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newperswill zope3 work with python 2.4?00:39
newpersis it safe to start developing around zope3, are is it still at an early stage in development?00:59
newpersare = or01:01
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MJI'd say it's safe01:08
MJBut decide on one version now01:09
MJSay, 3.101:09
MJSchooltool, schoolbell, Launchpad, Chronolog, plenty of projects are already building on Z301:09
philiKONnewpers, sure, like MJ said, lots of projects are already using zope 301:12
philiKONzope 3.1 definitely changes the landscape01:12
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newpersthanks, MJ01:26
newpersyou would recommend, 3.1?01:26
newpersas opposed to the lastest version of 201:26
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ksmithdoes Z3 have an auto-reload option for developing products?01:51
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srichterksmith99: nope03:06
newperswhat would you recommend.  i need to start building this cms.  should i build on 3.1, wait for 3.2, build on 2?  or do i just forget about zope and do something else.   zope seems promising, but the parallel versions are confusing me.03:15
ignasksmith99, yes03:32
ignasksmith99, somewhat hacky, not allways working, though one can arange it iirc03:32
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yotahi :)15:10
yotahi srichter :)15:13
yotahow translate the term "bookkeeping information" ?15:14
yotabookkeeping = all of transaction ?15:15
srichterin which context is this meant?15:16
srichterbookkeeping is usually keeping track of soemthing, accounting, ...15:16
yota"id of the effective user at the time the bookeeping information was created"15:17
yotayes usually bookkeeping is the recording transactions of a business15:18
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srichteryota: can you give me a line number?16:03
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ksmith99srichter: ty17:04
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ksmith99ignas: ty, I'll try it out, looks like it reloads views, I'm really only interested in reloading pagetemplates, seems a shame to restart just for .pt files17:05
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roymI understand that looping thru view/widgets causes the registered17:44
roymIInputWidget adapter for each, to display an editable view.  However,17:44
roymI can't seem to figure out (from reading the docs) how I can force the17:44
roymregistered IDisplayWidget to render the object. Am I missing the17:44
roymobvious here?17:44
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VargRis anyone aware of a Zope3+AJAX project around somewhere? Or can someone point me towards docs about how to "properly" (read: "staying within the Z3 paradigms") do this?17:50
jhauserthere is a proposal for a resource registry, where probably the ajax stuff would be registered17:53
jhauserbut there is no defined "proper" way17:54
ksmith99I haven't located any notes on this, has been omitted from Zope-3.1.0c3?17:55
VargRgrr :-) so it would probably the most straight-forward solution to define page views for all the page fragments that I'd eventually load asynchronously?17:56
jhauseranother idea is to hook into the widget system17:57
d2mVargR: the AZAX project is mentioned here
VargRjhauser: I was thinking about doing this for the autocompletion text inputs,yes17:58
VargRd2m: oh, neat! do you know whether AZAX moved towards being integrated into Z3 any further?18:00
d2mVargR: you might ask tarek in #z3lab18:01
VargRd2m: thanks, will do!18:01
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bob2ksmith99: it wasn;t in 3.0, either18:23
bob2but it's in svn18:23
bob2I don't know why18:23
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srichterksmith99: page templates always reload automatically even without the extra package18:55
roymif I may ask my earlier question a different way - when does the rendering machinery do a queryView on IDisplayWidget? I put a trace statement in queryMultiAdapter, and I can see plenty of queries on IInputWidget, but none for IDisplayWidget. Is there a "view/widget" path that I can use to force a widget to display - currently, I am displaying the value as context/thingy.18:56
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ksmith99srichter: ty20:54
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ksmith99bob2: yeah, that's why I'm confused since it's in the svn, i'm going to download it seperately and see how it goes... also
bob2I just use a svn checkout now20:58
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srichtereverything that is not released will have no guarantee on API21:43 will nto be supported at all21:43
srichtermost people switched to zope.wfmc and contains code to have local Python modules; we do not support TTW development yet, so there is no point in releasing it21:46
srichteralso Jim wants to develop a new TTW development model as far as I understand21:46
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ksmith99srichter, thanks... it definately takes some doing to get up to speed :)23:38
newpersis Richter's book:  Zope 3 Developer's Handbook any good?23:44
newpersor is this better:  Web Component Development with Zope 323:47
* srichter thinks Richter's book is pretty okay.23:49
newpershaha.  hi23:50

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