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projekt01srichter, is the content provider branch broken?02:24
srichterit shoudl not02:24
projekt01I have a missing import
projekt01Perhaps I got mess in my workspace during a couple of repository switches ;-)02:26
projekt01srichter, what's the state with merge the viewlet package to the trunk? Do we have them in the next release?02:29
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projekt01srichter, Ok the content provider branch works after a fresh checkout.02:37
projekt01srichter, what's the next step? Should I update the Boston skin branch?02:39
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gdsgdsgvdddoes zope3 have some thing out of the box to manage users09:48
bob2define manage09:48
gdsgdsgvddto change user privileges, password....09:51
gdsgdsgvddto change the role to which the user is assigned09:52
hdimaPAU (
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sashavhi, if I programatically set an Interface on an instance of a class how can I make a editform know which schema to use?12:53
projekt01sashav, see editform directive, there are two attributes for="the interface of the object", schema="the schema (interface)"12:56
projekt01sashav, if schema and for interfaces differ, a adapter is used.12:56
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JoaoJoaoIs there some sample for the Zope3 PAU? (a "skeleton" would be nice)13:39
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JoaoJoaohdima: It's quite good indeed, right now I'm a little confused, how can I add a property to my plugin (in my case, a dbi string)13:48
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hdimaJoaoJoao: Maybe in the plugin constructor?14:09
hdimaclass MyPlugin(object):14:10
hdima    def __init__(self, dbi):14:10
hdima        self.dbi = dbi14:10
hdimaLook at for example14:11
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dobee_projekt01: hi roger, are you aware that the tiks svn web interface does not work see
projekt01dobee_, Yes, the server is on my table and not in the rack. I'll replace the power supply right now;-)15:27
projekt01dobee_, the svn is up and running, only the viewcvs server is down. I'm not sure if I will bring it back or if I should install trac since viewcvs is more then two years not released.15:29
projekt01dobee_, I guess I take a look at trac first if the server is up and running. Thanks15:30
dobee_projekt01: yes i knew that, i already did a checkout, i'am currently looking at the pdftemplate stuff15:30
dobee_projekt01: btw i only used viewcvs for cvs, there it works great, but i don't now how it performs with svn15:31
projekt01dobee_, it's not easy to setup a parallel access for Apache ( and SVN server (svn:// and also support viewcvs, because of the rewrite rules.15:37
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dobee_projekt01: dunno, but aren't that 2 different ports? svn             3690/tcp    # Subversion15:41
projekt01dobee_, yes15:41
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dobee_so you just need <VirtualHost *:3690> for svn stuff and <VirtualHost *:80> for viecvs and other stuff, but i've never setup svn with apache15:43
projekt01dobee_, port:3690 is served by the build in SVN server, only port:80 is supported by the Apache server on my setup.15:48
dobee_projekt01: ah ok, so your apache only listens on 80, then i understood you wrong, which rewrite rules do you mean?15:51
tiredbonesWhen I execute "runzope" it fails. The reason is, it's looking in my old path install. Why is Zope looking at my old install?15:54
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tiredbonesWell, let me try another question. Does Zope-3 use PYTHONPATH?15:59
dobee_tiredbones: yes16:00
dobee_tiredbones: actually python does this16:00
tiredbonesI set it to my new Zope-3 intall, but my error show that i'm still looking at my old install that I completely deleted.16:03
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projekt01dobee_, I will you contact in a private session, because other people don't like to read non z3 topics here ;-)16:05
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projekt01dobee_, btw, you must be logged in by freenode for answering privat messsages16:13
dobee_projekt01: you didn' hear me?16:14
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projekt01can you see the blocked messages in the server window?16:15
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dobee_ok it seems that i'm not identified because i am dobee_ right now instead of dobee16:16
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JoaoJoaothis is weird: ConfigurationError: Invalid directive (u'',u'addform')16:17
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JoaoJoaoor isn't it? :)16:18
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dobeetiredbones: try:         PYHTONPATH=  ./bin/runzope16:32
dobeetiredbones: there is a space between16:33
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J1msrichter, have you paid attention to the ReST security hole?16:50
J1mReST can access external files.16:54
J1mSo a TTW ReST capability is a huge security hole.16:55
J1mAt least potentially.16:55
J1mAFAIK, the only thing we do like that is Wiki.16:55
srichteror anyone else using the renderer16:55
J1mwhoever is resposnsible for zwiki (ahem :) should look into this.16:55
srichterwhich are probably not many applications16:55
J1mFile-system ReST shouldn't be a problem.16:55
srichterI guess it is a matter of updating the docutils version?16:56
J1mBetter yet, we should get with the folks who fixed this for Z2 and find out what they did (or look at the recent checkins).16:56
J1mNot sure.16:56
J1mIf so, then maybe we can just use what z2 uses.16:56
J1mThat would make it relatively easy.16:57
srichterbut I have definitely no time this week to address this16:57
efgethe only two changes (if docutils is recent) were and
efgein zope 216:58
J1mSo basically just an option setting.17:00
J1mI wonder if we should set the default to false in our copy of docutils.17:00
efgeeven better, yes17:00
J1m(Or otherwise arrange for the default to be false.)17:00
J1mSteveA, was just relaying an observation that the hotfix had a lot of code.17:01
J1mI wonder why.17:01
J1mHave you been following this?17:01
efgeupstream docutils should have it as default though17:01
efgethe hotfix includes the new docutils which allows for this option, it didn't exist before17:02
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J1mIt could be argued that a true default of true is reasonable for "normal" uses of docutils.17:02
J1mIt could be argued that a true default is reasonable for "normal" uses of docutils.17:02
J1mWe are weird becaise we do so much over HTTP. :)17:03
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J1mBut I think it makes sense, in the context of zope to make the default more conservative.17:03
J1mOf course, there's nothing to prevent people writing zope code to do something insecure. :/17:04
J1mCome to think of it, having a hacked docutils in zope could cause problems later when someone installes a stock docutils, not realizing the important change we made.17:04
srichterin fact I would assume that packagers already do not use the docutils we provide17:05
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J1mThis has become a pretty big issue for z2.17:19
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J1mI don't want to fall into the same trap.17:20
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philiKONideally, we shouldn't be packaging with docutils anyway, but just rely on the docutils egg17:33
philiKONsame could go for stuff like pytz, ZConfig, ZODB, etc.17:35
philiKONand, later, for lxml17:36
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srichterI am thinking about providing two source tar balls for Zope 3 soon17:37
srichterone that is just working, liek the one now, and a naked one that only contains Zope 3 specific sources17:37
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srichterI think this will make jinty and other packagers happy17:37
srichter(btw, this is the approach we are taking in SchoolTool as well)17:38
philiKONdebian already has a separate zope.interface package17:38
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philiKONwhich is, I think, a good approach17:38
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srichterright, but they have to painfully separate it now17:38
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philiKONso, we should separate them17:38
srichterthis is what I just suggested above17:39
srichteranyways, research time17:39
philiKONi didn't realize you wante dto go as far17:39
philiKONas separating zope.interface from zope 317:39
srichteranything that is separately released will not be in the packager's tar ball17:40
J1mI think a different packaging approach woud be agood goal for the June release.17:43
J1mBTW, Fred will be attending a Goldegg sprint to work on this next month.17:44
philiKONi heard about the packaging sprint17:46
srichterJ1m: great to hear17:47
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tiredbonesWhen I look at sys.path I see all the path I want. Yet when I start zope,./bin/runzope, it pulls in a path from my old install, which doesn't show in sys.path. Where would it be getting that path from?18:03
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benjitiredbones, bin/runzope and bin/test add things to the path, and those things are captured when you build the instance, so if you move them from a different path you'll get the wrong thing in sys.path18:20
tiredbonesWell, I completely deleted my old install. I then rebuilt it using synaptic under Hoary.18:24
tiredbonesLet me check bin/test.18:24
tiredbones/bin/test also has the right path.18:26
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benjihmm, don't know (put a breakpoint at the top of bin/runzope and watch sys.path to see when it's changed, and by whome)18:31
benjioops, I mean to use your name, tiredbones, in case you didn't notice my last remark :)18:32
tiredbonesIs there soppose to be a path configuration module for zope?18:32
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benjinot sure what a "path configuration module" is18:32
tiredbonesI put print statements in and they look ok.18:32
benjipdb is your friend :)18:33
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tiredbonesOk, I some what found my error using PDB, good to know about this. I was doing benjiyork's "Zope 3 Quick Start Guide", I commented out the slug and started over - this system came up. Now to find out why zope is using my old zope system when I try to run benji's guide. The error was from the method ZopeXMLConfigurationError in benji thanks for the help.19:31
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SteveAefge: hi, are you around?19:36
efgehello SteveA19:36
SteveAhi.  i was reading the scrollback19:36
SteveAdo you know much about the zope2 hotfix?19:37
efgeyes I've looked at it19:37
efgeI was the one who realized it was not actually in zope 2.8.2 :(19:37
efgedo you have a specific question about it ?19:37
SteveAcan you spend a few minutes talking to the ubuntu security or zope packaging guys?19:38
SteveAthey're trying to understand the issue so that they can issue an updated zope package19:38
efgeok, which channel ?19:38
SteveAbut also without breaking their promise to people that it is a security-only fix19:38
SteveAefge: ##zope-ubuntu19:38
efgewith two # ?19:39
SteveAyeah, it's a freenode thing for unofficial channels19:40
tiredbonesIs there anyway of having zope bypass a slug on initalization but inform the user?19:41
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tiredbonesIt seems that if one has a bad *-configure.zcml file that should not stop the system from coming-up.19:46
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roymCan someone help me understand how to use xmlconfig.string.  I see20:06
roymthat it takes a config-string and a context, and returns a larger20:06
roymcontext (ConfigurationMachine). Should I be using the return value20:06
roymor is it automatically set globally?20:06
roym gsm = zapi.getGlobalSiteManager()20:06
roym len(list(gsm.registrations()))  => returns what I expect.20:06
roymHowever, I then get *** VocabularyRegistryError: unknown vocabulary: 'my codes'20:06
roymeven though I have20:06
roym   UtilityRegistration('IVocabularyFactory', u'my codes',20:06
roym    < object at20:06
roym    0x40d0bb2c>, ''),20:06
roymin the gsm registrations.20:06
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JoaoJoaohas anyone here used json-rpc in Zope3?21:44
srichterRoger and Jim Washington have, as far as I know21:45
srichterif you hae issues, I would E-mail Jim directly21:45
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JoaoJoaoWell I managed to make it work ate home21:46
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