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roymI followed and created stephans example for file based authentication14:16
roymfrom the book. In my "default" site folder, I created and registered a14:16
roym"Pluggable Authentication Utility". However, in its adding view, I only see:14:16
roym  o Group Folder14:16
roym  o HTTP Basic-Auth Plugin14:16
roym  o Principal Folder14:16
roym  o Session Credentials Plugin14:16
roymand no "... /etc/passwd style" menu entry as promised. Any tips as to where14:16
roymI might dig deeper to figure this one out?14:16
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roymIf I look at the registrations for site manager, I do see:14:27
roymAdapterRegistration(('IAdding', 'IDefaultBrowserLayer'), 'AddMenu', u'/etc/passwd Principal Source', < object at 0x414a108c>, File "/var/lib/zope3/instances/instance1/lib/python/anoobe/quiztaker/passwdauth/configure.zcml", line 27.0-32.6),14:27
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srichterroym: you created the wrong pluggable authentication utility14:54
srichterthe one you created is the new one, not the old one from the book14:54
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roymsrichter: by new one, do you mean from svn://
roymIs the new one not meant to work in the latest z3 trunk?15:35
roymoh - I did a diff, and it looks like the menu entries have basically changed... however I get a "ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'menu', "Couldn't import add_principal_source, No module named add_principal_source")" when I use the code from the book....15:51
roymHow would I find the menu name in the PAU adding view?15:51
srichterthere are two pluggable authentication utilities that come with Zope 315:54
srichterthe old one from and the new one in
roymSo you're saying that the trunk instance does not recognize my code, because my class implements the old interfaces?15:56
roymoops - by "my code" I mean "my registration"..15:57
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* VladDrac 's hacking zope3's publication a bit, to support AMF request/responses18:43
VladDracmodelled after the JSON work by Jim Washington18:44
VladDrachaving some issues though, mostly error/exception reporting18:46
VladDracanyone capable of helping me a bit? :)18:46
SteveAwhat is AMF ?18:47
SteveAthe error reporting in zopepublication is unnecessarily complex18:47
SteveAactually, the whole subclassing stuff in publication is unnecessarily complex18:48
VladDracsteve: some rpc-ish protocol, used by Flex (a form/gui thingy for Flash)18:49
VladDracsteve: there seems to be something like "legacy exceptions" (which are real exceptions)18:49
VladDracwhich my code handles well18:49
VladDracand non-legacy exceptions which are actually interfaces (right?)18:50
VladDracthe machinery looks up some view stuff for them, which results in an empty string as body for my response18:50
SteveAa "legacy exception" is a string that can be interned18:50
SteveAother exceptions are objects that derive from Exception, and usually provide some interface like IException or ISomethingException18:51
VladDrac        legacy_exception = not isinstance(exc_info[1], Exception)18:51
SteveAso, those are basically strings, or perhaps any classic class instance18:51
VladDrachmm hold on..18:51
SteveAi can't remember the old rules for python exceptions18:51
VladDracok never mind what i said about legacy exceptions, it's not relevant18:53
VladDracthe curernt handling (in
VladDracinvolves looking up a (default) view and "rendering" it in the context of the exception and request18:55
VladDracwhich results in '' for my request18:55
VladDrac(at least in the case of a NotFound, some exceptions seemed to render fine)18:56
SteveAso, make your exception class implement an interface19:00
SteveAmaybe one that extends IException19:00
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VladDracwell no these are zope3 raised exceptions, such as NotFound19:09
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* VladDrac 's lost19:28
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VladDracdoes someone know an easy way to do an xmlrpc request? I want to trace how zope3 handles those19:37
efgeVladDrac: python has an xmlrpc module that's handy19:45
efgefrom xmlrpclib import ServerProxy19:46
efgep = ServerProxy('')19:46
efgep = ServerProxy('')19:46
VladDracefge tx19:49
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VladDracok22:15 is the view used when NotFound is raised22:15
VladDracit sets the response code but no body message22:15
VladDracdefining a view for my specific IAMFRPCRequest that does set the body seems to work22:16
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