IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-10-11

projekt01Right now I only see the possibility to implement something like getParticipantsForTheNextActivity() in the custom workflow application and use a hard coded participant id.00:05
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runyagaprojekt01, ask on email list .. I"m sure julian has a good idea00:20
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projekt01runyaga, Ok will try00:25
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projekt01srichter, are the viewlet ready to use ;-)01:05
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projekt01srichter, we have z3 sprint at the ETH Zürich tomorrow, can you tell me what are the next steps for the viewlet integration?02:47
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projekt01srichter, I will contact you tomorrow, have a nice "jet lag" ;-)02:54
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gdsgdsgvddcan someone tell me the syntax for applying email address validation constraint to a text box in a form08:14
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gdsgdsgvddis there any built-in schema for email address entry08:25
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gdsgdsgvddhow should i validate an email address field in a form for a valid address08:41
gdsgdsgvddwhere should i look for this information08:43
gdsgdsgvddplease... can someone help08:46
d2mgdsgdsgvdd: CMF for example has its own method _checkEmail() at
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gdsgdsgvddd2m, will re.compile(.... constraint work09:35
d2mgdsgdsgvdd: is am not sure i understand your question09:41
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headgoatanyone awake at this hour?11:27
headgoatI'm having trouble installing zope on ubuntu11:27
SteveAwhat version of ubuntu?11:28
SteveAwhat version of zope?11:28
headgoat5.10 and 3.1.0   this is a simple (I think) question.11:28
SteveAand, are you installing the breezy package of zope3?11:29
headgoatI just installed ubuntu, clean system.  I downloaded zope,  I did the ./configure11:29
SteveAi see11:29
SteveAwhat's the error?11:29
headgoatand make fails because it's not in my path ((bash: make: comand not found)11:29
headgoatbut where's make?11:29
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headgoatdoes ubuntu not come with 'make'?11:30
SteveAnot by default11:31
SteveAso, the ubuntu base system does not include development tools11:31
SteveAyou need to install them11:31
SteveAyou're meant to use the packaging system, if you're not a software developer11:31
SteveAso, you install binaries that are supported and have dependencies registered11:32
headgoatwell.. i am a wannabe s/w developer (actually a Windows guy)11:32
SteveAif you are a software developer, and need to install from sources, then you need to install the software development tools11:32
headgoatok, from
SteveAbut, a minority of ubuntu users are software developers in the strictest sense11:32
SteveAuse the package manager11:32
headgoatlike Applications / Add Applications?11:33
SteveAbut, this conversation should be on #ubuntu11:33
SteveAit's not on topic for #zope3-dev really11:33
headgoatvery true.  But it all started with not being able to install Zope on FC 3 - so now, a day later, I am working on ubuntu!11:33
SteveAthe guys on #ubuntu are friendly11:34
SteveAyou should be able to get the information you need from there11:34
headgoatk thx11:34
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d2mheadgoat: zope3.1.0 is available as a windows binary too11:37
headgoatok, but i don't want it on windows, but thanks11:38
headgoati am trying to use it to force me away from the dark side  ;)11:39
tziadeSteveA, do you know if there's a particular reason why the python profile module is not shipped in ubuntu python package ?11:40
SteveAyes, i do11:40
SteveAit isn't free software11:40
SteveAthere are all sorts of problems shipping with Python in the future, because it doesn't fall under the python licence11:40
SteveAthe python maintainers didn't notice the problem until a long time after it was originally included in the code libraries11:41
SteveAas far as i know, it remains a problem11:41
tziadeoh oki i see, thx for the explanation11:41
SteveAthe copyright of the original code belongs to a company that was acquired by another larger company11:41
SteveAand so on11:41
SteveAso, it is a real mess trying to sort out correct copyrights so that a free licence can be issued11:41
tziadei bet11:42
SteveAyou can get the python profiler as a separate ubuntu package11:42
SteveAi think it is in "multiverse"11:42
SteveAbut again... off topic for #zope3-dev ;-)11:42
tziadeoki, i do that then, thanks, I was just wondering how come it didn't work on my fresh ubuntu11:42
tziadeoups, yup sorry :)11:43
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headgoatok, well, in case anyone stumbles on this log, and is trying to figure out how I got the dev tools for ubuntu, to proceed with the Zope install.. I did a 'sudo aptitude install build-essential'11:54
SteveAor you could use the GUI synaptic11:55
headgoatnow ya tell me  :)11:55
headgoatout of curiousity, how would I do that?11:56
headgoatsorry - more conversation for #ubuntu11:57
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d2mheadgoat: check the wiki at or use the packagemanager from the desktop menue12:02
headgoatAH.. under the menu System / Administration / Synaptic Package Manager12:03
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headgoatok, well.. the saga continues on the Zope install.  I cannot make this work!  To refresh, yesterday I tried to install Zope on FC3.  Couldn't get it to pass the 'make check' step.  I scrapped it all, and went to ubuntu, fresh system (based on advice here).  it fails too!12:04
d2mi've read that12:04
headgoatnew and improved errors, though :)12:05
SteveAheadgoat: were you running 'make check' as root?12:05
d2mheadgoat: install the programmers suite and you are done12:05
SteveAthere will always be an error running the tests as root12:05
headgoatSteve, no, not as root.12:05
headgoatd2m: I installed the build-essential .  Should I go do the programmers suite from the GUI?12:06
headgoatSteveA: must I run the check as root?  (I missed that)12:07
SteveAi think the easiest thing would be for you to get the zope3 source package12:07
SteveAand install its build dependencies12:07
d2mits rather hard to run anything as root on ubuntu (without the sudo command)12:07
SteveAjust a sec, i'll see if the python packaging person from ubuntu can help you12:07
SteveAdon't run the test suite as root12:07
headgoatok.  the test suite completed (not as root) with failures=1 errors=512:10
SteveAcan you paste them into a pastebin12:10
SteveAsuch as...12:10
headgoatyeah.  I haven't done this before... just paste into that webpage?12:11
SteveAso, you need to install zlib12:14
SteveAzlib1g and zlib1g-dev i expect12:14
headgoatok, in Synaptic, zliblg is checked as installed.  ""-dev is not12:16
SteveAhmm, strange though12:16
headgoatcan you tell from my paste if I just  need to re-compile Zope, or Python?12:17
headgoat(keep in mind, I installed ubuntu fresh, brand new, 2 hours ago... so this is a pretty clean system12:17
SteveAyou won't need to recompile python12:17
SteveAfor some reason, you have no 'zlib' module12:18
d2mheadgoat: install a zlib-dev if you need it12:18
SteveAshouldn't be necessary i think12:19
d2mheadgoat: whats the problem with installing packages ? i suppose you have a big harddisk12:19
SteveAbut maybe that's it12:19
mgedmin"/usr/local/bin/python" ?12:19
mgedmindid you compile Python by yourself?12:19
d2mheadgoat: you need to recompile python if you had no zlib before12:20
headgoatI don't have any personal problem with installing packages.  about 20GB partition.12:20
SteveAyou shouldn't be compiling python12:20
SteveAyou should be installing it12:20
SteveAif you compiled python yourself, that's where the problem will be12:21
SteveAreally, the point of the operating system's package dependencies system is to make installs just work12:21
headgoatyes I compiled python, because the first time i tried to compile Zope, it told me that there was no makefile in the usr/bin/Python version12:21
d2mSteveA: i wouldn't try to run zope with ubuntu system python12:21
mgedminheadgoat, apt-get install python2.4-dev12:22
mgedminwill get you the Makefile12:22
mgedmind2m, why?12:22
d2mthink of that stupid sysadmin that does tha python update ;)12:22
d2myour zope wont statup nexttime12:22
mgedmind2m, I think your fears are groundless12:23
SteveApython doesn't get updated except for security updates12:23
SteveAonce the ubuntu version you are using is released12:23
SteveAuntil there is a new version12:23
d2mi have seen admins updating python to 2.4 overnight before12:24
SteveAso, if she/he sticks with ubuntu 5.10 then it will be fine until she/he switches to ubuntu 6.whatever12:24
headgoatok, let's see... I'm not sure where I am here....  I installed zlib-dev, and did the ./configure, and make (which did nothing!), and make check fails on the zlib again12:24
SteveAi've seen admins stick NAILS in the HARD DRIVE12:24
SteveAbut that doesn't mean it is a good thing for them to do12:24
headgoatwell......... this is a basement system, so the sysadmin you speak of (that would be dumb enough to stick nails in it) would be me12:24
mgedminheadgoat, that's normal, if you did the ./configure && make for your Zope3, and not for your Python12:25
headgoatfor zope3, yes12:25
mgedminheadgoat, just apt-get install python2.4 python2.4-dev python2.4-xml12:25
mgedminand ./configure Zope3 with /usr/bin/python2.412:25
mgedminI'm not sure python2.4-xml is necessary12:26
mgedminbut I have it installed, and Z3 works just fine on my Ubuntu system12:26
d2mmine too12:26
headgoatthe problems I was running into on FC3 were python XML related (yesterday)12:26
mgedminheadgoat, you might also want to install python2.4-profiler, just in case12:26
mgedminone upon a time the Zope 3 test script tried to import it, just in case you wanted to profile your unit tests12:27
SteveAi think that's in multiverse12:27
SteveAas it isn't free software12:27
headgoatis there anything I need to do to "undo" the fact that I installed Python 2.4.2 in usr/local/bin ?  (like fix the path, or do an install on the ubuntu  version?)12:28
headgoat..of python12:29
headgoati don't see python2.4-profiler in the Synaptic list of packages.  hmm12:30
mgedminheadgoat, I think not12:30
mgedminforget about python2.4-profiler12:30
mgedminunless you see errors with 'import profile' or 'import hotshot.stats'12:30
* mgedmin wonders if Python supports 'make uninstall'12:31
SteveAthis explains how to enable 'multiverse' in which is the python2.4-profiler12:31
SteveAyou need to do this before synaptic will show you python2.4-profiler12:32
headgoatok, now it looks like we have gone from bad to worse... :)   I did the synaptic installation of python2.4-dev (python2.4 was already installed), and I did ./configure to point to the old ubuntu system-installed python12:32
headgoatand make, and then make check... and I get....12:33
headgoatNo module named app.testing.test12:33
headgoat(on the line import
d2mheadgoat: packages installed from synaptic don't need an additional manual install12:34
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mgedminperhaps you have stale files somewhere?12:34
mgedminis there a 'make clean'?12:34
mgedminperhaps you need to rm config.cache before rerunning ./configure?12:34
headgoatno rule to make target 'clean'12:34
d2mheadgoat: i would not replace the system-installed python anyway12:35
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headgoatdm2 ... I wasnt trying to do an additional manual install.. I was trying to manually install zope12:35
*** _projekt01 has joined #zope3-dev12:35
d2mheadgoat: ah, ok - zope3.1 now take python2.4 if its found12:36
headgoatrm: cannot remove 'config.cache' No such file or directory12:36
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mgedminperhaps it is called configure.cache12:37
mgedminhey, wait -- zope 3 doesn't use autoconf, does it?12:37
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mgedminit just has a custom script called 'configure'12:37
mgedminif so, forget about autoconf caches12:37
headgoatyeah, i dont see a cache12:38
* mgedmin usually uses subversion sandboxes12:38
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headgoatI am not overlooking anyone's suggestion here, am I?12:38
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d2mheadgoat: in the folder you extraced zope3.1.0 in: just run ./configure -- it tells you which pythons are found and which on is taken12:39
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headgoatok, i pasted again at
headgoateek 41912:40
headgoatThere are 3 Pythons.  I selected the system one.12:41
d2mheadgoat: it clearly states: "No suitable Python version found. You should install ..."12:41
d2mheadgoat: you could adjust the Makefile though12:41
mgedminit's just z3 being conservative12:42
mgedminpython 2.4.2 should work12:43
d2mheadgoat: i have not tried zope with python2.4.2 though12:43
*** _projekt01 has joined #zope3-dev12:43
mgedminheadgoat, you clearly still have the C extension modules you compiled against the locally installed python12:43
mgedminbecause 'make' didn't compile anything12:43
mgedminI wonder if that causes your problem12:43
mgedminheadgoat, try rm -r build; make12:44
headgoatso, yes, I DO need to do something to un-install the local installation?12:44
mgedminjust remove the 'build' directory in your Zope 3 tree12:44
mgedminand re-run 'make'12:44
d2mheadgoat: in the script 'configure' change ACCEPTABLE="2.3.5 2.4.1" to ACCEPTABLE="2.3.5 2.4.2"12:44
mgedmind2m's suggestion will get rid of the configure warning about suitable versions12:45
mgedminbut won't change anything else12:45
mgedminI think12:45
d2mand you need to change the TARGET version too12:45
headgoatok, i did the rm -r build     and then a make.  for now, I am not changing the acceptable version line (one thing at a time here)12:46
d2mmgedmin: ok, --with-python should overrule the config values, right12:47
headgoat..and i get a lot of warnings on the make (so at least it did SOMETHING).   'make check' fails with the "No Module app.testing.test" again12:47
headgoatby the way, THANK YOU, guys for helping.  even if we don't get anywhere.12:47
mgedminwhat are those warnings?12:48
headgoatok, pasted @ #421'12:48
* mgedmin yearns for a full URL that he could click on12:48
headgoatah sorry.  (if it were on this system, i'd have given it! )
headgoatkeep in mind, I am a PHB... so I don't do this often12:49
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mgedminthis is interesting12:50
headgoatThe "signedness" warnings are consistent with what I was seeing when I tried to install on FC3 yesterday12:50
mgedminlet me see if I have a z3.1 tarball somewhere12:51
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headgoat(keep in mind that the plone 421 paste is on ubuntu)12:51
mgedminyep, I do12:51
mgedminI use Ubuntu, with great pleasure12:51
headgoatwell, my Linux experience is just about a day, and installations of FC3, Knoppix, and Ubuntu.    somehow I should be able to get zope to work!12:53
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sashavanyone done pygoogle SearchResults adpatation to RDF?12:54
mgedminworks for me:
d2msashav: maybe #swig ? lots of RDF heads there12:55
headgoatmgedmin:  yup, wanna come here and make this work?12:56
mgedminheadgoat, where are you? :-)12:56
mgedminheadgoat, I notice that you have python2.4.2, whil I have python2.4.112:57
mgedminI run Ubuntu hoary12:57
mgedminpython 2.4.2 is in Ubuntu breezy12:57
headgoati downloaded the latest (probably experimental)12:58
mgedminthere's also a zope3 package (version 3.1.0-1) in Ubuntu breezy12:58
mgedminwhy don't you try apt-get install zope3?12:58
headgoatis breezy ubuntu 5.10?12:58
mgedminheadgoat, breezy is about two days from the release12:58
mgedminit should be pretty stable by now12:58
headgoatok, am i on breezy?12:59
headgoat<--- clueless12:59
mgedminbreezy will become 5.10 once it is released (october 13th)12:59
headgoatok, i downloaded 5.10 when I started this (maybe 6 hours ago)12:59
headgoatso I am pretty current12:59
mgedminthen try apt-get install zope312:59
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headgoati am getting a permission denied (unable to lock list directory)13:00
headgoatsudo it?13:01
mgedminyep -- or just use Synaptic13:01
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headgoatthis looks promising13:02
headgoatanyone have experience in the RestrictedPython in zope?13:03
headgoatok, the apt-get completed (hard to say if it was successful)... how can i tell?  (it ended with *Zope3: no instances found.   Setting up python-docutils (...)13:03
headgoatwell.. this was huge progress... thanks!   Now I'll try the Zope Book, and see if we're up and running13:06
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mgedminheadgoat, I haven't used that package myself -- I suspect SteveA could help you more here13:07
mgedminI think you now can use /usr/bin/mkzope3instance to create an instance directory etc.13:07
mgedminthe Zope Book should provide instructions13:07
SteveAnot sure why you'd want to use RestrictedPython.13:07
* mgedmin had the Ubuntu zope3 package in mind, not RestrictedPython13:09
headgoat(I asked about RestrictedPython, for a project that I am looking at - which would allow an untrusted script to be entered by a user)13:11
* jinty had heard that dzhandle was the best way to create zope instances on Debian/Ubuntu13:13
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o srichter13:13
* srichter made it back to the US just fine and got a lot of sleep last night :-)13:17
headgoatso, when i got zope3 using apt-get, did it install it? or just get it?  (I am not finding it, to do my makezope3instance command)13:18
mgedminheadgoat, you did install it13:18
*** mgedmin has quit IRC13:18
headgoatyes, i did sudo apt-get install zope3  ...   I am looking around in the file system and not really "finding it"13:19
headgoati figure I need to "cd" to the right directory, to be able to do a makezope3instance13:20
*** MJ has joined #zope3-dev13:25
jintyheadgoat: seriously, try dzhandle.13:29
headgoatk, sorry for being new.  looks like I have some reading to do.  dzhandle displays help, so looks like it's installed.13:32
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matt_headgoat: also to see what apt-get installs, use dpkg -L <package_name>14:18
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*** MJ has joined #zope3-dev14:29
regebroHiya all!14:29
regebroLets see now, if I get this correctly...14:29
regebroTo register say a local utility in a local service (yeah, this is 3.0.0), I need to:14:30
regebro1. Make sure the localutilityservice has a registry, and if not, create it.14:30
regebro2. Create a registration object for the local utility.14:30
regebro3. get the registry from the local utility service.14:31
regebro4. register the local utility.14:31
headgoatmatt_ thanks  (i am a linux user fresh out of diapers)14:31
regebroIs that correct, or am I way off?14:31
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_projekt01srichter, ayt?14:41
*** _projekt01 is now known as projekt0114:41
srichterprojekt01: yeah14:44
projekt01are you awake?14:44
projekt01srichter, can I use the viewlet package for implement the boston skin?14:45
*** d2m_ has joined #zope3-dev14:48
srichterprojekt01: yep14:49
srichterprojekt01: I had a good night's sleep last night14:49
*** einheit has joined #zope3-dev14:50
srichterprojekt01: yes, it is pretty close to where we want to go; I am pretty sure that if there are API changes now, they are small14:50
*** projekt01 has quit IRC14:50
*** projekt01 has joined #zope3-dev14:50
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srichterprojekt01: have you had a chance to work on th eportlet stuff again?14:54
srichtertziade: hope you had a good trip home14:56
tziadehi srichter, yes i did thanks14:56
tziadewhat about you ?14:57
headgoatok, I am still getting stuck on the basics.  Now zope is installed on ubuntu.  I see a lot of docs telling me how to start zope, and create an instance.  None seem to be working.  I tried mkzopeinstance and various guesses at dzhandle.  Just not getting started here!14:57
projekt01srichter, no I tested pdftemplate for the sprint today. They are really great with tiny RML.14:58
projekt01srichter, but I will start tonight....14:58
*** ignas has joined #zope3-dev14:58
srichtertziade: all went well14:59
srichterprojekt01: cool14:59
projekt01are the viewlet ready to use as a base for portlet?15:00
srichtertziade: did you send a message concerning performance tests to zope3-dev (I am still catching up)?15:00
srichterprojekt01: yeah, I will work on it today as soon as I got some basic catching up done15:00
tziadesrichter, yes i did15:01
srichterprojekt01: I really want to announce a stable API and discuss the inclusion15:01
srichtertziade: great15:01
projekt01If somebody is interested, you can try it from: svn://
tziadei explained a bit what we've thaught of15:01
srichterprojekt01: do you have an example template of this somewhere?15:01
srichtertziade: great, thanks15:02
*** adnans has joined #zope3-dev15:02
srichtertziade: have you written your blog entry already; I want to use it as a base for the Wiki update? :-)15:02
srichterheadgoat: ask jinty; he is the packager for Ubuntu; a lot of us do not use this system and thus cannot give you an answer15:03
projekt01samples are included you just have to install RML from reportlab and perhaps PIL if you whant to see the image or charts.15:03
tziadesrichter, not yet, i'll probably do it sometimes today, i'll let you know when it's online15:04
srichterok, thanks15:05
headgoatsrichter, thanks.  i'll check with jinty.  I think I am close to the starting line here... it's been frustrating just getting started.  Not sure how you guys did it15:05
*** niemeyer has joined #zope3-dev15:06
srichterprojekt01: do you have a HTML URL for the pdftemplate?15:06
srichterheadgoat: well, we are usually working with the checkout or the source release15:06
headgoatsrichter: ok. is there no simple "create an instance and start zope" process?   I looked on and it just doesn't work (or i am stoopid, or both)15:08
projekt01srichter, no we are at the ETH and we don't have a public URL.15:09
srichterheadgoat: I think the online version does not have the latest version that works with the releases15:09
srichterI know the paper copy does work well15:09
srichterprojekt01: ok15:10
headgoatsrichter: ok, thanks.  maybe i should step back and get an older version (not zope 3?)  I hate learning the old stuff, but perhaps that's the safest route15:11
*** tiredbones has joined #zope3-dev15:13
srichterheadgoat: well, it depends what you want to do15:13
headgoatlearn zope15:13
srichterheadgoat: if you have a non-CMS-like project I would definitely recommend Zope 315:13
srichterheadgoat: you are the first who ever reported such problems15:14
headgoatsrichter: i think my problems are that I am brand new to linux and just don't know where to start15:14
headgoatsrichter: and the docs are just slightly different.15:14
headgoatsrichter: I am used to the windows world.  Put a CD in, and it all installs, and the GUI walks you through the "idiot-proof" version and gets you up and running15:15
srichterheadgoat: ok, in that case follow SteveA's advice and install the Ubuntu developer packages; automake, autoconf, make, GCC, bison, ...15:16
srichterheadgoat: note that for Windows you can download a nice installer :-)15:16
headgoatsrichter: yeah.  maybe I am biting off too much at once.  I'm sort of using zope as an excuse to learn linux.15:18
srichterI see; good excuse :-)15:18
srichterheadgoat: note that I don't think that Ubuntu is the best distro for a newcomer15:18
srichterheadgoat: I use Mandrake for example, which has a nicer and more centralized configuration system15:18
headgoatwell.. FC3 and zope3 weren't working at all!  (probably user-error, i admit)15:19
headgoati just need that big "install" button, with an optional EULA that pledges my first-born15:19
headgoatBill Gates has me trained well15:20
srichterMandrake is nicer, since it has some high-level options, including one called "Developer Tools" (or similar) during install, so you get going faster15:20
headgoatthere's a web-based management interface for Zope, right?  If I could just get that up, I'd call it a successful day!15:21
headgoatbut http://localhost:9673/manage is refused15:22
headgoati try random commands, not sure why i can't figure this out!  ;)15:22
headgoatdzhandle will give me the help.  It seems i need to set up a zope instance, and then start it, but can't find the commands to do so.15:24
srichterhow did you get Zope started?15:24
srichterwhere did your Zope install?15:24
srichtertry to find a script called on your computer15:24
headgoatnot quite sure WHERE.. but I did a package install15:24
srichterfind / -name mkzopeinstance.py15:25
headgoati searched for zope, and there was no  I'll try the find command15:25
headgoatbut mkzopeinstance seems to be an option under dzhandle15:25
srichterI do not know what dzhandle is15:25
srichterthis is not a standard Zope 3 tool15:26
matt_dzhandle — Debian/Ubuntu Zope packages handling command line utility15:26
matt_if understand correctly, you can use commands like : dzhandle make-instance <name> and dzhandle zopectrl start15:27
* srichter is not sure whether this is a good thing15:27
matt_this seems to be convoluted imho15:27
headgoatok.  remember just a bit ago, i said i may go to an earlier version of zope .. well I did the package install (then) of Zope 2.8.  And the only place that mkzopeinstance is found is...  in a 2.8 directory15:27
srichterif Ubuntu provides such tools, they need to document them as well15:27
headgoat/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/zope/app/server/ AND15:28
srichterheadgoat: that is horrible15:28
matt_i agree15:28
headgoat/usr/lib/zope2.8/lib/python/zope/app/server/ AND15:29
headgoat/usr/lib/zope2.8/bin/ AND15:29
matt_i'd recommend apt-get remove --purge zope3* and following the install instructions as documented by zope.org15:29
headgoatoops.. no more AND15:29
srichterheadgoat: in that case I would suggest one of the two following things: (1) Install the developer tools and install the source, or (2) Install a different distribution that makes it easier to install the source15:29
headgoatmatt_: would you suggest zope 3 or zope2.815:29
headgoatmatt_: would you suggest *installing* zope 3 or zope2.815:30
matt_zope3 imho15:31
matt_as you are just learning linux, i'd suggest you learn more about commands and how unix works first15:31
headgoatshoot, I am not opposed to blowing away the whole operating system and reformatting - its a brand new system (8 hours old)15:31
headgoatwell.. *unix* i was trained on, 20 years ago15:31
matt_then you just need a refresher:)15:32
headgoatmany beers ago, and many years of windows and other stuff.  I was trained on HP-UX.15:32
headgoatso much has changed!15:32
headgoatok.  I'll give this a try, and quit buggin ya!  Thanks for all the help!15:33
headgoat(I'm sure I'll be asking more tonight... a few more all-nighters, and I'll get this)15:33
d2mzope3.1.0 installer on windows: there is no install instruction, no programm group created -- when did this change ?15:35
matt_headgoat: good luck, i'd suggest asking linux specific  questions on a ubuntu/linux channel, since this is for zope3 developement, try #ubuntu at :p15:36
*** zbir has joined #zope3-dev15:40
srichterd2m: I dunno, I just know Tim creates some sort of Windows Installer15:41
philiKONsrichter, mkzopeinstance script is at /usr/lib/zope3/15:42
philiKONin debian15:42
d2msrichter: just writing to the mailing list to create some startup documentation15:42
regebroHeads up: Anybody who want to take a look at the Five branch for local sitemanagers (regebro-sitemanager) should do it today, I'll probably merge them tomorrow.15:46
srichterphiliKON: oh, its without .py, ok15:49
philiKONof course15:49
*** MrTopf has joined #zope3-dev15:52
*** bradb has joined #zope3-dev15:58
srichtermkerrin: I hope you got home well too16:11
srichter(and caught up with sleep ;-)16:12
*** efge has joined #zope3-dev16:13
philiKONsrichter, are you guys still sprinting?16:18
srichternope, I am back in USSR^M^MA16:18
matt_who is the best person to speak to about contributing to zope3? I've checked out the dev docs at, and read about the fishbowl process16:20
matt_some of dev docs seem out of date, or at least dating 2001/2002, so I thought I'd ask here ^__^16:20
philiKONmatt_, well much of the contributing process hasn't changed16:21
philiKONmatt_, if you want to contribute, it's best to sign the Contributor AGreement16:21
philiKON(it's in the wiki)16:21
philiKONand mail that to ZC16:21
philiKONthen you get svn access16:21
MacYETthe z2 fishbowl proposals have nothing to do with Z316:21
matt_ok, will read further. thanks philiKON16:21
matt_MacYET: the fishbowl process is linked from the Developers/zope3 section of, so I'm assuming it's still relevant16:22
philiKONmatt_, as for contributing, if it's just bugfixes, it's best to first open an issue in the collector (even if you're going to fix it yourself), then fix it and then close the collector issue :)16:22
philiKONmatt_, as for new features, please write a proposal and ask for RFC on zope3-dev@zope.org16:22
matt_well, I have some spare time on my hands at the moment while i'm looking for work, and I've always wanted to contribute, and now feel that I'm able - generally i just wanna help out! :p16:23
srichterof course you can just pick up approved/discussed proposals as well16:23
*** projekt01 has quit IRC16:23
srichtermatt_: best is to fax or send a scanned version via E-mail to jim at zope . com16:23
srichtermatt_: you can have access to the Zope 3 repo today :-)16:24
matt_okies, thanks srichter , will read up more first before I do :)16:24
matt_lol scanned? ;)16:25
srichteryeah, because it is much faster16:25
srichterwith people developing from all over the world, snail mail can be a real bottleneck16:26
*** run|away is now known as runyaga16:30
*** sashav_ has joined #zope3-dev16:34
mkerrinsrichter: got home fine - did you get anything interesting done on the Sunday16:40
srichtermkerrin: Tarek did some performance testing support written, that should be discussed on the mailing list soon16:42
srichtermkerrin: we kept working on the viewlet stuff and claerified our goals further and tweaked the API16:42
srichtermkerrin: Uwe almost got to the point to have a working system16:42
philiKONsrichter, btw, are we still on for Zope 3.1.1 around November 2?16:48
*** jvts has joined #zope3-dev16:48
mkerrinsrichter: cool - I need to take a look at the performacne stuff, sounds interesting16:48
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev16:50
srichterphiliKON: I would have complained, if I had disagreed :-)16:50
*** sashav has quit IRC16:50
* philiKON tries to grok that sentence :)16:51
philiKONsrichter, anyways, was just going to remind you that i'm countin on that release16:51
philiKONbut it looks like you saw the posting on the mailinglist (just understood the sentence)16:51
philiKONsrichter, btw, i'm a bit worried that we're running the twisted trunk here....16:52
srichterwe will switch to the 2.1 branch soon16:52
srichternote that the trunk is currently feature frozen16:52
*** alga has quit IRC16:53
srichterI have to coordinate with James this week how this can be best accomplished.16:53
philiKONah, good16:53
philiKONi would even feel safer with a tag, like we do it with zodb and zope.testing16:53
srichterI am not sure if web2 will also be branched with 2.1, because it is not part of that release16:54
srichterfeel free to have a look16:54
srichterthe only issue is to see whether web2 is part of the branch or not16:54
*** projekt01 has joined #zope3-dev16:54
philiKONwell, i don't really care which branch the tag is off16:55
philiKONi could also settle with tags off of the trunk16:55
srichterI think we should be using vendor imports for twisted anyways16:55
philiKONas long as we have a "reliable" source of twisted16:55
philiKONthat doesnt' change by the minute16:55
srichterI do not feel comfortable with relying on their SVN16:55
*** whit has quit IRC16:55
philiKONyeah, possibly16:55
*** sashav has joined #zope3-dev16:56
srichterI would think we want a repos/main/vendor-imports folder in which we palce the code and then we use externals to that link16:56
mkerrinreally needed - the FTP interfaces went and changed on us since I left on Saturday :-)17:01
mkerrinshould have it fixed this evening after work17:02
philiKONthere you go17:02
srichtermkerrin: can you figure out whether the 2.1 branch is (1) already created, and (2) contains the web2 package?17:02
srichterthose guys don't keep their word ;-(17:03
philiKONwell, it's the trunk17:03
philiKONthat's what i'm saying...17:03
runyagascream bloody murder17:05
srichterwow, runyaga is actively lurking these days :-)17:05
runyagawe are using z3 more and more17:05
runyagabtw: you guys doing twisted integration - really is awesome - keep up the amazing werk17:06
srichtervia Five or directly>17:06
runyagawe have frontends for our web environments in z3 w/o zodb17:07
srichterrunyaga: most thanks should be directed to mkerrin for doing the really painful work and to Itamar for pushing a fix of FTP for us17:07
runyagamkerrin, you rock17:07
srichterrunyaga: ahh, very cool17:07
*** jvts has quit IRC17:09
mkerrinthere is no 2.1 branch I can see - so a vendor import is my preference at the moment. There is also an issue with web2 on Windows17:12
*** sashav_ has quit IRC17:12
mkerrinwhich I think might be fixed - but I can't test this until later.17:13
philiKONis this error normal on the trunk: OSError: [Errno 24] Too many open files: '/tmp/tmpjEysgh'17:23
philiKONsrichter, mkerrin ?17:23
philiKONwhen running tests17:23
srichterwhich test?17:25
srichterit should not happen; I have not seen that one yet17:25
mkerrinI haven't seen this either - do you have a traceback17:26
philiKONhang on17:26
philiKONmkerrin, srichter,
*** hdima has quit IRC17:28
srichtermmh, those are publisher tests failing17:29
srichterreally strane17:29
srichterreally strange17:29
philiKONi also get this after the end of ftests:
philiKONnote i'm running python2.4.117:30
philiKONshould upgrade to 2.4.2 maybe17:30
philiKONthough we do only require 2.4.1 i think (might be the end of that)17:30
srichterI only have 2.4.1 or even 2.417:31
philiKONsrichter, btw, why wasn't ClientCookie simply added to Zope3/src ?17:34
*** efge has quit IRC17:34
philiKONwould've saved you from mangling with its source...17:34
philiKONsame goes for mechanize, i guess17:35
srichterno, mechanize is optimized and the changes have not been released17:36
srichterI could have, but I wanted to keep all this stuff together for now17:36
mkerrinI wonder if it is a Mac thing - I'll try and reproduce on my laptop - this will take a while - it is a slow laptop17:36
philiKONyeah, i'm on mac17:37
mkerrinthis is going to take a while longer - I will get back to you17:40
philiKONok, thanks17:40
*** sm has quit IRC17:44
*** efge has joined #zope3-dev17:56
srichtertziade: can you create a branch for your perfomance test work?17:57
*** sashav has quit IRC17:57
tziadesrichter, yup18:02
*** regebro has quit IRC18:02
philiKONsrichter, i have a question about
tziadesrichter, i've blogged the summary here:
srichterphiliKON: ok, though I am not sure I can answer it :-)18:03
philiKONsrichter, where do i have to tweak if a class that is somehow imported by safe_import (no idea where) is deprecation-proxied18:03
philiKONIOW, i don't want the deprecationwarning for the functional test...18:03
srichterjust turn of the deprecation warning stuff before you make the ftest call18:04
srichtermaybe providing some high-level API for this would be nice18:04
philiKONwell, i have no idea where the call to safe_import is triggered18:05
srichtertziade: thanks18:05
*** benji_york has joined #zope3-dev18:09
*** sm has joined #zope3-dev18:19
*** jhauser has joined #zope3-dev18:21
*** regebro has joined #zope3-dev18:23
philiKONsrichter, i now get ftest failures in zope.testbrowser18:28
philiKONah, wait, it's in over_the_wire18:29
philiKONah, wait, it's in over_the_wire.txt18:29
*** adnans has quit IRC18:29
srichterphiliKON: let me know what you get there...18:29
srichterphiliKON: I tried to fix that failure while I was in Germany, but it did not work18:30
srichterphiliKON: I tried to fix that failure while I was in Germany, but it might not be flexible enough18:30
philiKONman, this sucks. i'm actually trying to work on the trunk here, but i keep running into test failures that aren't mine...18:30
srichterphiliKON: maybe it would be better to do the over-the-wire test for zope.org18:30
philiKONwhy do we need an over-the-wire test at all?18:31
philiKONwhat if i'm running tests offline?18:31
srichterthat's exactely what seems to happen18:32
srichtermayube we should make this a level 2 test18:32
*** zagy has quit IRC18:32
philiKONnow the testbrowser ftests pass again18:33
srichter(it was certainly not the test failure I had before)18:33
srichterit really seemed like a connection issue18:33
philiKONyes, well, zope tests should be runnable w/o an inet connection, imo18:34
srichterI am pretty sure benji simply sis not think about that18:34
philiKONbenji_york, ping18:35
*** projekt01 has quit IRC18:35
*** MJ has quit IRC18:40
*** SteveA_ has quit IRC18:43
philiKONsrichter, so, what does it take to at least disable this test for normal people like me?18:43
srichteryou have to declare this test to be level 218:44
philiKONhow do i do this?18:44
srichtermmh, I forgot, but it is a unittest feature18:45
srichteryou either have to set the level on the class or the module18:45
srichterlevel = 218:46
srichtercheck out zope.i18n.locales18:46
tziadesrichter, the cache is so strange: i am getting mails from the wiki upate and i cannot see the changes on the page yet :)18:46
srichteruse ?whatever behind the urls18:47
philiKONor do a hard reload in your browser18:47
*** Alef has quit IRC18:47
philiKONusually Ctrl+reload button18:47
tziadeoh yes that worked, thx guys18:48
philiKONsrichter, and if it's a docfile test?18:48
srichterit should work too18:49
srichterdocfile tests are also jsut unittest test cases18:49
*** niemeyer is now known as nie_lunch18:51
philiKONso i say DocFileTestSuite(..., level=2)?18:51
philiKONsrichter, btw, do you mind if disable the FTP server again?18:52
philiKONit used to be disabled by default...18:52
*** sashav has joined #zope3-dev18:52
srichterNeckar sprint summary:
srichterphiliKON: feel free to disable it; I thought Michael had done that18:54
srichterphiliKON: I am not sure whether a kw arg will work18:54
srichterbut setting the attribute on the isntance should18:54
philiKONnot sure, because the test suite is usually scrapped by the testrunner18:55
philiKONso, i would have to set the attribute on the doctestcase18:55
philiKONno idea how to get at it...18:55
srichtermmh, let me look at SchoolBell18:55
srichteryou can set the level on the FunctionalDocFileSuite18:57
srichterthat's what schooltool does18:57
srichterand it works18:57
philiKONgot a code snippet that i can see?18:57
srichter        suite = FunctionalDocFileSuite(filename, package=package,18:57
srichter                                       optionflags=optionflags,18:57
srichter                                       globs={'analyze': analyze,18:57
srichter                                              'rest': rest})18:57
srichter        if level is not None:18:57
srichter            suite.level = level18:57
srichterno problem18:58
benji_yorkphiliKON, pong18:59
philiKONah, just in time18:59
philiKONbenji_york, zope.testbrowser/overthewire.txt is a bit annoying when you're developing offline18:59
benji_yorkI would think so :)19:00
philiKONwith your permission i'll make it a level 2 test...19:00
benji_yorksure, sounds good19:00
philiKON(i have no idea what that means, but srichter said that this would help me)19:00
srichterthe thing is that we run only level 1 tests by default19:01
benji_yorkI think the ZODB, ZEO, and BTree tests should be level 2 also19:02
*** MrTopf has quit IRC19:09
dobeehello, a question regarding i18n message id extraction: is it possible to somehow extract zope3 message ids at runtime to get composed message ids extracted?19:12
philiKONdon't compose message ids19:13
dobeehm, that's what i thout would come ;-)19:14
dobeei'm currently porting a zope2 app to zope3 and there are composed message ids in the page templates, so i thought as a first step it would be fine to have something like in pts where you can extract runtime message ids19:15
philiKONweird. why doesn't unittest.TestSuite() not take a tuple for arguments anymore... it does everywhere else...19:15
philiKONdobee, compose message ids are evil, especially for translators19:15
dobeeok, i'll find my way around19:16
philiKONdobee, in 99% of the cases you can actually arrange your code so that the messages are complete and meaningful original sentences19:16
dobeebut if i have a rdb that returns me some state ids let's say 'on' 'off' then I'd compose it to state_on state_of in order to not conflict with the words on off19:19
philiKONbenji_york, i'm also taking the liberty of changing the license header to ZPL (not ZVSL), ok?19:19
philiKONdobee, use *explicit* message ids for that19:20
philiKON_(u'state-on', default=u'on')19:20
philiKON<p i18n:translate="state-on">on</p>19:20
philiKONsame thing, different environments19:21
*** stub has quit IRC19:21
philiKONbenji_york, umm. all of zope.testbrowser is ZVSL... is that intended?19:21
dobeephiliKON: but the 'on' 'off' part is dynamic19:22
philiKONi'm not going to change any license header then19:22
philiKONdobee, _(u"The current state is: ${state}", mapping={'state': the_state_as_a_unicode_string})19:22
philiKONdobee, when you have dynamic parts in a user message, never ever split the strings up. it will just be hell for translators19:23
philiKONbecause you would be assuming that the split in the sentence is in the same place everywhere19:23
philiKONfor eample19:23
philiKONpage templates: <p i18n:translate="">The current state is: <span i18n:name="state" tal:replace="the_state_as_a_unicode_string" />.</p>19:24
dobeethis in german would then be: Der Status ist: on19:25
*** faassen has joined #zope3-dev19:25
philiKONdobee, then translate "on"19:25
philiKONand use explicit message ids there19:26
philiKONso translators know what "on" means (state-on)19:26
dobeeyes but it does not get extracted19:26
regebrozpkg question: The dependencies all get packaged with the same package-version as the main package.19:27
regebroCan I fix that?19:27
philiKONdobee, it does, when you make an i18n:translate in there19:27
philiKONdobee, but unfortunately, afaik nested i18n:translates are not supported. which is a bug or, say, a misfeature IMO19:27
philiKONdobee, so, you might have to pre-translate that in python code19:27
dobeehow can it be wenn the application does not run19:27
dobeeonly the db knows the states19:28
philiKONbut you know the possible state choices, yes?19:28
dobeei think the only solution is to define message id constants in python somewhere19:28
dobeeyes i know them19:29
*** nie_lunch is now known as niemeyer19:30
dobeeeither way, thx for the help19:30
philiKONyes, predefine them in python somewhere19:31
philiKONput a big comment there19:31
philiKONso it'll be nicely documented19:31
*** jinty has joined #zope3-dev19:35
*** dobee has quit IRC19:35
philiKONhi faassen19:40
mkerrinphiliKON: back to those failing tests on the Mac - I ran into the same problem and managed to get around it by running the command 'ulimit -n 1024' before I run the tests19:45
philiKONwe might want to dcument that19:45
philiKONwhy the heck is it opnening so many files19:45
philiKONsorta scary....19:46
regebrohi faassen19:46
matt_runyaga: do you use sqlos/SQLObject for your front-ends?19:46
srichterfaassen: btw, my goal was not to scare you off of zope3.org19:46
srichterfaassen: we are fully open to the content; but collaboration was our first thought19:46
philiKONcan't speak for faassen, but you certainly scared me off19:47
philiKONand you know that i've told you before that it would have been nice to at least receive a "heads up" on this19:47
philiKONsomething like "we're working on this, wait for our cool results"19:48
philiKONthe NeckarSprint page until today didn't even have it as a bullet point19:48
runyagawell.. sort of19:48
runyaganot really.. we use straight RDBMS calls - we need speed sqlos is an abstraction19:48
mkerrinphiliKON: I have no idea where all the file handles are going - but I got the the number '1024' from my linux machine here at work.19:49
faassensrichter: I understand now. My first thought was marketing, as Zope 3 marketing sucks right now. when people list Python web frameworks they don't even *think* about listing Zope 3. Instead they list new kids on the block like TurboGears (which made slashdot yesterday) and Django.19:49
matt_runyaga: so, do you have supporting objects that a persistent, or is everything stored in RDBMS via (i presume) z3 view classes19:50
srichterfaassen: right, I totally agree19:50
faassensrichter: and the zope 3 wiki is not really good marketing, so sticking that under would be less than ideal from my perspective.19:50
srichterI agree with that + what you said on the list19:51
srichterbut we need the collaboration too19:51
runyagamatt_, we have XML on filesystemn, RDBMS for data, Views/PageTemplates/XSLT in Python + lxml19:51
faassenso in my mind when you mention marketing and tutorials and documentation are my first thought. improved collaboration tools don't even feature, though I realize that the wiki on sucks and that there's som nice ideas to use HTML in a wiki and such. and I was thinking you ewre thinking to use this to build up a site without going full-blown CMS.19:51
philiKONsrichter, agreed. but that can be achieved with simpler terms. and it certainly doesn't take its own domain name...19:51
matt_runyaga: thanks, i just wanted to a get a picture of how one interacts with a rdbms w/out using sqlos :p19:52
faassenright, I hope we can agree we don't want to reserve for the dev wiki. :)19:52
srichterwe are definitely not going full-blown CMS19:52
faassenright, I understand.19:52
srichterfaassen: absolutely19:52
philiKONget a fresh zope2 instance, install PAS for ldap auth and a zwiki219:52
runyagamatt_, sqlos is great for say.. edit forms19:52
philiKONno need to waste resources on a zope 3 homegrown system19:52
faassenso using a wiki to manage an open source site is actually quite a nice idea which I've seen used fairly succesfully for other projects.19:52
matt_runyaga: yeh, it seems like a cool thing, but i couldn't get it working with MySQL. I grok SQLObject, and most of z3, but not MySQL+z3+sqlos :s19:53
*** mgedmin has joined #zope3-dev19:54
srichterfaassen: and even better, they are just simple files :-)19:55
srichterno special wiki object19:55
srichterphiliKON: building a site based on Zope 3 is like the most important marketing argument19:55
faassennot if it's like :)19:55
*** zbir_ has joined #zope3-dev19:56
philiKONsrichter, sure19:56
faassen(I know that isn't being proposed :)19:56
smhi all19:56
smhave you guys seen ? if not please check it out for ideas, I think it's a site that's working19:56
mgedminthe big red "don't panic" badge scared me!19:57
smreally ? it's supposed to reassure :)19:58
faassensm: I agree that it's working. :)19:58 rocks19:58
srichtersm: yep, this is very nice; we have looked at it to get ideas19:58
smah good19:58
sm(and thanks)19:58
srichterand took it a step further in saying: wikification like that should work with a generic file (which is possible in Z3)19:59
runyagamatt_, why couldnt you get mysql to work - do you have transaction aware mysql?19:59
* sm looks forward to seeing the new thing in action20:00
matt_yep, i was using a db with an existing schema, so __fromDatabase = True. it was some time ago, perhaps I'll give it another crack since i've learnt more since20:00
*** efge_ has joined #zope3-dev20:01
*** gnosis has joined #Zope3-dev20:02
regebroOK, more ZPKG questions:20:03
regebroHow do I specify that I want to include a file, outside of the src directory?20:03
srichterregebro: you do that in your main distribution file20:04
regebroWhich is the main distribution file?20:04
srichtersee releases/Zope/PACKAGE.cfg20:04
srichterall the stuff listed in distribution there should go in the top level dir if I remember correctly20:05
regebroI tried that, but i was not able to specify the file.20:05
regebrothe file is in ../../ relative to the PACKAGE file.20:05
srichtersee the load tag above20:05
regebroOK, thanks.20:05
*** efge has quit IRC20:07
*** zbir has quit IRC20:08
faassenanyway, I'm out of here now, see you all later.20:11
*** hazmat has joined #zope3-dev20:11
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o hazmat20:11
*** faassen has quit IRC20:11
regebrosrichter: OK, that got the files included, but it doesn't get into the top level dir at all, but in the subdir with the main package...20:14
srichterI forgot the details, but I know we are doing this for sure20:15
srichterwith a README.txt file20:15
regebroCan I force a PACKAGE.cfg for the root distribution even if it is not a resource in itself?20:15
*** zbir_ is now known as zbir20:15
srichterregebro: mmh, better ask Fred :-)20:16
*** MacYET has quit IRC20:16
regebrosrichter: OK. :)20:16
regebrosrichter: Ah, hang on, it got loaded into the package root *and* the calcore subdirectory...20:19
regebroI can survive that.20:19
regebroThe Support directory includes ZConfig and zpkg stuff, I don't need that, right?20:20
srichterit probably did that so you don't loose the documentation after isntall20:20
regebroCould be.20:21
srichteryes, that is needed for the install20:21
srichterbut it will not be isntalled of course20:21
srichterit's just part of the package to support the framework20:21
philiKONzpkgsupport needs to be in the tarball to build the released tarball20:21
*** gnosis has quit IRC20:21
philiKONyou can also have it in your repository tree if you want your development version of your software built with zpkg20:22
*** jenner has joined #zope3-dev20:22
*** gnosis has joined #Zope3-dev20:22
jennerhi there20:22
regebroAh, ok, yeah. import zpkgsetup. That, I assume, in turn uses ZConfig.20:23
philiKONyou guys get warnings compiling Zope 3.1.0 (especially ZODB packages) with gcc 4.0?20:23
regebroOK, thanks, srichter, I think I have a package now!20:23
srichterregebro: yipee!20:23
regebroIt's pretty obscure, I'll try to remember to blog about this tomorrow.20:24
philiKONyes, zconfig needs to simplify a bit20:24
philiKONit also needs a quick start guide ;)20:24
philiKONseriously, once you wrap your head around it, it's quite ok20:24
jennerGuys, could someone suggest a photo product for z3? I'd like to play around with z3 a bit20:25
regebrophiliKON: It has a quick start giude. Problem is that it only takes you through like the first 10%. :)20:26
philiKONregebro, exactly20:27
*** deo has joined #zope3-dev20:27
jennerphiliKON: err.. yes, I was browsing through the old CVS repo and thought it might be a bit outdated :)20:28
philiKONforget CVS20:29
philiKONCVS is dead man20:29
jennerHm, `svn co photo` returns a "301 Moved"20:31
jenner`svn co svn:// photo` worked...20:33
philiKONviewcvs != anonymous svn checkout20:34
jennerphiliKON: it is in most projects20:35
mgedminI do not believe it20:36
philiKONjenner, I'm talking about *ViewCVS*20:36
philiKONnot the regular HTTP view of svn20:36
mgedminyou can browse svn repositories over http, but that's not viewcvs20:36
jenneroh, well, that's true, sorry20:36
philiKONthere's no http view of the zope repo20:36
philiKONjust viewcvs20:36
mgedmincompare and
jennerall right, I'm already convinced! :)20:37
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev20:38
*** tziade has quit IRC20:40
*** tziade has joined #zope3-dev20:43
*** projekt01 has joined #zope3-dev20:45
srichtermkerrin: okay, I just had a long discussion on #twisted about the branches stuff20:47
srichtermkerrin: foom will keep the web2 package inside branches/2.1.x/ uptodate, so that we can lionk to that20:47
srichterand I almost convinced them to have another look at zpkgtools again, so we can do nice releases20:48
mgedminsrichter, write a 10-minute flash presentation of zpkgtools20:49
srichtermgedmin: I am not qualified to even do that :-)20:49
mkerrinsrichter: I just say that discussion 2 minutes ago -20:51
mkerrinstill reading through it20:52
srichtermgedmin: there is another tool benji told me about, which even let's you add comments20:54
*** zbir has quit IRC20:57
mkerrinsrichter: thats good news - there is just one bug fix on web2 that needs to go into the twisted 2.1 branch but you guys seem to have discussed it.20:57
mkerrinnow to get onto to that FTP thing again :-)20:58
*** anguenot has joined #zope3-dev21:02
*** tziade has quit IRC21:02
*** dobee has quit IRC21:05
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev21:09
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srichtermkerrin: the patch is in, so do you want to have the honor and switch the SVN link?21:17
philiKONHEADS UP: i'll be landing the deprecation of mutable MessageIDs in a minute21:19
philiKONhold on to your buts21:19
philiKONabout five consecutive checkins coming about21:19
mkerrindon't mind - but I will give philiKON a few minutes21:23
mkerrinsrichter: I am having a nightware here in with permissions21:25
*** MJ has joined #zope3-dev21:25
mkerrinis it alrhow do I say if a directory is writable, _lsinfo seems a bit messed up on this front.21:28
mkerrini.e. I can create a file within a directory21:28
*** baldtrol has joined #zope3-dev21:31
*** zbir has joined #zope3-dev21:31
philiKONALL: my changes have landed; please svn up21:31
mkerrincool thanks21:32
philiKONsrichter, there's one deprecationwarning popping up in the ftest for apidoc's codemodule. no idea how to get rid of it since it doesn't appear when using the codemodule via regular HTTP on a running instance21:33
srichtermkerrin: shrug, I guess you are the first ever reviewing this code since the initial checkin :-(21:33
philiKONsrichter, maybe you'll figure it out; i'll definitely spend some time on this tomorrow until i hunt it down21:34
srichterphiliKON: ok21:34
srichterI have a lot of other tasks right now, so I am swampled21:34
mkerrinis branches/releases/2.1.x/ the correct twisted branch - I am just running teh tests now21:35
*** hazmat has quit IRC21:36
srichterthat's the correct branch21:36
philiKONg'night guys21:41
srichtersee yeah21:43
*** benji_york has quit IRC21:51
*** baldtrol has left #zope3-dev22:04
jenneris it save to use trunk?22:04
jenner2 failures in unit test22:19
srichtercan you provide tracebacks?22:21
jennersure, where to?22:21
srichterjenner: please report those on the mailing list22:26
srichterthose are failures in the new zope.testing framework, which Jim and ZC is developing22:27
mgedminjenner, do you have the python profiler installed?22:27
jennermgedmin: nope, should I?22:27
jennersrichter: ok22:27
mgedmindebian/ubuntu python2.x-profiler package22:27
mgedminjenner, it might be the cause of these failures22:27
mgedminI wouldn't be surprised if the test runner detected that it cannot import the profiler, and therefore cannot perform coverage analysis22:28
mgedminand therefore disable it22:28
jennerok, I'll try again with profiler installed22:28
*** ignas has quit IRC22:32
*** zbir_ has joined #zope3-dev22:33
*** benji_york has joined #zope3-dev22:33
jennermgedmin: same situation -- 2 failures with profiler installed22:35
jennerand one failure for functional tests22:35
mgedminho hum22:36
mgedminthere goes my wild guess22:36
jennerso it's ok to just post the tracebacks to
*** tekNico has left #zope3-dev22:40
*** niemeyer_ has joined #zope3-dev22:43
*** zbir has quit IRC22:44
*** sashav_ has joined #zope3-dev22:45
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*** alga has joined #zope3-dev22:48
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*** MJ has joined #zope3-dev22:53
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*** sashav_ is now known as sashav22:58
*** efge_ has quit IRC23:04
srichtermkerrin: I think I fixed the problem you had23:04
srichtermkerrin: as I thought not all tests cleanup properly after each other23:04
srichtermkerrin: but it was at several locations23:05
jennerhmm... I've checked out the photo package from svn trunk, added a photo-configure.zcml (<include package="photo" />) to $INSTANCE/etc/package-includes/, but I still see no photo in the /manage view23:05
mkerrinsrichter: which problem was this?23:05
srichterjenner: strange; do you see a photo folder?23:05
srichtermkerrin: the commented tests you had when merging to the trunk23:05
mkerrinexcellent - that sounds nasty "but it was at several locations"23:06
srichterit took me a while23:07
jennersrichter: nope... I see a deprecation warning from photo/ in my z3.log, that's the only sign I get from the photo package23:07
srichtermmh, I get test failures elsewhere now, but I know I am right :-)23:08
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:08
mkerrinI think it is going to be one of those weeks :-)23:08
srichterjenner: mmh, the package is old, so it might need some update23:08
srichtermkerrin: :-) I think I'll soon have it23:09
jennersrichter: photo interfaces are showing up in the list of "Schema based Content" schemas23:09
* jenner checks the Zope3Dev articles to figure out how to "register" a new module23:10
srichtermmh, strange; that definitely means the config is loaded23:10
srichterjenner: it might be more an issue of registration23:10
jenneruaahh... access logs on STDOUT are annoying :)23:12
srichterturn it off in your site.zcml23:19
srichterI mean zope.conf23:19
jenneruh, the whole code for the Photo class is inside the __init__.py23:26
mkerringood night :-)23:33
*** mkerrin has quit IRC23:34
*** Theuni has quit IRC23:34
jennersrichter: how do I run the tests for a single product from zopectl? I saw that somewhere at, but can't recall the url...23:36
runyagazopectl run foo.py23:39
srichterno clue :-)23:39
srichterI just use the trunk23:39
jennerso do I :)23:39
jennerrunyaga: thnx23:39
srichterpython -vp1 --dir src/photo23:39
jennerI'm almost there, one functional test left :)23:49
runyagabenji_york, formlib is not part of z3.1? i gave someone your quickstart ;-)23:52
* runyaga drools over z3 pypi packages23:52
benji_yorknope, it was too late to get in23:52
benji_york(that's why I use a checkout in the quick start, I hope that by the time the quick start gets to 1.0 3.2 will be released)23:53
runyagayeah i know23:53
*** benji_york has quit IRC23:59

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