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newpersi need to start selling all of my old books00:04
newpersor books i don't use00:04
newpersout of curiousity, is anyone in here from the Phoenix area?00:04
* srichter just realized how cool viewlets are :-)00:04
yotaok, alpha french translation is done00:05
srichternewpers: I am not, but I would be happy to come and give a talk or sprint there, if someone could cover flight and lodging costs00:06
srichteryota: awesome!00:06
newpersif you help me build this application that I'm working on, I'd be glad to00:06
yotasrichter: it's not, my work is totally buggy & stupid. I need to learn Zope3 in depth for a better translation00:07
srichteryota: any translation is good; if people don't like it, they will complaina nd provide better suggestions :-)00:08
srichternewpers: if you pay me for the development of the application :-)00:09
newpersi'm debating00:09
yotazope3 is great, we need absolutely the same quality with translation00:09
yotaI will send a report on the ml00:11
srichteryota: Zope 3 became good because of many iterations00:11
srichtersome parts of Zope 3 have been rewritten 3-4 times before 3.100:11
yotawith the list of msgid are difficult to translate00:12
yotayes, totally agree with that, iteration is good00:12
srichterI know, I have translated pure message strings myself00:13
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projekt01srichter, ayt?03:46
srichterprojekt01: yep, just ot get off though :-)03:47
srichterprojekt01: I just checked in the new viewlet code03:47
projekt01me, too, I saw the commit03:47
srichterI think it worked out really well03:48
projekt01Did you see the publisher bug reported in my mail?03:48
srichteryou should the read the README.txt03:48
srichterno, please resend it; I have a look first thing in the morning03:49
srichterok, gotta go03:49
srichtersee ta03:49
projekt01I sent it to the zope3-dev list not to you03:50
projekt01Ok, see you tomorrow03:50
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ksmithI'm trying to programmatically add content from a view, using zapi.createObject(self.context,'myproduct') doesn't seem to work03:57
ksmithalso tried zapi.createObject(None, 'myproduct'), is there something else I should be looking for?03:58
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ksmithI see, setitem :)05:17
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*** Aiste has joined #zope3-dev12:17 spews BerkeleyDB errors again12:32
mgedminswitch to a fsfs backend already!12:33
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srichterphiliCONF: did the Plone conference start today?13:41
srichterphiliCONF: is Jim there?13:41
philiCONFjust arrived13:41
srichterphiliCONF: could you ask him to fix the SVN repo please?13:41
srichterit really hurts dev right now13:42
philiCONFtold him13:42
philiCONFbut he just got here13:42
projekt01srichter, did you read my bug report in the mail? Any idea where I can take a look for to fix this?13:51
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srichterprojekt01: probably your URL contains latin-1 and is not properly encoded13:57
srichterI have a look13:57
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srichterprojekt01: a traceback might be nice or a list of all strings envolved13:57
projekt01srichter, the traceback is in the mail. There is not more then the error report from the error utility13:58
projekt01srichter, the methods are invoked in the following order:14:03
projekt01zope.publisher.publish.publish > zope.publisher.http.setResult > zope.publisher.browser._implicitResult > zope.publisher.browser.__insertBase14:03
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J1msrichter, I fixed svn14:23
srichtergreat thanks14:35
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projekt01srichter, why did you remove the package? I was thinking we use a package for the new implementation and deprecate the pagelet package?15:05
srichterprojekt01: because it had half of my refactorings in it15:06
srichterif we revive one, it should be the one from the other branch15:06
projekt01which branch?15:07
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projekt01Is the new viewlet implementation ready to use? Can I start refactoring the tiks repository?15:09
srichterprojekt01: yep15:11
srichterall features are implemented15:11
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projekt01cool, then it's Ok for me, hope nobody else was using pagelets ;-)15:11
srichterbtw, I noticed that your pageletchooser really provides the functionality of portlets15:12
srichterprojekt01: they will scream, if they did :-)15:12
projekt01Is there also a viewlet(s) directive?15:12
srichterof course15:12
projekt01but not in the meta.zcml?15:13
srichterthere is no viewlets directive15:13
srichterbut a viewlet directive15:13
projekt01and what's about the viewlets directive?15:13
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projekt01for repeat them?15:13
srichterthere was never one15:13
srichteryou never had a pagelets directive either15:14
projekt01of corse15:14
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srichterWe can add it easily though15:14
projekt01how can you get more then one pagelet and repeat them?15:14
srichterbut should the region be part of the parent tag or be repeated all the time and what about the view attribute?15:15
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projekt01does the viewlet directive return more then one viewlet and if you call them with name one return one?15:16
projekt01one return one/only return one15:16
srichterno, the viewlet directive creates one unique viewlet15:17
projekt01Ah, sorry, I speak about the expression not about the directive ;-)15:17
projekt01It's Ok15:18
srichterah, the expressions are identical in their behavior as before15:18
projekt01Yup, I see, I try tomorrow to migrate the tiks skins and use the new viewlets15:19
projekt01I guess it should not be this different now with the manager implementation.15:20
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Soulravenim having trouble seeing zope externally ( help would be VERY apriciated15:28
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roymI have a schema field 'answer' with a vocabulary defined for it:15:32
roym  answer = Choice(title=u"Answers", vocabulary="MyVocabulary")15:32
roymHowever, when I use a <subwidget> decl, inside an editform:15:32
roym <editform...>15:32
roym  <widget field="answer" class="anoobe.quiztaker.browser.widget.MyRadioWidget"/>15:32
roym </editform>15:32
roymthe constructor for MyRadioWidget only seems to receive 3 args (not 4).15:32
roymI then have to have to define my __init__ as follows:15:32
roym  def __init__(self, field, request):15:32
roym    super(MyRadioWidget, self).__init__(field, field.vocabulary, request)15:32
roymHow can I force the vocabulary to be passed in as an argument to the15:32
projekt01roym, did you use the right for attribute?15:34
projekt01roym, I mean did you register a view for the widget?15:34
roym    type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserRequest"15:35
roym    for="zope.schema.interfaces.IChoice15:35
roym         anoobe.quiztaker.interfaces.IQuizTakerVocabularyTokenized"15:35
roym    provides=""15:35
roym    factory=""15:35
roym    permission="anoobe.quiztaker.Public"15:35
roymsorry:     factory="anoobe.quiztaker.browser.widget.MyRadioWidget"15:35
projekt01is MyRadioWidget a inherited RadioWidget?15:36
roymas in: class MyRadioWidget(RadioWidget):15:37
projekt01what is defined in the interface for this field where is using the vocabulary?15:38
srichterSoulraven: this is surely not a Zope issue; it must be a problem with your firewall or NAT table15:38
roymthe interface reads: answer = Choice(title=u"Answers", vocabulary="MyVocabulary")15:38
projekt01and the vocabulary?15:40
roym  name="MyVocabulary"15:40
roym  factory="anoobe.quiztaker.qtmodule.QuizTakerVocabulary"15:40
roym  type="generic"15:40
projekt01ok, use factory="" in the view directive and if this will work check the __init__ of MyRadioWidget15:41
projekt01super(MyRadioWidget, self).__init__(field, field.vocabulary, request)15:42
projekt01uses the super of ItemsEditWidgetBase15:43
projekt01which has a constructor like def __init__(self, field, vocabulary, request)15:43
projekt01that's not conform, right?15:44
roymwhats interesting is that if I use a radio widget in a custom form, all is fine (ie: it gets passed 4 args - including the vocabulary).15:45
roymI am confused as to why the vocabulary is not passed in from the subwidget directive.15:45
projekt01roym, yes, this is really confusing, because Choice uses implicit a sequence. I allways run into this and don't remember how this exactly works the next time.15:46
roymyou are right about the call to super(...) needing 4 args.15:46
roymshould I just plan on having 2 different custom widgets (1 for the subwidget and 1 for the regular <form> usage) or is there a better way?15:48
projekt01take a look at the Choice, there you can see the implicit mechanism. Choice are something like a implicit sequence hook ;-(15:48
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roymwill do - thanks.15:49
projekt01no, you can use the RadioWidget as a Bool field widget, only the vocabulary of a Choice will start using the sequence.15:49
projekt01There is no need for two widget, it's only hard to understand how this Choice (vocabulary) sequence interacts15:50
roymI need to read up on that - I always assumed Bool was for y/n schema fields only.15:50
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projekt01RadioWidgets are not sequence widgets.15:51
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roymare you saying that the value_type can be a Bool?15:53
projekt01It depends on your vocabulary what widget is used in the Choice sequence.15:54
roymMy vocabulary is multi-valued (ie >2) - would a Bool be applicable here?15:55
roymare there any doc-tests or other docs that illustrate this point?15:56
projekt01take a look at itemswidgets.ChoiceDisplayWidget16:00
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roymprojekt01: tks.16:06
srichterprojekt01: btw, I am overall very happy with the outcome of the viewlet package16:08
srichteronly the mapping of variables using region fields does not feel quiet right yet; but it is the best I could think of so far16:08
projekt01srichter, yeah, btw, I guess the mapping is only used in some special usecases and not this often16:12
srichterprojekt01: right16:12
srichterprojekt01: though I came up with a really good one in the README.txt16:12
* projekt01 updating the trunk for take a look at the README.txt16:14
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projekt01srichter, it's really a very good sample with the item as a Dict field. That's a really powerful and very good defined concept now!16:21
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srichterprojekt01: I am glad you like it16:24
projekt01we can drink a beer a the neckar sprint together ;-)16:25
srichter:-) OJ for me will be fine :-)16:25
srichterprojekt01: in the viewlet manager code I demonstrate how we could develop portlets16:26
projekt01where excatly? in the README or the
srichterlook for the "Viewlet Managers" section16:28
srichterpretty much at the end16:28
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projekt01you mean by the sample which controls the column16:31
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projekt01Ok, I see, it's cool, if you would use preferences then we could say show first column and second column.16:34
projekt01Yeah, that's what we need in the future for nice customable UI development16:35
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mgedmin|gprssrichter, I've noticed that zope/app/viewlet/README.txt calls tempfile.mkdtemp, but doesn't clean it up later17:50
mgedmin|gprsdo you mind if I add a shutil.rmtree(temp_dir) at the end?17:50
srichterno, not at all17:51
srichterI just forgot to so that17:52
srichterI just forgot to do that17:52
* mgedmin|gprs goes to the office now, will do that in 20 minutes, if srichter doesn't beat him to it17:52
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srichterprojekt01: I think I fixed your publisher problem20:50
srichterI'll have a checkin in a moment for you to try out20:50
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srichterprojekt01: okay, chceked in; please let me know whether this fixes your problem20:59
srichterI am 90% sure it does21:00
BjornTsrichter: even though your fix probably fixes the problem, i don't think it's a correct fix. the base URL should contain only ascii characters, if it doesn't, it's a bug somewhere else.21:09
BjornTsrichter: my guess is that self._app_server is a unicode string, even though it contains only ascii characters21:10
srichterBjornT: in that case my fix is okay too, since it will just return an ASCII string21:11
srichternote that Roger's problem was that he had a character outside ascii(128)21:11
BjornTsrichter: if base == u'foo', the encoded body will be converted to unicode, thus fail with a unicode error if the body contains non-ascii characters21:13
BjornTsrichter: sure, your fix fixes the problem, but i think that base = str(self.getBase()) also would fix it21:14
srichterno, it would not21:14
srichtersee Roger's bug report21:14
BjornTi've seen it21:14
srichter> 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 891: ordinal21:16
srichter> not in range(128)21:16
srichterso clearly just str'ing it would not work21:16
BjornTsrichter: so, you think that self._base is more than 891 characters long? ;)21:18
srichterprobably not21:18
BjornTif body is a normal string with non-ascii characters, body + u'foo' will fail with the same error21:19
srichterif the problem still persists, then probably the body is still unicode somewhere, which is harder to track down21:19
BjornTbody + 'foo' will succeed, though21:19
srichteroh, it might have been that then21:19
srichterI see21:20
srichterfeel free to fix my fix :-)21:20
BjornTsrichter: as i said, my guess is that self._app_server is a unicode string, thus getURL() also returns a unicode string21:20
BjornTsrichter: i might fix it later if you don't, don't have time now :)21:21
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srichterBjornT: actually, if _app_server is a unicode string, it might contain decoded characters21:42
BjornTsrichter: i'd say, it should always be a normal string, since we have no logic for encoding it properly (there are more than one way of doing it). i think it's only unicode today by accident.21:46
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srichterok, what about unicode object ids?21:46
srichterBjornT: do you know what happens in those cases?21:46
BjornTwhat do you mean with unicode object ids?21:46
SteveAwhy should object ids have anything directly to do with URLs ?21:47
srichterwell, objects in the ZPDB have unicode obejct ids21:47
srichterwhat happens with those?21:47
SteveAyou mean "object's unique names within containers" i think21:47
SteveAmore like object __names__21:47
SteveAum, __name__s21:47
srichterI mean the object.__name__ values21:47
SteveAso, even today, these need to be encoded somehow to appear as part of a URL21:48
SteveAit is a presentation issue21:48
BjornToh, those are already encoded properly. the only thing getURL returns that aren't ensured to be ascii only, is self._app_server21:48
srichterok, I see21:48
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fdrakesrichter: do you know of any zpkg issues that need to be dealt with soon?23:43
fdrakeI'm planning to release zpkg 1.0 "soonish."23:44
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