IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-10-25

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ignassrichter, look atmodule aliases where ?00:07
ignasand not in zope ?00:07
ignasi need such thing in a unit test00:07
ignastemporarily replace one module with astub00:07
srichteroh, so I think you can ues it from unit tests as well00:08
srichteroh, I see00:08
srichterthat's easy00:08
srichterjust use sys.modules00:08
ignasi have tried doing sys.modules["foo"] = StubClass(), yet it is not geting replaced :/00:09
efgeignas: it won't replace code that has already loaded it, and has thus a reference to it00:10
srichteroh, because instances are around probably00:10
ignasi see :/00:10
efgeyou probably have to rethink the way you do your tests00:10
ignaswell - is there a way to stub twisted.internet.reactor in some way ?00:11
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srichterprobably not00:11
srichterwhy do you need to stub it?00:11
ignasso i could test the code that is calling reactor.spawnProcess and the likes ...00:12
ignasor is foing callLater ...00:12
srichterreactor.spawnProcess is called froma a mthod/function inside module someName right?00:13
srichterin that case you can do:00:13
srichtersomeName.reactor = MyStub()00:13
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ignassrichter, it works, thanks00:16
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srichterno problem00:17
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projekt01srichter, ayt?00:47
srichterprojekt01: what's up?00:48
projekt01I need it for the javascripts00:48
srichterwhat do you need for JS?00:48
srichterstill there?00:51
projekt01JS are object oriented, so the order is very importent, especially if you load some base libraries and custom libraries where override some parts.00:52
srichterwe could provide a basic viewlet manager implementation that supports weights00:53
projekt01+1, that would solve my usecase00:53
srichterok, feel free to do that00:54
srichterI am currently merging in Gary's requirements into zope.contentprovider00:54
projekt01Ok, I will add a default weighted viewlet manager00:55
srichterprojekt01: could you find me the original definition of "content provider" in the JAva world?01:02
projekt01the presentation movei?01:03
projekt01the presentation movie?01:03
srichterprojekt01: do you know some sort of official paper with the definition of content provider?01:03
srichterI had one once, but I cannot find the link anymore01:03
* projekt01 is looking for....01:04
srichterah, they just call it "provider"01:08
projekt01yes, provider will provide content01:08
projekt01or you can say "additional content" (additional to the main presentation view)01:10
srichterno, I want a link to strengthen my argument and documentation01:11
srichterI know what it means :-)01:11
srichtersomething like that for Access 1 would be good:
projekt01Access 1 ?, you mean for clarify the base for discussion?01:13
projekt01Yes, absolutly01:14
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projekt01 srichter, btw, this viewlets are really great to implement. I have allmost merged my pagelets in Tiks.01:18
srichterI am glad you like it01:18
projekt01they are really usable ;-)01:19
projekt01srichter, do you know what's about the idea to inject javascript code into headers with a pipeline? Is this idea still there or gone with viewlets or subviews?01:22
srichterwell, it could be replaced with a special view class using content providers, but in general it is still applicable01:24
srichteras I mentioned in the content proivder README.txt file, I think content providers are orthogonal to pipes01:25
projekt01yes, I agree.01:25
srichter(in other words they are independent concepts that can be used together)01:25
srichterso the proposal is definitely still on01:25
projekt01I'm not sure if the pipeline concept can recognize that a specific viewlet is used01:26
projekt01...means would be nice to be able to inject JS based on used viewlets01:27
srichterright, you would have viewlets that create some sort of marker for the next step in the pipe01:31
projekt01Ah, ok01:31
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masonfis there any way to put code in my TALS tags without editing any zcml02:02
masonf<tals:block content="python:here.doStuff()"></tals:block>02:03
srichterthe code above is already bad, because it contains Python expressions02:04
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gdsgdsgvddi am working on zope3.1 and getting error when trying to import zapi.servicenames.Authentication10:12
gdsgdsgvddthe error says componentLookupError: Authentication10:13
gdsgdsgvddand the line where this error is generated is :pluggableauth = zapi.getService(zapi.servicenames.Authentication, context=self.context)10:14
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gdsgdsgvddany idea....10:15
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d2mhow would i set the default FileFactory for FTP-upload for objects without extensions ? if i create an adapter with name="" i get a conflicting configuration action12:29
d2mok, i have put the adapter definition into 'etc/overrides.zcml' - very nice12:37
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srichterhdima: does the mkzopeinstance script use the PLAIN password manager by default?15:37
srichter(I guess we could also make SHA the default)15:37
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srichterhdima: also, will old principal.zcml files work with the new code?15:40
* andrew_m is away: post office.. back in ~30min15:40
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projekt01srichter, are you working on the content provider branch?15:46
srichterprojekt01: no, I am done15:46
projekt01Ok, can I merge the trunk back to the content provider branch?15:46
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projekt01srichter, ...for testing the Tiks packages where depends already on the new message factory15:48
hdimasrichter: yes and yes15:50
hdimamkzopeinstance lets you select a password manager to use15:51
srichterhdima: yeah, I saw that, so I guess you are ready to merge?15:52
srichterprojekt01: but that's no good, because the branch has to be workable itself15:52
hdimanot yet...15:52
hdimaI want to create a simple zpasswd script15:53
srichterprojekt01: note, however, that I merged all the code to the trunk now; yipee!15:53
srichterhdima: ahh, cool15:53
hdimaBut I want to merge the branch before weekend15:54
projekt01I guess the branch doesn't work since helmut was merging the message factory in only the viewlet package15:54
srichter(don'tforget to write a nice entry in CHANGES.txt ;-)15:54
hdimaOk :)15:54
srichterprojekt01: right15:54
srichterprojekt01: it's all fixed in the trunk now; at least I did not see any complaints15:55
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projekt01Did you cleanup the message factory checkin?15:56
projekt01Ah, ok15:57
srichterotherwise we would have many deprecation warnings15:57
projekt01That's fine15:57
projekt01srichter, ah cool, the viewlets are also landed in the trunk, so I can use the trunk again to test Tiks15:59
projekt01cool, the Tiks pagelet to viewlets are migrated, now I have to take a look at the latest content provider API changes.16:02
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srichterprojekt01: that should not be too problematic16:08
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projekt01ok, did you think about the portlet implementation since our last discussion?16:08
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srichterprojekt01: no, I did not have time yet16:18
srichterbut I am convinced that we will need a special view base class16:18
projekt01srichter, Ok, I let you know if I'm ready to start working on this16:20
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* andrew_m is back (gone 00:56:55)16:37
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srichtertarek: are you there?17:37
srichtertarek: what's the status of the XML-RPC discovery branch?17:39
tareksrichter, hi17:39
tareki need to merge it, i think i'll do it tonite or tomorrow17:40
tareki have added an alarm in my calendar for that ;)17:40
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srichterhdima: are you planning to finish the language namespace work before November 1 as well?17:44 is slow as heck17:50
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srichtertarek: yeah, sometimes it is17:53
hdimasrichter: yes, I'll merge it tomorrow17:54
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srichterphiliKON: what's the state of the "philikon-widget-subdirective" branch?17:55
philiKONdefunct i think17:56
philiKONi hadn't thought hard enough about the problem so i kept changing more and more stuff17:56
philiKONwas a mess17:56
srichterok, I'll remove it17:56
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srichterphiliKON: the "ZopeX3-3.0.0-Zope-2.8" branch is actively maintained, right?17:59
philiKONurr, no17:59
philiKONdelete it17:59
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srichterJ1m: are you planning to merge "jim-call-checkers" before November 1?18:14
srichterphiliKON: I get security proxied zope.i18nmessageid.message.Message objects; any ideas why?18:18
philiKONno. this shouldn't happen18:19
andresOne question: Does somebody now, whats the prefered way, to have multiple addforms with zope.formlib on one page, so they could be submittet together?18:19
philiKONsrichter, have you checked* ?18:19
andresbenji, ?18:19
srichterphiliKON: let me do this next18:19
srichterfrom where is protect() called?18:21
philiKONgrep -rI "protect()" *18:21
srichtersince I saw this problem first in functional tests in SchoolTool, I suspect this function is never called18:22
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philiKONsrichter, i remember there was a discussiona bout this module & function18:24
philiKONbut i don't rememberr the consensus18:24
srichterme too18:25
srichterI also get suddenly a lot of implicit i18n:translate warnings; I guess the warning message did not work well with the old message id18:26
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benjiI'd use formlib18:30
faassenbenji: he asked the question on context of that already. :)18:30
benjioh, sorry too much to read :)18:30
d2mFileFactories need one named adapter per file extension -- do i copy/paste the same adapter definition for each extension ?18:31
andresbenji, but i cant use one of the baseclasses then, or?18:31
philiKONd2m, well, only the zcml directive...18:31
philiKONd2m, but yes18:31
d2mok, inside teh Factory class i have to check for the extension again - no ?18:32
philiKONif you need it for some reason, sure18:32
benjiandres, are you trying to have one for for adding one of two different content types?18:32
d2mphiliKON: i modified you 'page' content object, added a HTML source type (html is just passed through without modification), now trying to set the corret text type depending on file extension18:33
andresI want both: Adding multiple objects (same schema) at once, and Adding multiple objects with out of different schemas.18:33
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philiKONd2m, ah. i think you can also register an unnamed filefactory adapter that will always be called18:34
philiKONd2m, then you can simply make that decision there18:34
andresbenji, does that answer your question?18:34
philiKONd2m, instead of registering it twice or three times18:34
d2mphiliKON:, yes, but that conflicts with the default adapter (--> File)18:35
benjiandres, I'm afraid I still dont understand, lets take one use case at a time, describe "Adding multiple objects (same schema) at once"18:36
philiKONd2m, make it an override :)18:36
d2mphiliKON: i did, but then i have no Files anymore18:36
philiKONyou can still create files upon other extensions18:36
d2mwell sure18:36
andresbenji, Lets say, i have a Object Answer. And i want to add 10 answers at once.18:36
benjiandres, ah, ok... thinking18:37
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benjiandres, the best route would probably be to assign a different prefix to each form so you can tell them apart18:40
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andresbenji, i have that.18:45
benjiok, so tha's working?18:45
andresBut then you have to rewrite the @action stuff, because if you write @action('Add'... it only works with the prefix you set before.18:46
andresthat means, you just add one object.18:46
andresAs all other have to have a different prefix.18:47
srichterok, the way protect() is called is inheritely broken, I think18:48
benjiandres, don't know about that; I don't think I've used actions yet :/18:49
andresbenji, till now i thought, you wrote zope.formlib ;-)18:49
benjinope :)18:50
benjiformlib is J1m's fault18:50
srichterphiliKON: yep, so the NoProxy is not set during functional tests18:50
andresNot that i say anybody is to fault because of that, but I _hate_ the feeling, that i have to rewrite even more...18:51
* andres is lazy.18:52
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VladDracif I want to restore some non-serializable state, what method do I need to hook into?18:59
VladDracI thought __getstate__ but that doesn't seem to work18:59
srichterI think you need both, __getstate__ and __setstate__19:01
srichterand you need to be able to refer to the object19:01
srichtersee zope.component.site19:01
VladDracwhat's in
VladDraczope.component.adapter uses getstate/setstate19:02
VladDrachmm ok I need to hook into setstate19:06
VladDracit's from an objectperspective (set the data in the object from zodb), not the other way around19:07
VladDracstill feels like a hack though19:07
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philiKONif you can afford having your object reconstructed from scratch, you can also use __reduce__19:09
philiKONit returns a tuple of arguments that should be passed to __init__ to recreate the object19:10
VladDracdo you know of any examples/docs? I don't really see how this works19:12
philiKONpython lib reference...19:14
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efgewhat's the name for a subscriber that's a multiadapter, a multi-subscriber ?19:20
philiKONi guess so :)19:21
philiKONthere's no explicit name in the api for it, though19:21
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VladDracI give up19:37
VladDracI'll never reach zope3-zen19:37
VladDracanother hour wasted on trivial functionality :\19:38
benjiwhat are you trying to do, VladDrac?19:38
VladDractrying to handle/recover from errors in a formlib add action19:38
VladDracbut okay, never mind, I'll work around it :)19:39
* VladDrac 's just slightly frustrated19:40
VladDracand my customer is getting annoyed at me for not getting any real results19:40
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andresVladDrac, i know this feeling way too good...19:56
andresnot comming forward, wasting time, and no real results...19:56
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J1mI haaaaaaaaaaate svn:externals.20:46
SteveAwe're finishing the switch of launchpad code to bzr tomorrow20:53
SteveAwith history20:53
SteveAour setup uses something similar to svn externals20:53
SteveAalso known as bazaar-ng, also known as bazaar 220:54
SteveAdistributed RCS system written in python20:54
SteveAthe distributed nature makes it nice for sprints20:54
SteveAyou can do lots of commits and stuff, and cross-merge between the work of different people at the sprint20:55
SteveAand then merge to mainline all in one go at the end20:55
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andresJ1m, is there a way to create multiple objects iin one addform? So, that i can fill out 10, submit them, and all are checked and created? (with zope.formlib i mean).21:15
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J1mBut you can't using an adding then.21:16
J1mYou would need to override a bunch of the add form logic.21:16
andresThis doesnt seem to be done easily because when I use prefixes, the Add action only works either not, or only with one of those (that with the same prefix)21:16
J1mYou might be better off just creating a form from scratch, rather than using add form.21:16
J1mI don't know what you just said.21:17
J1mI wouldn't use the standard add form.21:17
J1mI'd create a custom form with formlib.21:17
andresOk, I will do so. Actually that is what i started to already... Just wanted to know if there is a easy way to it, that i overlooked.21:18
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srichterprojekt01: do we still need the roger-contentprovider branch?21:40
srichterI guess it contains some portlet code, but that could be moved somewhere else21:40
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srichterJ1m: are there any outstanding tasks (feature-wise) that have to be completed for 3.2, other than the ones already in progress22:21
srichterbtw, unfortunately, wget will not work for the static apidoc, since it does not replace all links to relative ones; so we have to write a custom utility22:24
J1mThis is even with the option telling it to replace relative links with absolute ones?22:24
srichteryes, telling it to replace the URLs to local relative paths22:25
srichterit replaces a few but not all22:25
J1mhm, odd22:25
J1mI don't know about tasks.22:25
srichterand I cannot just doa  search and replace, because it differs from directory to directory22:25
J1mI want to integrate the new test runner.22:25
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srichterI am looking forward to this22:26
J1mThat may be all I have time for,22:26
J1mI just integrated it w z2.22:26
srichterI saw22:26
J1mI want to add a feature to it before I add it to z3.22:26
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J1mSo that it has all of the functionality from the old one.22:27
J1mThat is probably all I'll get to do this week.22:27
srichterI really want to encourage Marius to port some of the ST test runner features, once you are done22:27
J1mI've got a few odds and ends that I'll do opportunistically if I have time.22:31
J1mI want to lool at projekt01's security issue.22:31
srichteryou could consider this a bug anyways ;-)22:32
srichterthere are a lot of bugs in the collector, so we will definitely need the time22:32
benjiJ1m, are we planning a bug day, or are we going to do them a bit at a time?22:33
J1mbenji, I think a bug day would be a fine idea after the freeze22:34
srichterWhat about November 4?22:34
srichtertoo early?22:35
J1mdunno :)22:35
srichterhe he22:35
J1mIf you schedule I'll come,22:35
J1mI don't know about others here.22:35
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srichterprojekt01: can we remove the roger-contentprovider branch?22:58
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* srichter notices that roger does not want to talk tohim today :-(23:27
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