IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-10-16

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_projekt01srichter, ayt?00:35
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gdsgdsgvddi am working on an event registration website, and had a question...if someone could provide any clue.00:51
gdsgdsgvdda new user registers and logs in00:52
gdsgdsgvddafter that fills an event registration form and submits it and logs out00:52
gdsgdsgvddwhen the user logs in again... He can see his registration info..00:53
gdsgdsgvddas all the users will have same rols and permissions, how can i restrick a user from not seeing any other users registration info.00:54
srichterprojekt01: yep00:54
srichtergdsgdsgvdd: set a local role for the user00:54
projekt01srichter, Gary posted a interesting mail00:55
srichterthis can be done by hand using the grant.html view, but can be done programmatically as well00:55
projekt01srichter, did you read it?00:55
srichterprojekt01: I have not read it in detail yet00:55
gdsgdsgvddu mean.. any user who logs in will have local role00:56
srichterprojekt01: though I disagree that all this AJAX and moving stuff is low-level00:56
projekt01I'll post a answer to the question why we use two packages.00:56
srichterit is far above the level of content providers and even viewlets00:56
projekt01I'll take a look at the rest on monday00:56
srichtergdsgdsgvdd: you basically have to say for event X user Y has permission Z (most likely zope.ManageContent)00:59
projekt01srichter, another use case for content provider, viewlet and portlets are my different template languages where I use.01:00
projekt01We have to make sure that another template language then TAL can be used for each implementation.01:01
gdsgdsgvddi can see the grant.html...I tried to set the roles, but when i bounced zope and opened the never showed me the changes i had made...01:02
gdsgdsgvddis it persistent01:03
srichterprojekt01: well, we cannot have magical support for an imaginary templating language; I think what we have is good and flexible01:03
srichtergdsgdsgvdd: yes, the security settings are persistent01:03
srichtergdsgdsgvdd: you should check out the SchoolTool project, it messes with local permissions all over the place01:04
projekt01srichter, Yes, of course, it only means we have to separate the logic out of the templates for the portlets.01:04
projekt01srichter, btw, it's not imaginary I just haven't had the time to show it to you at the sprint ;-)01:05
srichteryeah, of course01:05
newpersare there any sprints in the us?01:05
newpersout of curiousity01:05
srichterthere was a Zope Corp sprint before labor day weekend01:06
srichtercurrently no sprints are planned01:07
* projekt01 perhaps we should hold a boston skin implementation sprint at boston next week ;-)01:08
srichterbe my guest! :-)01:08
srichtermy home office holds about 4 people :-)01:08
newperswhere do you live, projekt01?01:09
projekt01argh, if I had more time...01:09
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projekt01newpers, and you01:09
newpersphoenix, az01:09
srichterwe should have a sprint there in the middle of winter01:11
srichterto get warmed up :-)01:11
newpersheh.  the weather would be nice for sure01:12
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zbirAny Zopers in the mood next weekend:
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benji_yorkway to leave a statement open to interpretation, Zac02:54
zbirheh. I noticed you still didn't RSVP ;)03:03
benji_yorkoh, yeah I almost forgot, unfortunately we already had something planned03:05
benji_yorkI think I already told you that though03:06
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benji_yorksrichter, I really like the new introspector03:30
tavsidenote: how do the ZODB transactions interplay with the twisted reactor in the new twisted+z3 integration ?03:32
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newpersphiliKON, on your site it should be "This tutorial started out as a series of blog posts."   You have serious :)06:45
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gdsgdsgvdda quick question.... Can two different roles have overlaping permissions07:48
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gdsgdsgvddexample- If Role-a has permission Add and View, can Role-b have permission View07:53
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gdsgdsgvddi have designed a skin and tring to implement the login/logout link (similar to the one available with the rotterdam skin)10:58
gdsgdsgvddwhat would be the right approch for this problem10:59
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klauswhois klaus14:24
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srichterphiliKON: what is the option in wget to convert links to local relative links?15:04
srichterdarn, it did not work15:06
srichterphiliKON: could it be that the option sometimes does not work?15:12
srichterdo I need to specify the base-href maybe?15:12
dobeesrichter: we had the sam problem with sucking contents from zope, at our university website15:13
srichterI guess I could write my own python script15:13
dobeei ended up replacing the absolute_urls with perl15:13
srichteryeah, in Python this would be sufficient:, dir)15:14
srichterdobee: I guess that;s what specifying the script is for?15:14
dobeethe reason why i used perl was that you can replace with perl -e ...15:15
srichterdo you still have the script?15:15
dobeeone moment15:15
philiKONfind . -exec perl -i -p -e 's/foo/bar/g;' {} \;15:16
srichtercan you give me this example with URL=http://localhost:8008/++apidoc++/ dir=/Zope3/apidoc ? :-)15:17
dobeeyeah that's what i used15:17
srichter(I know zero perl and dunno what needs to be escaped15:17
srichterI guess I have to escape / and +, rght?15:19
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dobeesorry i can't remember but i guess too, i can't find the script, musst be somewhere on a webserver at our university,15:21
tavlads, re: zope/twisted integration ... is it working now? (i assumed so due to merge into trunk). however, i'm running into problems wrt the server hanging in request.processInputs() when certain POSTs occur.15:23
tavany ideas as to what i might be doing wrong ?15:23
srichterwe had no such reports yet15:23
srichterplease send a mail to the list, so Michael can have a look15:24
srichterthe best would be a functional test of course15:24
tavbtw, is there any documentation on the integration beside the readme.txt in zope/app/twisted ?15:26
srichterwell what ytpe of documentation do you want?15:26
tavwell, i'm getting rather confused at the various extremities of abstraction -- at best, would be nice to have some kind of overview of how it all fits together ...15:27
srichterthe same was true for the zserver stuff though15:31
srichterfor me documenting this code is a low priority, because almost noone is going ever to work with it15:31
srichterother than creating new server types15:32
philiKONthat should make documenting it high priority15:32
philiKONbecause even you will forget how it works15:32
philiKONand it will bitrod15:32
philiKONand it will bitrot15:32
philiKONand just because the zserver code wasn't documented doesn't mean we shoudl make the same mistake again...15:32
srichterthen do it15:34
srichterI said it was no a high priority for *me*15:34
philiKONyou wrote the stuff :)15:34
srichterand I provided tests that Michael partially at least converted to a README.txt15:35
SteveA_just as data-point, i've done quite a lot with zserver and zserver-zope3 integration15:38
srichterdocumenting this stuff is non -trivial, since setting up non-brittle and sensible tests is very hard and they will be very slow to run15:38
srichterSteveA_: we will have zserver around for a while; in fact existing isntances will still run with it15:38
SteveA_i'd much rather move to twisted15:39
SteveA_there's all sorts of cruft dealing with asyncore15:39
SteveA_and there's too much abstraction going on in zserver code15:39
SteveA_much of which isn't used or tested15:39
SteveA_and thus doesn't actually work15:39
srichterok, so the switch is easy too :-)15:40
SteveA_that's good to hear15:40
srichterisntead of point to
srichterthe API on that level is at least very similar if not exactely the same15:41
SteveA_there's some high-availability stuff the launchpad infrastructure team has done on the zserver-zope integration15:41
SteveA_that is horribly ugly, but should be more tasteful with twisted15:41
SteveA_that would be worth putting into zope315:42
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srichterSteveA: this would be very cool15:43
srichterSteveA: If you do not have a lot of time, you could always put it in a branch for us to look at15:44
srichterbtw, I agree that zserver was bugyg; it was written in the pre-testing age15:44
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klausBy compiling ZopeX3 (3.0.0) with gcc 4 (Mac OS 10.4.2) the make command failed until i changed the declaration at line 73 of the file Dependecies/zope.interface-ZopeX3-3.0.0/zope.interface/_zope_interface_coptimizations.c from "extern" to "static". Now it works and i hope it will give no side effects. Where is the best place to report things like this?16:56
philiKONit *fails*?17:29
philiKONi thought it would only issue a warning...17:29
philiKONklaus, this has already been reported, but the X3 3.0 branch isn't maintained too actively anymore, unfortunately17:30
philiKONi took some initiative once to backport some bugfixes (like this one, possibly), but i'd need help and everyone's busy rolling out new releases17:31
klausyes, it fails: $ make17:34
klausoops, its my first time using Irssix ... (and the first time I´m doing IRC)))17:35
philiKONoh, wait, you're using zope x3 3.0.0?17:36
philiKONuse x3 3.0.17:36
philiKONuse x3 3.0.117:36
philiKONthat should work17:36
philiKON*this* particular bugfix i remember now having put in17:37
klaus3.0.1 was not available at the time I compiled 3.0.017:39
philiKONthat must have been a while ago...17:39
philiKONanyways, use 3.0.117:39
klausI will try to compile 3.1.0 final in the next days17:39
philiKONor, even better, 3.1.017:39
philiKONit's not like it needs ages17:40
philiKONtakes you 5 minutes17:40
klausyes, but I need the 5 minute-slot ))17:40
philiKONok :)17:40
philiKONwell, i'm going to bed17:40
philiKONg'night everyone17:40
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