IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-11-10

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drzoltron_are skin-layers deprecated in 3.1 ?16:06
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drzoltron_I get this one here: ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'layer')16:07
philiKONbrowser:layer :)16:08
drzoltron_it's called namespaces, philiKON16:08
philiKONah, wait, you're using the browser namesapce16:08
drzoltron_http://namespaceSSSSS ;916:08
drzoltron_need some oxygen in this room !!16:08
drzoltron_nice book btw, philiKON ;)16:08
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drzoltron_Is it right that "" in app.rotterdam is the base template of the skin ?16:31
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agroszersrichter: ayt?17:22
srichteragroszer: not really17:32
srichterwhat do you have?17:32
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agroszerI think I solved the CustomSequenceWidgetFactory widget no problem, I can wait17:33
agroszershould I make the diff'17:33
agroszers and send to you?17:34
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srichteror actually attach the diff to the bug collector entry17:34
agroszerI think you should see it first :-)17:34
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philiKONhey MJ18:12
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* MJ coughs loudly18:19
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* MJ croaks "Hi"18:20
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j1msrichter, ayt?18:22
srichterj1m: yeah18:27
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lifelessj1m: hows your test stuff rework going ?18:43
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drzoltron_is there something like a customization policy in z3 ?19:24
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nateacustomization policy is for configuring a Plone site19:29
nateadrzoltron_, i think the preferred way to do it will be to use CMFSetup and XML19:29
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drzoltron_natea: hi :)19:31
drzoltron_natea: I know, but it could be that Z3 learned from plone ;)19:31
nateaask tresequis in #goldegg19:32
nateayou doing a lot of z3 these days?19:32
drzoltron_natea: ok, will19:33
drzoltron_natea: yeah, the digital museum of copenhagen19:33
nateawow, cool19:33
drzoltron_I use Z3 as a frontend for pgsql but it's still cool ;)19:33
nateais the site live yet?19:33
drzoltron_natea: not for you ;)19:34
drzoltron_we skinned today and will have a first prototype on monday19:34
drzoltron_but theres still a long way ... have to crank up the geoservers, imageservers and thinkmap19:34
nateai'm using pgsql together with plonepas19:34
nateaso there is a gis component to the project as well?19:35
drzoltron_pgsql is very cool ...19:35
drzoltron_absolutely, otherwise I wouldn't participate19:35
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benjiwould anyone here cosider it a bug that if an adapter returns None, a ComponentLookupError will be raised indicating that the adapter (that did indeed run) couldn't be found?21:04
mgedminI thought that was a feature21:08
mgedminit lets you write adapters from IFoo to IBar that work only on a subset of IFoos21:09
mgedminand use them like my_bar = IBar(my_foo, some_default_value)21:09
mgedminso that my_bar would be set to some_default_value if the adapter discovers it cannot really adapt21:09
benjimgedmin, <shrug> I think this is the second time it's bit me, sometimes you just want an adapter that does all the work and doesn't return anything, and in Python, if you don't do an explicit return you get None :/21:14
benjiif that's really a "feature" we want, adapters should instead raise some sort of "opps, I don't really handle these objects" exception21:15
srichteran adapter lookup should not do work21:18
srichterfor those scenarios we have subscribers21:18
benjihmm, we've done that in a couple places and I haven't heard any complaints (even from Jim, but he might no know :) )21:19
srichteryeah, I am sure he does not know :-)21:22
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Laaapini have a simple question21:42
Laaapini created a site with a database adapter as a tool21:43
Laaapini'd like to connect to the database adapter with a script21:43
j1mlifeless, I'm pretty much done for now.21:46
j1msrichter, have you tried out the test language yet?21:46
mgedminwhat's the test language?21:47
j1mTry ++lang++test21:47
j1min a url21:47
j1mIt shows you what's being translated and with what domain and message id.21:48
j1mGood for spotting/testing i18n bugs.21:48
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srichterno, I have not tried it yet22:02
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mgedminwow, sounds cool22:14
* mgedmin runs to svn up22:14
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srichterj1m: that's hilarious22:19
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j1msrichter, hilarious?22:39
j1mHow about informative? :)22:40
srichterit just looks really funny22:41
j1mThat's part of the appeal.22:42
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j1mAnything that doesn't look strange should stand out.22:42
j1mEither it's something that should have been i18ned and hasn't or it's content.22:43
srichterI wish it would allow inserting markup22:43
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j1msrichter, what do you mean?22:46
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srichterlike all translated strings should be green or another light color22:48
srichterso that the untranslated strings, which are usually black will be really visible22:48
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j1mI tried to pick markup that stands out a lot.22:54
j1mThere are a lot of interseting things that it highlights.22:54
j1mmultiple translations22:54
j1mtendency to give things that don't have domains the zope domain.22:55
j1mYou should try it w ST22:55
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lifelessj1m: cool23:06
lifelessj1m: where did you get up to ?23:06
srichterj1m: yeah, I will try it with ST and see where we mess up :-)23:08
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j1mlifeless, see the text files in
j1mNote that I didn't work on any of the stuff y'all wanted.  I assumed that y'all would do those.23:27
j1mThe new test runner is being used in z3, z2, and zodb23:27
lifelessso I'm going to be doing a bunch of things23:28
lifelessmore than previously discussed23:28
lifelesswhat are the criteria for you, for those to be accepted in to the zope runner23:28
j1mThey should be sane and they must have doctests.23:31
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lifelessyou dont do unittests anymore at all ?23:33
j1mI don't.23:33
j1mSome people do.23:33
lifelessI find doctests quite annoying for the degree of testing I usually do, though I'm happy to write them *as well*.23:33
j1mWell, I do when I have to update an old test that's a unit test.23:34
j1mWhy do you find them annoying?23:34
lifelessIts hard to express succintly, I need to find a way to do that23:34
j1mI'm not necessarily stuck on doctests.23:35
j1mI am stuck on documentation-based tests.23:35
lifelessit has to do with intent, and clarity, and interactive debug support, and reuusing test contexts.23:35
j1mI've got a copy of the FIT testing book to read.23:35
j1mdoctests have pretty good debugging support at this time, I think.23:35
lifelessone thing I'd like to do is a more fluid choice of doctest/unittest in tests.23:35
j1mThey support post-mortem debugging and pdb.set_trace() debugging.23:36
lifelessbecause I think that doctests *are* good for documenting the api.23:36
lifelesshow modular is the testrunner - can I drop it into an existing, older z3 and have it JustWork ?23:37
j1mI have less problem with using init tests for edge cases.23:37
j1myes and no.23:37
lifelesswhat do you mean by 'init tests' ?23:37
lifelessah. :)23:38
j1myou always have to write a driving script that sets up defaults.23:38
j1mThis is, for example, how you tell it what directories to look for tests in.23:38
lifelessright, we have one already ;)23:38
lifelessbut I dont want to update the z3 snapshot right now, nor to write improvements to our current test runner.23:39
j1mAlso, if you want to run the z3 functional tests, you need to set up a layer for them.23:39
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j1mactually, there is an issue.23:40
j1mIntegrating the new test runner exposed some test problems.23:40
j1mIt runs tests in a somewhat different order than the old test runner.23:40
j1mThere were tests that didn't run in some orders.23:41
lifelessok, well we dont run the zope tests routinely, as we dont code on zope routinely, so as long as I have the old one around, I think that that would be ok.23:41
j1mIn the future, it would be nice to have options in the test runner to exercise this sort of thing.23:42
lifelesstest randomisation for instnace ?23:42
j1mor maybe run in reverse, or run each test in a separate process.23:42
j1mif you had randomize, you'd want it to incude the seed used in the output.23:43
* j1m has to get back to work23:44
lifelessI shall be in contact, probably a week or two, my work on this ins 1/2 time23:48
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