IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-10-08

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srichterJ1m: whee, I have have been roger-indoctrinated now00:28
* benji_york is afraid to ask what srichter means00:30
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J1mok, I'm brave00:34
J1msrichter, what does that mean?00:34
srichterbenji_york: I have just agreed with Roger on a way to implement Java-like portlet system00:34
srichterwe have pretty much been able to map the Java terminology to Zope 300:34
srichterthe great challenge00:35
srichterdecode Rogers ideas and thoughts :-)00:35
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J1mwe plan to release a portlet system00:35
srichterno seriously, the experience he has with Tiks in many other areas is far ahead to what we are doing00:35
srichterthe system we are proposing have some cool layers and you do not have to use all of them at once00:36
J1mThat's cool00:37
srichterbtw, we are not aiming at putting portlets in 3.200:37
gnosiswhen is 3.2 due out?00:37
srichteronly the content provider and viewlet stuff, since it will have gone through 4 iterations by the time we are done with the latest one00:37
srichtergnosis: December 200500:37
gnosisthat is quickly on the heels of 3.100:38
J1mgnosis, december for 3.200:38
gnosishas there been any talk on breaking zope3 out of the site to its own site?00:39
smphilikon, d2m and I were discussing this yesterday for example00:41
gnosisthats great00:41
smthat doesn't mean anything much :)00:41
gnosisis there anything i can do to help that along.... i'm pretty much a retard when it comes to programming, but would love to help00:41
gnosisand perhaps learn something along the way00:42
smthanks.. clarification, I meant the fact that we were discussing it didn't mean much00:42
smI've heard people are working on a somewhere00:43
gnosisit is registered but renders to viacom00:43
gnosisi'd love to see some recipes/how-tos/cookbook stuff00:43
smother good places to bring this up include the zope-web list and the (small) #zope-web channel00:44
gnosisgreat, i'll do that00:44
smpersonally I now agree with philikon that all should be integrated on a new zope.org00:44
gnosiscleaning up years of zope2 stuff will be quite a challenge though... don't you think?00:45
J1msm, consider the project a prototype for a new
smJ1m, ok00:46
J1mgnosis, the buggest mistake made in the development of the current was the decision to automatically convert the old content.00:47
J1ms/buggest/biggest :)00:47
gnosisyea, i hear ya00:47
gnosistheres gotta be a way to keep content current00:47
smif you're interested I made a organized by audience00:47
J1msrichter, did you see that?00:47
smthe big question in my mind is how to describe both zope 2 and zope 3 at once.. they probably need equal billing for now, which seems to imply zope2: and zope3: sections in many of the docs00:48
gnosisseems zope3 should have higher billing.. IMHO00:49
J1mI dunno.  For now, I'd be happy to see a usable site for zope 3 and see what we learn from that.00:50
gnosisi'd be ok with that, anything but the dev section :)00:51
gnosisso, what can i do to help it along? and/or who should i talk to?00:52
J1mYou should talk to srichter00:52
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gnosiswill do00:52
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J1mstephan.richter at tufts.edu00:54
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J1mHe'll be here tomorrow00:54
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yotaanyone have a working apache configuration ?01:37
* Theuni got a working sleeping room configuration ...01:39
Theunigood night :)01:39
yotagn Theuni :)01:46
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clueckuuh, PAU sucks01:55
cluecki mean, it is ok from the zmi, but sucks if one tries to write a custom principal source for signup01:56
clueckbin/zopectl debug01:57
clueck>>> from import IPluggableAuthentication01:57
clueck>>> from import zapi01:57
clueck>>> paul = zapi.getAllUtilitiesRegisteredFor(IPluggableAuthentication)01:58
clueck>>> len(paul)01:58
clueckanyone any hint?01:59
J1mYour site is the global site.02:00
J1mThere aren't any paus there.02:00
J1mYou need to set the site to a site containing the utility you are looking for.02:00
clueckhm, but I've registered a pau in ++etc++site02:02
clueckshould it be found?02:02
J1mYou aren't listening to me.02:02
J1mThe default site has *no* local components.02:02
J1mOnly those defined in zcml.02:03
J1mYou need to use to set the site to the local site containing the utility you want.02:04
clueckok, I see, hm, I'm not so familiar with the site thing.02:05
J1mIt shouldn't be hidden in hooks.02:07
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clueckI will read a chapter in Philipp's book. Thank you so far!02:08
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roymIn my unit test harness, I have a handle to an existing physical storage root.14:53
roym  >>> root = conn.root()['Application']14:53
roymI create and add a new object qfs to it14:53
roym  >>> root['qfs'] = QFolderStudent()14:53
roymI would think I can now do a traverse:14:53
roym  >>> zapi.traverse(root, '/qfs')14:53
roymBut I get an error:14:53
roym  *** TypeError: ('Could not adapt', <
roym      ...>)14:53
mgedminroym, transaction.commit()14:56
srichteryour tests need to register the traversal adapters14:56
mgedminwait, that's not it14:57
mgedmin(transaction.commit() is needed in functional tests, if you want the publisher to notice your changes you made directly via the root folder)14:58
roymfrom transaction import get_transaction14:59
roymoops - I meant to say that the commit didn't solve the issue...15:00
roymeven doing "zapi.traverse(root, '/')" gave the same error.15:01
roymFrom stephans tip, I need something like15:02
roymztapi.provideAdapter(ILocation, IPhysicallyLocatable, LocationPhysicallyLocatable)15:02
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mgedminroym, from import setup15:04
mgedmin(don't forget to setup.placelessTearDown() at the end)15:05
roymexcellent - that works!!15:05
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roymis it reasonable to want to test views from within doctests?17:16
roymI have custom views that I would like to run tests on...17:16
MacYETinofficially you can do everything :)17:17
roymI get errors that tell me that I haven't registered the default layer;17:26
roymConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'layer', "Couldn't import default, No module named default")17:26
roymI did run an xmlconfig(...) and pull in all this stuff in... do I need to pass the context from that into the succeeding code?17:27
roymIf I do len(zapi.getGlobalSiteManager().registrations()), I only17:32
roymget a handful17:32
roymdoes that mean my xmlconfig() code didn't take effect?17:33
srichteryou want to test view class methods in unit tests but probably not rendering ZPT files17:34
roymIs there a simple way to do this without registering all the browser machinery?17:36
electricSqrlspeaking of this, what is the best way to get started with view class methods in stephan or philipp's book?17:37
MacYETphilipps book17:37
MacYETsorry, sr :-)17:37
electricSqrlMacYET -- any chance you know the chapter?17:38
MacYETit has an index17:38
electricSqrltried that :)17:38
MacYETlook at browsers views17:39
roymelectricSqrl: try 12.217:39
MacYETread philipp's book starting from the back...then the book makes sense :=)17:39
electricSqrlahhhhhhhhhh... 12.2, perfect17:41
roymactually, as a relative newbie, I found both books to be handy (and necessary). My initial reaction to Stephan's book was - "this is not a good book" - until I started learning more, and then the pearls in Stephans begin to shine!!17:41
electricSqrli agree roym, in baseball terms phillip's book is the starter and stephan's book is the closer and it's tough to win without both17:43
MacYETtake Phillip's book as an appetizer and sr's book for the desert17:44
electricSqrlso when someone says "view class" they mean "from import BrowserView" or is that too narrow17:45
MacYETa browser view  class can be a view class17:49
MacYETbut you can also have XMLRPC view classes17:49
electricSqrlxmlrpc is the best way to call an external python script, right?17:52
MacYETwhatr's an external python script?17:57
electricSqrlin my case, it's a mathematical optimization function optimize.py17:59
electricSqrltakes in a list, returns a list17:59
electricSqrllooking more deeply, it looks like xmlrpc is not what i want... i misunderstood what it was doing18:00
MacYETxmlrpc calls something on a remote server18:00
electricSqrlthanks MacYET18:05
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itamarany chance someone here could release a zope.interface 3.1 package this weekend?18:11
srichteritamar: aehm, this is Fred's task usually18:14
itamaryeah... I just thought of it now18:14
itamarI'll CC him on my email to interface-dev18:14
itamarI suppose we could just build our own18:15
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exarkunI'm trying to resolve <>, but I need to change the IFTPShell interface slightly.  I don't have any contact info for mkerrin, though, and I'd like to talk with him about it first.20:06
exarkunAnyone know how I can reach him, or feel like talking about zope3's ftp code?20:07
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toni_I'm looking for a ZPT reference for Zope3. Some things seem to be different than in Z2, and many links from the Zope3 book to the website seem to be dead.20:33
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ChrisWanyone know why rendering a ZPT with a content_type of text/html returns a string, but of type text/xml returns a unicode?20:36
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mgedmintoni_, try looking on the Zope 3 wiki21:26
mgedminroym, it is certainly possible to render views in unit tests, but you need a lot of setup21:27
mgedminI've done so, and I'm not entirely sure it turned out to be a good idea21:28
mgedminit does allow one to do test-driven development of page templates, though21:28
mgedmin(e.g. you can write a test for a specific tal:condition without having to use a full-fledged functional test)21:28
J1mmgedmin, have you used TestBrowser?21:29
J1mIt makes functional tests much easier to write.21:29
mgedminJ1m, yes, it's very very nice21:30
toni_well, i think i tried, but failed: eg. on, there's a link to, but when I click that, I only get 404 (as well as for numerous other links). That's why i asked21:30
J1mIMO. if you want to test zpt, you should use a TestBrowser-based functional test.21:31
toni_I don't as much want to test a ZPT, but instead just want to look up the definition of the current TAL, TALES, ... and ZPT things that are apparently different than in Zope221:32
toni_but where I looked so far, there wasn't anything21:32
mgedmintoni_, I do not remember the exact URL, but I saw a reference of METAL (the Z3 version) there somewhere21:32
mgedminroym is the one who wants to test ZPTs21:33
mgedmintoni_, Zope3/doc/CHANGES.txt points to
mgedminthat page has links to TAL, TALES and ZPT21:33
* mgedmin muses that a good argument against rendering PTs in unit tests is that the necessary setup duplicates a big bunch of ZCML and violates the Don't Repeat Yourself principle21:35
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J1mtoni_, the programmer tutorial shows the few differences21:36
J1mThe important differences are the top-level variables.21:36
J1mI wish I knew a good way to split up restructued text files.21:37
J1mwell, I guess it's not that hard.21:38
toni_ok thank you! I hoped for a more formal doc, but will probably find my way through the source (eventually).21:38
* toni_ is away: I'm busy21:38
mgedmintoni_, what's wrong with the link I gave you?21:38
mgedminI thought that spec was as formal as you can get21:39
J1mtoni_, I thought you wanted to know what was different.21:39
* toni_ is back (gone 00:01:01)21:39
J1mThe only significant difference is the top-level variables.21:39
J1m(The is also the metal thing mgedmin pointed out.)21:40
mgedminthe repeat/$foo/$bar also gained some new ${bar}s, didn't it?21:40
mgedminZope 2 didn't have repeat/$foo/parity, for example21:41
J1muh, I have no idea what you're talking about. :)21:41
toni_hello,... I appreciate the links you sent my way, although i already had used some of them already. I'll see how far i get with thes21:41
mgedminor is it ITALESIterator21:41
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J1mI guess there's also the adapter stuff.21:42
* toni_ is away: I'm busy21:43
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gdsgdsgvddi am creating a registration form using zope 3 which includes a list of saminars from which the user can select atmost 322:04
gdsgdsgvddwhen user submits, the data is stored and the list of users registered can be viewed by the adminitrator22:05
gdsgdsgvddhow should i go about cleating the list of saminars... may be each seminar name followed by a check box to select22:06
gdsgdsgvddand applying constraint of --"selecting not more than 3 seminars"22:07
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gdsgdsgvddcan someone help me with some idea... how to go about creating this22:10
J1mHow many seminars will there be?22:10
gdsgdsgvddabout 1022:10
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J1mwil the list of seminars be fixed?22:10
J1mJust use a simple vocabulary22:10
J1mdefine a list of cjoice field with the vocabulary being the list of seminars.22:11
J1msomething like;22:11
gdsgdsgvddok... how will the constraint be applied22:12
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J1mseminars = schema.List(value_type=schema.Choice(vocabulary=SimpleVocabulary(['seminar1', 'seminar2', ...], max_length=3)22:15
J1mseminars = schema.List(value_type=schema.Choice(vocabulary=SimpleVocabulary(['seminar1', 'seminar2', ...]), max_length=3)22:15
J1mseminars = schema.List(value_type=schema.Choice(vocabulary=SimpleVocabulary(['seminar1', 'seminar2', ...])), max_length=3)22:15
J1mor some such :)22:15
gdsgdsgvddoh.. this includes the constraint22:16
J1mso, use a ListField with a max_length value of 322:16
gdsgdsgvddhey, I am a starter... and was thinking how will the user be using this site.... naver used zope before.. right now i use the zope IE interface to view the form.. how will the user be seeing the form22:18
gdsgdsgvddmakes sense??22:18
gdsgdsgvddi have created a package named seminar22:19
gdsgdsgvddand then when i start zope i see a tab called seminar at the left hand navigation bar22:20
gdsgdsgvddwhen i click that tab.. i get the form22:21
gdsgdsgvddwill the user be going the same way....22:21
J1mI woudl hope not.22:21
J1mI would hope not.22:22
gdsgdsgvddthen how does that work...22:22
J1mPlease note that I don't have time to help you design your UI or application.22:22
gdsgdsgvddi know... may be too basic... sorry for that22:26
gdsgdsgvddthanks anyways.. that code will help...22:26
SiggyFThere's a reference to a script "/utilities/" in the developer's book. I can't find that script in the zope3.1 release. Is it supposed to be there?22:27
J1mnot sure.22:28
J1mIt's in a checkout and available at:22:28
SiggyFIt's tagged in svn22:28
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SiggyFOk thanks.22:30
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