IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-11-02

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tiredbonesOn, what do the question marks indicate?00:17
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benjitiredbones, are you asking about "ETA: ?"00:19
tiredbonesI'm not sure what it is. I just found some docs for buildbot let me read. Thanks00:21
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srichterJ1m: what's the status with the mailing lsits?00:58
benjisrichter, I just spoke with one of the admins, he's working on it01:00
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benjisrichter, not so great, he's gone now and I don't believe they're fixed; I'll raise the issue again tomorrow01:05
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projekt01srichter, ayt?01:47
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philiKONhey MJ09:49
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VladDracis there a way to have constants/variables included in apidoc?13:50
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srichterVladDrac: very unlikely, since it is hard to discover which ones are useful14:20
srichterI have thought of it, but it is a very difficult problem14:20
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baldtroloff topic, but i'd like to say, the o'reilly twisted book cover is awesome. :)15:10
baldtroleither no one agrees, no one cares, or it's a boring topic.  on to real questions then!  multiunion out of IFTree is imported from a .so, so i'm not really sure what it does in "apply" for a field index of a catalog...  i have a catalog and i can see that my indexes are increasing and decreasing as i add and delete objects, but trying "apply" with values that i think should work, doesn't, and i don't know where to start troubleshooting it...15:23
srichterme neither :-)15:26
srichterisn't there a python implementation as well?15:26
baldtrolcould be...  but i know that BTrees.IFTree is actually just an import of * from at the top level of the zope install :\15:26
baldtroli can look for a python implementation.  i don't even mind scouring over the C, i just don't see the source for it around15:27
baldtrolbut i'm notoriously oblivious to things ;)15:27
srichtersearch for the .c file15:28
baldtrolah-hah!  i thought i did that before and couldn't find it.  sorry about that.  i found it in the zopetrunk svn checkout i have.15:29
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baldtrollooking at SetOpTemplate.c (which is where multiunion_m is defined), i think i may misunderstand how one is to search a field index...  i guess i had been under the impression that, based on the field_name and the interface, the search against would merely compare in the fashion "apply({'name' : value})" where value was some str...  is just wrong?  and if so, how does one go about searching a field index?15:39
srichter(note that I am not replying, since I have no clue about the indeces and catalog code)15:40
baldtrol*grin* no problem15:42
baldtrolsince i can't think of a way to make them work, does anyone know of a better way to make content searchable by object type/name that doesn't need a catalog?  i have insurance agency applications that can be filled out online, emails off a pdf, generates a pdf for the potential agent, etc...  but my marketing dept needs a way to search through them by name, not just in the year/month archive i have it do when an application is complete...15:48
baldtrolor is "searchable content" pretty much synonymous with "find a way to use a catalog and index"?15:49
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srichterJ1m: benji: What's the status of the MLs?16:30
J1mOur SAs don't have time to work on them right now.16:46
J1mDoes anyone here know anything about mailman administration?16:47
* philiKON knows a bit16:47
* philiKON knows nothing about debugging a wedged mailman, though16:47
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__mac__How do I install a local utility in python code (not via zmi)?18:02
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GaryPosterI wrote an email to zope.users a month or so ago that details it.  Someone else recently pointed to it and also offered code18:11
GaryPoster__mac__: see, and and other parts of the thread.18:15
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__mac__thx, GaryPoster ... where gets the method makesite from the 001078.html called, to do the install only once?18:28
GaryPoster__mac__: the makesite method is intended to be a model for you to follow.  You'll need to write your own, doing the jobs you need.18:31
__mac__GaryPoster: yes, this is clear, my question is where to call the mehtod ... in plone I would do it in Extensions/ so it is called by portal_quickinstaller ... how is it done in zope3?18:33
GaryPoster__mac__: Oh, I see your question.  The example is of creating a site, as you would do if you were writing a factory to be called from the add menu.  If you want to add a utility to an already-created site, and you don't want to do it through the TTW ++etc++site stuff, then I'm not sure how you want it to work, so I don't know what to tell you.  Pretty much we either add a site whole-cloth, including utilities and so on, or we use the ++etc++site TTW st18:40
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tarekGaryPoster ayt ?19:11
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GaryPosterhey tarek.  yes19:11
tarekjust got your mail19:12
GaryPosterdoes it make any sense, or do you think I'm off-base?19:12
* tarek looks19:13
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philiKONJ1m, afaik, zope.formlib will be part of zope 3.2. should it also be part of zope 2.9?19:35
philiKONJ1m, same goes for zope.testbrowser, i guess19:42
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efgehm I'm realizing that the inheritance hierarchy for object events is a pain19:43
xerophytesrichter, where is your book source ? i mean example source19:43
xerophytein the svn can you give me the exact url for svn19:43
efgeit would be much better if IObjectMovedEvent subclassed both IObjectAddedEvent and IObjectRemovedEvent19:43
efgebut I guess it's too late now...19:43
philiKONtoo late for zope 3.2 and 2.9, yes19:44
philiKONbut if something sucks, it should be changed19:44
xerophytephiliKON, do you where can i find the zope developpers book example code in the svn19:44
efgechanging the inheritance hierarchy would make a number of things break19:44
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philiKONxerophyte, sorry, no... trying looking through, maybe it's there19:45
philiKONefge, than they need to be fixed ;)19:45
efgephiliKON: oh I agree, but these are very public interfaces and lots of 3rd party code would have to change too19:46
efgeor just reinvent a hierarchy of events and send both in parallel... hm.19:46
srichterefge: there was a huge discussion at the time those ifaces were developed19:46
srichterhaving move inherit add and delete has other huge issues19:47
philiKONefge, ah, that would work...19:47
efgesrichter: yes they're useful for different use cases19:47
philiKONwell, why have them inerhit at all19:47
philiKONsubscribers can just listen to multiple event types19:47
efgethe ones I have now would really benefit from the other way around :)19:47
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xerophytesvn co book19:48
xerophytesvn: PROPFIND request failed on '/book/trunk'19:48
xerophytesvn: PROPFIND of '/book/trunk': 301 Moved (
xerophytesrichter, ??/19:48
efgefor instance here if I want to know if an object has a "new location", I can't subscriber IObjectAddedEvent as it doesn't take into account moves. So I have to subscriber to IObjectMovedEvent and filter out by hand the moves that are just removals19:49
philiKONxerophyte, you can't check it out like that19:49
philiKONxerophyte, viewcvs != svn repo19:49
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xerophytehow can i check out that19:49
philiKONxerophyte, svn://
srichterxerophyte: because you have to use the real SVN repo for this as mentioned in the book19:49
philiKONit's documented int he wiki19:49
xerophytephiliKON, you have link i could not find it19:51
philiKONsorry, just google19:51
philiKONi would have to google to19:51
xerophytesvn co  svn:// book19:52
xerophytethat worked19:52
xerophytebut i could not find the document which explain19:53
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efgesrichter: see the doc at where the end shows clearly that the interfaces currently suck :)20:10
efgeI'd welcome a pointer to the old discussion if someone remembers when that took place20:10
srichterI'll note that I was not part of this discussion and I do not plan to join in right now20:12
srichterI was merely making a comment that this was discussed in length20:12
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efgeok I  found the original proposal,
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srichterJ1m: are you updating zope.testing in Zope 3, so I can benefit from your -p option improvements? :-)23:42
srichternevermind, I just do it23:47
srichter(now I love the testrunner again ;-)23:47
xerophytesrichter, how can i debug the messageboard example just wondering with zope323:49
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srichteryou use pdb23:50
srichterimport pdb; pdb.set_trace()23:51
srichterand print statements23:51
xerophytedoes the zope3 display some errors23:52
xerophytewhere you can check why it didnt get loaded23:52
srichterby introducing an error in the ZCML file23:53
srichterif the ZCML loading fails, you know it got loaded23:53
xerophytei just checkout your example and movex to the src folder and trying to load23:53
xerophyteimean zope2 does say when you have problem to load modules am i right23:54
xerophytedoesn't the zope3 tell you why it could load the module xyz23:54
srichterbut you need to add a file to package-includes that points to the messageboard ZCML file23:56
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