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srichterjfmoxley: there is a FieldProperty in the zope.schema package that enforces the values03:20
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sivanghowdy all15:47
sivangI am wondering about the notion of instances:15:47
sivang 1) Must I create an instance to work with Zope315:47
sivang2) Does an instance represent an "Application Execution Environment" as parallel with the notion of instances in some of the DBMS that use it?15:48
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philiKONsivang, yes, always create an instance. this is also true for zope 215:49
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ChrisW_srichter: ping?15:49
philiKONsivang, an instance is like the home directory of this particular zope server15:50
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philiKONsivang, where the software is installed centrally15:50
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sivangphiliKON: oh, so I can accomodate N user application in one instance, and have N instances serves by one zope server?15:50
ChrisWhmm, well, anyone here should know ;-) Is the version of testbrowser that comes with Zope 2.8.1 worth using?15:50
ChrisWor have there been big changes since then?15:51
srichterChrisW: ping15:51
ChrisWsrichter: error, incorrect ack ;-)15:51
ChrisWI asked the questions above...15:51
srichterokay, I know nothing about Zope 2.x :-)15:51
ChrisWyeah, but Zope 2.8.x ships with Zope 3, right?15:51
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ChrisWanyone here know which version?15:51
srichterI am surprised testbrowser is in 2.8 at all15:52
srichterbecause it has just been added for 3.2 2.915:52
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ChrisWah, okay15:52
ChrisWit's probably not there then ;-)15:52
ChrisWI'll stick with using the standalone ;-)15:52
srichterChrisW: yeah, but I am not involved in integrating Zope 3 into Zope 2 ;-)15:52
ChrisWwho is?15:52
srichterChrisW: philiKON :-)15:52
* ChrisW wonders if 14358 conflict errors in 16 days is "too many" :-S15:56
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ChrisWhey Zac :-)15:59
zbirhey, ChrisW16:04
philiKONsivang, not really16:06
philiKONsivang, there is one zope installation, e.g. in /usr/local/Zope-2.x.y16:07
philiKONsivang, and you make as many zope instances as you need16:07
philiKONsivang, each zope instance has its own http server, zodb database, configuration file, etc.16:07
philiKONit's like with apache: you have the httpd daemon which is installed once and then you can have several configuration homes which woul dresult in different, isolated httpd instances16:08
sivangphiliKON: uh-ha. so what's the common ground for them that denotes calling them "instances" ?16:27
sivangphiliKON: (sorry, I am not sure I am familiar with apache'd model other then virtual servers)16:27
philiKONvirtual servers are served by one apache instance16:27
philiKONi'd say one apache process, but it fork()s ;)16:28
sivangphiliKON: ah, so that's like the CGI model :)16:31
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philiKONuh, i don't think so :)16:45
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philiKONzope is not at all about cgi16:45
sivangphiliKON: I Know it's not :)16:46
sivangbad analogy, sorry16:46
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philiKONhey J1m16:49
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faassenJ1m: hey17:15
jfmoxleyhi all... philipp's book catalogues an "allowed_value" constraint for schema, but this does not seem to be available in my latest svn checkout... what is the preferred way for enforcing a field be one of a set number of options?17:17
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jfmoxleyok, so it seems that zope.schema.Choice is the way to go...17:34
JoaoJoaoIs there a ReferenceField in Z3?17:35
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philiKONJoaoJoao, nope, because there isn't a reference engine in z3 (yet)17:39
philiKONjfmoxley, where does my book say something about allowed_value?17:40
jfmoxleyphiliKON: Table 4.2, p.5117:41
philiKONfirst, it's allowed_values (plural)17:42
philiKONsecond, i just realized that's indeed outdated17:43
philiKONenumerated fields don't exist anymore17:43
philiKONnever existed in any release version of zope 317:43
philiKONi wrote the first 4 chapters quite early17:43
philiKONthanks for the pointer17:43
* philiKON takes a note17:43
jfmoxleyphiliKON: thanks, and sorry for the typo...17:44
philiKONwhat's your name so i can give you credit17:44
JoaoJoaophiliKON: Is a Reference engine planned for Z3 anytime soon?17:45
philiKONJoaoJoao, yes17:45
philiKONat least a very simple one17:45
jfmoxleyphiliKON: joel moxley17:46
philiKONok, noted. thanks17:46
JoaoJoaoZ3 feels a bit... incomplete without it17:46
philiKONwell, it's because AT makes extensive use of them. more than they probably should17:46
JoaoJoaoMaybe I'm too used to AT heheh17:47
philiKONanyways, with the infrastructure in place, it's very easy to make references17:47
JoaoJoaoZ3 has IntID17:47
philiKONactually, it's that does the hard work17:47
philiKONintids aren't even necessary17:48
philiKONkeeping references shouldn't really require intids...17:48
philiKONanother assumption the AT reference engine makes17:48
JoaoJoaohow thes keyreference keep the references?17:48
philiKONdepends where the object is ;)17:49
philiKONfor persistent objects, it uses the OID of the zodb17:50
JoaoJoaoDoes moving the object change the OID?17:50
philiKONbut you could write a keyreference adapter for RDB objects, if you wante dto17:50
philiKONno, the OID always stays the same17:50
philiKONthe zodb doesn't know about a location17:51
philiKONthe zodb only stores pickles17:51
philiKONit's zope that adds a meaningful object hierarchy17:51
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JoaoJoaoSo, if I had a package with "Categories" and "Weblog Posts", what kind of Field would one use to relate the a post to different categories?17:52
JoaoJoaos/the a/a17:52
JoaoJoao(sorry about the ammount of questions, I'm rather curious about Z3 myself)17:52
philiKONwoudl categories have to be persistent objects in content space? I would say not17:53
philiKONso, you make the relation weblog post -> category a direct reference17:53
philiKONand use a vocabulary for the categories17:53
philiKONand a choice widget for the user to choose from a vocabulary17:53
philiKONs/a vocabulary/the vocabulary/17:54
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JoaoJoaoGot it, but what if I needed to make the Categories persistent objects?17:54
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suse-joeA question WRT virtual hosting with Zope3: Has anybody tried it with pound instead of Apache as a frontend?18:20
suse-joeIf I get it right, I don't have the possibility of specifying the virtual addresses in Zope any more. I can only use the rewritten URLs. And that's what pound does not support :-(18:24
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philiKONsuse-joe, virtual addresses?18:28
SteveA_suse-joe: launchpad uses apache then pound then zope3, in that order, outside to in18:28
philiKONzope itself doesn't have vhost capabilities, that's correct18:28
philiKONit needs something to rewrite the URLs for it18:28
suse-joe philiKON: Do you think it would be hard to re-add that (i.e. a Zope-side host-monster-type URL rewriting)?18:29
philiKONmaybe not. the publication *should* allow you to plug into the right hooks18:31
SteveA_would be quite easy18:31
SteveA_you could do it in a before-traversal hook, or in the traversal component from the root object, or in the publication component18:31
SteveA_and set the same things on the request that the virtual hosting namespace does18:31
philiKONah, right. we just want different traversal behaviour depending on the vhost18:31
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suse-joeSteveA_: Sounds like some fun project to get into the Zope3 traversal code ...18:36
suse-joeI'd really like to see something like that. Because pound is the ideal lightweight proxy in front of Zope.18:36
suse-joeI'd probably do the configuration via zcml rather than using a web frontend.18:37
philiKONjus tmake sure you publish it when you're done ;)18:37
suse-joe philiKON: Sure ;-)18:37
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philiKONyes, zcml of course18:37
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ChrisWsrichter: ping?19:02
srichterI am busy19:02
* ChrisW is looking for examples of how to do file uploads with testbrowser19:02
srichtersee zope.testbrowser/README.txt19:02
ChrisWthanks :-)19:02
* ChrisW loves DocTEsts19:02
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ChrisWwhen using testbrowser, is there any way to list all the controls on a particular form?20:12
J1mI don't think so.20:12
J1mIt would be nice.20:13
ChrisWyeah, testbrowser rocks for usability, but sux for introspection :-S20:13
J1mthere's always "print browser.contents"20:13
ChrisWyeah, I did that, and they didn't match up :-S20:14
ChrisWhurm, weird, the control is there, but when I try and get it I get a lookuperror :-S20:18
JoaoJoaoIs is possible or feasible to use the RestrictedPython module outside of Zope?20:19
ChrisWit'd certainly be nice ;-)20:20
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maritaWhen running Zope3 on Linux, how do I best set the environment variable HTTPS=on?22:03
benjiwhat does that do? :)22:04
maritaIf it is set, the URLs Zope produces are https, not http.22:05
SiggyFGlobal environment on my system is set up in /etc/profile and /etc/rc.conf and /etc/env.d. I'm not sure where I'd put HTTPS=on22:09
SiggyFI'd probably put it in ~/.profile of the zope user.22:09
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maritaI'm trying to understand zope.publisher.http. Seems that actually the environment used there is not the environment in the Linxu sense, but the cgi environment. So my question was nonsense ...22:12
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* bradb notices a ssh_host_rsa_key and in the Zope3 trunk. Can those possibly be meant to be there?22:57
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benjibradb, from the looks of it, it belongs to someone named michael23:15
benjiat openapp.biz23:15
bradbChecking in private host keys just seems, er, wrong. :)23:16
benjimore that "seems" I think :)23:17
benjianyone want to impersonate michael at
benjiI'll remove them23:18
benjioh, wait a minute, I think they're supposed to be there23:18
benjiyep, they23:18
benjiyep, they're there for the SFTP tests (hmm, didn't know Z3 supported SFTP)23:19
benjipropably shouldn't be in the root though23:19
benjisrichter, ayt?23:19
bradbi thought they might be test data too. their current location seems a bit misleading.23:19
d2mthere's also server.pem23:20
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