IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-10-22

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projekt01J1m, ayt?00:08
benjiprojekt01, he should be back in a minute00:09
projekt01benji, Ok thanks00:10
J1mIf you would like, I'll look at how to implement that use case later.00:13
projekt01Did you see my last description?00:14
J1mBut I don't have time now00:14
J1myes, sort of00:14
projekt01Ok, I try to write a mail. Just wondering if you got the problem correct?00:14
projekt01Trusted, locatable traversal adapters are the only working solution! All other proposed concepts won't work.00:15
projekt01J1m, did you change the security lookup (canAccesss method etc) concept in your proxy refactoring branch?00:17
projekt01kaczordek, ayt?00:21
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projekt01srichter, SteveA, I wrote the mail about the security problem, I hope somebody will understand it ;-)02:46
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projekt01kaczordek, ayt?12:12
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projekt01kaczordek, hi12:52
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gdsgdsgvddI am trying to pass attributes of an object to a zpt page upon redirect23:09
gdsgdsgvddi have a auto generated form that is redirected to a confirmation page, but how can i pass the attributes from the form to the confirmation page(zpt page)23:11
philiKONattributes of what?23:11
gdsgdsgvddthe values in the text field of the form23:12
philiKONthose are not attributes23:13
philiKONthose are just form values23:13
gdsgdsgvddok, how can i pass these form values to the confirmation page23:14
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philiKONthat is almost a no-question23:16
philiKONform values are submitted23:16
philiKONget them from the request23:16
gdsgdsgvddany document that i could refer to for this23:18
philiKONthe HTTP spec?23:18
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