IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-10-23

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projekt01srichter, ayt?01:51
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d2mzsync throws a http-500 for me (AttributeError: 'BrowserResponse' object has no attribute 'write') -- could this be a misconfiguration ? i am using trunk version, uped today13:56
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philiKONd2m, the publisher api got refactored14:22
philiKONresponses indeed have no 'write' method anymore14:22
philiKONnot sure what "zsync" is14:22
philiKONbut if it's part of zope 3, please report a bug14:22
philiKONwith the full traceback14:22
d2mphiliKON: thats what is thought, zsync is the commandline frontend to fssync14:22
philiKONthen please submit a collector issue14:22
d2mhow do you use fssync ?14:23
philiKONsrichter or mkerrin will fix it14:23
philiKONno idea14:23
philiKONsorry, ogtta go14:23
d2mnp, thanks14:23
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MacMuffinsis the trunk broken?15:12
srichterit should not15:13
MacMuffinshmmm..trying a fresh checkout15:13
* MacMuffins should run the tests with python 2.4 :)15:15
srichteryes, you must :-)15:16
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srichtergood morning to everyone recently joining the chanenl :-)15:25
MacMuffinsi fixed this xmlrpc bug15:25
projekt01J1m, srichter, did you see my mail about the sub-site and security issue?15:26
projekt01what do you think about?15:28
projekt01is it understandable?15:29
srichterI have not been able to read it; I have a lot of other work I have to do right now15:29
J1mme too15:29
J1mI'll look at it this week.15:30
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projekt01ok, no problem, I think this is a task if we have more time.15:30
projekt01srichter, btw, I started implementing the viewlets in Tiks.15:31
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projekt01I will add a TODO.txt in the package zope.viewlet today, with notes about what I think we have to implement too. (like the weight, etc)15:32
projekt01After that, I will start to migrate the Boston skin15:33
projekt01srichter, did you solve the "catch error" issue allready?15:35
srichteryou mean the update/render bug?15:36
srichternote that the weight is implemented, but much more general now15:37
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projekt01Yes, the update/renderer bug15:37
srichterno, I have not added the necessary interfaces to the contentprovider package15:38
srichterbut Gary has prepared everything for me15:38
projekt01hm, I don't see a way to register viewlets with a weight attribute out of the box.15:38
srichterthe viewlet directive now accepts any number of attributes15:39
projekt01I guess I have to write a own ViewletManager for that right?15:39
srichterthat get tagged on to the viewlet class15:39
srichterright, you would need a viewlet manager that understands that15:39
projekt01But not a own Viewlet, right?15:40
projekt01But not a own Viewlet class, right?15:40
srichterwell, you can specify the viewlet class, of course15:41
projekt01I think the directive updates additional attributes directly in the __dict__?15:41
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srichterprojekt01: I think so15:56
srichterprojekt01: later I would liek to control this a bit using a schema15:56
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benjisrichter, why is dev mode turned off by default?  I thought it was going to be the other way around.16:23
srichterbenji: I think we had the discussion after my last checkin16:25
srichterplease send me a reminder E-mail :-)16:25
benjiok :)16:25
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