IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-11-20

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projekt01Is it leagal to register a adapter like: provideAdapter((IFoo, str), IBar)02:58
projekt01btw, it works at unit test level.02:58
projekt01sorry, should be: provideAdapter((IFoo, str), IBar, factory)03:00
JoaoJoaoso, you can :P03:13
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JoaoJoaoI was wondering how to build a questionnaire product in Z303:17
projekt01what do you exactly mean?03:19
JoaoJoaoWell I would need to have to build a list of questions, and each one could have one choice, multiple choices, or an open (text answer) question03:20
JoaoJoaos/need to/to03:20
projekt01Did you already look at the schema widgets part?03:22
JoaoJoaoprojekt01: I did, but I don't know how I could relate the Survey to the survey answers03:26
projekt01Perhaps answers could be childs of questions. And you can try to implement a form where renders all answer objects related to a question.03:28
JoaoJoaoThat seems to work... btw is there an efficient way to do grouped aggregates ("SELECT answer,COUNT(*) FROM...") in ZODB / Catalogs?03:30
projekt01You can do similar searches if you added the right indexes for cataloging03:33
JoaoJoaoprojekt01: I have concerns on the speed, although I would not use my packages for extremely big surveys03:40
projekt01JoaoJoao, that's no problem, you can add a own catalog for your survey if needed03:42
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* benji is away: I'm busy07:30
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agroszerd2m: ayt?12:42
d2mhi agroszer12:50
agroszerI wanted to modify the proposal's wiki page, but got "Insufficient Privileges"12:50
agroszerit also tells me,12:51
d2magroszer: got a link ?12:51
agroszerI should retract it12:51
d2minteresting, its your own page - the error message is a plone leftover12:52
agroszerin fact the edit form is coming, but I cannot save12:52
agroszerit was working before the comment was there12:53
d2myou last added a comment12:54
agroszeryes today, but bavarian added one before12:54
d2mi'll try to add a 'space'12:55
d2mworked for me, want to try again ?12:56
agroszerit's working12:57
agroszerthank you12:57
d2mwhatever that was it was not ok12:58
d2magroszer: have you been logged in before ?12:59
agroszereek, it seems, that I can't attach a file12:59
agroszerI think so, yes12:59
d2mdon't think file attachements are supported with this wiki12:59
agroszerah, I see12:59
d2myou can upload it to your member area and put in a link13:00
agroszerthen that was the problem13:00
agroszerI'll do that13:00
d2mok, i've seen to file upload widget, you might have no rights to upload files to that area13:01
agroszernope, I'll do that you said13:01
agroszerI mean no problem13:02
d2mbest is you upload to your member area and insert a html style link or src tag to show the image13:02
d2muse plain zope files or images (so you need not to submit/publish the objects)13:02
agroszerthat works13:04
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roymWhere can I read up on how I might set up my unit tests to simulate security as if I were logged in via a browser. I want to get the same "permission denied" messages that I would were I coming in via a browser client.13:34
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philiKONroym, write a functional test13:39
roymIs it too messy to try to do this in a unit test harness? I kind of like that I can type and experiment away at the command prompt, when unit testing.13:43
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philiKONreST question: how do I make a text both monospaced (``...``) and a hyperlink (`..`_)?15:59
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philiKONgood morning J1m17:02
srichterphiliKON: you probably have to create a new REST rule17:05
philiKONyou mean role, right?17:05
srichterno, I mean parser rule17:05
philiKONsrichter, btw, i've seen that a lot of people (you included) seem to confuse `..` and ``...`` a lot in docstrings and such17:05
philiKONi often see  bla bla bla `mono-space`   instead of   bla bla bla ``mono-space``17:06
srichterwell, it's not that easy17:06
srichter`text` represents literals17:06
srichtera lot of people use class names as literals17:06
philiKON``text`` are literals17:07
philiKON`text` is interpreted text17:07
srichterI have become better in always using ``code`` for anything coding related17:07
srichteryou see, then the docs are wrong too :-17:07
srichteryou see, then the docs are wrong too :-)17:07
philiKONyou're saying the reST docs are wrong?17:07
srichterno, but over time I have read about that many times, and I say some docs were wrong17:08
srichteralso, the HTML markup for it is confusing17:09
philiKONwell, HTML is just some output. it'd be more itneresting to see the interal reST DOM17:09
philiKONthat might not be confusing17:09
srichterright, but I never look at this and I don't care to either (unless I need it for a project)17:10
srichterok, so now that I think about it; the reason people use `text` for classes and other names is because they want to mark it as a "name" exactely what the doc for the markup suggests17:12
srichterI think that's where the confusion stems from17:12
srichterdo you treat a class name as a code literal or as a special term (or name)17:12
philiKONthey should be literals17:13
philiKON`text` has no effect unless you apply a role17:13
philiKONe.g. `text`_17:13
philiKONthen it's a hyperlink17:13
philiKONor _`text`, then it's an interal target17:13
srichterbut `text` does have meaning, at least in the HTML output, which is what most people care about17:14
philiKONyes, creates a <cite>...</cite>17:14
philiKONwhich is, i think, the wrong thing if you mean literals17:15
srichterbut I think it is a human interpretation17:17
srichterthe fact that so many people use it either way is a sign that the difference is not really clear17:17
philiKONthe people who have just been following unclear reST examples and never read the docs17:18
srichtereven after reading those two sections again (I am pretty sure I read them before), I do not find the distinction very clear17:18
philiKONwell, interpreted text is, as the name says, interpreted in some way. literals, and in this case inline literals, are exactly the opposite. they're just presented exactly the same way they're printed in the source file, with no processing whatsoever17:20
philiKONi think that's a pretty big difference17:20
srichterI totally disagree17:22
srichterfor me really I usually think of class names (for example) as names)17:22
srichterthus I want it to be interpreted as such17:23
srichterbut I use ``text`` to get it mono-spaced17:23
srichterI probably should do something like `ClassName`:classname, but that's far too lengthy for docstrings17:23
philiKONof course, that's fine. this would be very explicit, very much like docbook is17:24
philiKONand i agree, it's too much17:24
philiKONfor docstrings anyways17:24
philiKONproblem is, without that explicit role :classname:, it's just meaningless17:24
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J1mzope-coders has been sucessfully retired. :)17:47
philiKONJ1m, quick question on top-levels in zope 217:48
J1m"top-levels in zope 2"?17:48
philiKONthough i've made zpkgutils handle top-level modules, i think we should get rid of them as we can17:48
philiKONerr, top-level modules17:49
philiKONthought faster than my fingers could type17:49
philiKONso, i thought about turning some of them into packages17:49
philiKONwe can't do it with, obviously, but it's no problem because it's going to go away anyway17:49
J1mHave you noticed that we introduced soem in Z3? :/17:49
philiKONso is ImageFile.py17:49
philiKONJ1m, yes i have... didn't exactly make me happy...17:49
philiKONanyways, the two candidates would be Globals and Lifetime17:50
philiKONcandidates = candidates for turning into packages17:50
J1mFor the onces that we control, we should convert them to packages, yes.17:50
philiKONi'll do it then17:50
J1mFor Z3, we had to deal with some 3rd-party modules.17:51
philiKONyes, i realize that17:51
philiKONbut i think gary made them go awway already17:51
philiKONwith some sys.modules hack17:51
J1mIn the next release cycle, I'd like to out a lot of things on the table to make packaging saner,17:51
philiKONat least Zope3/src doesn't contain any more .py files17:51
J1mBut I don't want to talk about that until January,17:51
philiKONyes, i agree17:51
J1mHm, I thought testbrowser was going to introduce some .py files in src.17:53
J1mMaybe Benji and Gary decided on another way.17:53
philiKONit seem so17:53
philiKONthere were at some point17:53
philiKONbut not anymore17:53
J1mIf we were just worried about our own stuff, I would have suggested converting all of the top-level py files to packages,17:54
J1mand not bothering to enhance zpkg.17:54
J1mThat is a pretty straightforward process.17:55
J1m(converting pys to packages)17:55
philiKONbut it wasn't possible with zope 217:56
philiKONwe can't have Zope and Zope2 as packages17:56
J1mwhy not?17:56
philiKONZope and zope17:56
philiKONthat was the reason we renamed Zope to Zope2, remember?17:57
philiKON(and left a thing for BBB)17:57
philiKONexactlty :)17:57
J1mDamn, I wish I had gone with "z" for Zope 3.17:57
J1mI really like the way that looked. :)17:57
* philiKON agrees17:58
philiKONit's a non-issue in 2.1117:58
philiKONthen and, the last two remianing modules, will be gone17:58
srichterwe removed the top-level modules, because zpkgtools could not handle them back then and I always want to be able to package at any given ttime18:06
srichternow we could move it back18:06
philiKONbtw, does anyone have an idea why i'm constantly getting DateTime unit test failures ( when nobody else sees them?18:09
philiKONsrichter, please don't18:09
philiKONit'll make it harder for me to knit in testbrowser18:09
philiKONinto zope 2 that is18:09
philiKONbecause svn:externals doesn't handle files, just directories18:09
philiKONso i'd have to maintain copies of those files18:10
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efgedo you guys know if it's legal to do locals()['foo.css'] = DTMLFile(...) in a class definition ? to bypass '.' in name problems18:59
efgerather than doing the definition outside of the class19:00
benjiefge, you're not supposed to mutate locals, it works, but is "undefined"19:01
efgeoh ok, thanks19:02
benjihow about a setattr inside __init__ instead?19:02
efgebenji: well I want to do it at class definition time to have things there before __class_init__ ...19:02
efgebut that's ok, I'll do a second InitializeClass19:02
efge(cleaning up security in Z2)19:03
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jfmoxleywhat is the best way to enforce interfaces using the data schemas for data read from a database?22:58
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jfmoxleyin other words, "zope.schema.Int" will ensure that the object attribute is an int, but if this attribute is read from a database can i use the schemas to automatically enforce this as well?23:03
jfmoxleyor should i just manually ensure for each field this when i read in the database23:04
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