IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-10-31

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newpersso... is anyone interested in building a cms with me?  just think of the contributions you'd be making to zope3 along the way!  heh00:06
projekt01newpers, I start next month building a intranet solution00:07
projekt01based on Tiks00:07
projekt01newpers, interested?00:08
newpersi'm not familiar with Tiks00:09
projekt01doesn't matter, Tiks is just a collection of useful zope3 packages00:09
newperscan I msg you?00:10
projekt01of course00:10
projekt01but you must be logged in by freenode00:10
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xenruI'm just update my playground to python 2.4 and z3.1-final, now I cannt start z3 and get very strange errors.01:09
xenruThis is last line from t/b: "c:\zope3\lib\python\hivurt\types\configure.01:11
xenruzcml", line 6.2-9.801:11
xenru    NameError: name '_' is not defined01:11
xenrubut there is no _ in c:\zope3\lib\python\hivurt\types\configure.zcml01:12
projekt01it's in the class missing where is defined in line 6 - 9 in the configure.zcml01:13
xenruthis code work with previews versions01:14
xenruand python files with this class compiled w/o any problems01:15
projekt01there where changes in (ZopeMessageIDFactory to ZopeMessageFactory)01:16
projekt01normaly uses this for field title and description01:17
xenruI should add some lines to my code/01:18
projekt01grep for ZopeMessageFactory and see how this is used01:21
bob2newpers: I'd be interested01:22
projekt01bob2, I talked to newpers, but now her is joining the nightlive I guess.01:22
projekt01bob2, drop him a note by mail01:23
bob2mainly to learn01:23
xenruprojekt01: ok, I'll look for it01:24
projekt01xenru, does it work?01:24
xenruis Tiks trunk already have this changes?01:24
projekt01The Tiks trunk is under refactoring (viewlet implementation) but will be working tomorrow again based on the newest z3 trunk01:25
bob2oh, yum01:26
xenruprojekt01: If you can plz look to this code, and this error message
xenruthat is what ia have01:33
* projekt01 is looking at...01:34
xenruI cannt find problems, this is very simple code01:34
projekt01can you paste the content of c:\zope3\lib\python\hivurt\types\configure01:35
projekt01Ok, can you past interfaces.py01:37
xenrumay be problem there01:37
xenruI remove definition of _01:37
xenrufor translations01:38
projekt01from import ZopeMessageFactory as _01:38
xenruthank you01:38
projekt01no problem01:38
xenrunow I understand that this is time to sleep :)01:39
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xenruIt's work, thank you again01:47
projekt01srichter, ayt?01:57
projekt01srichter, the "pagetip" is a sample for a global variable set in the master template where a viewlet should read ;-)01:59
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srichterprojekt01: I am here02:38
srichterthough you could argue that there should be an adapter for this or another content provider ;-)02:39
projekt01I guess we should register the pagetip as a viewlet, "a tooltip page itself is a viewlet"02:41
projekt01a pagetip is nothing more then a viewlet registred for the right view and context02:42
projekt01srichter, is there a way to read global variables in a viewlet where the viewlet manager doesn't set?02:46
projekt01I guess no02:46
projekt01should the TALES expression not update the viewlet __dict__ instead of the viewlet managers __dict__02:50
projekt01This would allow more generic and manager independent viewlet implementations02:50
projekt01Otherwise the viewlets are really restricted to the manager logic. I think that's OK for all methods and attributes, but is this really useful for global TAL variables?02:52
projekt01srichter, Ok I see the viewlet manager is a content provider and the TALSE expression doesn't know about viewlets and there's now way to udpate them.02:57
projekt01Ok, I will remove the pagetip viewlet implementation, we can register the pagetip as a viewlet later in the relevant packages.02:58
projekt01srichter, is there a method to get the a element id in testbrowser?03:04
projekt01srichter, ayt?03:19
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projekt01srichter, the boston skin is ready for a review03:32
srichterprojekt01: very cool03:33
projekt01I got some ftests error, can you check it03:33
srichterprojekt01: no, I don't think testbrowser works witht he id03:33
projekt01I checked the browser.contents output like:  '"foobar"...'03:34
srichterwhy can you not check by name?03:34
projekt01by name?03:35
srichteractually is does id03:35
projekt01what is getLink?03:35
srichterits a method of the TestBrowser class03:36
projekt01I think I have to look at the testbroser API again ;-)03:36
projekt01Ok, let me know if it's ok or if I should change something tomorrow. Otherwise feel free to merge it to the trunk.03:37
projekt01but don't use it as the default skin, I guess we have to fix some small layout issue for the different browsers first.03:38
projekt01srichter, see you tomorrow03:39
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newpersbob2, ayt?05:22
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suse-joeHi! I can't find a single example on how to use display widgets like input widgets. I want to generate a simple view of a content object from the schema like addform/editform do it for the input forms. Any hints?09:36
dobeesuse-joe:  use browser:schemadisplay directive09:40
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suse-joedobee:Thanks! That's what I am looking for.09:45
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jintyI'm a bit confused by the zpkgtools setup of, how I should add the dependency of on In DEPENDENCIES.cfg for or PACKAGE.cfg for
jintyguess I'm asking what is the zpkgtools strategy for
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philiKONmorning J1m13:09
J1mgood evening13:10
philiKONhehe, yeah13:13
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projekt01srichter, ayt?13:59
srichteryeah, but still booting14:11
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efgebtw I plan on fixing (IObjectCopiedEvent should reference the original) today, before the feature freeze15:12
sidnei /j #z3-base15:13
sidnei /j #z3-base15:13
sidneihey efge15:13
efgehi sidnei15:14
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dlkhi, i am looking for info about Python Interfaces (decalre interfaces in Python for objects).15:38
philiKONdirectlyProvides(obj, *interfaces)?15:38
dlkI know that there is onw for zope3 but can it be used outside the zopeworld too?15:39
philiKONsure, if you use zope.interface separately15:39
philiKONit's available as a stand-alone python package15:40
dlkaha! how much will it brake with zope 2.7?15:40
philiKONnot at all15:40
philiKONjust install it15:41
dlkthe scenario is that I have a python module that we need to use in both zope and in a nonz-ope envireonment. We cannot use z3 yet, so i am looking for alternatives that let me use this in zope 2 and then ease the migration path to zope3, without requireing the moduels to use zope15:41
philiKONagain, zope.interface is available separately15:41
philiKONyou can sure use that in any python project15:41
dlkright. great! i need to rip it out myself from zope3, or can it be downloaded separately?15:42
philiKONthere's a download15:42
dlkgoodie! Thanks Philipp:)15:42
philiKONde nada, dario15:43
sidneidlk: if you are on ubuntu, there's a python2.3-zopeinterface package15:43
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dlksidnei:  thanks, but we develop on gentoo and deploy on RHEL4. And we need to provide RPMS to the server guys .)15:45
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srichternatea|away: so you are learning Zope 3 now? :-)16:09
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natea|awaysrichter, yup, trying to ;)16:32
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nateafor now, just using Five16:33
nateasrichter, are you interested in talking at the next python meetup,16:36
nateato compare Zope 3 and the other emerging web frameworks?16:36
srichterI don;t know any other frameworks ;-)16:37
srichterI certainly do not have time and desire to investigate them16:37
srichterI would be happy to talk about Zoep 3 itself though16:37
nateai think chris curvey was thinking of some kind of "bake off" where there could be a discussion of zope 3 in the context of these other frameworks16:40
srichterok, cool16:40
srichterI need to make sure to remember to come16:40
srichterit is downtown, right?16:41
nateai.e. he would talk about turbogears and django,16:41
nateaand you could talk about zope316:41
srichterok, sure16:41
nateayes, the next one is at nature conservancy16:41
nateachauncey, near boylston T stop16:41
nateayou should talk to chris about the mtg logistics16:42
philiKONah, the T... /me misses boston16:42
srichterok, will do16:42
srichterolease remind me again, if you do not hear from me ina  week16:42
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tiredbonessrichter, Is anyone allowed to come this meeting in Boston?17:23
srichtertiredbones: yep, anyone is welcome17:24
srichterit is one of those meetings17:24
tiredbonessrichter, How do I find the time and place?17:25
srichtertiredbones: good question; for one you can go to and lookup the Boston Python meetup group17:26
srichterwe also have a mailing list where things get announced17:26
tiredbonessrichter, thanks -I've been looking for something in this area. Up here in Maine not to much goes on in these LUG. Mad Dog use to have them NH, but when he left things kinda when by-the-way side.17:29
srichteroh, I did not know he is not in New England anymore17:30
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VladDracis PAS in zope3.1?18:00
J1mNo, but PAU is.18:02
VladDracand how do pas and pau relate?18:03
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J1mpau is a similar framework inspired by PAS.18:04
VladDracah ok18:05
VladDracVladDrac: what's the current state of PAS in zope3? How does it relate to the "traditional" zope3 security mechanisms?18:06
VladDracsrichter: VladDrac: it is finished and will be released in Zope 3.118:06
VladDracis not true?18:06
VladDrac(from an old log)18:06
philiKONpau is in zope 3.118:07
VladDracyes but pau is not pas, right?18:07
philiKONpau is a zope 3 reinterpretation of pas18:08
philiKONpau is for zope 3 what pas is for zope 218:08
philiKONlike J1m said18:08
VladDracah ok I actually thought pas was developed for zope3 and backported to zope218:08
philiKONpas was developed for zope 218:09
philiKONthen reinterpreted in terms of the CA for zope 318:09
VladDracok, now I understand, so there will never be anything replacing pau18:09
* VladDrac somehow thought zope3 would move to pas, but now I understand :)18:10
VladDracdamn those TLA's!18:10
J1mpas was itself influenced by
philiKONheh, yeah18:11
srichterI was just about to say that :-)18:24
srichterZope 3 PAS -> Zope 2 PAS ->  Zope 3 PAU :-)18:24
philiKONZope 3 pluggableauth -> Zope 2 PAS -> Zope 3 PAU18:26
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srichterpluggableauth was known as PAS then18:30
srichterpluggableauth was merely the package of PAS18:30
philiKONhmm; i never heard it being called PAS18:31
philiKONbut could be18:31
srichterlet me assure you it was :-)18:31
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philiKONprojekt01, was it you who refactored the sequence widget after x3 3.0?18:38
projekt01could be18:38
philiKONit's a lot less rebust now :(18:39
projekt01I guess I fix another refactoring if you mean that18:39
philiKONdunno, i just see that it got largely rewritten18:39
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philiKONand now pukes when used inside an objectwidget18:39
philiKONat least it seems so on my side18:40
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projekt01I think I just fixed the broken sequence __init__ constructor then18:40
projekt01if you mean this18:41
projekt01Did you implement a custom object widget factory?18:41
projekt01or a custom sequence widget factory?18:42
projekt01object widget will never work out of the box, you always need a custom implementation.18:42
projekt01Do you mean this part?18:42
philiKONbut i know about the custom impl18:43
philiKONanyways, never mind then18:43
philiKONwas somebody else i guess18:43
* philiKON could use svn blame, but not now18:43
* philiKON is in bugfixing mode18:43
philiKONnot checkin police mode ;)18:44
projekt01let me know if I'm guilty ;-)18:45
philiKONdon't worry18:45
philiKONi will ;)18:45
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J1mCrap, I'm finding lots of tests that only run in a certain order. :(18:51
J1mwell, some that only import in a certain order. :(18:52
J1mThat's very very bad18:53
srichterno kidding18:53
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J1mAll sorts of weird stuff going on in import.18:54
J1mLots of tests depending on side effects.18:54
J1mI guess I need to add an option to the test runner to run tests in a random order.18:55
sidneisounds like fun :)18:55
sidneimaybe run tests backwards18:55
srichterok, I'll be back later18:55
tiredbonesif I enter the path http://localhost:8080 in my browser, it starts. If I enter http://localhost:8080/hello I get an error in at line 117 with a KeyError: 'content". I'm using benji's Quick Start Guide.18:56
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tiredbonesCan someone explain?18:56
benjitiredbones, could you have typoed content instead of context?18:57
tiredbonesI hope not, I'll really feel bad.18:57
benjitiredbones, can you pastebin the template you're using for the HelloWorld object as well as the file?18:59
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* benji is away: I'm busy19:09
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JoaoJoaoIn Z3, how do I access an object given its URL (e.g. '/myobj/mycontainedobj')?19:24
philiKONwhere '..' is some relative path19:24
philiKONthat's not necessarily equal to url traversal, though19:25
philiKONzope 3 differentiates between url traversal and object graph traversal19:25
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JoaoJoaophiliKON: I'm trying to figure out how to use IPrincipalRoleManager inside an IPrincipalCreated event to give users from a principal source a special role19:29
philiKONwell, i guess you will want to give them a role on the site object19:30
philiKONnot just inside the site manager somewhere19:30
JoaoJoaoso, to obtain the site manager object, I use traverse('/')? Or am I on drugs? :)19:33
philiKONJoaoJoao, zapi.getSiteManager(persistent_principal) should work19:34
philiKONthat gets you the site manager19:34
philiKONit's parent would be the site19:34
JoaoJoaoI guess that'll do it, I'm used to Z2,Z3 is a bit different (better)19:35
J1mp4 -f19:39
J1mConfiguration file found.19:39
J1mRunning FUNCTIONAL tests from /home/jim/z3/3319:39
J1mParsing ftesting.zcml19:39
J1m/home/jim/z3/33/src/twisted/conch/ssh/ RuntimeWarning: PyCrypto not installed, but continuing anyways!19:39
J1m  RuntimeWarning)19:39
J1mThat's very annoying19:39
J1msrichter, ?19:40
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* benji is back (gone 00:36:53)19:46
JoaoJoaoSite Manager has no parent19:51
JoaoJoaoisn't there a zapi.getTheRootOfThemAll19:52
*** edherenow is now known as edgordon19:53
philiKONthere's zapi.getRoot()19:54
tiredbonesbenji,Sorry I did get right back to you, had pickup my son from school.I'll be glade to do the request. I want to see if I done something wrong first.20:01
benjisure, tiredbones, no problem20:02
JoaoJoaophiliKON: Now it works, thanks a lot20:02
philiKONde nada20:02
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tiredbonesbenji, I could not find anywhere in the code where context is used. Now, where would you like me to paste the template and the I haven't done all the guide, I'm only on page 7.20:36
srichterJ1m: I dunno how to get rid of the warning20:38
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benjitiredbones, will work20:40
J1mwe could rip out twisted. :)20:40
srichterof course20:42
srichterjust install pycrypto and be happy ;-)20:42
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benjitiredbones, the line <html metal:use-macro="content should end with context20:48
*** natea has joined #zope3-dev20:48
tiredbonestiredbones, turns red :(20:50
srichterbenji: can we add non-conventional things to buildbot?20:53
srichterI would like to have buildbot make release tar balls every night and run the tests20:53
J1msrichter, That's a great idea.20:54
srichterI would also like static-apidoc to run once every day20:54
srichterJ1m: so I guess it is possible :-)20:55
srichterI know that Brian (jinty) does this for SchoolTool every night20:55
jintysrichter: it brought up a Z3 bug that I am not too sure how to solve20:57
srichterwhat is it?20:58 depends on
jintybut I am not sure whether to add to the dependencies of
jintyor the collection20:59
jintyor both20:59
srichterjust do both to be safe :-)20:59
jintyguess I should add all the other dependencies of while i'm about it21:00
srichteryes, that would be great21:00
benjisrichter, yep building the static apidoc with buildbot would be ok, it would be even better if there are some tests we can run on the result21:02
benjibuilding nightly release tar balls doesn't seem to fit though, that seems more like a job for cron21:02
srichterUnfortunately there are currently 22 failures left in the apidoc generation, so we cannot test for purely positive output21:04
srichterwe could, however, (a) send the result always to the list and/or (b) check that there are not more failures than expected21:04
benjisrichter, if we did it now, I'd just not email failure reports until there are no expected failures21:05
srichterbenji: I think the nightly TAR ball is really important, since it (a) checks the building process and (b) runs the tests in a different setup21:05
srichterbenji: that would be fine too21:05
benjisrichter, for building the tar, I'd use cron, if you also want to run tests, then that would be a good job for buildbot21:06
benjiso I'm +1 on buildbot building and then testing nightly release tarballs21:06
srichteryeah, I want to run all the steps that are in releases/Zope-test.py21:06
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srichterJ1m: the progress bar does not behave correctly anymore21:15
srichterit does not calculate the width of the terminal to fit the test in21:16
tiredbonesWhat does buildbot stand for?21:16
srichternothing; it allows us to distribute testing21:17
srichtersee buildbot.zope.org21:17
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J1msrichter, huh?21:37
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efgeI haven't had time to do I'll try to do it tomorrow if nobody kills me because it's feature frozen22:01
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srichterJ1m: when I specify -vp to the test runner now, it does not show the current test23:07
srichterif I say -vvp it does show the tests23:08
srichterbut does not confine the length of the string to the width of my terminal23:08
srichterMarius had added some cool code to handle this and it was very useful23:08
J1msrichter, right, -vp doesn't show the current test. Given that a single -v normally doesn't print tests, I wouldn't expect -vp to.23:15
J1mAre you suggesting that -p be like a virtual -v?23:15
srichterno, I am sugesting that -vvp should be fixed :-)23:16
J1msrichter, I fon't like the idea of truncating test listings.23:16
srichterand confine the length of a single progress line to the width of my terminal window23:16
srichterI really did like it23:16
J1mI really didn't.23:16
srichterbecause I got one line of output for all tests23:16
srichternow I get thousands23:16
srichterI really want this back one way or another23:17
J1mI don't understand what you are saying.23:17
J1mWhen I use -p, I only get one line.23:17
J1mThat line might be wide.23:17
srichter-p only gives me progress, not the name of the test behind it23:18
J1m-pvv gives me one line23:18
srichternot for me23:18
J1massuming that my screen is sufficiently wide.23:18
srichterright, but what if it is not?23:19
J1mwhy don't you make your terminal wider.23:19
srichterbecause I don't need to23:19
J1mwhat is the point of showing the tests if you can't see what they are>23:19
srichterbecause the end is usually plenty info for me23:19
srichterright now all those ftests show the entire path, which is all useless info23:20
J1mnot to me23:20
srichterfor me it is23:20
J1mI'll look at it.23:21
srichterthere is always /opt/zope/Zope3/Zope3-Trunk/src/zope...23:21
J1mI don't use -p anyway. :)23:21
srichterok, good :-)23:21
srichterbecause  use it all the time23:21
srichterbecause I use it all the time23:21
srichterJ1m: btw, I am about to check in fixes that give us a fully functional release tar ball23:24
srichterit's in for anyone to try23:26
J1mI'm willing to truncate the lines at 80 characters.23:28
srichterthat's fine23:28
J1mI'm also willing to provide a command-line argument to change the max23:28
srichteras long as it is truncated at the beginning of the name23:29
J1mI don't want to rely on curses though.23:29
srichterthat's fine23:29
J1mI'm afraid that that will make the runner untestable.23:29
J1mI would want it to truncate in the middle.23:29
srichter80 is fine for me :-)23:30
srichteris that a joke?23:30
J1mBecause you want the test name.23:31
J1mThe test file name should be truncated.23:31
srichteroh, I see what you are saying23:31
srichterfor functional test text files you would want the beginning though23:31
* benji notes that terminals are sometimes < 80 characters wide23:31
srichterbenji: then you have an option to change it23:32
benjithis sounds really annoying, but I don't have the energy to argue23:33
srichterwell, Jim does not want to use curses23:33
*** zbir has quit IRC23:33
srichterso there is no choice23:33
*** efge has quit IRC23:39
*** zbir has joined #zope3-dev23:40
benjioh, srichter argueing with J1m is *always* a good choice  :)23:43
*** J1m has quit IRC23:48

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