IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-10-09

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kickingvegasanybody here/11:36
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philiKONany you folks know if it is possible to include files into a reST document?14:30
philiKONi don't feel like copy-n-pasting all sorts of source code into my reST documentation14:30
philiKONi'd rather just tell the reST machinery where to fetch it14:30
philiKONman, i should take a "how to google" class :)14:34
philiKONmgedmin, thanks!14:35
d2mits not working inside zope though14:50
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mgedminperhaps zope disables the file inclusion?14:58
mgedminto avoid TTW users from reading arbitrary files on the server's fs14:59
mgedmina ZWiki page that does '.. include: /etc/passwd' is not what you want to allow14:59
d2mok, must have changed with 2.8 (.. include: ... is converted to a html comment now)15:03
d2mbut ".. include:: /etc/passwd" happily includes the password file ;)15:04
mgedminwhat fun! ;)15:05
d2mmgedmin: maybe i just remember wrong, last time i tried i wanted to include objects from the zodb, not from filesystem15:06
mgedmind2m, perhaps you should let Jim know about this15:07
mgedminit might be a security issue15:07
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d2mthe filesystem include sure is15:07
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* MacYET yawns16:21
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d2mMacYET: on a question ?16:37
MacYETno, tired from biking16:38
d2mMacYET: want to join me in #zope-web16:39
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headgoatmornin' all.  Tryin to install Zope Dev 3 on a fairly new Fedora Core 3 install with Python 2.4.1 ...  gettin all sorts of errors17:24
headgoatanyone here good at sortin this stuff out?17:24
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philiKONplease define "Zope Dev 3"17:25
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headgoatsorry, lol.  Zope 3.1.0   (zope dev 3 was a typo)17:26
headgoati get a lot of warnings, like "warning: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of ‘PyString_FromStringAndSize’ differ in signedness17:27
headgoatand then the test fails (on 'make check') after lots of dots17:27
headgoatand forgive me for being new at all this, I did Google around, and couldn't see similar issues17:28
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J1mare you writing C code?17:30
headgoatjust trying to get a brand new installation of Zope up.  Never used it before.  Hadn't planned on writing C code17:32
headgoat(but not opposed to it)17:32
J1mYou are getting this message when building Zope?17:32
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headgoatum,  I downloaded 3.1.0, Extracted it.  Did the ./configure --with-python <python directory>, and then did a make, and got a bunch of warnings17:34
J1mwhat platform?17:34
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headgoatsorry for not understanding all these questions!   um.. Intel Pentium 4, Fedora Core 3 (does that answer your question?)17:36
headgoatLinux of course17:36
J1mYeah, that answers the question. Sounds very odd.17:37
philiKONheadgoat, stock python from FC3?17:37
headgoatIIRC, i installed python from (2.4.1)17:38
philiKONfrom source?17:38
roymI need to set access control on a dict field in my interface.17:39
roymHowever, if I use zope.schema.Dict, then I get:17:39
roym    ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Dict object17:39
roym    ..., <InterfaceClass>, u'')17:39
roymHow do I specify a mapping field in my interface, and not be "forced"17:39
roymto provide a UI widget for it?17:39
headgoatso far, all i have done on this PC (being new to Linux) is install Fedora core 3, python, configured apache, downloaded django (to play), and tried zope17:39
J1mroym, I think you might be the first person to use Dict fields.17:40
roymouch - are there tests that I can read up on?17:40
philiKONroym, there just aren't any widgets for Dict fields...17:41
philiKONmaybe you can think of one and implement it...17:41
roymsorry for being naiive, but I take you can't use them without a widget?17:41
J1mroym, right, you can't display them in forms without widgets.17:42
headgoatyes, from source17:42
roymhmmm, this is a case where I don't want to really have a UI element for a field, but I need to put it in the interface so I can specify access control. Is there another way?17:43
J1mheadgoat, I don't have any ideas.  We're not seeing this elsewhere.  I don't have FC3, but I don't have any problems on FC1 or Ubuntu17:44
roymDo I need to declare get/set methods and do it via method security?17:45
J1mroym, don't use it in the form.17:45
J1mroym, just exclude the field from the form.17:45
roymok - thanks.17:45
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roymI was thinking of documenting some of my "newbie" experiences w/z3. What would a good place be for that?17:56
roymmostly stuff about stumbling blocks, where I found useful info, etc...17:58
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philiKONroym, your blog maybe?18:27
philiKONhave the feed included in planetzope.org18:27
d2mroym, you got a blog ?18:27
roymDon't have one - however, would it be worth adding something to the zope wiki?18:30
philiKONmaybe. depends on how "personal" that experience is18:30
roymFor instance, I would like to add some pointers to "how to read" the excellent doctests...18:30
philiKONyou know, you can always get a blog on blogger.com18:30
philiKONroym, nice18:31
roymok - let me start with a blog entry.. thanks.18:31
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gdsgdsgvddis there a specific schema type for entering email address in zope320:20
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philiKONgdsgdsgvdd, nope... a TextLine with a constraint=re.compile(some_regex_that_matches_email_addresses).match shoudl suffice, though20:23
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headgoatstill trying, here.  Now I get  "undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS4_AsEncodedString" ...  Google tells me that I am not alone with this issue22:14
headgoat[at this point, I have downloaded the latest Python (2.4.2), and did a make install, and went to church (as I've learned to do during any installs!)22:19
headgoatlooks like it may be a problem with "--enable-unicode=ucs4" - based on googling22:20
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headgoatgeez.. I feel so incompetent!  How can software be so difficult to install!?22:39
benji_yorkheadgoat, I skimmed the IRC logs, but let me get this straight:  Fedora Core, x86, compiled Python from source (and did a system-wide install), ./configure --with-python=(the python you compiled), and now make complains22:40
benji_yorkoh, in your Zope 3 source directory do a "make clean" and then ./configure again with the new python and it should build ok22:41
headgoatyou are up to speed.  My error messages vary.  I have tried a couple versions of Python, but have *not* gone back to 2.3.5 (as seems to be recommended)22:42
headgoatk, lemme try that22:42
headgoathate to be stupid, but I got : make: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.22:43
benji_yorkhmm, let me check22:43
benji_yorkhmm, that works in a check out, maybe not in a release... let me see if I have a release laying around22:43
headgoati can blow away zope, and re-extract22:43
benji_yorkthat might be faster than me figuring it out22:44
headgoatok, done..22:45
headgoathang on... attempting zope make22:45
headgoathmmm... still getting: /usr/local/bin/python -q build22:48
headgoatTraceback (most recent call last):22:48
headgoat  File "", line 28, in ?22:48
headgoat    context.initialize()22:48
headgoat  File "/home/headgoat/Desktop/Zope-3.1.0/Support/zpkgsetup/", line 83, in initialize22:48
headgoat    self.scan(self._pkgname, pkgdir, self._pkgname)22:48
headgoat ... and about 10 more lines, ending with No Parser found22:48
headgoatlast lines:    File "/usr/local/lib/python2.4/xml/sax/", line 93, in make_parser22:49
headgoat    raise SAXReaderNotAvailable("No parsers found", None)22:49
headgoatxml.sax._exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable: No parsers found22:49
headgoatmake: *** [build] Error 122:49
benji_york/usr/local/bin/python is the one you just installed from source?22:50
benji_yorksource from
headgoatone sec.. I may not have started clean there.. lemme try again22:51
headgoatsource from, yes22:51
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headgoatok, same error, with a clean download of Zope 322:52
headgoatI am out of my league on this stuff!22:52
benji_yorkthat's more of a Python problem than a Zope problem.  Missing XML parser... hmm22:52
headgoat*all* I want to do is get a simple Zope install up.. I don't care if I have to trash the machine..22:52
headgoatI can try a re-install of Python22:53
headgoatmaybe I should go back to 2.3.5 of Python (I just have a philosophical problem that I need to get over - of installing old software when I know it's been superceeded)22:53
headgoat(what Lois Lane got last Saturday night!)22:54
benji_yorkahh, you need to install expat first (or another supported XML parser)22:55
benji_yorkyou can get a full package here:
benji_yorkor you should be able to use your OSs package manager to get it22:56
headgoatok.  so is this because I am not installing Python correctly?22:56
benji_yorknope, Python just depends on an external library to parse XML, and your system doesn't seem to have it22:57
benji_yorkinstall expat (one way or the other) and rebuild Python, then rebuild Zope and you should be OK22:58
benji_yorkoh, and if you install expat via a package manager you may also need the "dev" package (somethign like libexpat1-dev)22:59
headgoatso when you say my OSs package manager - being on Fedora Core3, would that be subversion, or yum, or up2date?22:59
benji_yorkyum (I think, not a FC user myself)22:59
headgoat(can you tell I have only typed about 20 linux commands in my life so far?!)23:00
benji_yorkeveryone has to start somewhere :)23:00
headgoattough to teach an old dog...23:00
headgoatI'll try the sourcgeforge route... see if that works23:01
headgoatby the way, in case you drop off before I complete - THANK YOU!23:03
benji_yorkno problem, I hope it works out23:04
headgoatso to rebuild python, do I need to just do a 'make install'  - or some 'configure' steps as well?  or a make clean?  or re-download - or reformat?  ;)23:06
headgoat<I am still smiling at the Lois Lane crack.. sometimes i crack me up>23:07
benji_yorkyou'll have to re-do ./configure and probably "make clean" then make23:11
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headgoatok, still plugging away.  (unfortunately, power outage UNPLUGGED me for a brief moment)23:20
benji_yorkI wondered what happend to you  :)23:21
headgoatgeez this is painful...23:24
headgoatok, after loss of power..23:24
headgoatI have downloaded and installed the XML parser from Sourceforge.  that all looked ok23:25
headgoat(although just once, after screens full of scrolling messages, I wish the installer programs would say "it all worked!")23:25
headgoatthen I went to python 2.4.2,23:25
headgoatdid a ./configure23:25
headgoatdid a make23:26
headgoatand I get this:23:26
headgoatINFO: Can't locate Tcl/Tk libs and/or headers23:26
headgoatrunning build_scripts23:26
headgoat(how does it feel to be working with a total noob?)23:26
benji_yorkthat's ok (the message and the noobyness)  :)23:26
benji_yorkyou won't need Tk for Zope23:27
headgoatok.  So I'll proceed with a "make install" command (guessing that this is the next step)23:28
headgoatand it's compiling a whole bunch of stuff23:28
benji_yorkyou did the "make install" as root, right?23:28
headgoati also did the configure and make as root23:29
headgoatis that OK?23:29
headgoat(I su'd at the beginning)23:29
benji_yorkyou don't have to do that, most people configure and make as a normal user and just do "sudo make install" (if they have sudo installed)23:29
hazmat_ok, but unesc.23:29
headgoatok.  now i do a: cd ../Zope-3.1.0/23:30
benji_york"unesc."? hazmat23:30
benji_yorkah, indeed.23:30
benji_yorkheadgoat, yep23:31
headgoatand next, a ./configure.  it reports 3 pythons out there23:31
benji_yorkuse --with-python=/path/to/python23:31
headgoatTesting for an acceptable Python interpreter...23:31
headgoatPython version 2.4.2 found at /usr/local/bin/python23:31
headgoatPython version 2.4.1 found at /usr/bin/python23:31
headgoatPython version 2.4.1 found at /usr/bin/python223:31
headgoat!! WARNING !!23:31
headgoatAn acceptable, but non-optimal Python version (2.4.1)23:31
headgoatwas found at '/usr/bin/python'.23:31
headgoatBut consider installing version '2.3.5' before running23:31
headgoat'make'. If this isn't the Python version or interpreter23:31
headgoatinstance you wish to use, you may specify a Python interpreter23:31
headgoatmanually by rerunning the ./configure script with the23:31
headgoat'--with-python' option.23:31
headgoat(I am curious, as an aside, where I SHOULD be installing Python)23:31
benji_york/usr/local/bin/python is fine23:32
headgoati mean, is /usr/local/bin a terrible  ... oh  ok23:32
benji_yorkyour other pythons were probably installed by a package manger, and things can get screwy if you clobber them23:33
headgoati have a feeling that's what's going on!23:33
headgoatok.. now with-python:23:33
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headgoat./configure --with-python /usr/local/bin/python23:33
headgoatConfiguring Zope installation23:33
headgoatUsing Python interpreter at /usr/local/bin/python23:33
headgoatnow, make?  or make clean?  or make install?  where am i?23:33
headgoat(gotta love this play-by-play)23:34
benji_yorkI'd "make clean" just to be sure, then "make"23:34
benji_york(although you didn mention that make clean didn't work for you a minute ago)23:34
headgoatmake clean23:34
headgoatmake: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.23:34
benji_yorkhmm, that's a release difference, try just "make" and see how far we get23:35
headgoat make23:36
headgoat/usr/local/bin/python -q build23:36
headgoatTraceback (most recent call last):23:36
headgoat  File "", line 28, in ?23:36
headgoat    context.initialize()23:36
headgoat  File "/home/headgoat/Desktop/Zope-3.1.0/Support/zpkgsetup/", line 83, in  initialize23:36
headgoat    self.scan(self._pkgname, pkgdir, self._pkgname)23:36
headgoat  File "/home/headgoat/Desktop/Zope-3.1.0/Support/zpkgsetup/", line 193, i n scan23:36
headgoatand many more! slightly different error at the end - no longer missing parser!23:36
headgoatFile "/usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/_xmlplus/sax/", line 75 , in make_parser23:36
headgoat    sys.modules[parser_name].create_parser = _create_parser23:36
headgoatKeyError: 'xml.sax.drivers2.drv_pyexpat'23:36
headgoatmake: *** [build] Error 123:36
headgoat(I gave you the first and last traceback messages... .there are about 12)23:37
headgoatAt this point, I would willingly order a Zope PC with it all pre-installed!23:39
benji_yorkhmm, don't know.. still a Python XML parser problem, but no idea how to fix it.23:40
benji_yorkdid you install expat into the same Python you used for Zope?23:40
headgoatwell.. given that I am now getting expat errors... I'd guess yes...23:41
headgoatbut... I don't know that it asked me, I didn't do anything special to install it into the same Python.23:41
benji_yorkwhich python did you use to run it's
benji_york(that's how it knows where to install)23:42
headgoatah.  I just typed "python"  ... and that is the 2.4.2 version (i.e. the one in usr/local/bin),   ... so the answer is yes23:42
benji_yorkso we're back to me having no ideas :)23:43
benji_yorkthis is more of a platform/Python problem, unfortunately23:43
headgoatwell I am open to anything - I mean, if someone said "here's how you CAN get it to work - starting at the version of Linux, etc, step by step, I'd do it23:45
benji_yorkI'm running Ubuntu 5.04, if you want to try that23:46
headgoatwas it as simple as an install?  or are there some magic "stand on your head while you hold down control-alt.." type things23:46
benji_yorkI've never used FC, so can't say, but it was very easy (and I'm running on a laptop, which are notoriously hard to get Linux to work right on)23:47
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headgoatI wonder if I should start by trying to remove Python completely23:48
headgoat..or just start over!23:48
headgoat..or try windows!23:49
benji_yorkWindows is easier, but then you'll be running on Windows :)23:49
headgoat(sorry, those were words of frustration.  probably fighting words in this crowd!)23:49
benji_yorknot to me, I use both (Linux and Windows) all the time23:50
headgoatwith Zope?23:50
benji_yorkyep (and for everything else)23:50
headgoati wonder what sort of mess I'd have if I installed ubuntu on top of FC323:52
benji_yorknone, you'll repartition your drive and wipe FC23:53
headgoatah, I'll probably be buying a new computer.. i can see it coming23:54
benji_yorkwhy's that?23:54
headgoat(I have just a couple things running on this one..  a website for a friend, a file server..   and it's a good excuse to get new toys)23:54
headgoatit's just cheaper to buy new, then to spend hours and hours rebuilding!23:55
hazmat_you might be better off trying to get pyxml( installed, generally pyexpat will be installed, but it seems not in this case, i believe pyxml includes another expat variant, or you might want to check that you have expat dev packages installed on fc3, and recompile your local python (make clean /.configure/make/make install) and try it again23:56
headgoatI'm sure I boogered it up somehow with these multiple pythons and package installs and not knowing what I am doing.  I'll try pyxml.23:59

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