppose if i ask getURL during publication21:49
SteveAthen i get what's been published21:49
J1mBut we haven't published anything yet during traversal.21:49
SteveAanything i can help with on ubuntu?21:52
J1msure, I've been dialoging you because it's OT. :)21:55
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J1m_SteveA, ayt?23:09
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