IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-09-29

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VladDracohw well00:57
* VladDrac 's got everything to work basically00:57
VladDracthanks to json :)00:57
VladDracthat is, the json implementation01:09
VladDraczope3 now supports amf, hurray :)01:09
yotajson server will be integrate in zope 3 in the future ?01:15
mnemocwhat is recommended for ajax on zope3?01:17
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VladDracyota I don't know01:21
VladDracmnemoc: I know the z3ecm people are looking at ajax integration01:21
VladDracunfortunately my customer has chosen Flex (amf) in stead of Ajax01:21
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newpersis 256 mb or ram enough for running zope?05:28
newpersalso, is it better to go through apache?05:28
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mnemocnewpers: imo if you don't need apache for anything else, use pound to do the rewrite05:47
newpersnow i have to decide if i want zope to be developed on my windows or linux machine.  windows machine has 1GB of RAM.  linux machine has 256MB.05:50
newpersi've never really developed on windows before05:50
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roymCan someone point me to a working sample (for trunk) of a file-based12:39
roymauthentication plugin. Stephan points out that the code in the book is12:39
roymnot going to work w/trunk.12:39
roymw/the zmi, that is...12:41
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VladDrachmmm sqlos is still not 3.1-ready?13:26
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VladDracok, it "loads" :)13:47
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VladDracphilikon heya13:55
srichterroym: just apply the steps I took to the new pluggable authentication service; there is plenty of documentation in
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philiKONhi VladDrac14:10
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VladDracis anyone actually *using* sqlos?14:16
VladDracit feels more like a proof of concept14:16
VladDraceven if I get it to work with 3.1 I wonder if it'll be of any real use14:16
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philiKONVladDrac, sidnei @ enfoldsystem is using it in production14:18
roymsrichter: my understanding is that any registered implentation of IAuthenticatorPlugin will show up in the adding view for a PAU - correct?14:18
VladDracphil hmm ok14:18
VladDracI wonder if he's using he same code as on codespeak :)14:18
philiKONroym, if you have a browser:addMenuItem defined for it...14:19
roymphiliKON: thanks.14:19
philiKONVladDrac, you can ask him on #z3-base...14:19
philiKONwhen he shows up14:19
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VladDracit works14:32
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VladDracbut okay, I can't say I trust this code (in a Zope 3.1) environment to actually use it14:33
VladDracbesides it's really minimal, it doesn't even support relations14:33
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roymI am trying to debug a authorization failue (for a user from a15:03
roymprincipal folder).15:03
roymI can see there is a method called15:03
roymHow would I get an instance of PrincipalRoleMap... is there a15:03
roymPrincipalRoleMap for each authentication plugin or does it15:03
roymexist on a site level?15:03
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roymaha - found it: principalRoleManager =
roymseems like it is global to the application rather than site-wide??15:34
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philiKONroym, you want to adapt context to IPrincipalRoleManager to get local stuff, too15:53
philiKONdon't ever import any globals... in the component architecture, you look up stuff15:54
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fdrakeA decision to require Python 2.4.x for Zope 3.2 has been made, right?17:50
fdrakeI recall seeing something that looked like a very casual proclamation from Jim.17:51
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philiKONfdrake, afaik yes18:01
philiKONbut please don't hold me for this :)18:02
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fdrakeyeah, well, I'm going to update the Makefile in Zope 3; now uses @syntax18:05
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faassenis there a way to get the ip address of a request in Zope 3?18:28
faassenhm, it's in environ, I hope..18:30
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ChrisW_Jim around?19:35
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ChrisW_anyone around?19:35
* mgedmin snores19:35
ChrisW_riiight :-S19:35
ChrisW_is Jim in europse right now?19:35
ChrisW_hey Fred :-)19:36
fdrakehey Chris19:36
ChrisW_me and Jens have a really nasty question for him relating to a tiny change he made for 2.8, which breaks some stuff in really obscure ways19:36
ChrisW_Jens has been doing the inten19:36
ChrisW_stare at screen thing for 2 days now19:36
ChrisW_it's to do with the application of class security info19:37
fdrakeah, yeah, that'll get him to have a really nasty question  :-)19:37
ChrisW_Jim made something work, which didn't used to work, but it's not clear that it should work19:37
fdrakethat happens sometimes19:37
ChrisW_so we're wondering if we should just make it no twork again19:37
ChrisW_but it's haaard19:37
ChrisW_Jens mailed to about it but had no reply from Jim19:38
fdrakeif its Zope 2, I'm not the one to ask  :-)19:38
ChrisW_where is he anywho?19:38
fdrakesomewhere in Europe; he doesn't clear his itinerary with me19:38
fdrakemaybe Germany?19:38
ChrisW_oh right, thought he'd a left there by now19:39
fdrakethe sprint was last week, right?19:39
ChrisW_oh well, if anyone sees him, please direct him towards Jens' question on zope-dev@zope.org19:39
faassenI think he's in France,19:44
faassenat Nuxeo.19:44
ChrisW_ah yes, the evil ZC/Nuxeo plot that ZEA are always talking about ;-)19:47
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andresI currently try to implement IZopeDublinCore for my sqlos based Classes, but always get an error like 'Error type: ... title'19:52
andresbut even when i do an <require attributes="title" permission"zope.somepermissionihave"... this doesnt change.19:53
andresI have a stack trace at:
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mgedmincanWrite(dc, 'title') (and also dc.title = something) needs <require set_attributes="title" permission="..." />20:02
mgedmincanAccess(dc, 'title') (and also something = dc.title) needs <require attributes="title" permission="..." />20:02
mgedminwrite access versus read access20:03
mgedmindifferent permission directives20:03
andresmgedmin, thanks.20:04
VladDracwhat's the correct way to "unwrap" a proxy?20:09
VladDracgrepping like a madman on the zopesource20:09
VladDracperhaps someone knows right away :)20:09
mgedminfrom import removeSecurityProxy20:09
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VladDracthat did th etrick20:12
VladDracmy returnvalues weren't properly serialized20:12
VladDracthey turned out to be Proxies in stead of the real values20:12
VladDracAMF integration is working very nicely now :)20:12
* mgedmin does not know what AMF means20:12
VladDracneither do I actually20:13
VladDracit's a lame protocol invented by Macromedia people to have their "RIA" toolkit "Flex" communicatie with servers20:13
VladDracit's like soap/xmlrpc/json20:13
mgedminFlash is evil20:13
VladDracand zope3 now can handle it :)20:13
VladDracit is20:14
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VladDracbut at least I'll be able to communicate with it in a relatively clean environment20:17
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andresmgedmin, sorry for asking that stupid: what is, when i want to set it in code, but not over the zmi? (as this is not writable)20:26
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mgedminandres, I do not understand your question20:36
andresI want to set the title attribute in code, but i dont want, that it can be changed in the zmi20:37
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andresbecause the title attribute is composed out of mulitple values out of a sql database.20:37
andresSo it absolutely makes no sense to be able to set them in zmi or any other form.20:38
andresbut if i dont have <require set_attribute="title" permission=whatever/> i cant set it in code.20:38
andresmgedmin, is it understandeable this way?20:42
mgedminI think I see20:47
mgedminin that case you may argue that there's a bug in the container view20:48
mgedmin"C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\zope\app\container\browser\", line 169, _extractContentInfo20:48
mgedminif info['retitleable'] = canWrite(dc, 'title') raises ForbiddenAttributeError20:49
mgedminperhaps the container view ought to catch it and say that info['retitleable'] = False20:49
mgedminperhaps canWrite should do that (but I think not)20:49
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mgedminor perhaps there should be a special permission, zope.Never, you could specify in the permission declaration20:49
SteveAi used WEGSND for that ;-)20:51
SteveA"what even god should not do", a hang-over from zope220:51
SteveAand believe me, zope2 gives me a hangover20:51
SteveAi think the permissions system should have tokens 'public' and 'forbidden'20:52
SteveAso, zope.Public is deprecated, and becomes just 'public'20:52
SteveAand there's a 'forbidden' too, doing what you want zope.Never to do20:52
SteveAthese are special tokens, rather than permissions as such.20:52
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andresmgedmin, thanks, so its ok, that i didnt understand that...20:58
andresi will try tomorow... But now i go home... worked long enough.21:00
andresOr propably not...21:18
andresBack again.21:18
andresmgedmin, SteveA do you suggest filling a bugreport?21:18
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roym`Folks, I have a user "student9" added to the site (in a pluggable21:26
roym`folder) and have granted him a role of "xaq.Student" - I find that the21:26
roym`access to "/MyFolder" keeps failing w/Unauthorized error... Am I missing21:26
roym`the obvious?21:26
roym`>>> pp(
roym`  {'principalPermissions': [],21:26
roym`   'principalRoles': [{'principal': 'pauthpfstudent9',21:26
roym`                       'role': 'xaq.Student',21:26
roym`                       'setting': PermissionSetting: Allow},],21:26
roym`   'rolePermissions': []}),21:26
roym` ('global settings',21:26
roym`  {'principalPermissions': [],21:26
roym`   'principalRoles': [],21:26
roym`   'rolePermissions': [{'permission': 'xaq.View',21:26
roym`                        'role': 'xaq.Student',21:26
roym`                        'setting': PermissionSetting: Allow},]21:26
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andresmgedmin, the solution with catching the error and setting to false works well.21:32
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andresmgedmin, the solution with catching the error and setting to false works well.21:44
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* mgedmin heard that the first time too21:48
andresWhat have you heard the first time? That error?21:50
benji_yorkandres, I think he was saying that you (apparently) repeated yourself (I saw the same thing)22:00
andresoh, okay... I didnt noticed that. Sorry all.22:01
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tarekhi all, i have a question about
tarekis it possible to list xmlrpc methods published by an  object ?22:48
tarekfrom the rpc client (introspection)22:49
yotahi tarek ;)22:50
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tarekhi yota22:50
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VladDractarek: I don't think so23:57
tarekVladDrac: oki thanks23:57
VladDractarek but xmlrpc methods are essentially views, it shouldn't be to hard to list them23:57
VladDracpossibly using another view :)23:57
tarekyup, that what i thaught of23:57
* VladDrac 's been diving into the xmlrpc code last few days23:58
tarekoh good to know23:58
tarekare you comming at neckar ?23:58
VladDracdeveloping another rpc (amf), the implementation is very similar to xmlrpc23:58
tarekthe sprint23:58
VladDracprobbaly not :) When/where? (france?)23:59
tarekno germany, next week23:59

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