IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-10-10

headgoatwait... didn't I already do this??00:00
benji_york*I* thought so00:00
headgoatI can't scroll that far (since I was booted off)... yes, the sf page looks familiar00:00
headgoathow can i find our what expat dev package was installed on fc3?00:01
benji_yorkI don't know how on FC00:03
headgoatok, well i tried recompiling my python (make clean / .configure / make / make install), and then tried the Zope install (.configure --with-python <dir> / make) and got the same errors.... I'm going to back up a step and delete python and re-download00:16
headgoat(at one point, earlier in the day, I think I had configured Python with some unicode parameter... maybe this will back out that step... at least that's my logic, like it or not)00:18
headgoatsomeone will read this chatlog, and just shake their head at all this!00:22
benji_yorkgood luck headgoat, gotta go00:26
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headgoatok, here's an update of my saga, for those playing along:    I downloaded Python 2.3.5 (as recommended by Zope .configure).  installed python 2.3.5.  Then the Zope installation seemed to get a little further (this is where I was 7 hours ago...) in that it completes a make, with a bunch of warnings (differs in signedness warnings).  Now "make check" is checking itself "......... etc"00:43
headgoatand I get: Failure in test testUmask (zdaemon.tests.testzdrun.ZDaemonTests)00:45
headgoatTraceback (most recent call last):00:45
headgoat  File "/home/jfelix/Desktop/Zope-3.1.0/build/lib.linux-i686-2.3/zdaemon/tests/", line 260, in testUmask00:45
headgoat    self.assert_(not os.access(path, os.W_OK))00:45
headgoat  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.3/", line 278, in failUnless00:45
headgoat    if not expr: raise self.failureException, msg00:45
hazmat_headgoat, btw. if you were serious about buying a box, you might want to have a look at, xen based virtual hosting, full root access, choice of distros, cheap prices01:29
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gdsgdsgvddseminars = List(02:46
gdsgdsgvddtitle = u'seminars',02:46
gdsgdsgvdddescription = u'list of seminars',02:46
gdsgdsgvdd   required = True,02:46
gdsgdsgvddvalue_type = Choice(vocabulary=SimpleVocabulary(02:46
gdsgdsgvdd['Zope', 'SSP', 'ASP', 'JSP', 'SeaSide', 'Cocoon', 'Struts', 'Flash', 'Plune'])),02:46
gdsgdsgvddI am getting an error on this part of the code02:46
gdsgdsgvdderror-- 'str' object has no attribute 'value'02:46
gdsgdsgvddwhat am i doing wrong02:47
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gdsgdsgvddany clue...02:54
gdsgdsgvddcan someone help please...03:00
gdsgdsgvddwhy am i getting this error --'str' object has no attribute 'value'03:03
bob2that's the entire error?03:09
gdsgdsgvddi ran the .py file at python interpretor03:09
gdsgdsgvddTraceback (most recent call last):03:09
gdsgdsgvdd  File "C:\zope3Ins\lib\python\assignment2\", line 5, in -toplevel-03:09
gdsgdsgvdd    class IRegistration(Interface):03:09
gdsgdsgvdd  File "C:\zope3Ins\lib\python\assignment2\", line 53, in IRegistration03:09
gdsgdsgvdd    value_type = List(vocabulary=SimpleVocabulary(03:09
gdsgdsgvdd  File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\zope\schema\", line 64, in __init__03:09
gdsgdsgvdd    self.by_value[term.value] = term03:10
gdsgdsgvddAttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'value'03:10
gdsgdsgvddthis is the entire error03:10
gdsgdsgvddany idea..03:12
gdsgdsgvddwhat str abject is the error about... is there some problem with the SimpleVocabulary03:15
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gdsgdsgvddbob2, is it making sense??03:24
headgoathazmat, thanks for the lead on the unix box.  I go back and forth between my interest in "solving the puzzle" and not wanting to waste my time.03:34
hazmat_gdsgdsgvdd, i'm not familiar with vocabularies, but it appears to be saying that it wants some sort of object specified as the vocabulary, not just a simple string, i would check the relevant docs / ut03:49
hazmat_gdsgdsgvdd, try it with this Choice(vocabulary=SimpleVocabulary( map( SimpleTerm, ['Zope', 'SSP', 'ASP', 'JSP'] ) ) )03:51
gdsgdsgvddwhat is this simpleterm..04:01
gdsgdsgvddit gave me error "SimpleTerm not defined"04:06
gdsgdsgvdddo i have to specify SinpleTerm as a Vocabulary04:06
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hazmat_gdsgdsgvdd, its from the some module as simplevocabulary04:59
hazmat_its a class04:59
hazmat_from zope.schema.vocabulary import SimpleTerm04:59
gdsgdsgvddbut it gives me error05:08
gdsgdsgvddSimpleTerm not defined05:08
gdsgdsgvdddo i have to import as well05:08
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bob2wow, zope2 is scary06:34
bob2no, not scary06:38
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d2mMacYET: morning, regarding the recent hotfix: there are some minor problems with Zope2.7.0 (want to join me at #zope-web ?)08:53
MacYETno time08:54
d2mjoin later, if you got time08:54
MacYETand zope 2.7.0 is nothing we support08:54
d2mneed to change the page, support starts with 2.7.1 then ?08:57
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MacYETi don't care...people should update their instances regulary and 2.7.0 far from being a recent and stable versioni08:58
d2mit's just that docutils now use config variables not supported by zope.conf in that version (and there are some file permissions to change), if you install the hotfix with zope2.7.0 it breaks, you need to change the reStructuredText/ to get zope running again09:04
MacYET2.7.0 is not worth a discussion09:04
d2mok then09:04
d2mthanks anyway, it works fine for me09:05
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electrolinuxhi! trying to run the messageboard step01 demo on a fresh zope3.1.0 install raise a ConfigurationConflictError in provided configure.zcml...15:02
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bob2best to show it15:12
electrolinuxzope.configuration.config.ConfigurationConflictError: Conflicting configuration actions15:12
electrolinux  For: ('protectName', <class 'book.messageboard.message.Message'>, '__setitem__')15:12
electrolinux    File "/home/dbelot/zope/z3/lib/python/book/messageboard/configure.zcml", line 35.2-54.215:13
electrolinuxthe configure.zcml is the one at
bob2that's the entire error?15:14
electrolinuxjust last lines. One line before said: File "/usr/local/Zope-3.1.0/lib/python/zope/configuration/", line 1523, in resolveConflicts    raise ConfigurationConflictError(conflicts). Want to see the full traceback ?15:16
d2melectrolinux: could be you already have another messageboard? maybe doubel use of class message.Message ?15:18
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electrolinuxhum... were would it be located ? i'm using a freshly installed 3.1.015:21
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electrolinuxmaybe yes! i18nmessageid/ (see:
electrolinuxso the whole messageboard example is unusable right now, it seems :-(15:29
d2melectrolinux: the error occurs at <content class=".message.Message">, change the class to <content class="book.messageboard.message.Message">15:30
electrolinuxk. i'll try...15:31
electrolinuxnope! same exception raised at same place. complete backtrace here:
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electrolinuxor do I change all interface=".interfaces.IMessage" to interface="book.messageboard.interfaces.IMessage" ? trying...15:47
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electrolinuxok, thanks.16:08
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faassenbenji_york: just saw your update to the tutorial, cool, and thanks.16:22
faassenbenji_york: is your weblog listed under yet?16:22
faassenbenji_york: I saw it was under, but we need all the Zope people to engage the Python community we can get, for our own sake. :)16:23
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projekt01J1m, ayt?16:32
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benji_yorkfaassen, sorry, sprinting today.  I should probably log out of IRC :)18:42
benji_yorkyep, I'm trying to get on, but there is no defined process for that.  Fred's helping so maybe soon.18:43
MacYETyet another sprint?18:44
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benji_yorkMacYET this sprint is more internal18:45
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baldtrolhi all...  quick question.  i'm building an application where, while i'm handling all the data captured as content objects for different classes, it needs to be in a procedural "this object first, then this one, then this" etc...21:41
baldtrolbasically it means i can't use the wonderful "add new object" default templates.  but i'd love to retain the javascript that does all the type checking based on interface.21:41
baldtrolwhat's the best way to override the add/edit object templates and use them without being driven by the standard ZMI?  or rather, where can i read about doing it?21:42
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projekt01J1m, ayt?23:46
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projekt01can somebody answer a wfmc question?23:57
projekt01Is it possible to get the particiapants where can start the next activity before workItemFinished is called on a activity?23:57

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