IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-10-30

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projekt01srichter, ayt?02:42
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newpersI was reading an article about PyCon, where Michael Bernstein and Andy Dustman wrote a weblog application for Zope3.  Is it online?07:44
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philiKONit is *somewhere*07:59
philiKONthey once asked about putting it on the z3base08:00
philiKONwe would've welcomed that08:00
philiKONbut in the end they weren't happy with the open development model of codespeak08:00
philiKONat least so it seemed08:00
philiKONhaven't heard from them since08:00
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philiKONit's too bad b/c i think if it were at the z3base, people would've picked it up, developed it further etc.08:06
philiKONlike you :)08:06
newperslike me :)08:08
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philiKONsure, why not08:25
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projekt01srichter, ayt?15:14
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srichterprojekt01: yep15:14
srichterprojekt01: sorry I missed you last night15:15
projekt01I need to implement ordered viewlets for the bsoton skin15:15
projekt01What the preferred way to do this?15:15
tiredbonesprojekt01, what is the boston skin?15:16
projekt01tirebones, a replacement for the rotterdam skin15:17
srichterprojekt01: Implement a viewlet manager that knows how to sort viewlets by weight15:18
srichterwe probably also need a way to specify a schema of special data that can be passed in from the directive15:18
projekt01I would like to use a interface IOrderedViewlet and so we can set the weight in the metaconfigure directive if this interface is implemented15:19
projekt01Ah, you mean a generic concept with a schema for additional attributes where are used in metaconfigure.15:20
srichtercall it IWeightedViewlet15:20
srichterall viewlets are sorted, just not by weight all the time ;-)15:21
srichterprojekt01: right15:21
projekt01That would be cool and very useable concept for the future15:21
srichterI know15:22
projekt01What should I do with the boston skin right now? Should we wait with releasing the boston skin15:22
srichterI just did not have time to implement this yet15:22
srichterprojekt01: no, you can still implement the viewlet manager15:23
srichterexcept that the weight on the viewlets will be strings and not integers15:23
srichterso when you sort you have to convert them15:23
srichteror your viewlet implements a method called getWeight that does the conversion for you15:24
projekt01Ok, I'll implement this. I'll be ready tomorrow morning. Do you have time for a review, tomorrow?15:25
projekt01How long will the trunk be frozen? Or do you support a branch for the release?15:27
srichter2-3 weeks15:27
srichtershorter if people are too annoyed15:27
projekt01Ok, so then we can add a branch for implementing portlets next week and share our ideas.15:29
srichterI wrote the greatest functional test ever this weekend! :-)15:37
projekt01for the apidoc?15:38
srichterits the static apidoc generator :-)15:39
srichterit tells me any URL that is broken and any ReST formatting isuse is the trunk15:39
projekt01cool, can you use it for check the interface docstrings?15:40
srichteryes, but you could do that before too15:40
srichterjust open the apidoc interface documentation15:40
srichterand look at the concole for the output15:41
projekt01How big is the static version of apidoc?15:42
srichterI think it is about 180 MB right now15:42
srichterwith 8000 links15:42
srichter8477 links to be precise15:42
srichterthere is a lot of information duplication right now15:43
srichterthe static apidoc will definitely be not the kind of thing that you want to ship with the distribution, but that's ok15:43
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srichterI don't care how big it is really15:43
srichterthere can be some optimization for the size15:44
srichterfor example, som interfaces are documented three times15:44
srichterand I can bring it down to 2, if I would try hard15:44
projekt01I think that's ok for a initial version.15:46
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philiKONsrichter, is formlib going to be part of zope 3.2?18:21
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srichterphiliKON: aehm, I think so18:29
philiKONjust making sure18:30
philiKONquestion is, whether to include it in zope 2.9 then18:30
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srichterphiliKON: do you know how to turn off deprecation warnings?19:01
philiKONsorry, no19:01
srichterok, thanks19:01
efgesrichter: see WarningInterceptor in
efgehm that's probably not what you want19:03
srichterok, that's what I thought I had to do19:03
srichterI was just hoping the arning package had something better19:04
srichterI just want to disable deprecation warnings while running the static apidoc generator19:04
philiKONwasn't there a command line for python?19:05
efgesrichter: see ZODB/tests/testZODB.py19:05
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srichterefge: ok, this looks good19:06
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srichterJ1m: what would be the best way to contribute docsting fixes to ZODB?19:27
J1muh, is that a trick question?19:28
srichtercan I just edit the external on the trunk and check it in?19:28
philiKONsrichter, no19:28
J1mYou can check out zodb19:28
philiKONsrichter, you have to check them in on a zodb check out19:28
J1mmake the fixes19:29
srichteror do I go to the trunk version of ZODB?19:29
J1mand check them in.19:29
J1myou go to whatever version you want to change19:29
srichterbut the externals we have are tags, right19:29
srichterso they should not change19:29
J1mIf you want to contribute changes to zodb, you need to check out zodb.19:30
J1mIf you want to get those into zope, you need to change the externals.19:31
J1mYou can't check in changes to tags19:31
J1mso, you check in changes on branches and either make new tags, or use revisions rather than tags.19:31
J1min your externals.19:31
srichterI guess it would be best to ask Tim to create new tags for the externals19:32
J1muh, sure19:33
J1mI don't really like using tags for externals.19:33
J1mI prefer revision numbers.19:33
J1mI'm sick of the madness of making new tags just to get a change19:33
srichterok, that would lower the bar a lot19:33
philiKONalso, i just realized another advantage of using -r for externals instead of tags19:34
philiKONwhen somebody changed the external and you do svn up, you don't get an .OLD directory19:34
philiKONinstead it updates the existing directory19:34
philiKONto the new revision19:34
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srichterphiliKON: btw, the generation time for the static apidoc dropped to 3200 secs, ~8500 links and ~190 MB19:56
philiKONnice, so a little less than an hour19:57
srichterI think it could drop another 10-20 minutes, if the code browser would point interface detail links to the interface documentation module instead of rendering the interface details again19:58
* philiKON just managed to build zope 2 using zpkgutils19:58
philiKONof course, the main work was already done by fdrake earlier when he added the DEPENDENCIES.cfg and SETUP.cfg for all the zope 2 packages where necessary19:59
philiKON(e.g. C extension modules)19:59
srichterbut getting it built too s nice as well19:59
philiKONstill, i'm happy since i don't understand zpkgutils all that well ;)19:59
philiKONit's important for me, now i don't have to copy in a pre-built zope 3.2 tree into lib/python/zope20:00
philiKONi can now build zope 3.2 inside zope 220:00
srichterI think this is the overall benefit of everyone using zpkgtools20:01
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