IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-10-24

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gdsgdsgvddI am working on a project which requires users to register and perform a transaction.when this user logs in again, he should be able to see his and only his transaction06:16
gdsgdsgvddthe transactions are stored in a container06:16
gdsgdsgvddI have added a custom principal source for users to signup06:18
gdsgdsgvddhow can i prevent one user from seeing the whole list of objects in the container, instead just see his transaction06:19
gdsgdsgvddsomeone here was taking about local roles...., but i have no clue, can someone help please06:23
gdsgdsgvddits been a week working on this.. went through the zope3 book by Philipp Von Weitershausen...but still no good06:26
bob2apparently schooltool has sample code for local scurity stuff06:42
bob2I've not seen it documented anywhere else06:43
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gdsgdsgvddbob2, one more question.., How can i make a zpt page to appear in a skin, like in the main frame of rotterdam skin07:13
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gdsgdsgvddWhile creating a custom principal source.. (from Philip's book) I have added all the files required as per the book.. but when i start zope it gives me error that Permission ID is not valid.. do i have to add these permissions to principals.zcml08:22
gdsgdsgvddalthough the book does not say this08:23
gdsgdsgvddcan someone help.. please...08:23
bob2what was the subject of your post to the mailing list?08:25
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Jedricanyone here?11:34
d2mHi, Jedric11:50
Jedrici had a question about zope in general11:50
d2mJedric: go on, general zope channel is at #zope btw.11:51
Jedricwell maybe its for zope 3 lol i dunno11:51
Jedricim trying to create a site on a scale of and and im just trying to figure out if Zope would work for a site like that11:52
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d2mhmm, why not, whats the special requirements for that sites ?11:53
Jedricwell everything has to be in a database, everything has to be connected to everything else11:54
Jedricbut i also run an installation of vbulletin, which is php11:54
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d2mJedric: zope has a collection of database adapters, maybe first check if it support the db you need ?11:55
Jedricand some other sites on my server are in php11:55
Jedricwell mysql will do11:56
d2mJedric: mysql support is here:
Jedricwell thats not important11:58
Jedrici need to be able to run php and my other sites without using :8080 anywhere in my url11:58
d2mJedric: integrating other sites is simple using different URL namespaces and rewrite rules in your apache or squid11:58
d2mJedric: lets move to #zope, this is off-topic for this developer channel11:59
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srichterhdima: are you planning to update the zope instance creation script to use password managers as well?16:21
srichter(the difficult issue here is of course that the CA is not up and running at this point)16:22
srichterI guess you could just hard code a couple manager there16:23
srichter(at least for now)16:23
hdimaI guess SHA1 is enough for now16:24
srichteryeah, that and Plain Text of course16:27
srichterok, cool16:29
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hdimaI'll create and update mkzopeinstance script in couple of days16:30
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philiKONsrichter, do you happen to know where a view's __parent__ is set to the context obj?17:26
srichterin BrowserView17:26
philiKONsee it17:27
philiKONso, __name__ is never set17:27
srichteryes, it is17:29
srichterduring registration17:29
srichterit was one of the sacrificaes we had to do17:29
philiKONin which respect?17:30
srichterwhere to set those information17:31
srichterbefore views were adapters, the view traverser could just set this info17:31
philiKONwe still have a view traverser17:32
philiKON__name__ could still be set on the view object that has just been looked up17:33
srichterI forgot why, but it would not work17:34
srichterI tried several options17:34
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srichterwould people be interested in a apidoc module that explains the options of the zope.conf file?19:17
srichter(that would be autogenerated of course)19:17
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geoffdhowdy all20:04
geoffdi am working through one of the little z3 tutorials20:04
geoffd( )20:04
geoffdand seem to be having a pythonpath issue20:04
geoffdi put a module in ~instance/lib/python as the tutorial suggests20:04
geoffdadded the requisite incantation in ~instance/etc/package-includes20:04
geoffdbut when i start up zope, it hits the zcml in package-includes and then complains that it can't find the module in question20:04
geoffdany ideas on how i find out what pythonpath z3 uses?20:05
geoffdi mean, is there a config setting somewhere?  what is the standard stuff included by default?20:06
efgez3 doesn't change the python path20:07
yotadefault python path20:07
J1mefge, sure it does20:07
yota+ instance20:07
J1mgeoffd, what is ~instance?20:07
geoffdthe dir in which my z3 instance is located20:07
J1mIs that your zope instance that you created with mkzopeinstance?20:07
geoffdyes, exactly20:07
efgeI thought all the paths were all explicit in  the zcml files20:08
geoffdwell, that could be20:08
efgeok well the instance sure :)20:08
J1mgeoffd, look at bin/runzope.20:08
geoffdgood idea20:08
J1mIt adds the instance's lib/python to the path as well as the src from the software install.20:08
geoffdprobably also need to modify the zcml in package-includes20:08
geoffdwell, the package is sitting there in the instance's lib/python20:09
geoffdok, so it is possibly something i am doing20:09
J1mPossibly. :)20:09
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srichtermkerrin: hi; have you looked at the WebDAV stuff?20:32
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mkerrinsrichter: briefly - trying to get into it20:37
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mkerrinI won't get it done for the next release - but I do plan to get stuck into it pretty soon20:39
srichterok, thanks a lot for the update20:43
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srichterMJ: you asked about the tagged value stuff in zope.interface, right?22:42
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MJsrichter: Yup22:55
MJsrichter: It was for jvts, really22:56
srichterMJ: are you interested in writing a proposal on this? I think this could be implemented fairly quickly22:56
srichterI dreamed about the implementation last night, or at least woke up thinking about it :-)22:56
* MJ has to search his brain again to see if this is the same subject....22:56
MJGreat, coding dreams..22:57
MJI am getting mixed up with UML tagged values22:57
srichterbasically we would want to have a consistent API for tagged values22:57
MJAnd I spoke with you about subscriptions versus adapters22:57
srichterright, that's something else22:57
MJThe problem is..22:57
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MJthat I can't recall the Zope 3 context..22:58
MJwhich is kinda a requirement if I'd write a proposal :)22:58
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srichterok :-)22:58
MJDo you recall the day?22:59
* MJ is looking at the logs.22:59
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* MJ begins to wonder if he did ask.23:01
MJ(about tagged values)23:01
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MJif I did it was a while ago23:01
MJNo mention of 'tagged' in the past 2 months on this channel (other than 1 subversion conversation)23:03
efgecan anyone confirm that subscribers are called from most specific adapter to less specific ?23:04
J1mno, least specific are called first.23:04
efgehm ok so there's definitely an order23:05
efgeI'm confronted with problems when a subscriber decides to recurse and dispatch further events23:05
efgebecause the ordering of events fired, as observed by a generic subscriber, is different than the one observed by a specific one23:06
efgenot sure I'm clear :)23:06
J1mThe order is not currently promised, although I think it will be promised in the future23:06
J1mCurrently, you aren't supposed to count on an order.23:06
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MJsrichter: what have you got to refresh my memory, tagged values totally popped my stack (if it ever was on there)23:08
efgeok I'll try to dig further, maybe it's only a problem in my doctest where a very generic subscriber does prints, but a more specific subscriber does recursion (dispatchToSublocations), which makes the events look out of order23:08
efgebtw that's Zope 3.023:08
* efge is back later23:10
srichterMJ: if you don't remember it, it was probably not you; I do a deeper search in the MLs23:11
srichterMJ: ok, it was not you, sorry ;-)23:12
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benjisrichter, you broke the buildout for a couple of our products by removing the testbrowser branch  :/23:21
MJsrichter: okidoki :)23:22
MJsrichter: I have been busy with tagged values lately, but different context, hence the confusion ;)23:22
srichterbenji: do you want it back or are you fixing your stuff?23:27
benjiI'm fixing it, just need a heads-up next time :)23:27
srichterbenji: ok, I was not thinking that anyone was using it now that we have it it the trunk23:28
benjisrichter, one of our products is on a release tag, which didn't have testbrowser, so it got it from the branch23:29
srichtersorry again23:30
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ignashow does one hotpach a python module ?23:44
ignasi want to make all references to a module  point to my othermodule ...23:45
ignasand i want my spacebar fixed :/23:45
benjiand I want a pony!23:45
srichterlook at module aliases23:45
srichterthey do exactely that! :-)23:45
J1mand the disable that pesky caps lock key too.23:46
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