IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-10-20

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fdrakethe testbrowser ListControl object doesn't appear to have a way to check that no value is selected; does anyone here know how to check that?01:50
srichtershould you not be able to say:01:50
srichterctrl.value == []01:50
fdrakeappearantly not  :-(01:50
srichteror did you get one of the list's subcontrol?01:51
srichteror did you get one of the list's subcontrols?01:51
fdrakeif I have HTML that has lots of options, but none selected, the value == ["first value"]01:51
fdrake(or whatever it is)01:51
srichterthat would be a bug01:51
fdrakeno, just the top-level listcontrol itself01:51
fdrakeyeah, that's what I thought01:52
srichterI am really surprised you get this01:52
fdrakebut the test seems to check for this behavior01:52
fdraketake a look at it; the sample single-select list doesn't have a default value, but the test expects a single-item list as the .value01:52
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fdrakesee "Selection Control (Single-Valued)" in the tests01:53
srichterbtw, I am reading01:56
srichterabsolutely a bug01:57
srichterand documented as bug too :-)01:57
srichterseems to be a mechanize bug01:59
fdrakeby which you mean the documentation exhibits the same bug, I presume  :-)01:59
srichterbecause the browser code seems clean and refers to mechanize to give an answer01:59
fdrakeok, i'll take a look at fixing, then01:59
srichtermechanize has no tests, so bugs are expected02:00
* srichter cannot imagine a time without tests anymore02:00
fdrakeClientForm is some painful code...02:08
fdrakeah, the comments try to blame it on RFC 1866 and differing browser implementations02:10
srichterso, if you specify the right user agent string, it will work?02:11
fdrakeremember HTML 2.0????  sheesh.02:11
fdrakenot necessarily  :-)02:11
srichterso I think our tests should at least gain an explanatory comment02:12
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fdrakeat least02:12
fdrakeit's not clear that the current behavior is exhibited by current browsers, though02:13
fdrakei'll have to look at the specs myself, which is not what I need to be doing right now02:13
srichterhe he02:14
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fdrakeHTML 4.01, section 17.6.1:  "If no OPTION element has the selected attribute set, user agent behavior for choosing which option is initially selected is undefined."02:16
fdrakeHTML sux.02:16
fdrakewell, it means I have to include a "no value" selection in my field02:17
fdrakeugly, but makes sense02:17
fdrakeForms suk too.02:17
srichterI agree02:17
srichterlet's use CDE or JavaAWT02:18
fdrakeohohohohh.... raw Xt!02:18
fdrakeat least its O-O....02:18
srichterYeah, I need to get my X references from the top shelve again02:18
srichter(I cannot believe my graphics prof made us use plain X in the class)02:19
fdrakeheck, I have to climb into the stinkin' attic!02:19
srichterhe he02:19
fdrakeI can; she knows a good thing when she sees it.  :-)02:19
srichteryeah, he developed the flight scheduling system FedEx used in the late 80s and early 90s02:20
srichterI think they coded the UI in X02:20
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fdrakea good thing they did; I can't think of a better way to distribute UI  :-)02:21
fdrakebenji: bet you didn't know it was all testbrowser's fault02:22
srichterbenji: talking to fred about another thing in testbrowser reminded me that we really have to figure out how we can turn off error handling in urllib202:22
benjiah, yep srichter02:22
srichterwe need to be able to get the content of 404 and similar error pages02:22
benjifdrake, what is testbrowser's fault?02:22
fdrakethat HTML forms suk02:23
fdrakei ran into an HTML-really-doesn't-make-sense issue02:23
fdrakea select w/ no options selected incurs browser-specific behavior02:23
benjiyour right fred, I shouldn't be encouraging people to use HTML, it's all my fault02:23
fdrakeand testbrowser (well, ClientForm) picked the wrong browser to emulate02:24
fdrakewell, at least it made me dig in so I can force my form to do the right thing02:24
fdrakebut you really should stop pushing HTML; there's laws against it in most states02:24
fdrake(HTML is a drug, you know...)02:25
benjiI'm incouragable02:25
srichterit's all X baby02:25
benjifred, you misspelled "ok" (just thought you'd like to know)02:26
srichteractually DOS CGI graphics were alot of fun too02:26
srichterand much easier to use than X :-)02:26
fdrakeyeah, that's what ah'm talking 'bout!02:26
benjisrichter, I preferred Hercules, but to each his own02:26
benjimonochrome all the way02:26
fdrakeyou mean the ANSI mess like BBS systems used?02:27
srichteryeah, but the assembly you had to write to get it going was far to easy02:27
fdrakeyeah, those were fun to edit by hand  :-)02:27
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srichterI remember the callenge of getting anythign above 640x480 on my graphics card02:27
benjiuh oh, I see this quickly degrading into an "I remember when" contest.  :)02:28
srichterI think I am about to lose, so I concede02:28
fdrakeyeah: I remember how glad I was I still had my Hercules card when my EGA died.  :-)02:28
srichterwe did not have access to computers till the wall came down :-(02:28
benjiwow, srichter I remember the wall coming down vividly and how it affected me, but can't imagine the impact it had on your life02:37
srichterwe were on the following Saturday in Berlin; the city was one pure party02:38
srichterit was really great02:38
benjiI bet it was  :)02:40
srichterI think it took us over 3 hours to just get to the outskirts of the city; same on the way back02:41
benjiso you lived near (East) Berlin?02:42
srichtermy parents in law were actually actively in the Monday demonstrations02:42
srichterabout 2 hours away02:42
srichter(when I am driving now about 1 h 15 mins ;-)02:42
* benji makes a mental note to not let srichter drive him anywhere02:43
srichterhe he02:44
srichteryou can imagine how annoying it is that the speed limit here is below minimum speed in Germany02:45
srichter(on the interstate/Autobahn that is)02:45
benjiyep, the Virginia speed limits are about 10 mph slower than Tennessee, so it annoys me too :)02:45
fdrakethe speed limit here is generally slower than its safe to go w/ all those other freaks on the road, too02:45
srichterok, time to go and make dinner02:47
fdrakemake enough to share; I've not eaten yet  :-)02:47
benjiI pitty you two, I'm enjoying some great chicken enchiltatas02:48
fdrakei won't stop you from sharing, either  :-)02:48
srichtermmh, that's an idea too02:48
srichterbut I think I am making spaghetti today with sausage and chicken legs02:48
benjifred, it'll only take you about 30 minutes to get here, stop and get me a Mello Yello on the way  :)02:49
benjisausage AND chicken legs???   strange  :)02:49
fdrakesounds good to me....02:49
fdrakeBoston's not that far, and I'd be back in time for the morning meeting....02:49
gnosisanyone know how to capture an event from changes in metadata?02:50
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fdrakedoes an IObjectChangedEvent get generated?02:50
gnosishow do i distinguish that from just regular changes in the object?02:51
fdrakeit should be easy enough to register a subscriber02:51
fdrakeah; you only care about metadata changes, specifically?02:51
gnosisi got title and description syncing when i change object, now if i change the metadata, it doesn't sync02:52
fdrakei don't think that's easily checkable these days02:52
fdrakethere's a special "partial" dublin core adapter that lets some fields live on the content object02:52
gnosisi saw a depricated event for annotation changes, but that doesn't get fired02:53
fdrakesome people have had problems w/ it, but it worked in an app we built here02:53
fdrakelook in
gnosisi'll do that, thanks fdrake02:54
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gnosisany idea how to configure the partial annotation adapter?  I get a ValueError: only use partialAnnotationAdapterFactory() if at least one DC field is implemented directly???03:05
gnosisi got a title and description field in my content object03:06
fdrakesorry; stepped away for a minute03:18
fdraketake a look at
fdrakethere's not a lot there, but it should be pretty clear what to do03:19
fdrakeif not, let me know03:19
gnosisthanks again fdrake, will check it out03:21
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dobeehi, does anybody know  if and how i can import a class defined in a doctest file e.g README.txt, i would like to use it in another doctest too09:52
hdimadobee: define your class in test_*.py and then import in README.txt10:09
dobeehdima: thx, i did so already but i found another way too which is used in zope.agxassociation10:10
dobeemport unittest10:10
dobeefrom zope.testing import doctest, module10:10
dobeemodule_name = 'zope.agxassociation.association_txt'10:10
dobeedef setUp(test):10:10
dobee    module.setUp(test, module_name)10:10
dobeedef tearDown(test):10:10
dobee    module.tearDown(test, module_name)10:10
dobeedef test_suite():10:10
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dobee    return unittest.TestSuite((10:10
dobee        doctest.DocFileSuite('association.txt',10:10
dobee                             setUp=setUp, tearDown=tearDown),10:10
dobee        ))10:10
dobeeif __name__ == '__main__':10:10
dobee    unittest.main(defaultTest='test_suite')10:10
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hdimayes, you can pass it in the test namespace through setUp10:11
hdimaDocFileSuite("RADME.txt", ..., globs={"MyClass": MyClass})10:13
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philiKONgood morning J1m13:49
J1mDo you have any idea if five will work with 3.1 or 3.2 before Nov 1?13:50
philiKONi just thought about the same thing today13:50
philiKONi will work on this soon13:50
philiKONi have scheduled to hunt down a weird deprecation warning in zope 3 trunk tonight13:51
J1mbtw, what is the correct five mailing list?13:51
philiKONwhen that is killed, i want to work on five13:51
philiKONyou need to be subscribed to post13:51
J1mah, dang13:52
J1mI think I am subscribed13:52
J1mbut I went to z3 base and mistakenly thought that it's mailing list was relevent.13:53
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JoaoJoaoWhere do I set users permissions in Z3?14:37
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JoaoJoaoThis permissions stuff is kinda complicated in Z314:52
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philiKONJoaoJoao, you mean, where you grant permissions to principals?15:00
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philiKONsrichter, should zope.* packages that rely on zope.deprecation not include it in DEPENDENDIES.cfg?15:06
JoaoJoaophiliKON: Yes, found it now15:07
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JoaoJoaoNow I'm trying to find out how to make Zope do HTTP authentication using my PAU plugin15:10
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srichterphiliKON: yeah, I think it should be listed as a dependency, if they are not part of zope.app15:46
philiKONwill do that then15:46
srichterthanks a lot15:48
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bmcrudo anyone use SQLObject with zope3.1 ?15:53
philiKONbmcru, #z3-base15:53
bmcruI nearly did start it, but can`t create content15:53
bmcruthere is noone15:54
philiKONthere are about 10 people15:54
philiKONjinty and andres, the current sqlos developers aren't there15:54
philiKONright now15:54
bmcruok, thanks15:55
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VladDracbmcru: I tried porting it to 3.116:03
VladDracthere's a 3.1 branch with my work16:03
VladDracbut it appears it doesn't even work with vanilla 3.016:03
bmcruheh, as far as i saw it - it didn`t work eather ;)16:04
VladDracsomeone else (keep forgetting the nick) got things working on 3.0 and managed to apply my changes16:04
VladDracdunno if it's in a branch16:04
VladDracbmcru: hold on, you're asking about sqlobject and 3.1?16:05
VladDracor sqlos?16:05
* VladDrac 's using sqlobject (0.6.1) without problems16:05
VladDracoh ok16:05
philiKONthe 3.1 compat branch has been merged to the trunk16:05
VladDracah ok16:06
philiKONbut, again, jinty and andres are the most informed guys on this subject16:06
philiKONright bnow16:06
philiKONthey took over development and maintenance16:06
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srichterif you speak of the deveil...16:09
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philiKONbenji, ping16:23
benjiphiliKON, pong16:25
philiKONbenji, i assume that zope.testbrowser carrying ZVSL license headers is just an oversight?16:25
benjifeel free to change it, if you wish16:25
JoaoJoaoWhen I test a connection to a firebird DA, I have this error:16:28
JoaoJoaoTraceback (innermost last):16:28
JoaoJoao  Module zope.publisher.publish, line 138, in publish16:28
JoaoJoao    result = publication.callObject(request, object)16:28
JoaoJoao  Module, line 164, in callObject16:28
JoaoJoao    return mapply(ob, request.getPositionalArguments(), request)16:28
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efgeObjectCopiedEvent doesn't have any reference to the source, shouldn't that be added ? I don't have a concrete use case but it feels useful...20:12
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srichterefge: +120:22
efgeok I'll add a bug for this20:23
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