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baldtrolsrichter: is the workflow addon package likely to work with 3.1?  throws me an attribute error when it's trying to create a new process instance, didn't know which end i should start troubleshooting.00:46
baldtrolmy code or the workflow code :)00:46
srichterI ahve no clue how much of the workflow code works with 3.100:48
srichterbut it si probably broken00:48
baldtrolok cool.  no problem.  i may hack at it.  looks like it's just localsitemanager not having a getUtility method.  thanks :)00:49
srichterplease do00:50
srichtercheck in any fixes you have00:50
baldtrolnot an official contributor, but if i can figure out what's wrong, i'll let you know, and send you what i get00:52
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baldtroldoes anyone know if a zope3.0 usage like "sm = zapi.getServices(self); sm.resolve(name) " would be similar to's "resolve(name)"?01:12
baldtrolit seems that way to me, just because most getService from z3.0 stuff seems to be in now...01:12
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baldtrolsrichter: other than the tests, workflow should be fixed.  seemed like the only changes necessary were to move from getService(Utilities) to getUtility01:30
srichterbaldtrol: awesome01:31
baldtrolmaking the changes to the tests will take me a little more time.  i'll look into it tomorrow...  i'll post it up to my home when i get it set.01:32
srichterthanks a lot01:32
baldtroldefinitely.  thanks man.01:34
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sureshvvAnyone played with Fate>?09:52
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bob2brainfart...if I want to override the view for a particular component, I just add a <page for="whatevrer"... block, right?12:16
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roymIs placelesssetup documented anywhere?14:44
srichterjust read the code14:45
srichterthere is not much to it14:45
roymIs it basically about creating a minimal infrastructure for testing?14:47
srichterwell, the pure placeless setup is about clearing the CA ergistries14:52
srichtersetup and ztapi are for component setup14:52
roymI see some helpful comments in the ProgrammerTutorial as well; thanks.14:54
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roymI have been wondering how to design for the following:15:46
roymI have a folder of quiz questions.15:46
roym - The folder needs to have next/prev iteration buttons15:46
roym - The items within the folder need to allow for editing as15:46
roym   well. (ie: answer selection)15:46
roymI have a view for the folder that then includes a view for the15:46
roymquestion.  I am confused as to whether the submit should go to the15:46
roymfolder view or the question view. Either scenario requires the15:46
roymcontainer and contained to be aware of each other, and I have this15:46
roymfeeling that there is a better way (ie: someone has a pattern in mind15:46
roymfor this).15:47
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srichterroym: are you building an online testing tool?15:52
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srichterif so, you need to differentiate between the question itself and the instances when a person is taking a test/quiz15:53
srichterquestions are often independent of each other, so they should not know about an order15:54
srichterthe order of the quiz is described by the quiz itself15:54
srichter(note that I developed an online testing tool for my senior thesis in college)15:55
bob2do exceptions in zope/app/traversing/ tend to indicate tal templates are broken?15:55
roymsrichter: yes this is an online testing tool that I am developing.15:56
roym(btw: has this already been done? in schooltool?)15:57
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roymmy question is really: if the user checks an answer, I'd like for the "next" button to record the selection and move to the next question. I have a feeling that it is ugly to have the contained process the request and then have the container process the same request, but maybe this is the only way?16:00
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srichterroym: no, it used to be a Zope 2 system called ZQuest16:20
srichterroym: it supported a lot of cool things, like multiple choice, matching, numerical answers, graphics, LaTeX input, etc16:21
srichterroym: are you developing your product for a school?16:22
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baldtrolsrichter: working on the workflow tests, i'm getting something i don't understand...  when i add the IProcessDefinition utility, and then try to zapi.getUtility, it does return an object.  but just an object object, not a pd object...19:08
srichterthat is strange!19:09
baldtrolif it was failing to add it, i would think retrieving it by name would just fail, not give me an object back...19:09
srichtermaybe it is a problem with the CA BBB support for services19:09
srichterI cannot say more without looking at the code, which I cannot do right now19:09
baldtrolhmm.  i've tried to switch the workflowsetup code and the test_instance code to use "setup.addUtility" and such instead of "addService"... but all good.  just thought i'd run it by you.  i'll keep messing with it :)19:10
srichterI think that if the WF service still wants to be a service we should let it19:11
srichterotherwise it might not get setup right19:11
baldtrolmy thought was just to run the tests as they stood, and then fix them on a per-error basis.  but i may have "fixed" one problem only to break the rest.19:15
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srichterbaldtrol: that happens19:23
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baldtrolsrichter: think i got it working...  should i tar up what i have, or just create a patch?20:52
srichterbaldtrol: do you have committer access?20:54
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ncalpunkerCan someone tell me what is with all the ++ and @@ in urls in Zope 3?20:55
mgedminnamespace separation20:56
mgedminit is conceivable that you may want to store a file called, say, 'contents.html' in a CMS20:56
mgedmintherefore the view named 'contents.html' is actually refered to as '@@contents.html'20:56
mgedminso that it doesn't hide your content objects or vice verse20:56
mgedminZope 3 assumes you won't be bad and won't name your content objects '@@something' or '++something++else'20:57
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ncalpunkerNo more simple urls, I guess?20:59
SteveAit is optional to use these things20:59
ncalpunkerThat is cool then.20:59
SteveAin launchpad, we use a simple + before a name when we need to disambiguate it20:59
ncalpunkerI gotta wrap my head around Zope3.21:00
SteveAso, the login page is +login21:00
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SteveAbut, that's just a launchpad convention21:00
SteveAbecause we didn't see the need to use two +s in a row21:00
ncalpunkerIs that configured in zcml?21:00
SteveAkind of.  we choose to name certain pages as starting with a +21:02
SteveAthere is no global switch for it21:02
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srichterSteveA: it would be nice, if you would have one canonical login URL, so that my browser remembers my login info :-)21:05
SteveAsrichter: please file a bug on this in malone21:05
SteveAwe need to do some login system work to make it work when POSTs are in progress21:06
SteveAso, this can be part of the work too21:06
SteveAoddly, my browser remembers, though21:06
SteveAso, be sure to mention your browser details in the bug report21:06
* SteveA gets back to zope3 discussions21:06
ncalpunkerIs zope 3 considered production ready?21:07
srichter3.1 is about to be released21:07
ncalpunkerI got a couple of books on they way (the only two about zope 3), are there any major changes that might not be in the books?21:08
srichterthere are no services anymore21:09
srichterboth books are careful to not mention them a lot21:09
srichteralso, there is a new pluggable authentication system21:09
ncalpunkerWhy did services go away?21:10
srichterbecause they were superfluous21:10
srichterservices were used in two ways: (1) provide unique fucntional objects for every site and (2) serve as registries21:11
srichter(1) can be addressed with unnamed utilities21:11
ncalpunkerok, cool.21:12
srichter(2) can be addressed to make all entries in a registry a named utility providing a certain interface21:12
ncalpunkerStupid question, but is there still the concept of index_html or similiar?21:15
SteveAit is the "default view"21:17
SteveAyou say what the default view name for an object it21:17
SteveAyou can make it any name you want21:18
SteveAthe default name is "index.html" for most things21:18
SteveAso, when you go to ..../yourthing/ it is really the ..../yourthing/index.html page21:18
SteveAif 'index.html' is the default view name for objects of whatever type yourthing is21:18
ncalpunkerSeems like Zope 3 has fixed all shortcomings of previous Zope.21:18
philiKONncalpunker, that was the plan :)21:42
ncalpunkerSo far so good, still trying to dig my way through it all.21:43
mgedminjust as Zope 4 will fix all shortcomings of Zope 321:43
* mgedmin hides21:43
baldtrolhah, nice21:43
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baldtrolsrichter: uploaded my changes (with a bit of a description).
srichterbaldtrol: could you create an issue in the issue collector?22:36
srichterI cannot get to the file, since it is not published22:36
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baldtrolargh.  sorry :B22:37
baldtrolcool.  issue 45722:47
baldtrolwas fun :)23:10
srichterI am glad you like this23:11
srichtermaybe you want to contribute in the future again :-)23:11
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baldtroli definitely do.23:12
baldtroltrick is finding things at my non-guru-skill level to fix ;)23:17
srichterif you were able to fix this, then you can fix a lot of other things too :-)23:17
baldtroli'd be more than happy to give it a shot, anyway ;)23:19
srichterbaldtrol: in this case it would be good, if you become a contributor23:20
jvtsis there a different way to register something with the addmenu when using formlib? I tried using the addMenuItem but it complains it can't vind my view (it's defined as a browser:page)23:23
philiKONjvts, addMenuItem is about menu items for the "Add" menu23:24
philiKONoh, right, that's what you want :)23:25
philiKONjvts, your browser:page needs to be defined for IAdding23:25
philiKONwhich is pretty obvious once you think about the fact that there isn't an object yet that this view could be found for... after all, the add view is supposed to create it23:26
philiKONadding is the '+' view23:26
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baldtrolsrichter: i've read the contributor agreement before (but i'm rereading), and printed out the agreement form.23:30
baldtrolother than signing it and mailing it, is there anything i should do?23:31
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