IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-10-26

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efgeI'm trying to define a new configuration directive. <five:containerEvents transitional="true/false"/>. I want to allow it to be present several times, BUT I want all of them to have the same value for transitional, otherwise fail. I don't think zconfig can do that, can it ?01:39
efgeI'll have to use a None discriminator I think and check conflicts by hand in my handler01:43
projekt01srichter, here I am01:44
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projekt01srichter, yes you can delete the contentprovider and sourcequeryview branches (sourcequeryview was the grant search UI work along time ago)01:48
projekt01I only need the bostonskin branch01:49
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q[monty]anybody want to help a zope2 hacker trying to make the transition?02:55
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projekt01MacYet, are you andreas?11:54
projekt01I try to fix the JSONRPC implementation, seems to be the same issue like in XMLRPC.11:56
MacYEThm...where is the problem?11:56
projekt01I don't know I saw a mail about the issu in XMLRPC, seems that the response factory don't get called11:56
MacYETi fixed that some days ago11:57
projekt01Yes, I saw that, now I have to fix the jsonserver package form Jim Washington11:57
MacYETwell, hard to tell anything without knowing what's going wrong :)11:58
projekt01it's a external package (it's not your fault)11:58
projekt01Ok, then I guess I just have to find the right order weight for the JSON RPC registration11:59
projekt01MacYet, thanks, that will help if I know that XMLRPC works.12:00
MacYETthe might be the problem12:00
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projekt01MacYet, everything is fine in jsonserver now, was sending a patch to Jim.12:19
projekt01MacYet, btw. cool work the publication factory registration!12:19
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projekt01hi dobee12:42
projekt01dobee, are you comming to zuerich in two weeks at our mini-sprint?12:43
dobeewhich date12:43
projekt01the target are the formlib and viewlets12:43
* projekt01 is looking for find the date in dominiks mail12:44
projekt01evertime the second thuesday each month, should be the 8. november12:46
projekt01should I send a reminder mail to you if dominik will send the announcement12:47
dobeei write it in my calendar, but i don't know if i can come, because we have a lot of project work  and i have a deadline for a project at 15th, is it ok if i can inform you if i come on 7th12:49
dobeeprojekt01: i think it's 90% that i can come12:50
dobeebad english12:51
projekt01no problem12:51
projekt01btw, I guess Daniel will also be there (the guy how improved the pdftemplate package)12:52
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* MacYET is away: Blicket auf zum Retterblick, Alle reuig Zarten, Euch zu sel'gem Glueck, Dankend umzuarten!14:08
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projekt01srichter, ayt?14:41
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srichterprojekt01: btw, Tom from SchoolTool will also look at pdftemplate14:42
projekt01Can you take a look at line 26514:43
projekt01there is: if self.min_length is not None and len(value) < self.min_length:14:43
projekt01but min_lenght is "0" as default and not None.14:44
projekt01srichter should I implement a BytesOrFileChunk(Bytes) field for get rid of the file bug for the next release?14:46
projekt01otherwise we can't handle large files and validate them ;-)14:47
projekt01because uses on large file data a FileChunk object and the Bytes field will vaidate them as string14:48
projekt01What do you think? I would be happy to add this, so I can get rid of this bugfix in Tiks.14:49
* projekt01 srichter, I just go the get a coffee, I don't ignore you....14:55
* MacYET is back (gone 01:05:48)15:13
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projekt01srichter, ayt?15:26
srichterbenji: I just a bad bug in mechanize15:27
srichterprojekt01: yeah, here15:28
benjioh, no, you just a bad bug!15:28
srichterbenji: I just found a bad bug in mechanize15:28
benjisrichter, can you reproduce it and mail the mechanize list about it?15:29
srichterwhen you say browser.close(), the response is not closed15:29
srichterwell, it is not easily reproducable15:29
benjiHe's about to release a new version, can you send him a patch15:29
srichterI just noticed it when I opened a lot of links15:29
srichterI got a "too many files opened" error15:30
srichterbecause the response file is never closed15:30
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srichterI think it is a design issue15:30
srichterbecause when you open a new URL, it should also close the response15:31
srichterso it is not just one place (maybe) that needs fixing15:31
srichterdepending where browser.close() is called15:31
srichteroh, browser.close() is broken even more ;-)15:32
benjia workaround might be to delete the browser object and create a new one15:32
srichterit sets the history to None and not an empty list; sigh15:32
benji(I don't know if other things hold a reference to the opened objects)15:32
srichterthe workaround is simple:15:33
benjiyeah, the None thing sounds like a bug15:33
benjiok, so are you saying that we can fix it in testbrowser?15:33
srichterof course, I would rather fix mecahnize, because that's what I am using for the static apidoc maker15:34
benjiahh, ok15:35
benjiwell, I need to go to work now, I'll talk to you later15:35
srichteroh, I found another bug :-)15:35
srichterbenji: see ya15:35
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srichterprojekt01: aehm, I cannot remember, the file versus byes issue15:36
srichterI think it would be good to send a message to the ML and ask for opinion15:36
projekt01the data field of the IFile interface uses a Bytes field15:37
projekt01and this field validates strings15:37
srichterI thought this was addressed in the jhauser-... branch?15:37
projekt01and not FileChunk15:37
srichteralso, Jim was talking about BLOB support and so on15:38
projekt01Yup, this means it's not fixed in the next release15:38
srichterprojekt01: I think a new field would be okay, but not in zope.schema15:38
srichtersince zope.schema does not know about the publisher15:38
srichterand thus FileChunk15:38
projekt01Ok, I think we should work on the IFile implementation after the next release15:39
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zbirsrichter: I'm poking through the zope3-dev archives on gmane, looking for examples of sql PAU plugins.17:57
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zbirIt looks like they ( and/or others?) were pruned from
srichteryes, but there is a SQL plugin17:58
srichterat least we wrote one last year during the isar sprint17:58
zbirdo you know where it got to? It's no longer in, and the IsarSprint wiki suggests that it was at some point in the past in (which is also no longer the case).18:10
srichterlet me check18:17
srichterzbir: you are right, it must have got lost in some of the refactorings18:24
srichterzbir: so the right thing would be to revive it and put it back18:24
zbirI've gone back to some of the older tags18:24
zbirnone of the 3.1.0 tags seems to have it.18:25
srichterno, it would have been gone during the CA refactorings18:25
projekt01srichter, I have everything fixed in Tiks. What the next step for zope.portlets?18:25
srichterprojekt01: I have not thought about it at all :-)18:26
srichterprojekt01: I am trying to get the release lined up18:26
projekt01ok, then I will work on the boston skin first18:27
srichteryeah, that would be great18:27
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srichterI would be tempted to include the boston skin in the release, if it works well18:27
projekt01Ok, I'll start tonight or at least tomorrow18:27
projekt01cool, then I'll start now ;-)18:28
zbirI found a revision where it at least existed. That should give me enough to go on for now. Thanks, srichter18:28
srichteryou are welcome18:28
zbirlooks like it disappeared back at r2971418:32
zbirheh, pretty simple :)18:33
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fdrakephiliKON, hey18:39
philiKONhey fdrake18:39
fdrakewas talking w/ Tres about 2.918:39
fdrake(product configuration)18:39
fdrakewe'll have it for 2.9  :-)18:39
philiKONfdrake, let's head over to #z3-base18:39
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srichterfdrake: philiKON: please remember feature freeze is on Tuesday18:40
philiKONsrichter, thinking about nothing else these days18:41
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baldtrolis there a known issue with zope3.1final's catalogs?  i've been able to google a few related issues, but i can't seem to find a fix...19:50
srichterno, not that I know of19:52
baldtrolhmm.  when i try to register a catalog on a fresh mkzopeinstance install, i get this: ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass>, '')19:53
srichterplease report it on the mailing list19:54
baldtrolwill do...  i just saw it there already, without a fix listed, i didn't want to keep reporting something that's already in the works19:54
srichterbaldtrol: try the trunk first though19:54
baldtrolwill do19:55
tareksrichter, were do you move implemented proposals on the z3 wiki ?20:07
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srichtertarek: OldProposals20:09
srichternote that the old proposals are sorted alphabetically and have their state behind them20:10
tareksrichter, ok all done20:12
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yotaffhi :)20:24
yotaffI have a trunked message id :         Id of the version history related to the version controlled20:24
yotaff        If this isn't set (is None), \n20:24
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yotaffphiliKON: ayt ?20:24
yotaffdo you have the same problem in other .po files ?20:26
philiKONsorry, dunno20:26
philiKONi'm a bit busy right now20:26
philiKONmaybe ask the other translators on the zope3-i18n list20:26
yotaffoki thx20:27
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J1msrichter, tarek
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* tarek is reading the buildbot21:02
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benjitarek, I ran the tests from the revision just before your checkin and they all passed21:07
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tarekbenji, i am trying to figure out why they pass on my box21:08
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strichtertarek: try a completely fresh checkout21:09
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tarekit's a fresh checkout, but i am re-checking again21:10
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tarekstrichter, it lists the rpc methods from the publisher/xmlrpc/README.txt doctest21:16
strichterI saw the failure, but I am doing research right now, so I cannot look into it21:16
benjitarek, do you think you'll be able to fix the failure?21:18
tareki'm trying to make it fail on my box as well21:19
tarekbecause it passed when i comited it, there's something wrong with my environment21:19
benjitarek, a fresh checkout (not an update) does not fail on your box?21:19
tarekno, it doesn't21:20
tareki did a fersh checkout for the merge21:20
benjidid you do a fresh checkout after the merge?21:20
tarekno, i am doing it now21:21
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tarekbenji, ok i can reproduce it now, if i launch the test for the whole zope21:28
tareki can therefore fix it21:28
strichtereek, sounds like one test is not cleaning up after itself21:28
tarekyes the publisher/xmlrpc21:29
tareki am catching the rpc methods21:29
tarekof its readme.txt21:29
tarekwhat's the proper way the clean it up ?21:30
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benjitarek, without looking into it more deeply, I can't offer suggestions for a fix21:45
sureshvvbenji... can i use zope3 testbrowser to test a zope2 site?21:46
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benjisureshvv, you can technically (testbrowser also has the ability to access any site via http) but no one is doing it right now21:47
sureshvvi tried... got all kinds of errors21:48
sureshvvi like what you have done over mechanize21:48
tarekbenji, it seems that the context (xmlconfig.string) settled in publisher/xmlrpc test is not cleaned up, and is inherited in the xmlintrospection package test, so i am trying to figure out how to clean it so when my test starts, there's no previous xml directive21:48
sureshvvany plans to make a mechanize distro21:48
benjisureshvv, I've made an alpha distribution, but really need to spend more time to make a proper dist.21:49
benjisureshvv, see zope/testbrowser/over_the_wire.txt for an example21:49
benjitarek, the tearDown for the publisher/xmlrpc test should do the cleanup21:51
tarekbenji, ok i found the problem21:53
sureshvvbenji... is Tim Peters here>21:53
benjisureshvv, he's "here" as in he's sitting next to me, but I don't know if he's on IRC...21:53
*** natea|away is now known as natea21:54
benjisureshvv, he's not in IRC right now21:54
sureshvvbenj... i sent him email on windows zope builds21:54
sureshvvbenji... can i checkout zope3 under the site-packages folder of python?21:55
benjisureshvv, you can't check it out into site-packages, but you can install it into there21:56
sureshvvbenji... it would be nice to do "svn up" from there  :)21:57
benjisureshvv, I have to go at the moment, but would like to talk about this later21:59
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tarekbenji, do you know if there's another way to clean up directives in tearDown, that using a provideView with None for factory, because this is not working22:06
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strichteryou shoule be able to simply call placelesssetup.tearDown()22:16
strichtertarek: that clears all registrations22:16
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tarekstrichter, a call to placelesssetup.tearDown() brakes  a bunch of functional tests22:20
strichtermmh, that should not be22:24
strichterare you functional tests failing?22:24
strichterohhh, I see22:24
strichteryou ftests are failing22:24
strichterwhy would you need to unregister something?22:24
tarekin the publisher/xmlrpc test in fact22:25
strichter(note that another method would be to not test for the entire XML output but just the subset you are interested in22:25
tarekyes but the results would vary if you calll the test alon or with other tests22:25
strichterthat's right22:26
tarekthe directives in  publisher/xmlrpc test are not well cleaned22:26
strichterbut you are only testing for the part you are interested in22:26
strichterahh, I see22:26
tarekand they pop as xmlrpc methods22:26
tarekbut if i use placelesssetup.tearDown() there, the upcoming test don't like it too much22:27
tarekplacelesssetup.tearDown() looks too powerfull :)22:27
strichternot, if you are in a unittest22:28
strichteryou cannot use placeless tearDown in ftests of course22:28
tarekits all functional tests there,22:29
strichterright, you cannot use the method for this22:29
strichterare the directive tests inside functional tests?22:29
strichterthe publisher/xmlrpc ones I mean22:29
strichterahh, I see22:30
strichterI would suggest just fixing your test and use ...22:31
tarekit seems that ztapi.provideView called with None for the factory argument does not remove it22:31
strichtermaybe it is not an identical registration?22:31
tarekthe "for" is similat22:32
strichterit needs to be identical; otherwise it will not work22:32
strichter(including provides and name)22:33
tareki am going to use ellipsis22:34
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tarekI am fixing this one now, and i can commit the fix
*** strichter is now known as srichter23:02
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