IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-09-24

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_projekt01srichter, ayt?00:15
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projekt01philiKON, ayt?00:19
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projekt01I miss the macro part from the pagelets ;-)00:30
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* projekt01 is thinking about to rename the pagelet to macro and bring it back to z3 again.00:32
projekt01pagelet where a very good layout helper concept too, where viewlets can do nothing because of their leak of ZPT integration level00:35
philiKONphiliKON, now i am00:42
philiKONerr, projekt0100:42
philiKONwell, pagelets could be viewlets with zpt macros00:43
projekt01perhaps there is space for both concept in z300:44
philiKONi'm still waiting for a formal proposal on all this anyways00:45
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projekt01I really prefer viewlets, but I can't use them for use a (layout) marco for a viewlet. Before the layout part was also a pagelet.00:46
projekt01I hope srichter has some time on the sprint for write one. I will implement this part in the Boston skin as a sample there.00:47
projekt01srichter, we need another directive for region, because if we have a template with s defined region without a registered viewlet, the page will run into a ViewletRegionLookupError00:52
projekt01srichter, regions must be defined within a template, the registration can't be only made in the viewlet directive.00:53
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batokisn't CMF ready to work with zope 3?01:14
projekt01batok, perhaps in one year or so01:14
batoktherefore plone nor cps01:15
projekt01there is a Five project at codespeak01:16
batokto make zope2 work with zope3?01:16
projekt01that's the first step for a CMS migration, I guess01:17
batokdo you know of any useful product for zope3?01:17
batokbesides zwiki01:18
projekt01not really, we are working on a framework but this isn't a product at all. See for the code01:19
projekt01there is no out of the box solution, I guess this won't change till next year.01:20
projekt01Perhaps the schooltool is a good product if you are looking for a sample, but it's not a CMS01:21
batokis that product in tiks?01:21
projekt01no, see
batoktiks seems like plone01:23
batokis sort of a cms┬┐01:23
projekt01the homepage perhaps is done with plone, but schooltool is a planing tool for schools01:24
batokare you member of one of these projects?01:26
projekt01no, we only work on the tiks framework right now01:27
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batokI see01:29
batokI'm reading your draft on pagelets01:29
projekt01Pagelets are gone now, viewlets are the new style to implement this part01:31
batokviewlet is also a product from .  Have you ever heard of?01:33
projekt01But I'm not sure right now if pagelets will come back in another form later. I really miss the macro part of pagelets for ZPT layout work01:33
batokit's a tool to create demos based on java and flash01:34
projekt01Ah, I see01:34
projekt01The name viewlet is driven from zope views01:35
batokhope you don't have problems with th e name01:35
projekt01They are really zope3 views where can be used inside a view01:35
projekt01They are really zope3 views where can be used inside a view/template01:36
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gdsgdsgvddI am having some problem checking out zwiki .. can someone help05:10
gdsgdsgvddusing the zope repository at
gdsgdsgvddi have a svn client installed, but when i give the link to checkout, if returns me an error "file not found"05:11
gdsgdsgvddalthough i can see the files by going to the same link using IE05:12
gdsgdsgvddcan someone give me any idea.....what am i doing wrong05:12
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gdsgdsgvddcan someone help me please with checking out zwiki from zope3 repository05:15
gdsgdsgvddhellooo, can someone help05:16
srichtersvn co svn:// zwiki05:24
gdsgdsgvddyes i tried this link into the svn client, but ti gave me error05:26
gdsgdsgvddit says.. url does not exist05:27
batokis this the first time you co Zope3?05:28
batokcan you copy and paste the command line here?05:28
srichterthe command above works05:29
batokmaybe your dns resolver doesn't work05:29
gdsgdsgvddi am using a client .. it's not a command line05:29
batokwhat you mean by client... tortoise svn or something?05:30
gdsgdsgvddtortoisesvn client05:30
gdsgdsgvddsomething wrong with using the client05:31
batoktry in the browser05:32
gdsgdsgvddthe zope repository opened05:34
batokare you typing in the tortoisesvn Zope3 with a capitol Z?05:35
gdsgdsgvddi'll try that05:35
batokthe url is case sensitive05:36
batokI've tried to install the psycopgda ( postgresql adapter for zope 3 ) in mac os x ( panther )05:37
batokI got an error and I've found it05:37
batokI am using psycopg version 2.x05:37
batokand seems to not include some attributes and methods used by the adapter05:38
batokthose methods and attrib are from psycopg version 1.x05:38
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gdsgdsgvddI am having problem checking out third party package--zwiki for zope X3 using t0rtoise SVN client08:19
gdsgdsgvddI have used "" link for checking out the zwiki package08:21
gdsgdsgvddbut the svn client gave error "Error: PROPFIND request failed on '/Zope3/trunk/src/zwiki'08:23
gdsgdsgvddcan someone help me resolve this... please08:23
d2mgdsgdsgvdd: in your tourtoise svn client enter: 'svn://'08:24
gdsgdsgvddthanks... that worked..08:25
d2mits easy to get the path right when you use the 'repo browser'08:26
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gdsgdsgvddhey, d2m09:32
gdsgdsgvddI am trying to install the zwiki package09:33
d2mdoes not work ?09:33
d2mwhich zope ?09:33
gdsgdsgvddzope X309:33
d2mfor X3 you need another zwiki (not the one from SVN)09:34
d2mi'll get you an URL09:34
d2mthis one should do it:
d2mquick question: why don't you use zope3.1c3 ? ( )09:36
d2myou can add the svn checkout to that version09:36
gdsgdsgvddyou mean zope X3 3.0.109:38
d2mno, i mean
d2mthe zope3.1.0 release is almost ready for release09:39
gdsgdsgvddbut will this be stable...09:39
d2m3.1 will be stable, sure09:39
gdsgdsgvddwhat difference does it make to use 3.0 or 3.1... is there some addition in 3.109:41
d2mchanges are detailed here:
gdsgdsgvddshould i extract the Zwiki-3.0.0 to a zwiki folder at zopeinstance\lib\python\zwiki09:52
gdsgdsgvddhey d2m... r u there09:54
gdsgdsgvddshould i extract the Zwiki-3.0.0 to a zwiki folder at zopeinstance\lib\python\zwiki09:55
d2mgdsgdsgvdd: installation instructions are here
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gdsgdsgvddi had a question d2m10:17
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gdsgdsgvdd is the link for the zwiki repository for zope 3, but when i try to checkout from here, my svn client gave error "repository not found"10:18
d2mgdsgdsgvdd: didn't we solve that problem already ?10:19
gdsgdsgvddyes , we did, but that zwiki checkout was not compatible with zope 310:20
mexiKONgdsgdsgvdd, you need to check it out from svn:// i think10:20
gdsgdsgvddbut , you said that this for zope 3 use the tar file10:21
gdsgdsgvddis this not right10:21
d2mgdsgdsgvdd: for zopeX3-3.0.0 you will need the fiole from zope-packages10:21
d2mi don't see the problem, sorry10:22
gdsgdsgvddthe tar file, isint it10:23
gdsgdsgvddsorry-- i mean -- zwiki-3.0.010:23
d2mso, what is the problem now ?10:25
gdsgdsgvddso, i need to install the tar file and then add the zwiki svn to it10:26
d2mno, why do you think so ?10:27
d2myou install zwiki-3.0.0 and thats it10:27
d2mthere was no other zwiki package released for zopeX3 since, if you need the current one: install zope3 from svn or install the 3.1c3 release and add the zwiki svn checkout to zope/src/zwiki or instancehome/lib/python/zwiki10:30
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TheuniJim7J1AJH:  you there?15:30
Theunior J1m15:30
philiKONTheuni, J1m's spritning at the castle; he might not be at his machine right now15:31
philiKONTheuni, how's the blob sprint going?15:31
Theuniwell ...15:31
Theuniwe're merging stuff to zodb trunk15:31
Theuniand fixing checkpoints15:31
Theuniunfortunately zodb head doesn't work with zope 2 head right now15:32
philiKONuse zope 3 trunk15:32
Theuniis there something in zope3 that works similar to the filestreamiterator?15:57
Theuni(in zope2)15:58
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projekt01srichter, ayt?16:11
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philiKONTheuni, no, but you could port it :)16:37
philiKONTheuni, it could probably make use of WSGI's cool "streaming" (iterative writing) feature16:38
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Theunihm. looks like zope3 can't stream the response outside of the worker thread properly ... at least i don't see how16:59
philiKONthe idea is to use iterables as defined in the WSGI spec. probably neither zope.publisher nor zope.server can deal with that yet, though17:02
projekt01philiKON, do know if someone plans to implement portlets?17:03
Theunilooks like it17:03
Theuniso a) zope 3 can't handle iterables and b) zope 2 doesn't run with the current zodb17:03
philiKONprojekt01, whatever portlets are...17:05
philiKONTheuni, so, what's the problem with zope 2 and zodb trunk?17:05
projekt01philiKON, ;-)17:09
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TheuniphiliKON: zodb mounts are broken17:14
Theunitrying to fix them17:14
philiKONah, right. the zodb trunk (finally!) has a way of providing multiple databases without monkey patching the zodb17:15
philiKONi bet some of the weirdnesses in zope 2 moutn support can go away with this17:15
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srichterTheuni: the Zope 3 trunk can properly stream18:39
srichtersimply return a strem from your published mehtod18:40
srichteror even better return an IResult object18:40
Theunii tried that18:50
Theuniit did some "".join(...) on that18:50
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projekt01srichter, ayt?18:55
projekt01srichter, I checked your SchoolTool viewlet implementation, looks interesting18:56
projekt01srichter, do you have any idea how portlets should look like?18:59
projekt01srichter, I like to do some prototype for the Neckar sprint.18:59
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FrankBergerhello everyone, just one more question, does zope3 provide an container which supports something like: self.objectIds('MyObjType') from Zope2?19:50
efgeFrankBerger: not to my knowledge, you have to filter yourself20:01
FrankBergerok, no problem20:01
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philiKONFrankBerger, like efge says, you have to filter yourself. if you want some sort of generic filtering, you could abstract this into an adapter, for example.20:35
philiKONFrankBerger, also, in zope 3 you would really filter by interfaces, not by meta_types (since those don't exist in zope 3)20:36
philiKONFrankBerger, if you're looking for an example, see the module20:36
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FrankBergerphiliKON, ok I will try that, btw tnx for your cool book :-)21:33
philiKONFrankBerger, i'm glad you like it21:48
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