IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-10-29

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srichtercan base64 encodings contain newline characters?00:02
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tarek_srichter, no i don't think00:04
srichtermmh, strange00:05
srichterthe base64 lib seems to do it00:05
srichterafter 76 characters00:05
srichterif I remove the newline, it does not affect the hash at all00:05
srichterahhhh, section 2.100:06
srichtersays there is a 76 char line limit00:06
srichterbecause of MIME00:06
srichterok, so I just remove the newline char00:06
tarek_oh yeah right00:06
srichterI hate browsers00:08
srichterI tried to urlquote some text and put it into a link00:08
srichterbut the stupid browser unquotes this text before sending it as the URL to the server00:09
srichterthis totally stinks00:09
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efgesrichter: you can use binascii.b2a_base64 it only adds one newline at the end00:14
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srichterefge: thanks00:17
tarek_srichter, wich function where you using ?00:31
tarek_srichter, because b64encode() works fine00:33
tarek_oh ok, what does "legacy" means in english ?00:35
efgeold and not really used anymore00:36
tarek_ok, i thaught it was because it sticked to the rfc00:36
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philiKONhi srichter08:29
philiKONsrichter, got a minute?08:29
srichterjust a minute08:30
philiKONgetAllUtilitiesRegisteredFor() is supposed to return *all* utilities...08:30
philiKONso, imagine you have a site and a site nested in that08:30
philiKONlet's call them site and subsite08:30
philiKONat each level you register a utility for IFoo08:30
philiKONgetAllUtilitiesRegisteredFor(IFoo) will return [IFooUtility at subsite, IFooUtility at site] ?08:31
* philiKON doesn't really understand the semantics of getAllUtilitiesRegisteredFor08:31
srichterI cannot remember what the semantics of the function is08:31
srichterI think it had an important function at some point, but I think it is not needed anymore08:31
srichterbut I think your intuition is right08:32
srichterit should collect the utilities from all subsites08:32
srichtereven if the utility is overridden08:32
srichterI am not sure how much sense that function makes though08:33
srichterbtw, I got a better working static apidoc going08:44
srichterI was able to decrease the links by removing some bugs08:45
srichterit also reduces the generation time to little over an hour08:45
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