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srichterfdrake: no, I have none00:28
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fdrakesrichter: someone else definately needs to have Subversion http: and https: supported00:32
fdrakewe'll see if that's trivial00:32
srichterfdrake: yeah, we need http:// but jinty just changed it to it today and it seemed to work00:34
srichtersince the URL is really available already00:34
fdrakeyeah; chatting w/ him via email now00:35
fdrakehe set up svn+ssh?00:35
fdrakenot sure what you mean00:35
srichterok, if you are chatting with him, then we are all set00:35
srichterhe really takes care of releases; I just did the initial setup00:36
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projekt01srichter, I saw your bugfix. What do you think could run into this error? (object ids)?00:36
srichterprojekt01: no, I think Bjorn was right00:37
srichterprojekt01: your body had an encoded latin-1 character and the base URL was a unicde00:37
srichterthis causes this error00:38
srichterI have added a test for this use case00:38
projekt01but this means that the same view on different objects will run into this error. right?00:39
projekt01In my case the same view is only broken viewing on one object. Other objects with the same view are OK. And after moving the Data.sf to another server, the same view on the same object works.00:43
projekt01I'm really confused. It smells like a runtime error to me. But I have no idea what is responsible for running into this only sometimes.00:45
projekt01Normal a encoding problem happens till you fix them in a template or somewhere and not during a server restart.00:47
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srichterthis is a very generic fix00:51
srichterfor a particular object you might have had some latin-1 character in the body00:52
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projekt01srichter, Ok, I will try to reproduce the error again and see how I can trace down the issue before I will use the fix.00:55
projekt01srichter, many thanks for the fix00:56
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SteveAfdrake: gekki18:33
SteveAum, hello18:33
SteveAfdrake: what's a "defer" TALES expression?18:33
fdrakei don't remember  :-)18:37
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fdrakei think it defers the call as long as possible, but I'm not sure18:37
fdrakei doubt I've ever used it myself18:37
SteveAalso, i'm thinking about adding a different behaviour to 'structure'18:37
SteveAwell, defer: isn't in the spec18:38
SteveAnor documented anywhere i can find18:38
fdrakeit wasn't part of the original implementation, but was added when things were still pretty young18:39
SteveAanyway, i'm thinking of making a change in my own use of TALES so that an expression is automatically escaped unless 'structure' is given, or unless the string object is of the type structured()18:39
fdrakeit might be a holdover from Zope 218:39
SteveAthis would allow me to make some code take responsibility for escaping text, or not doing so, without needing to change templates18:40
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fdrakeguess i'm confused; I thought text insertions (non-structure) were always escaped on insertion18:41
fdrakemaybe something changed when I wasn't looking  :-)18:41
SteveAthey are.  i want them not to be, if the code says "i'm taking responsibility for this"18:41
SteveAright now, the responsibility has to be co-ordinated18:41
SteveAbetween a particular page template, and the code it is meant to present18:41
fdrakeah; you want to have structure insertions for text?18:41
SteveAi'm not sure what you mean, but if it's what i'm thinking of then yes18:42
SteveAif not, probably not ;-)18:42
fdrakewelcome to tautology central  :-)18:42
SteveAimagine a type structured()18:42
SteveAthat extends unicode, where i can construct one with structured('here is some <b>%s</b> stuff', self.stuff)18:43
SteveAso, structured's constructor would ensure self.stuff is escaped18:43
SteveAwhile allowing other text not to be18:43
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SteveAthe tales stuff would realize that by returning a 'structured' rather than a unicode, the code knows what it is doing18:44
SteveAin other words, the code is assuming responsibility for correctly escaping the text18:44
fdrakeso the change is really to handle check for the structured type before insertion, and skipping the extra escaping?18:45
fdrakethis seems pretty reasonable to me, but I don't see when it would really change out from under a template18:46
SteveAin the future, there would be three states for a tales expression: "needs escaping", "structured goddamit" and "whatever"18:46
SteveAi have a case now where i have an object being displayed by a template18:46
SteveAand its obj.text (or obj/text if you prefer) can currently be html quoted okay18:47
SteveAbut now, there's a requirement to put markup in there sometimes18:47
SteveAi don't want to go through the templates adding 'structure' in these places18:47
SteveAi'd rather have a way to say "the code knows how to escape this"18:47
fdrakewhy not say structure and have the code always escape?18:48
fdrakethat still keeps the knowledge of what needs to be done in the code, and avoids implicit behavior18:48
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SteveAi hate seeing "structure" in page templates18:50
SteveAi'd much prefer having code be able to take responsibility for whether it is escaping or being naive18:51
SteveAi don't think template authors should have to co-ordinate this stuff with software developers18:51
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SteveAtotally separate issue -- PathAdapters in Zope3.  i'd really like to get hold of CONTEXTS for the page template from a path adapter.18:55
fdrakebut for at least some structures, it's really important to know that what's coming back is structure (other times its less so)18:55
SteveAright now, i have various path adapters for dict, so I can use CONTEXTS/foo:bar in a page template18:55
SteveAwell, only for those structures that in your xml schema or in html don't allow any elements inside them18:56
SteveAbut that's kind of a special case18:56
SteveAi suppose it would make string:.... confusing18:57
SteveAif you insert structure there where it isn't expected18:57
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fdrakei was thinking of the case when the structure is something "bigger" than inline text styling stuff18:58
fdrakeif you're expecting "random blob of structured content", there's no pretending it might be simple text18:59
SteveAsure.  but i don't see why that needs to be declared specially in the page template.  seems that the "structure" concept gets co-ordinated in two places where it needs be only in one.19:00
fdrakeperhaps so; I don't have any strong objection to such a thing, I'm trying to gauge how important it is to make a change19:02
fdrakeit's nice if things like ZPT don't change too much  :-)19:02
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SteveAof course19:05
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benji_yorkhey, srichter, I am about to announce the av embarrassingailability of the buildout and wanted to know if you successfully checked it out and ran it before  embarrassing myself  :)21:10
benji_yorkwow, that was a J1m-quality typeo!  :)21:11
fdrakeJim would have been much more subtle.  :-)21:15
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roymIs it reasonable to think of a <browser:page> declaration as exactly equivalent to the corresponding <zope:view> declaration narrowed to work with IBrowserRequest?21:49
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SteveAkind of21:50
SteveAbrowser:page does a few other things to the view class21:50
SteveAbut basically, that's the idea21:50
roymSteveA - thanks21:51
roymI am struggling with a design problem - I have a container (folder) of21:51
roymobjects, and I want to simultaneously display the next/prev (iterator)21:51
roymbuttons, and allow users to edit the fields of the object itself. Is21:51
roymthis a pattern that has been tackled elsewhere?21:51
SteveAi'm more of a low level zope3 guy -- i don't mess with the ZMI stuff.21:52
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