IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-10-13

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kickingvegastrying to figure how to use pyskel - only get tracebacks - don't understand the namespace path01:17
projekt01hi, what do you mean by pyskel and namespace path?01:19
projekt01what are you using, linux or windows, trunk or release?01:19
kickingvegasokay suppose I'm in the directory that I'm writing the package that has interfaces.py01:20
kickingvegasdo I then run pyskel interfaces ?01:20
projekt01ok, you are writing a package?01:20
kickingvegasusing a separate build of python and zope3 on os x01:20
kickingvegasyeah, or really trying to understand how a package works01:21
projekt01does zope start without your own code?01:21
kickingvegasgetting caught up on the documentation given by the zope3 developer's book (sorry srichter)01:21
projekt01but z3 don't start with your own package?01:22
kickingvegasbut I understand that pyskel will read the interfaces module and then construct some template files01:22
kickingvegasnot at the point where I want z3 to use the package - still in the writing from scratch phase01:23
kickingvegasor is still a work in progress?01:24
projekt01ok, and now you would try to make your package available, means you like to know what you have to do with configure.zcml01:24
kickingvegaswell kinda, sorta - I'm really trying to understand how a product works from scratch01:25
projekt01Ok I see, another question first, what do you mean with pyskel? Do yo mean the zopeskel folder?01:25
kickingvegastrying to follow to zope3 developer's book example.  it kind of loses me when it mentions pyskel01:26
projekt01Oooh, do you have the source code in front of you?01:26
projekt01Should I explain a sample configuration of a package?01:27
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kickingvegasif you have the time I'd _really_ appreciate it01:28
projekt01Ok, let's go to the package01:28
projekt01Then open the configure.zcml01:28
projekt01In the configure.zcml you see different registration directive for register a file as a content type.01:29
kickingvegasis it in $ZOPEHOME/zopeskel?01:29
projekt01no it's in the src folder or at the top level.01:30
projekt01or <python home>
projekt01did you see it?01:31
kickingvegasokay, let's roll back - I don't know where you're pointing at01:31
kickingvegasI'm in the build directory where I untarred the zope3 source01:31
projekt01Ok, do you see a folder called src?01:32
projekt01or a folder called zope?01:32
kickingvegasI see Zope01:32
projekt01what's in the folder Zope?01:32*01:33
kickingvegasmy bad, but you get the gist01:33
projekt01nothing more?01:33
projekt01I don't know mac well enough. Do you know where the python is installed?01:34
projekt01can you go to the python installation home folder?01:34
kickingvegasyeah, in $HOME/bin01:34
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projekt01is there a script called mkzopeinstance?01:35
projekt01Oh, I see there is a bin folder in your Zope folder. Go to this Zope/bin folder.01:36
projekt01There should be a mkzopeinstance script01:37
kickingvegasyes in the install directory of Zope01:37
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projekt01Ok, you have to make a zope instance with this script01:37
kickingvegasI used that to make a zope instance01:38
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* projekt01 really hates the zope install builder, BitRock whould really solve all this problems 01:38
kickingvegas$HOME/zope/ is where the zope instance lives01:38
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projekt01Ok, there should be a folder called src or zope01:39
kickingvegasin the zope instance?01:39
kickingvegasall I see is  /bin /etc /lib /log /var01:40
projekt01or in the python home I really don't know where this zope installer put the scripts01:40
projekt01Then the libraries are located in the python home like normal python 3rd party packages01:41
kickingvegasokay I think I may have found it -01:41
projekt01Ok, go to the package01:42
kickingvegasin the install Zope-3.1.0 directory; not the instance directory01:42
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projekt01You will share this packages with other instances01:42
Varg__where can I find documentation about properly deleteing Zope3 objects? I have found nothing in Stephan's/Phillip's books ...01:43
projekt01did you see
kickingvegasyes, in there now01:44
projekt01Varg__, there is a delete button in the ZMI which uses __delitem__ of IContainer01:44
projekt01kickingvegas, open the configure.zcml01:45
projekt01This is the file where the content type File is registered01:45
kickingvegasgot it open01:45
Varg__projekt01, thanks - I know the button, didn't know how to do the same with an autogenerated link though :)01:45
projekt01open the file configure.zcml in the browser package (
projekt01Varg__, see the and in the package
projekt01kickingvegas, the configure.zcml located in the browser package is the file where all views get registered for the content type File01:47
projekt01Did you see it?01:48
kickingvegasyep, seeing it01:48
projekt01Ok, there are two other files called Setup.cfg and file-configure.zcml01:49
projekt01The SETUP.cfg will put the file-configure.zcml to the package-includes folder if you call setup.py01:49
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projekt01Do you see the package zopeskel/etc/package-includes01:50
kickingvegasokay see Setup.cfg; don't see file-configure.zcml01:50
kickingvegasonly configure.zcml01:51
projekt01Ok, perhaps it's different on a instance, go to the zopeskel/etc/package-includes01:51
projekt01There you can find the file-configure.zcml01:51
projekt01On the trunk this file is located in the package and will be copied to the package-includes folder during the setup01:52
projekt01Did you find the package-includes folder?01:52
kickingvegasI think it's all installed in zopeskel/etc/package-includes01:52
projekt01Yes, there are all configuration (includer) files located01:53
projekt01Did you get the concept?01:53
Varg__projekt01: holy crap, that's a bit of a hard nut to crack for Step 2 of the Zope3 Developers manual ... :-)01:54
projekt01the files located in the package-includes folder describe which package configuration.zcml file is loaded01:55
projekt01Yes, the books and manuals are really outdated in this part01:55
projekt01But you got it?01:56
kickingvegasyeah, understand that installing the appropriate *configure.zcml file in package-includes "registers'" a package with zope01:56
projekt01yes, register means loading the right configure.zcml or meta.zcml of a package01:56
Varg__projekt01: I hope I'll be able to figure it out tomorrow ... it's a bit late by now :) Anyhow, deleting things seems to be a substantially more difficult task than adding them ...01:57
projekt01That's all, every other part like develop the package etc. can be done in the package itself01:57
kickingvegasVarg__: are you trying to delete the translate thingy?  If so I couldn't either - zope3 gave me a traceback message01:58
projekt01Varg__, not really you can call folder.__delitem__(nameOfTheItem)01:59
Varg__kickingvegas, nope, I'm just working my way through the messageboard application, and the second chapter suggests adding "Add","Edit" and "Delete" Links ... the first two were no problem :)01:59
projekt01I'm not sure if the message board is fully working, ask srichter if there are some problems or parts where are not up-to-date02:00
projekt01There is also a buddydemo where is working in the trunk perhaps it's also in the release.02:01
Varg__projekt01: soooo, what I'd do is add a "delete" view which calls a "delete" method, which looks up the parent container, then calls the __delitem__ method of the parent and then redirects the browser somewhere else?02:01
Varg__Oh, or I'll just look at the buddy demo :)02:02
projekt01I suggest to read the book to the end and then make some code samples, then you get the big pictures first before you get frustrated ;-)02:02
Varg__projekt01: 'k, I'll drop srichter a message to take that exercise out of chapter 2 for didactic reasons then ;-P02:03
projekt01Reading and coding at the same time is a bit to much since a lot of the API changed.02:05
kickingvegasyes on dropping broken example code02:05
projekt01You never know if the book is wrong or your coding.02:05
Varg__projekt01: true ... I read through Phillip's book first, and wanted to get my hands dirty though ... there's a bunch of stuff in there that needs some hands-on experience in order to grasp it02:06
kickingvegasas a side note this is what I find the most frustrating aspect of using Zope - tons of misleading information out there02:06
Varg__kickingvegas: *nodnods*02:06
projekt01right, I agree02:06
projekt01Ok, write a mail to the list and ask for a supported sample02:07
Varg__will do! thanks for the hints and help - I'm off to bed!02:07
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kickingvegasread elsewhere from faassen about having a lower learning curve for Zope3; I'm totally on the same page has him02:08
projekt01I hope to see some supported samples for z3 in the next future02:08
projekt01I don't agree at all with him. But I agree the learning curve is to high, that's right.02:09
projekt01But not because of the complexity, it's a question of working samples I guess.02:09
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projekt01The concepts are pretty easy to understand if somebody can explain it ;-)02:10
projekt01But learning by doing can be really frustration right now.02:10
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kickingvegasyeah; imho it is enough to make me walk away from Zope3 right now;  dealt too much with uncertainty with Zope202:11
projekt01But write a mail to the list and tell the people what you think about that.02:12
kickingvegasI really want to believe, but too much frustration; I never get to feel confident that I _understand_ the system02:13
projekt01I'm sure if we get enough feedback in this direction somebody will write a better sample sometime ;-)02:13
projekt01I hope to meet you again on this channel ;-)02:15
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kickingvegasperhaps on writing a feedback e-mail - I've been developing in python for over 10 years now and Zope always manages to make me feel stupid.02:17
kickingvegasand not in a good way either.02:18
projekt01perhaps join a sprint with a tutorial would be a good idea to get into zope302:19
kickingvegaslooks like most of them are in Europe - here in San Francisco02:21
gnosis thought i saw a sprint in san jose02:21
gnosisNov 7-11 there is a Zope2+3/CMF/Plone sprint in san jose... have info02:23
kickingvegasnot to my knowledge - looking at the sprint list02:23
kickingvegasaah - okay02:23
projekt01I'm sure it will be easier to get into z3 if we have some working applications next year.02:25
gnosisit would be nice02:25
kickingvegasyes; neither of the published texts tell me how to connect to a SQL database for instance02:27
kickingvegaslikewise I'm terrified at doing a mind-meld with the zope3 security model02:29
gnosisis it bad form to just use the appropriate database adapter for python?02:29
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kickingvegasgnosis: I don't know -02:33
gnosisseems you could write functions for insert/delete/update and tie in appropriate security with zcml02:34
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kickingvegasprojekt01: why working applications next year? seems like having a zope guru figure out a02:39
kickingvegassimple app that is maintained would go a long way towards letting noobies figure out why Zope 3 is a good fit02:40
kickingvegas(or not)02:40
kickingvegasgnosis: thanks for the info on the the nov 7 sprint02:42
kickingvegasprojekt01: thanks very much for your help as well!02:43
projekt01hope to see you again joining the comunity02:43
kickingvegasanyways, gots to run - I'll be back (with more questions) later!02:47
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newpersis there anyone in here from the phoenix area interested in collaborating on a project?04:03
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gdsgdsgvddhow can i hide the ZMI components (browser menus) from users04:31
gdsgdsgvddwhat is the approch for doing this....any clue04:33
srichterwrite your own skin04:35
gdsgdsgvddi have written a macro extending the default skin04:36
gdsgdsgvddi could modify the look and feel, but the zmi browser menus are still there04:37
gdsgdsgvddlike the add_content, zmi_views, zmi_actions04:38
gdsgdsgvddhow can i hide these from the user04:39
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srichterwrite your own skin from scratch05:03
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gdsgdsgvddthanks srichter05:29
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yotaffhi :)12:09
sashavwhat are the guidelines for using __call__ in a class? I mean what is the difference semanticly to do this: db = MyDb(); db(configuration) compared to db.configure(configuration) and then ?12:15
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VladDracimho, __call__ is different from "configuration"12:43
VladDraccalling something is requesting it do do what it's supposed to do12:43
VladDraci.e. a template to render itself12:43
VladDraca class to instantiate itself12:44
VladDraca method to execute itself12:44
VladDracin the case of something db-ish, I would't know what would be appropriate for __call__12:44
VladDracdo you could see your db as a factory for resultsets, so __call__ could query, perhaps12:44
sashavthanks VladDrac, yes I could have the __call__ do the query, that fits better then configuration. google = MyGoogleSearch(), google.configure(..), res = google(query)12:52
sashavbut on the other hand calling isn't wrong either :)12:53
VladDracconfiguration is usually also done through the constructor (which is of course a call by itself)12:53
VladDracyou don't *have* to (ab)use __call__12:53
VladDracof course, the main reason to use __call__ is to implemnt a callable12:53
sashavyes but in my case it would be a utility which is reconfigured before every search12:53
VladDraci.e. something that fits into "methods, classes, .."12:54
sashavdon't want to abuse it that is why I asked for the semantics12:54
VladDracsashav: does configure store the configuration persistently? because you don't want that12:54
VladDracI don't think a utility should (temporarily) store call-specific information12:55
VladDracperhaps your utility should be a factory, creating the configured utility :)12:56
VladDracs = utility.create(configuration);
sashavno it shouldn't, I thought of doing search(query, conf) from the begining but I didn't want to do the configuration everytime before a search.... ah yes factory sounds better12:57
sashavno it shouldn't = not store persistently12:57
* sashav opens the zope3 book again12:58
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sashavfactory is probably what I want, I got stuck on the utility thing because I only wanted one instance of my googlesearch thingy which is then reused but if I create a configured instance do my searches and throw it away it's probably much nicer and better13:03
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VladDracI'm not sure I understand what you're specifically implementing13:03
VladDracbut I wasn't really talking about zope3 factories, but about a utility that behaves like a factory itself13:04
VladDracalso, you might consider if you perhaps need a local utility with a local configuration13:04
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sashavVladDrac: I have some objects which do searches through google and others, so my thought was that they get a (google)searcher, configure it and do the search, you use the ZMI to choose configuration and searcher13:28
tareksrichter, ayt ?13:35
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srichtertarek: I am booting up for the day13:57
srichtertarek: if you want to put me down as author, just type "StephanRichter"13:57
tareksrichter, ok14:00
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andresIs it correct, that if i inherit from Contained, i dont have __parent__ available in init?14:58
andresOr am i doing something wrong.14:58
andresBtw, __parent__ is None then.14:59
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roymIs the <form> directive meant to only be used16:10
roymwith IInputWidgets? If not, how do I force it16:10
roymto render widgets as IDisplayWidgets?16:10
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dobeeroym: if the field is editable and the user has permission to change the value, IInputWidget is used16:18
dobeeryom: use the widget subdirective to override16:18
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roymdobee: does the widget subdirective have an explicit option to render as IDisplayWidget?16:26
dobeeroym: see:
faassenroym: I'd also suggest looking at zope.formlib if you're into zope forms. it's more friendly than the form directive in my experience.16:28
roymfaassen, dobee, thanks.16:28
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MacYETwhat is the recommended solution to write helper methods for templates that deal with standard python types and not with components?18:29
philiKONsupplementary view classes18:34
philiKON<browser:page ... template="..." class="..." />18:34
philiKONbenji_york, what's the command you ran to convert your reST quickstart into html?18:39
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faassenrest2html is a nice command, philipp? :)18:42
philiKONrst2html i believe it's called18:42
faassenthat's it, I think.18:43
philiKONdang, it's not in the Zope distribution of docutils18:43
benji_yorkfaassen, I've been pleased with rst2html for my quick start and it has worked well so far18:43
faassenzope's distribution should just reference docutils with an egg anyway.18:43
faassenbenji_york: yeah, I use it quite a bit.18:43
faassenbenji_york: or at least the programmatic equivalent, I think.18:43
philiKONi've just always used the programmatic equivalent18:44
faassenbenji_york: a bunch of websitse on codespeak I put up are driven by ReST.18:44
philiKONactually, i've pretty much always used :)18:44
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faassenbenji_york:,, codespeak.neticalendar18:44
philiKONyeah, nice tool faassen wrote for we use it for now, too18:44
benji_yorkcool18:44 is reST too, but
faassenphiliKON: oh, cool, hadn't seen that yet.18:45
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faassenwhit|newphone: new phone?18:45
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philiKONfaassen, :)18:46
philiKONi'm very pleased how nice the spelling is for such a thing18:46
faassenphiliKON: cool, it was basically a bit of a quick hack. :)18:48
philiKONone with a nice pythonic api :)18:48
faassenphiliKON: but it makes making new websites quick hacks too. :)18:48
philiKONit works. and it's so simple that others immediately like it too18:48
philiKONreST + this little python module really sells it :)18:49
faassenthat's good to hear. we can now just chuck Zope 3 and use this. ;)18:49
philiKONsvn rm Zope3; svn ci18:50
faassenanyway, I was thinking of the zope 3 equivalent of this.18:50
faassenfor zope3.org18:50
philiKONi have a teeny z3 content component called
philiKONfor worldcookery.com18:51
philiKONtakes some form of text (reST, STX, plain) and puts that into markup18:52
philiKONalso figures out some basic DC stuff from it18:52
philiKONlike the dc.Title and dc.Description18:52
* faassen nods.18:52
philiKONanyways, i'll be making a zope3.1-compatible release of that soon (weekend)18:54
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faassenphiliKON: cool!19:00
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faassencan't download Zope 2.7.8..19:11
MacYETreal men use svn19:13
faassenMacYET: heh.19:13
faassenMacYET: real men can't download Zope 2.7.8 then as it's in CVS. :)19:13
MacYETthe download works for me19:14
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faassenMacYET: how do you even get to Zope 2.7.8? older zope releases screen is borked for us.19:14
faassen(Insufficient privileges)19:14
MacYETjust tried it19:14
MacYETblame the f*cked up site19:14
faassenthe direct URL works.19:15
MacYETat least plone 1.x is good enough so still works somehow19:15
MacYETenough bitching for today :)19:15
* MacYET is away: Blicket auf zum Retterblick, Alle reuig Zarten, Euch zu sel'gem Glueck, Dankend umzuarten!19:19
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