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projekt01J1m, srichter, the draft announcement is on the way by mail00:40
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projekt01srichter, J1m, can you check the main text (reason why workshop) I'm sure that I didn't use the right words there ;-)00:46
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projekt01srichter; J1m, if the date 6th february 2006 is Ok, the I can make the reservation for the room tomorrow and announce it.00:48
srichterprojekt01: I think Jim would like an announcement with suggestive dates before you reserve the room00:49
srichterso that you know whether people can make it00:49
projekt01The problem is the room here in our region. Or let say a room where is next to some hotels.00:51
projekt01Perhaps I can make a reservation for two different weeks and cancel one week. But I guess I have to make the real reservation next week.00:53
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projekt01What we can do; We can announce two different weeks and tell the people that we have to make the decision in one week for the real date.00:54
projekt01srichter, what do you think about that?00:55
projekt01J1m, do you know somebody where can't make it at the 6th february? Or do you have some people in mind where you like to ask first?00:56
j1mLets switch to #z3workshop00:56
j1msrichter,  Lets switch to #z3workshop00:57
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drzoltron_morning !10:01
drzoltron_How do I lock a certain skin to a certain section of a site .. Like: use FooSkin in FooFolder and downwards ?10:01
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VolpeI'm having a problem with BTreeContainer.  When I try to import it, it throws an import error 'No Module named broken' - when it tries "import ZODB.broken" in zope/app/broken/  Any suggestions?11:09
Volpe(this is from a python interactive).11:11
hdimaVolpe: set PYTHONPATH=zope/src11:16
VolpeI have11:16
Volpeit's breaking on a file in src/zope/app/broken/broken.py11:17
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Volpehdima: Any other suggestions? I'm just following the code straight out of the Zope 3 developers guide.11:20
hdimaPYTHONPATH=src python11:20
hdima>>> from import BTreeContainer11:21
hdimaworks for me11:21
Volperight, well that's weird, I'm using the code straight out of the svn repository.11:22
Volpehmm... ZODB.broken is clearly there (which is the file it's saying isn't :\11:24
Volpeah, zope2 path might be getting in the way11:25
Volpeit t'was.  Zope2's ZODB was getting imported, not zope3's.  Fixed now :)11:33
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JoaoJoaogood morning15:01
yotahi JoaoJoao15:03
JoaoJoaoHey, is the z3 starter script (or some other structure generator) getting to be oficially inside Zope3 anytime soon?15:05
srichterno, I doubt it15:11
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JoaoJoaosrichter: A better idea, sample packages made to demonstrate how do to things.15:17
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tareksrichter, ayt ?15:41
srichteryeah, but I am sprinting15:43
tarekoh ok, good sprint then15:44
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faassensrichter: oh, which sprint is that?15:51
srichteroh just with someone who writes a baseball statistics app15:51
faassensrichter: oh, change of pace then. :) have fun!15:53
srichter(it's a Zope 3 app of course ;-)15:54
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tarekfaassen, maybe you know. About pep 328, (relative imports). I was wondering if it will be included before Pyhton 3K15:57
benjitarek, if I recall correctly, Guido said that he'd like it in, but someone has to step forward to finish the implementation16:00
tarekbenji, ok thx16:02
tareki've found that ref but the issue was not clear16:02
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benjitarek, in this message Guido suggested PEP 328 as a potential topic for sprinting at the next PyCon16:31
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tarekoh ok very cool, thx benji16:33
tareki've also found a recall from lemburg about it, to set it to 2.5 apparently16:33
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faassentarek: no, I'm not up to speed on relative imports.16:43
tarekok thanks faassen16:43
philiKONi conclude relative imports are evil in python16:46
philiKONi never do them nowadays16:46
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tarekphiliKON, the only uses cases i had was name collisions16:48
tarekfor instance in five with "" lately16:48
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dhuang_Hello, I'm experiencing a strange problem and was wondering if anyone could help. I'm basically developing a frontend to manage data in 2 databases (mysql and postgresql), things work fine but sometimes I get this error: "ZODB.Connection Shouldn't load state for 0x28 when the connection is closed", and once the error starts I keep getting it until I restart zope3. Has anyone seen this before?  I'm using zope 3.1 final.21:20
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benjidhuang_, I don't have any direct help for you, but that sounds like a ZODB error, perhaps asking on the ZODB list would be helpful21:30
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dhuang_benji, ok.. thx22:15
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