IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-11-22

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srichterJ1m: still there?01:43
srichterI have an organizational issue01:44
srichterlet's say I have package X and Y, which are independent of eachother01:44
srichterno I am writing some code that uses X for Y01:44
srichterI do not want to put this code in either X or Y, since it would create an unwanted dependency01:45
srichterwhat would be the best approach?01:45
srichtercreate a package called X_Y?01:45
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xenrusorry for crosspost02:01
xenrucan somebody help mw with svn02:01
xenruI have write perm to zope svn, but never use it02:01
xenrulocaly I working under xen user (WindowsXP) and TortoiseSVN as svn client02:01
xenrumy login to svn is mkashkin02:01
xenruHow I can make writeable checjout?02:01
xenrumay be it is possible to set login in Putty?02:01
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xenruIt write me:"""Using username "mkashkin".02:21
xenruNo supported authentication methods left to try!"""02:21
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horizon5i'm using z3 trunk, and was wanting to experiment with jsonserver, would this be the right place to ask about it?10:19
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horizon5anyone using jsonserver with z3?10:51
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srichterhorizon5: yep, I have just installed it and it works great; though the automatic jsolait install script had to be modified14:38
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andresAre there plans to integrate an ajax framework into zope?15:32
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ChrisWbut I didn't even ask a question ;-)15:41
ChrisWokay okay, using testbrowser, how do I get a form control which only has an id?15:42
ChrisWdoesn't that get the whole form, not the control within it?15:48
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horizon5srichter: then i must be doing something wrong - which version of jsolait did you change the install script to use? (i'm assuming that's what you changed!)16:07
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ChrisWhow do you insert a field into the browser in testbrowser if there's no control to insert it into?16:24
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* ChrisW sighs at the overuse of decorators in testbrowser's browser.py16:28
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ChrisWhey Gary, Jim :-)16:40
GaryPosterHey ChrisW :-)16:40
philiKONhey GaryPoster, J1m16:41
ChrisWeither of you know if I can add a non-existent form field to a testbrowser browser?16:42
ChrisWlooks like hte thing i want ot insert text into is an <input> dynamically generated by JS in FCKEditor :-(16:42
GaryPosterHey philipp16:42
GaryPosterChrisW: hm, no, interesting...doesn't FCKEditor have a fall-back so that there is a "real" field hanging around16:44
ChrisWnot that I can see :-(16:44
ChrisWusing IE's developer bar, I can see the input in the DOM, but not in browser.contents :-(16:45
GaryPosterThen it sounds like you are in new-territory-ville, I'm afraid...territory we need to cover too, of course, but testbrowser doesn't contemplate the problem...I wonder if mechanize supports something like that; I don't think so, but maybe we could hack it/change it16:47
ChrisWtestbrowser should be DOM driven ;-)16:47
GaryPosterheh, feel free to write ;-)16:47
* ChrisW looks at just finding the visual editor preference screen and pounding that with my test user ;-)16:48
GaryPosterheh, sigh.16:48
ChrisWkupu sux less, hopefully16:48
* ChrisW can't remember if there's a "just gimme a damn textarea option"...16:49
ChrisW(btw: did I mention Zope 3 rox :-) )16:49
GaryPosterkupu: maybe :-).  Zope 3: yeah, I think so too. :-)16:49
ChrisWwell, I've successfully used tow parts of it without touching Zope 3 itself16:50
ChrisWand that makes me smile a lot, 'cos I know you could _never_ do that with Zope 2!16:50
GaryPosterlol, yeah that is very nice, I agree--and very nice to be able to think "oh yeah, maybe I ought to try __fill in python component from other effort here__" and not be daunted.16:52
ChrisWwell, I've used Z3's ZPT, and now testbrowser, for some bizarre things16:53
ChrisWand not been disappointed16:53
ChrisWZPT was for writing python cgis (?!) and testbrowser now is for developing some very specific stress tests for an originally plone-based cms16:54
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Theunitarek_:  aren't you from nuxeo?17:08
tarek_hello Theuni, yes i am17:08
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tarek_ping Theuni17:20
Theunitarek_:  check the private messages.17:26
Theunii just wanted to inform you about a virus frenzy from your network ...17:26
tarek_yes I answered17:26
Theunithen you are not registered17:27
tarek_but i just realized i am not logged in17:27
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ChrisWwhat does the 'label'  parameter to browser.getControl() latch onto?17:34
GaryPosterthe W3C HTML concept of 'label': a submit button's value, or a text in a label tag (whitespace normalized and without contained tags) that is connected by containment or `for`->`id`.  The match is on whole words.  If this isn't described in README.txt let me know.17:36
benjiChrisW, not sure I understand the question:  if there is an explicit label tag, it uses that, also HTML defines that certain other things count as labels so it sues those too17:36 isn't as explicity as that, would be nice if it was :-)17:37
GaryPoster(and feel free to elaborate in!)17:37
ChrisWREADME.txt suffers from doc-test-ism :-(17:37
GaryPosterperhaps, but it has the good stuff.17:38
ChrisWyes, I'm sure all the info is in there, but it's impossible to find 'cos it's set up as a test, not documentation :-(17:38
* ChrisW berates doctests when they replace actualy documentation17:38
* benji loves doctests that serve as both actual documentation and tests17:39
J1mNew doctest writers often fall into the trap of writing tests, not documentation.17:39
ChrisW*nods* at J17:39
ChrisWtestbrowser's README.txt certainly falls into that category17:39
ChrisWfor example, it uses stuff in @@/testbrowser/controls.html17:40
ChrisWbut doesn't include any examples from that in the docs17:40
ChrisWmaking the example code much less useful when reading it :-(17:40
ChrisWeg: browser.getControl('Text Control')17:41
ChrisWbut no context on the html that backs 'Text Control' up :-S17:41
srichterwell, it's just a hole in the documentation17:43
GaryPosterChrisW, I'm serious that you ought to improve the if you can.  That would be much appreciated, and presumably easy to do.17:43
srichterI think the README.txt covers a lot of ground17:44
ChrisWsrichter: I think README.txt covers a lot of tests ;-)17:44
ChrisWmainly unit tests ;-)17:44
srichterit's more documentation than many other software projects have after a much longer life time17:44
srichterif it explains what it is doing than that's fine17:44
ChrisWsrichter: yeah, but it sometimes doesn't.. there are >>> lines that look like basically unit tests to me, but which are bunged in README.txt with no context17:45
ChrisWlike the Hand-Holding section at the bottom17:45
ChrisWand a lot of the controls section17:46
ChrisWGaryPoster: I'm in the frustrating position of developing on boxes that are heavilly firewalled, so I have to go through big hoops to check in any changes I make on them :-(17:46
GaryPosterChirsW: Ah. :-/17:47
philiKONi'm in the process of evaluating httptunnel17:47
philiKONactually, for being able to use svn over an http tunnel ;)17:47
ChrisWthis laptop is on a seperate adsl line17:47
ChrisWphiliKON: I don't think I'd even get httptunnel out of here ;-)17:48
philiKONyou don't have WWW access?17:48
ChrisWyeah, through the webfilter from hell17:50
ChrisWcan't even get access to f'ing mail.zope.org17:50
philiKONseriously, what a bad dev env17:51
ChrisWyeah, hence we have an adsl line sitting here :-)17:51
ChrisWbut getting stuff between the two is a pita17:51
ChrisWeithe by mail or, less legally, usb key ;-)17:51
philiKONrsync is your friend ;)17:51
ChrisWrsync from what to what though?17:51
ChrisWphil: ask Jens next time you see him17:52
ChrisWfor quite a while our unix servers couldn't do dns resolution ;-)17:52
ChrisWhurm, testbrowser is getting slightly frustrating17:55
ChrisWhow do I check checkboxes in testbrowser?17:57
srichteryou get the checkbox control and say
ChrisWah, hmm, okay, how would you go about iterating over the controls on a form and checking all the checkoxes?18:02
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srichterI think there is a form.controls18:02
srichterthen just check that you have a checkbox and click it18:02
ChrisWbtw: do you know who was responsible for the gratuitous decorator use? ;-)18:03
GaryPosterThat feature isn't there any more.  Looks like I removed it prematurely.  I may or may not be responsible for decorator use.18:04
ChrisWnope, no controls attribute18:04
GaryPosterYour use case isn't handled right now.18:04
ChrisWI noticed ;-)18:05
ChrisWI can cheat though18:05
ChrisWbrowser.getForm(name='x').mech_form.controls ;-)18:05
GaryPosteryup: mechanize should do what you need.  Right.18:05
ChrisWwell, I can get the control ids and then get them from browser18:06
ChrisWit should should 1-20 of 234218:07
ChrisWor some such18:08
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srichterJ1m: are you there?20:07
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srichterJ1m: I have hit very nasty adapter registry bug20:08
srichterJ1m: randomly, I cannot access a page because various adapter lookups fail20:09
srichterI can reproduce the problem reliably20:09
srichterbut not in a controlled environment20:09
J1mCool, write a test and check it in on a branch.20:09
ChrisWhmm, sorry to interruptm but if I have an <input type="checkbox" name="something" class="noborder"/>, how should I check the box using testbrowser?20:09
srichterthat's the problem, I cannot even write a test20:09
srichterit only fails for two views in SchoolTool20:10
srichter(while the ftests for those views pass)20:10
ChrisWsrichter: there's not a click method on this control as you suggested there might be...20:10
srichterJ1m: even worse the following works: "http://localhost:7080/@@index.html" while this one fails: "http://localhost:7080/"20:11
J1msrichter, is there some way I can try to reproduce?20:11
srichterJ1m: yes20:11
srichterget SchoolTool from SVN20:11
srichterbuild it and try to access the failing URL20:11
J1mPlease email me detailed instructions.20:11
srichterJ1m: will do! Tahnks a lot!20:11
J1mI'll look at it over the long weekend.20:12
ChrisWlong weekend? where? ;-)20:13
J1mIn the ol US of A20:13
srichterhe he20:13
ChrisWalright for some ;-)20:13
ChrisWanyway, stefan, any ideas on that control issue?20:14
ChrisWI know they're pretty crummy checkboxes, they don't even have a value, but I'm curious as to why I'm having so much trouble with them in testbrowser :-S20:14
srichter(at least Virginia has something to celebrate having elected a democrat for office (was it the govenor or senator?)20:14
srichterChrisW: are you sure you got a checkbox control?20:15
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ChrisW<ListControl name='x' type='checkbox'>20:15
ChrisWsound right?20:15
srichterhold on20:16
srichtera list control has always children20:16
ChrisWhow do I get them?20:17
ChrisWthe children20:18
suse-joesrichter: Yesterday I was looking for a way of telling Zope3 to use https instead of http in URLs. Because if you use pound with SSL would be a great choice for Zope3, except that it doesn't support the URL rewriting stuff needed for Zope3 virtual hosts. I came up with a subclassed ContainerTraverser that basically does "request.setApplicationServer(servername, 'https', 443)".20:18
ChrisWI just want to check the damn box ;-)20:18
ChrisWI have one of those, what do I do to check it?20:18
suse-joesrichter: Do you see a more elegant way of doing this? I mean, it works for me, but it's a bit hackish.20:18
srichterthe Zope trunk has SSL support :-)20:23
ChrisWsrichter: any clue for me?20:24
ChrisWah, okay, has one subcontrol20:26
ChrisWwhat do I do with that?20:26
ChrisWIt's an ItemControl20:26
ChrisWaha, that I can click20:26
suse-joeSSL support: Using the twisted server?20:28
suse-joeI'll consider that for the next project. I needed a solution now ;-)20:37
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srichterwhy not use apache then?20:40
suse-joesrichter: Because it has tons of more overhead. I am using Apache if I need other things on the same machine (e.g. mailman or viewcvs), but for zope-only setups I prefer pound.20:42
suse-joesrichter: It's very lightweight and does a very good job at what I need it for: SSL and simple load balancing in front of Zope/ZEO. Load balancing is something Apache can't really do out-of-the-box.20:43
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benjisrichter, did we ever tell you that Brian's test recorder was put in
mgedminhow does it work?21:35
benjimgedmin, it's a JavaScript program that hooks the browser events and records them21:36
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benjiit also presents menus to choose test assersions, then when you're done you can select an output style and it'll generate either Selenium tests or zope.testbrowser tests21:37
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