IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-11-01

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newpersbob2, ayt?03:34
newperssorry, I stepped out for a sec03:46
newpersyesterday, you mentioned that you might be interested in working on a project.  are you still interested?03:46
newpersmsg me when you can, bob203:48
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romanofskimoin :)11:01
romanofskithe tutorial here is a bit confusing, because it suggests to use python 2.3.5, but python 2.4 is needed:
romanofskiI tried to change it, but I don't have the permission to do so11:02
d2mromanofski: Makefile says python2.4 too11:05
d2mromanofski: i'll change the link to
romanofskithanks - well... I was a bit confused about the makefile11:07
romanofskiand I changed the python version to 2.3, because this doc proposed to use python 2.3 :)11:07
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projekt01philiKON, hi12:49
projekt01did you found the custom widget bug?12:50
philiKONnot custom widget12:50
philiKONlist widget12:50
philiKONlist widget inside object widget, in particular12:50
philiKONi will try to file a bug report on this if i manage to reproduce in zope 312:51
philiKON(this was discovered in five)12:51
projekt01Does this really work? I guess the IObject widget usecases are not well tested.12:51
projekt01I'm not surprised if you will find a bug in a IObject field - widget combination;-)12:53
philiKONit should work12:53
philiKONwe have unit tests12:54
philiKONseriously, object widgets work quite ok12:54
philiKONeven in five they worked12:54
philiKONbut i had to make a fixin five to make them more robust with list widgets12:54
philiKONwhich was a tested use case in five functional tests12:54
philiKONit doesn't seem so in zope 312:54
philiKONwhich is why the bug was probably never discovered12:54
philiKONi'll investigate if i have time12:54
philiKONmy priorities are with five today, though12:55
projekt01I guess this usecase is not tested in z312:55
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tiredbonesbenji, after I added the attribute "menu" and "title" to the directive browser:page, I then restart zope and click on the hello object where I the get a sytem error message.The log said that I have a ValueError in list.index(x) x not in list. From the log it is not obivous what I did wrong. If I remove those attributes it works, if I add them I get the error. Is there something else I should change? Should the "for" statement be left16:54
tiredbones in?16:54
benjitiredbones, pastebin your configure.zcml16:58
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mpwhat is xmlns for metal: tal: and i18n: ?17:06
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benjitiredbones, when you use the menu and title directives, for has to be given an interface, re-read the part of the quick start titled "Adding Menu Entries"17:13
tiredbonesbenji, ok thanks. I get it now.17:16
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tiredbonesbenji, I want to thank-you for your time and a well thought out start guide.I will have to read it couple more time befor I feel comfortable with it. Thanks again.17:26
benjiNP, tiredbones, glad you're getting some use out of it17:26
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benjitarek, I read your blog entry on your IDE search, I recommend Vim  :)18:38
tarekhello benji18:38
* philiKON recommends emacs ;)18:38
philiKONflame war!18:38
tarekI hear you guys :)18:38
philiKONhehe, seriously18:39
philiKONlooks like tarek is looking for a real IDE18:39
philiKONwith all those crazy features18:39
philiKONi bet emacs could be taught all of them...18:39
benjivim/emacs definately have crazy features :)18:39
philiKONi know code completion is possible with emacs18:40
philiKONdon't use it myself though18:40
philiKONdunno about that "decent learning curve" :)18:40
tarekis it hard to set up code completion in emacs/vim ?18:41
philiKONtarek, i know J1m has it :)18:41
tarekpydev rocks about this18:41
tarekbut it eats too much ram18:41
philiKON"good enough code cleaning: trailing spaces removal" is possible with emacs: M-x delete-trailing-whitespace18:41
philiKONJ1m, you're using code completion in yoru emacs, right?18:42
philiKONtarek, what is "bad syntax notifier:the bug Stani's Python Editor pops is great" ?18:42
tarekyes most of them have this18:42
J1mI dunno. What is code completion?18:42
philiKONJ1m, you start typing a class name, hit tab, and it finishes the name for you18:42
tarekphiliKON, when you're on a file, it hilites bad syntax18:42
andrew_mdoes it also complete a function.. heck an application?18:43
J1mphiliKON, that works for any token18:43
philiKONJ1m, right18:43
J1mIt isn't specific to a particular language or to programming18:43
philiKONJ1m, as history does in emacs :)18:43
J1mworks the same for text18:43
J1mThat's the dabbrev-expand command, normally bount to <meta>-/18:44
J1mI have it bound to caps-lock.18:44
philiKONi only ever use auto completion in nxml-mode, but there it's not the standard completion thing that does it based on occurring words. it actually checks the DTD whetehr a subelement or attribute is allowed there...18:44
philiKONlol, caps-lock18:44
J1mTurns an evil key into a hero key, :)18:44
benjitarek, Vim's completion pretty much works by default18:45
philiKONi just never got around learning the vim keyboard shortcuts. the emacs ones are pretty standard, even in bash18:46
philiKON(Ctrl+A, Ctrl-E, etc.)18:46
* tarek needs to try vim18:47
benjiphiliKON, my shell of choice, zsh, looks at your $EDITOR variable to decide which key bindings to use; less uses VI keys, gnu screen uses VI keys, etc.18:47
tarekbenji, can you debug in vim ? (add break points, etc)18:48
benjiI don't like it, but there are plugins that do it18:48
benjiemacs has a really nice pdb mode too (that J1m uses)18:48
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philiKONit rocks18:49
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tarekok let me add one more line in my blog entry then ;)18:49
benjilet me clarify, I don't like debugging inside an editor, but there are Vim plugins that do it (pida is *very* nice)18:50
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tareki hear you18:51
benjitarek, see for more info18:52
tarekok thx benji18:53
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JoaoJoaoDo you ppl know of some doc on Zope3 vs J2EE so I can show my boss when he wants to make me use J2EE?18:57
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srichtertarek: WingIDE is nice; once 2.1 comes out with rectangle edit support, I will have another look at it19:11
runyagasrichter, have you seen SPE?19:11
runyagaits cute and small19:11
srichterthe debugger is really nice, I want to use it19:11
tareksrichter, i am trying it right now but i have a strange behavior with <tab>19:11
srichterI am not in the process of evaluating IDEs; the only contender is WingIDE because of its awesome debugging features19:12
tarekrunyaga, SPE is cool, but I had a bad bug with french files (UnidoceDecodeErro on save -> file busted)19:12
runyagatarek, ack.. I'm looking at SPE as a IDE for Plone because it has encrypted remote debugging and some other nicities like kiwi and friends19:12
runyagai've heard great things bout wing19:13
tarekoh cool19:13
tarekyeah i've read Joel Burton uses it to debug zope19:13
srichtertarek: just send Stephan an E-mail; he is very responsive19:13
tareksrichter, i will19:13
tarekdrpython impressed me with the plugin features19:13
srichterare the Zope mailing lists down? I have not gotten a message all morning.19:17
tareksrichter, i received membership reminders this morning, did you ?19:22
srichterme neither19:24
mpcan I use wildcards (like mypackage.interfaces.*) in for="..." attributes in zcml? if not, why? ;)19:38
benjimp, nope, but you can arrange your interfaces so they all extend a single base interface and use that on in your "for"19:41
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mphm.. is adding stuff to zope.event.subscribers in zope3 web app bad thing? should i use "upper level" api?21:17
srichteruse a higher API by registering subscription adapters21:17
mpomg, so many difficult words in one sentence.. do I really have to? (not in sense "coding elegant", but in sense "not breaking things" or "doing right thing")?21:21
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srichterno, you don't have to21:25
srichternothing will break21:25
srichterthough don't expect much support on your custom solution21:26
mpso I'll leave it like I've written and I'll wait and see if I ever really need registering subscription adapters... how coult I know if they're really needed otherwise? ;)21:27
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mphm, I'm leaking event handlers...21:38
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benjimp, ewww  :)21:57
mpI've switched to event subscribers21:58
mpthings still aren't obvious all the time in zope.. there should be more documentation, esp. documentation created by community21:59
mpbut, who has time... :(21:59
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smhow's that zope3 site coming along22:02
mpI hope I'll be something.. will it be driven by zope3 itself?22:04
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mpI think it would be a good thing. Also, source code of the whole site should be open and written by community - folks would probably fix and tune etc things really fast..22:05
JoaoJoaoRecipes are welcome22:06
mpIt could serve as a performance test22:06
JoaoJoaoe.g. "How to create a principal source and give users from the PS different roles and permissions"22:07
mpyou mean zope3 site will be like zopelabs site? :)22:09
JoaoJoaoWell I didn't mean it for the Z3 site22:12
smnobody knows, until it shows22:12
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