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projekt01srichter, ayt?00:18
projekt01newpers, did you get my answer in the private message?00:30
newpersno i did not00:31
projekt01Ok, this happens not the first time, I guess it's a bug in my IRC client?00:32
projekt01if you like to write a CMS, z3 is more then ready. If you like to use a CMS, then z3 has nothing to offer right now.00:32
yotaclubic ?00:33
projekt01newpers, no problem, feel free to ask if you have more questions.00:34
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J1mSteveA, ayt?10:49
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projekt01J1m, ayt?13:42
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J1mprojekt01, yes14:28
projekt01J1m, I just sent a mail to you about the 'content provider'.14:29
projekt01J1m, I guess JM uses also this concept in CPSSkin.14:30
projekt01J1m, my ideas depend much on the definitions in JSR 16814:31
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projekt01I think we only need to define a base concept for collect 'additional content' in a ZPT.14:33
projekt01Portlet, viewlet or what ever implementation can use this base concept for put their content into a ZPT.14:34
J1muh, I find this hard to believe.14:35
J1mIn jsr 168, user's place portlets explicitly.14:35
J1mI don't see a need for content gathering14:37
J1mI don't see a need for a content gathering14:37
J1mfor jsr 16814:37
projekt01What do you mean with 'content gathering'14:38
J1mOK, I have no idea what *you* mean by content gathering.14:38
J1mI don't think what JM means by content gathering has anything to do with jsr 16814:39
projekt01I think what JM does is more or less only a implementation of the JSR 16814:40
J1mno, what he's doing has nothing to do with jsr 168 afaict14:41
J1mI do think, after reading your response, that you want to do something similar to what jm wants.14:41
projekt01JM's focus seams to be the UI and UI customization part right now14:42
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projekt01J1m, ayt?17:31
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J1mprojekt01, yes, for the moment18:23
projekt01What do you think, is there a way to define a API for lookup 'content' in ZPT?18:23
projekt01Right now the defines it's own API18:24
projekt01I think this could be more generic and useable for other implementations.18:24
J1mprojekt01, I'm not really interested in this.18:27
J1mI don't want to infect other apis for this.18:28
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J1mYou and JM should work out some framework for people who care about this.18:28
J1mThere's no need to connect it to anything else.18:28
J1mYou aren't asking for a zpt change are you?18:28
projekt01No, just for a additional TALSE expression18:29
J1m(I suppose that there should be a way to provide expression types as components.)18:29
J1mI'd support being able to use the CA to add new expression types.18:29
projekt01Ok, I see, I will talk to JM for a future standard18:30
J1mI suppose there could be a utility for compiling expressions.18:31
projekt01perhaps I will implement this together with a controller defined in the MVC 2.0 pattern18:31
J1muh, ok :)18:31
J1mperhaps if the zpt compiler sees an expression type it doesn't understand, it should look up a named ITALESExpressionCompiler utility using the type name.18:32
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projekt01but this would be a implementation in the engine, right?18:33
J1mThe logic to look up the utility would be implemented in the guts of zpt.18:34
J1mI don't remember the details.18:34
projekt01I don't whant to go this far, I just like to define ONE expression to collect 'additional content' where get allways rendered with tal:content="structure .."18:34
projekt01I just think if a specific implmentation uses regions whe could provdide a standard for lookup a adapter where knows what to do.18:35
projekt01nothing more18:35
J1myou don't really need a new expression type.18:36
J1mYou could just call some python code.18:36
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projekt01Not a type, just a specific String expression18:36
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