IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-12-03

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J1msrichter, ayt?01:31
WebMavenJ1m: You've been asking that all day.01:32
WebMavenYou're coming to PyCon, right?01:33
J1mI wasn't planning to.01:33
J1mBut I'm reconsidering.01:33
J1mAs there seems to be some sprint interest.01:33
WebMavenRemember, this year we got the 4-consecutive-post-conference-ly sprint days.01:34
WebMavenAnd have you seen Nathan Yergler's talk summary?01:36
WebMaven'Abusing the Zope 3 project'01:36
WebMaven#48 on this page:
J1myup, although I haven't looked closely.01:39
J1mI didn't do any reviews this year.01:40
J1mefge, if you update, you should find the fd leakage fixed.01:40
efgeefge: ok trying now01:42
Theunigood news: i wrote a log observer on debug level that routes all twisted error messages into the event log01:43
WebMavenJ1m: So, what is there most interest for doing a sprint on?01:47
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efgeJ1m: ok no more fd problems, yay!01:49
J1mTheuni, wants to work on changes to z3 to support certification.01:49
efgeJ1m: have you looked at or not ? (-N 2 problems)01:49
J1mAlso, there seemed to be some interest in replacing more z2 infrastructure with z3 infrastructure.01:50
J1mefge, no, that's a widespread problem.01:51
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J1mWe don't regularly run tests in loops and so we don't catch when tests fail to clean up after themselves.01:51
TheuniRight. I'll be around pycon for work on certification and blobs ...01:51
efgeJ1m: ok. I'll close bug 500 then (fds)01:51
J1mThis is related to tests that depend on other tests running first.01:51
J1mcool, thanks.01:51
TheuniLooks like the effort today was good. Only 4 critical issues left.01:58
Theuniand we might discuss those away too :)01:59
* Theuni goes off to bad01:59
Theuniaeh ... bed01:59
J1m430 is already fixed.02:00
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J1mWe probably just need to update to the current zdaemon.02:00
Theunii see02:01
J1mThanks for all the help.02:01
Theunisome 18 hours are calling for sleep :)02:01
Theunii enjoyed it02:01
Theuniit was good to do some work on zope 3 again02:01
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Theunieverybody here is on a zope3 project right now, except me ...02:02
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newperssrichter: if i wanted to checkout step02 of your messageboard, it would be svn checkout, right?  if so, i believe the checkout links are broken02:51
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andresnewpers, no, its not.03:09
andresThat should be correct svn://
JoaoJoaohum it seems that sqlos doesn't accept non-ascii characters, I hope I'm wrong03:10
andresJoaoJoao, when doing what?03:10
newpersi guess the http protocol is being use for viewing :)03:10
JoaoJoaoinserting a new object03:10
andresnewpers, sorry, i fear it was a wrong gues ;-)03:10
andresWhere do you use the non ascii char?03:11
andresIn a column?03:11
andresIs it s StringCol?03:11
JoaoJoaoyes, do I have to use something else?03:11
newpersthanks, andres03:11
andresJoaoJoao, UnicodeCol03:11
JoaoJoaoI've always seen StringCol in every example, thanks a lot :)03:11
andresJoaoJoao, but only from 0.7rc1 on.03:12
andresJoaoJoao, remind be later tomorrow and i will change that.03:12
andresJoaoJoao, there should UnicodeCol be used.03:13
JoaoJoaoit worked now03:13
andresbut back on the time those got wrote, there wasnt a unicode col03:13
JoaoJoaoWhen I use ForeignKey, what kind of field must I use in the interface?03:15
andresJoaoJoao, depends how you do it.03:21
andresif you do foobarID = Int(title = "this is the foobar id")03:23
andresand foobarID = IntCol(foreignKey = "Foobar")03:24
andresyou have a variable foobar which directs to the Foobar object03:25
andresBut this isnt optimal, as then "foobar" is not in the interface, which generates problems with security.03:25
andresJoaoJoao, you dont have to define everything in the interface.03:26
andresIt works fine if you just define it in the implementation.03:26
JoaoJoaoI'd *love* to have a combo box widget in the forms03:28
JoaoJoaoA combobox which would let me choose what Questionnaire the Question relates to03:29
JoaoJoaoI guess I'd need to create a custom vocabulary03:30
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andresJoaoJoao, what was the last i said to you?03:40
JoaoJoao   xmlns=''03:41
JoaoJoao   xmlns:browser=''03:41
JoaoJoao   xmlns:rdb=''03:41
JoaoJoao   xmlns:sqlos=''>03:41
JoaoJoao <sqlos:connectionName name='pgsql' />03:41
JoaoJoao <!-- Here you configure the dsn for a given connection -->03:41
JoaoJoao <rdb:provideConnection03:41
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JoaoJoao_damn I hate Kvirc03:42
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JoaoJoao/nickserv identify jmcjmc03:43
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JoaoJoaookay I hate Kvirc *and* Kopete's IRC03:46
JoaoJoaosorry about the flood, KVirc copy'n paste is terrible03:46
JoaoJoaoandres: THe last thing you said was "combobox?"03:47
andres<andres> Ah, you mean Choice/SelectWidget(or DropdownWidget)?03:47
andres<andres> JoaoJoao, i use that extensively.03:47
andres<andres> I do it the following way: foobar = Choice(title=u"", vocabulary="MyFoobarVocab") and foobarID = IntCol(foreignKey = "Foobar")03:47
andres<andres> Is it that what you mean?03:47
andresWhat have you asked regarding this zcml snippet?03:47
JoaoJoaoandres: Then I need to create a custom vocab MyFoobarVocab, right?03:49
andresJust use the SimpleVocabulary03:50
JoaoJoaoahh got it03:51
JoaoJoaoIt would be nice if we could get rid of the Vocab creation somehow03:58
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andresJoaoJoao, how would you do that logicwise?04:02
JoaoJoaoThat's the problem ;)04:02
JoaoJoaomaybe having a custom Choice field04:02
andresHm? I dont understand how you are thinking about that.04:03
andressorry for the bogus english.04:03
andresWhat do you mean by having a "custom Choice field"04:04
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newpersJoaoJoao: when you say combobox, do you mean a drop down menu (<select>)?04:04
JoaoJoaoandres: precisely, sorry here in Brazil we use to call it "Combo"04:07
JoaoJoaoI was looking at the SIP source04:08
andresJoaoJoao, but you just have to built one vocabulary and then its just 3 lines in zcml04:09
andresfor generating a vocabulary04:09
andresfor me.04:10
JoaoJoaoandres: there a file in SIP "" which has lots of definitions like these:
andresJoaoJoao, and?04:13
andresThats all it takes me to generate a vocabulary:    <vocabulary name="ProbeTyp"04:15
andrescontainer="ProbeTyp" />04:15
JoaoJoaoI thought about something like this:
andresShouldnt be too hard to implement.04:17
andresBut this way you have to define that field multiple times.04:17
andresI can use my vocabularies from multiple places.04:18
andreswith one definition04:18
JoaoJoaoThat's true04:19
andresAnd as i have filters in my vocabularies etc. that would be annoying.04:20
JoaoJoaoandres: How long have you been developing Z3 apps for?04:21
andresJoaoJoao, not that long.04:22
andres2 Months. But with some gaps.04:22
JoaoJoaoAnd how's it going?04:23
andresJoaoJoao, i dont really like web part in developing web apps, so it annoys me at the moment, as i doing to much gui thingies.04:25
andresI want to present clean interfaces to someone and let him doing the html+ajax+whatever stuff.04:25
andresBut sadly im alone ;-)04:25
JoaoJoaoandres: Unfortunately it's not possible with the current webapp frameworks04:29
andresJoaoJoao, why not?04:29
andresI know some people who could do that and would like that, if they would get paid.04:30
JoaoJoaowell it *is* possible, but as soon as you present a clean interface for someone to do the gui you'll realize you have to do something else :)04:31
andresJoaoJoao, hm, well, you can't really do that in seperated steps.04:33
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VolpeIn the BTreePrincipalSource class in pluggableauth.  How do you assosiate roles with the principals?08:22
Volpeoh... with the _setId()? you'd make that correspond to your ZCML role declarations?08:26
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projekt01srichter, ayt?13:02
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projekt01The getLink method in testbrowser.Browser is buggy. This method will catch the first link if more then one link contains the given text attribute.13:13
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d2mprojekt01: but mech_browser.find_link() returns a single link by default13:51
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projekt01d2m, yes but not the right one.13:54
d2mprojekt01: no, think it returns the first found13:55
projekt01If you have links like <a href="">A File</a> and <a href="">File</a> and you use getLink('File') you will get the 'A File' link13:56
projekt01I added already a collector issue:
d2mprojekt01: thats becaus of the regexes13:57
d2mprojekt01: at least i think it is13:58
projekt01d2m, yes, it's a wired idea to turn a text attribute into a regex.13:58
d2mprojekt01: i see what you mean, you are right13:59
d2mprojekt01: but its detailed in the interfaces14:00
d2mprojekt01: i see another problem with the method: it implicit assumes that 'single' is not set in mechanize, if this changes, mechanize would return a list instead of a single link14:04
d2mprojekt01: args should become:  args = {'text_regex': text_regex, 'url_regex': url_regex, 'single': 1} or the like14:07
projekt01d2m, can you add a comment to the issue 503?14:19
d2mprojekt01: sorry, my fault -- its ok how it is done (the method is supposed to just return 1 link at all)14:20
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Theunianybody alive?15:14
Theuniwould you say that issue 381 might be closed?15:14
* projekt01 is looking at issue 38115:15
Theuniit looks like alga was waiting for feedback whether his solution is sufficient but never got a reply15:15
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projekt01Theuni, wasn't this happen a long time ago?15:17
Theunimarch to july15:18
projekt01I guess this is done if I understand it correct ;-)15:19
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TheuniMe too. I'll just close it and ask for re-opening if that's not the case.15:19
projekt01the securitypolicy.zcml in the root points to the configure.zcml in
projekt01This I think is what issue 381 means15:21
Theuniit was about people upgrading old installations who have to manually do that15:21
Theuniit was about giving them a chance to notice what is wrong15:21
Theuniand that happens15:21
projekt01Yes, I remember that15:21
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* Theuni closed it15:22
d2mi asked before, but i try again: the zsync/fssync package does not work on trunk, is one of you using it ?15:31
projekt01d2m, no15:32
projekt01d2m, do you use it with your for exporting your own objects?15:32
d2mprojekt01: i'd love to do so but its broken (i filed a bug report some month ago)15:33
projekt01d2m, did you try it with a zope3 Folder or a File?15:33
d2mprojekt01: -- BrowserResponse object did change15:34
d2mprojekt01: interstingly all tests pass ok15:35
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projekt01Ah, I see, seems that this part isn't tested15:36
Theunid2m:  i have no idea about fssync ... i'll try to have a look though15:39
projekt01d2m, fdrake was the creator of fssync (I guess)15:39
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Theunithe unit test uses StringIO as a fake response replacement15:43
Theunithat's not good enough i'm afraid15:43
Theunishouldn't be too hard to fix15:46
Theunii'll try15:46
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Theunihmm. looks like the http response doesn't have a stream handle anymore ... :/15:51
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Theuniwell ... i wonder what the reason is to disallow any kind of streaming on the response16:03
projekt01Theuni, security? Perhaps there could be a way via registering subscribers to manipulate the response???16:05
Theunihmm. that would be a huge drawback, because streaming is a big thing to disallow16:06
projekt01I'm not sure at all, this was just a idea.16:08
Theunii'll try to provide a fix, but i have the feeling a clean solution will need quite some time ...16:14
Theunihmm. it doesn't break but i also don't know how it should wor16:18
Theunican i just checkout a root or should i use a certain object that supports syncing?16:18
Theuniah ... got it16:20
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projekt01Theuni, I have no idea, it's along time ago I tried fssync16:24
Theunii got it16:25
Theuniunfortunately this is really a bad fix to make it work again16:25
Theunii have no idea how streaming response consumption is intended to work :/16:25
Theunii think i'm not going to check that in16:28
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* Theuni wonders about issue 34116:39
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Theuniare placeful event subscribers possible?20:35
Theunihmm. catalogs might do that ...20:37
Theuniaha ... getallutilitiesregisteredfor ...20:38
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benjisrichter, ayt?23:53

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