IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-11-17

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srichterj1m: still there?00:24
srichterj1m: can I have your advice with issue 470?00:25
srichterhere is the problem00:25
srichter        class IFoo(interface.Interface):00:25
srichter            pass00:25
srichter        class Broken(object):00:25
srichter            def __call__(self):00:25
srichter                return self00:25
srichterwhat would you expect from the following call?00:26
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srichter3.0: raised TypeError00:26
srichter3.1: raises AttributeError, because Broken() does not have a __name__ attribute00:27
srichter*I* think it should succeed, and return a spec object00:27
j1mme too00:27
srichterok, I will fix it this way then00:28
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srichterj1m: do you think we have to address
srichterhow hard would that be?00:59
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tjsgday, is anyone here involved in the z3+twisted work that I hear is going on?01:38
srichtertjs: Zope 3 trunk is already running on twisted; this work is pretty much completed01:39
srichtermkerring was the main contributor to this work01:39
srichtermkerrin was the main contributor to this work01:39
tjsawesome. so does that mean zope3 can be added to a regular twisted MultiService in a .tac?01:39
tjsand then call down to deferred-producing apis?01:40
srichterwell, Zope 3 is driving twisted and not the other way around01:40
srichterbut Zope 3 is just connected via WSGI01:40
srichterso it should be easy01:40
srichterwe specificially developed an easy getWSGIApplication function for this purpose01:40
tjsIm unfamiliar with WSGI, the zope service that it returns, does that expose some useful api I could use form the twisted side to call up into the z3 service and acess objects in zodb etc?01:42
tjsperhaps I'm misunderstanding01:42
srichterWSGI is an interface that separates HTTP server from application01:42
tjsoh, neat :) so an application that produces http output can write for thw wsgi api and then be delivered via one of many servers that support wsgi?01:44
tjsthat rocks01:44
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bob2how likely is sftp support for zope3 to magically appear?03:33
benjibob2, with the new twisted integration, higher than before, but still not high, unless you do it :)03:35
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srichterbob2: SFTP will be available in Zope 3.2, if I remmeber correctly04:40
srichterSteveA: are you there?04:48
newpers_hey bob206:59
newpers_how's it going?07:00
bob2sleepily ;)07:00
newpers_heh.  sleep is important :)07:01
bob2how's the desert?07:01
newpers_it's starting to get a little cool in the mornings, though07:01
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MacYETsrichter: pingeling16:37
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* benji sings: pingaling, hear them ring, it's IRC time in the city16:45
MacYETit's teatime16:47
srichterMacYET: pong16:48
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MacYETsrichter: what are the plans for 3.2?16:52
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srichterMacYET: stalled until all critical bugs are addressed17:13
srichterMacYET: if need, I create a branch for you, though17:14
MacYEThm..not sure if this makes sense17:14
MacYETi think the goal should be to release 3.2 and 2.9 together17:15
MacYETso i am not in a hurry ...17:15
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srichterMacYET: ok17:15
srichterMacYET: I am so tired of everyone dragging their feet when it comes to releases17:15
MacYEThehe...i know17:16
MacYETbut someone must do the dirty job :)17:16
srichterit is not the releasing, but the bug fixing17:17
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MacYETto be honest I did little for 2.917:17
MacYETalmost nothing17:17
MacYETmostly of time constraints17:17
srichterI have have already pumped a lot of time into getting the code to a releasable state; i.e. bringing some sprint work to a releasable state, add missing dependencies, and fixing bugs17:19
srichterbut after the 3.1 disaster I refuse to fix all outstanding bugs just because I am the release manager17:19
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MacYET2.9 has no critical bug17:22
MacYETwe're waiting .... :)17:22
srichterthough I am a bit concerned ;-)17:23
srichterok, back to grading17:24
MacYETback to fireabend17:24
j1msrichter, the deprecation dependency is a bit heavy.17:24
j1mI want to test something that requires zope.component17:25
j1mTo do that I need zope/dependency.17:25
MacYETjim: we just agreed to defer the 2.9 b1 release until 3.2 is ready17:25
j1mThat, in turn requires zope.proxy17:25
j1mMacYET, ok17:25
benjij1m, I had the same problem with the stand-alone zope.testbrowser, I ended up making fake zope.interface and zope.schema modules so I didn't have to include the kitchen sink17:26
benjifor extra points zope.proxy has C code :)17:26
j1mzope.interface and zope.schema don't bother me so much.17:27
j1mThe C code requirement really bothers me.17:27
j1mThere's really no way to do proxies in Python.17:27
j1mBut I wonder is deprecation needs to depend on proxy.17:28
j1mBut I wonder if deprecation needs to depend on proxy.17:28
benjiyeah, I know the proxy thing, for me it was easy to fix, you have a harder problem though17:29
j1mI think I might try to avoid the proxy dependency.17:29
srichterif it's possible, great!17:29
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Theunican anyone give me a couple of majore points beside Twisted what will be in new in Zope 3.2?19:44
TheuniWas formlib around in Zope 3.1 already?19:44
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benjiTheuni, nope, formlib wasn't in 3.120:01
benjizope.testbrowser is also new in 3.220:01
Theunigood. i'm just compiling a list of stuff to tell people tomorrow ... just a short overview of what's going on ...20:01
Theunitestbrowser is a "virtual" client for the unit tests, right?20:02
Theunis/unit/<correct kind of automated tests>/20:02
benjipretty much20:02
benjiit's for functional tests, mostly20:03
benjiTheuni, you can see doc/CHANGES.txt for a nearly exhaustive list20:04
Theuniright. i'll check. i wasn't sure if everything got merged already ...20:04
benjias far as I know20:05
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Theuniok, looks like the list might be fairly complete, enough points to tell tomorrow ...20:11
srichterTheuni: yeah, except my recent bug fixes, CHANGES.txt is pretty complete20:11
srichterit is always the base for my release notes as well20:12
Theunisrichter:  ok ...20:12
Theunihmm. that's weird. the netcraft survey lists about 15% more zope servers than 6 months ago, but zope fell from place number 16 to 2220:12
Theuniand there are 21 zope 3 zope.server.http out there ... wow!20:13
benjiTheuni, is that public info?20:14
Theuniwell .. this month we made it to place 21 again20:15
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Theunimore than 40k zope servers20:15
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newpers_when's a zope3.2 book or message board demo coming, srichter? :)20:36
* j1m gives up on removing proxy dependency of deprecation. :(20:37
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