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srichterbaldtrol: send a scanned copy to Jim via E-mail for faster processing :-)00:02
benji_yorksrichter and baldtrol, that won't be any faster right now, Jim is out of the office for the next week and a half00:05
baldtrol:) good enough for me.  I can just mail it.00:06
srichterbenji_york: but he usually responds to those request, even if on trips00:08
benji_yorkit's worth a shot, I've just observed that he's been less communicative than usual lately00:09
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projekt01Does anybody use the script in utilities with the option -a | -all ?13:11
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projekt01I think so, there's a big mess in the code13:15
projekt01srichter, do you know what the -all option should do?13:15
srichterisn't there a help text that tells you?13:24
srichterI think it will list all dependencies, even secondary ones13:24
srichterso if your package depends on package X, usually only X is reported13:25
srichterbut if X depends also on Y and -a is specified then X and Y will be reported13:25
srichter    -a / --all13:26
srichter        Find all dependencies. This means that the program will also scan the13:26
srichter        dependencies originally found in the module.13:26
projekt01srichter, Ok, I will checkin a bugfix, but we should cleanup this package later. I'm not sure if I got all usecases.13:29
projekt01srichter, can you check if the -a option is running on your linux box right now?13:29
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srichterI'll do it later13:31
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projekt01srichter, can you test the -a on your linux box, then I can commit a bugfix.15:04
andrew_mpff.. firefox won't do a simple http refresh when it comes from zope.. from apache it works.. same html src.. weird :(15:06
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projekt01srichter, the introspector package is included in the configure.zcml of Do we really like to have them on a productive server?17:30
srichterprobably not17:34
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benji_yorkprojekt01 and srichter, wasn't there some discussion a while ago about a dev mode/production mode switch?17:41
srichterbenji_york: yes, see proposal17:43
benji_yorkahh, I hadn't seen that, thanks17:43
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projekt01benji_york, srichter, could be another sprint task17:57
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baldtrolquestion...  the following is working in the application, but trying to write the unittest is killing me ;)20:16
baldtrolself.annotations[HOME_KEY] = zapi.getPath(self.context.__parent__)20:16
baldtrolI keep getting IPhysicallyLocatable errors when adapting in the unittest20:16
baldtroli just don't know what to provide in setUp or at the console to tell it "it's physically locatable hereish"20:17
srichteryou have to setup the traversal adapters20:20
srichterlook into
srichterthere should be a setUpTraversal() function20:21
baldtrolah, excellent... thank you :)20:22
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FrankBergerhello everyone, i have a question regarding the batching support in zope3, i have seen that bugtracker or schoolbell have their own batching package, but i have also seen CVS checkin mails for
benji_yorkright... so you're asking why that is?21:30
benji_york(btw, I don't think exists :)21:31
FrankBergerexactly, just to know if i should follow them with my package21:32
benji_yorkit would be nice if there were a good (simple) batching helper in zope 3, but for the time being everyone does their own21:33
FrankBergerok, no problem, I just wanted to make sure that I do more work than I need to have :-D21:35
mgedminIIRC was moed to bugtracker.batching because nothing else used it21:37
mgedminI'd prefer if it were moved back and made generic21:38
mgedminand I think schooltool should use it then21:38
benji_yorkmgedmin, sounds good to me, I wish I had time to work on it21:41
SteveAi think it should be moved back, but not made "core" yet21:44
SteveAbecause certainly launchpad had different batching requirements, and i imagine other systems do too21:45
benji_yorkSteveA, agreed21:46
mgedminif someone wrote a good spec, and if I had some time...21:47
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projekt01srichter, ayt?23:47
projekt01srichter, I tried the catalog package to run without the apidoc package, it will end in some functional-doctest errors. Do you know about some dependency?23:49

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